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  1. Murphy continues his "fuck the league" tour
  2. just so you know, Jon Fiedler and Jon Fielder are the same player for Wisconsin... at some point his name was misprinted and I never knew which was correct
  3. gotta win at least 3 more...
  4. jokes on you, we have a different coach in our Super Bowl loss
  5. since choosing colleges Wisconsin was always on my list (I'd still love to go there for grad school if I could) but my dream school would be to coach UND or Texas, but I've always admired how Wisconsin plays that man-ball style of football. Plus the fact that they hate Minnesota hockey almost as much as I do makes them a-ok to me
  6. probs one of the top 2 players to ever play at Wisconsin
  7. Why did I think we were on bye this week?
  8. Taffyowner, Madison Daily Are you planning any trips to China by any chance?
  9. Shouldnt have left
  10. Tabor was always good for a laugh Alch was knowledgeable and would make some lewd comments, I miss her especially Joshpls... we need to get him and his millions of dollars back
  11. wait, I forget is sacks the amount of sacks you got or the amount of sacks you gave up, because if its the ones you got then holy hell I killed Nebraska's QB
  12. I'm sorry I forgot to do this... things got busy for me
  13. I have three big ones... 1. Losing to Ohio State in the B1G championship. Its the only year I've actually been and it was for a chance to go to the playoffs, I botched it and dean won and the B1G got no playoff representation 2. Being scared off Ben Goode by storm in recruiting 3. starting Jason Fullwood over Asante Sowell his freshman year, Sowell would have gone down as the all time leading rusher if he plays that first season
  14. now I wanna know my contract
  15. @SlinkyJr is my favorite person on the site... hes just so damn funny