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  1. oh yeah forgot I own a Nintendo Switch too Friend Code: SW-6510-2652-1531
  2. so PSN name is siouxpanther steam name is taffyowner917 if you want my xbox (which I never use) its taffyowner917
  3. love you buddy... cant wait to have something back (although I hope its everything at some point)
  4. Proceeds to say nothing about the Rams
  5. I'll take full responsibility for this one. I missed it on the stat sheet and I can fully guarantee this was not intentional at all. We will get it taken care of ASAP.
  6. yeah that secondary needs work... I have a first rounder for anyone who has a legit top CB who wants to trade
  7. computer knows whats up for Wisconsin!
  8. Wow no love for 2-0 Wisconsin
  9. we are the best FCS team and I won't have anyone tell me differently
  10. my recruiting promise was yards, not TDs
  11. @Jamzz good job making me regret leaving lol
  12. man good to see Allama still balling out... we miss you bby
  13. I was about to wonder the same thing
  14. a wins a win, I'll take it
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