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  1. What the fuck how many receiver injuries can we have?
  2. Rams place TE Jonathan Greer 6-2 217 2 Virginia [Blocking] [0] 81 - suffered severe ACL rupture in week 6 CB Lynn Perry 6-3 187 6 LSU [Man Coverage] [+2/C] 80- had severe Achilles rupture in week 7 on season ending IR
  3. Rams statbook https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sBdLtL1XTVrmDoiPoB68wO3Stc9CQ5zw8Fng-xL7ejY/edit#gid=0
  4. If you want I have every current and former Rams stats from when they were with the team, and I update it semi regularly
  5. AJ Youngmark 1 year (btw is this prorated)?
  6. Essentially yes, and volunteer positions can also be used as a way to gain experience in the field (in fact its a huge way to get your foot in the door in non-profit work). What I've learned is that internships really aren't about getting experience in your field, they assign you pretty shit tasks and don't give you any real responsibility a lot of time because why would you trust a 20 year old with anything. As much as they are about getting references and networking and showing that "hey, I can be reliable and am willing to be here". One of my references is from an internship and the other is from an unpaid position I did for 2 years.
  7. Hello everyone and welcome to our press conference. Today @ajyoungmark came to me to tender his resignation as Head Coach of the Los Angeles Rams. We appreciate his time as head coach and after some discussion have asked him to stay on as a scout. We will be promoting Head Scout @imerman to the head coaching position, effective immediately. We will now take any questions
  8. it depends on what you are getting into... I think that unpaid internships are a necessity in some fields where funding is a little short, such as non profit work. The flip side is that unpaid internships are only really accessible for the people who have family or a place to crash for free or who can pay their housing over the summer. What would be a nice balance is unpaid internships can be, at max, 20 hours a week so that the people taking them can work somewhere else to earn extra money
  9. I swear I spent all of my points...
  10. of the free agents... yeah...
  11. because we had a WR lost for the season right before the start and he was the best available
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