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  1. Net -2 Loss due to coaching change from Wisconsin to North Dakota Update to Bio Wisconsin (2013-2023) North Dakota (2024-Present) Coaching Skills Offense: 14(+4,-4) Defense: 17-> 16 (-1) Special Teams: 12 Clock Mgmt: 13 Discipline: 14->13 (-1) Youth Mgmt: 13 CFBHC Career Wisconsin Badgers (2013-Present) NFLHC Career St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams GM (2014-Present) Achievements None. Feats Strength in Growth (+0.5 potential) Flexible Resistance (+3)
  2. I would like to congratulate former Wisconsin All American and Mackey Winner Doug Bosley on an amazing 8 year career in the NFL. I look forward to seeing his next steps
  3. I think our team can compete right away, these boys went 6-6 without any real coaching to speak of... we can definitely build on that
  4. I’ll give two answers for this... my irl reason for UND and my sim reason my irl reason that initially made me go there was it was inexpensive and I didn’t tour NDSU because it was underwater. What made me fall in love with the school was the community. It’s a large enough campus to where you don’t know everyone but it’s small enough that you can see someone you know. Campus is walkable and the professors are helpful. Hockey also helped as for my sim answer, I am an alumnus. I’ve loved this town and have been wanting to come back for a while. As for attracting young men up here to play, I can sell the community, Grand Forks loves the college teams. We have a good size alumni base in a lot of major cities. Plus our recruits can come in and compete for a national championship instead of a 6-6 record and maybe a low tier bowl invite.
  5. are you ready for all the Grand Forks references? 


    references to Happy Harry's Bottle Shop (the greatest liquor store ever)

    Red Pepper

    Wind Direction determining the smell of the town

    the Coulee overflowing its banks

    why the food in Squires is so much better than Wilkerson

    the Eternal Flame

    How Great our hockey arena is 

    1. Minnowsotan


      I swear if you mention the copious amounts of asbestos and rats in your old basketball arena. I will be happy

    2. taffyowner


      Oh you mean The Hyslop? It’s fantastically bad..

    3. TuscanSota


      As long as you also mention giant silverware

  6. (yes these are real photos) Grand Forks, ND Coach Taffyowner shows up with a full size grinder from Red Pepper, extra white sauce. Hello everyone! Man I am so glad to come back to this beautiful town. As you all know, I spent 5 wonderful years at this school. I want to thank the AD for allowing me to come back, for paying all my NCAA fines when I refuse to use the new name. I look forward to bringing a national championship to North Dakota, and since we somehow found the Nickel Trophy again, playing for that as well. I look forward to being a key part of the annual French Fry Feed at University Park. I look forward to bringing the football team to the second most relevant team on this campus. Speaking of which, do I get free hockey tickets for this gig, or do I have to buy them? I will be taking questions at the Splashers of the Seven Seas water park inside of the Canad Inn.
  7. we’re losing an impact player in senior DE Calvin Webb. However we have a core group of guys who are going to fill in his loss and give us a top notch secondary as well
  8. I will hopefully bring the one that gave me 5 10 win seasons, and not the one that gave me this year
  9. I've always been flexible in my offensive and defensive schemes at Wisconsin depending on what my talent was... my ideal is to run a pro style offense, as for the defense it really all depends on what personnel I have... I've run both a 4-3 and a 3-4. Aggression will depend on opponents and tendencies, and I always pull starters in blowouts. Crootin and recruiting will have to wait, I will be bringing Phil Jackson on all trips however as an ambassador to UND
  10. I was hoping to skirt the approval since I've been here for forever... :/ I can wait
  11. I got stuck in a DLC mission as a level 5 guy and I cant get out... next question...
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