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  1. all it did was give him a club to use now
  2. Well fuck, I’ll talk to solution about this, no excuse
  3. Illinois making it over Ohio Stae is just hilarious to me
  4. damn, I will never fault a team for trying to win it... heck of a game and I'm impressed by our team's ability to hang in games this year
  5. what notifications? I've seen nothing about it in game threads, no mentions about it anywhere, I even checked my notifications over the last month and there was nothing there.
  6. I'm in full time school and work a full time job, I literally don't have time to be on here 24/7 and see all the posts... I'm here for maybe 10 minutes at a time, so no not always willful ignorance, I just cant keep up with every update all the time, I would see it if you tagged us in them
  7. So in relation to this I thought if we weren’t changing anything we didn’t submit a new game plan?
  8. ive always felt like he never dropped off, we just added more weapons. His rate stats are fairly consistent across his entire career
  9. Darrell Murphy has a couple and they are forgotten because SKAGGS and Brown 2018: 399/622 5273 yds 41 TDs and 8 INT 2021: 350/540 4514 Yds 42 TD 7 INT
  10. ok working on a theory... since Tom Oldham is having a resurgence with Murphy as QB. I want to look at other WRs who have been labeled "busts". So who would you call a bust at WR?

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    2. Minnow


      I will say this Luke Cobb has not been all that bad. for a 6th Overall pick, yes. as he is not our WR #1 but instead WR #3 on our depth chart. However he has in the last two years he has lead the Vikings in TDs. I mainly chalk it up to Vardells problems 

    3. Soluna


      I don't think Cobb is a bust because of skill but he got injured early and has been on a slow climb to relevance. He's clearly a bust because of his pick position but I don't think he's a total fail a la Tommy Pottios. I think Cobb is having a similar career to Jarius Shaw-Dodd in terms of production and relevancy.

    4. caesari


      That's all fair. I think busts are absolutely relative to draft position, and I'd consider Cobb one of the bigger WR busts of the past few drafts. Cobb put up 46/516/6 last season, which is serviceable, but for a #6 overall drafted player that's pretty terrible. He's not yet had more than 600 yards in a season. He's on pace for like 800 yards and 8 TDs this year, but again, 4th year in the league and yet to sniff a 1,000 yard season. Plus he hasn't progressed much at all. 


      Whatever the reason, whether an injury or Vardell or just not being as good as most of us thought, I'd classify him as a bust personally. 

  11. @Duncan Package 1: 1 wealth, 1 stadium fund, 2 influence, 1 practice, 2 media, Total:7 Package 2: 2 stadium, 2 influence, 1 practice, 2 media, 1 medical. Total:8
  12. I'm going to assume the only reason Bruce isn't on here is because he was hurt... I think if you are getting a sack per game, then you are very clearly getting more hurries and knockdowns as well.
  13. The Tom Oldham reclamation project continues
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