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    1. @Jamzz how much will you listen to your staff regarding decisions
    2. taffyowner

      Podcast recommendations

      as others have said, if you want a serious college football podcast, Solid Verbal is about as good as you can get. if you want a funny irreverent college football podcast where they draft 8 QBs in the first round of an NFL draft and take a TE at #2 overall then you want the Shutdown Fullcast comedy history is The Dollop and there is nothing close politics would be Pod Save America as an aside if you really like Harry Potter (and I mean really like), my girlfriend listens to a podcast called Swish and Flick, where they break down chronologically a chapter of a Harry Potter book each week
    3. taffyowner

      What do you look like?

      To be fair, I’m always in your town...
    4. #24 CB Thomas Patterson 5-11 184 3 Mississippi State [Man Coverage] [0] 82 -Rejected N/A
    5. taffyowner

      [2022] Head Coaching Contracts

      HC ajyoungmark 2 years // 7.5 million total $3.75 million per year
    6. taffyowner

      What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

      Thats just someone drawing shit in MS Paint
    7. taffyowner

      What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

      To go into the way back machine with the Sioux. It’s not my favorite, and it’s too cartoony to not be racist, but it has that old retro vibe
    8. There are some days where I just consider dropping everything and moving... to where I don't know, but just somewhere. I love Minnesota, I love my girlfriend, and I am in a decent spot, but I just am getting a little restless in my life. I know its not the biggest problem, but my inability to get a career started is concerning.
    9. taffyowner

      FCS Addition

      Those people are haters and are just a vocal minority... we can find people to take these teams
    10. I dont think we'll take a DE... not really high on our priority list but I do like BPA for our first pick
    11. taffyowner

      Achievements & Standings

       (4) Have one of your players win the MVP (as Head Coach, Owner, or GM)- Darrell Murpy 2018
    12. taffyowner

      Who do you support?

      wait are you in Minnesota?
    13. taffyowner

      Who do you support?

      Here's mine
    14. taffyowner

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    15. taffyowner

      Possible FCS Expansion Discussion

      personally I love FCS... I just have a love hate relationship with my alma mater based on certain extenuating circumstances not related to the site