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  1. Wisconsin is a little undervalued here because I went straight from Sowell to Trufant which is 8 of the 10 years. Pretty hard to have more RBs when you have two superstars
  2. until Whitewater shows up... yes
  3. Alright who’s ready to get weird at Wisconsin
  4. Well just what I expected... my defense was decent and my offense sucked
  5. playoffs on a year where we are a little thin at some positions would be a good outcome I think
  6. man Banta needs better friends. Your boys cant be doing you dirty like that
  7. Rams team page is posted and everything is up to date
  8. Founded in 2014 3x Division Champion 1x NFC Champion 53 Man Roster (53/53) Practice Squad (0/10) Injured Reserve
  9. Rams place WR Kevin O'Neal 6-5 180 2 Portland State [Target] [-3] 81 on season ending IR he suffered a ruptured Achilles Tendon in preseason week 3, and is out for the year.
  10. my favorite thing is going to new breweries and trying new beers... I like lighter beers now (used to be into more porters and stouts, and they're still good but they're way too heavy). But in terms of good beer Minnesota has some outstanding breweries, Schell's has some great brews here. A very underrated one is Grainbelt, kind of a joke beer for a long time but its really solid.
  11. on the plus Justin has gotten better at acting a movie I think is terrible but no one else does is Citizen Kane... its a worthless pile of trash
  12. its not a movie but the Star Wars Christmas Special is almost so unwatchably bad that I couldn't even make fun of it. one I watched was Gangsters vs Zombies... its in the vein of a SciFi movie but it is bad... bad acting bad sets, crappy zombies... bad special effects
  13. Offense: 15 -> 14 Defense: 13 ->14 Special Teams: 13 -> 12 Clock Mgmt: 13 Discipline: 13 ->14 Youth Mgmt: 11 ->13 Coaching Feats Strength in Growth Flexible Resistance
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