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  1. I’m going to issue a challenge to everyone on here... consider it a “cfbhc gives back to the world” thing... but I want everyone on here to make one meal this week and give it to someone less fortunate, it can be to the homeless or an elderly person. I also want you to try to have a conversation with them and learn something. The meal doesn’t have to be extravagant, if you want to do PB&J, chips, and water that’s fine. Just go make a difference in someone’s life.

    1. NDIrish21


      I did just what you said.  I made a PB&J sandwich, got some chips, and headed down to an overpass frequented by the homeless.  I met a man named Jimmy, who gladly ate the meager meal.  I sat with him and talked for a bit, trying to learn something about him and his life.  The one thing I learned, I will never forget.  Jimmy was allergic to peanuts.  Sorry Jimmy.  You're in a better place now.

    2. tprochnow


      Not cool dude.... Thanks for this taffyowner! 

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