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  1. oooh DeSean Barkley with not a good combine... he should drop
  2. so no matter what happens, I know now I can get into law school

    1. TazerMan



  3. between Slim Reaper and Nijrel 'IHOP' Smith, Sage killed it with nicknames around this time
  4. I'm assuming I'm the one coming with you because I also have a vested interest in this case
  5. if time is an issue, I choose Disney World, every time. However if time isn't an issue I pick Africa. Either Morocco or going on a safari in the grasslands literally any one of you can come with me
  6. so I have a couple choices... Tyrion is probably my top choice, either him or the Night King is gonna rule because he's gonna be unstoppable. I do like rabid's theory that Sam is going to be the ruler. I think we're going to see Jon die, Cersei die, maybe at the hand of Jamie, doubly earning the nickname of Kingslayer.
  7. but Jon is the first born son of the previous heir to the throne, it depends on how the line of succession works in the Targaryen family but I would think that he would trump Dani's claim
  8. Allama Banta just out here living his best life in LA
  9. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -3.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.69 about what I expected, moderate on economic issues (I do tend to be a little more corporate and free market friendly), and lower down on the social issues.
  10. college turns you into a commie liberal confirmed!
  11. As I sit here in my Fighting Sioux sweatpants I will never call them the Fighting Hawks for as long as I live #notmymascot #sundogsordie #
  12. Yeah that sounds about right Well at least he wasn't trying to fuck
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