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    1. [2021] Week 1 Headlines

      DEFENSIVE DOMINANCE Michael Bruce gets a hit on Rob LeCount as the Rams Defense Does Not Allow a TD in a 34-9 Rout of the Lions
    2. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Los Angeles Rams place TE Jamal Hawkins 6-4 247 6 Arizona State [Receiving] 89 on IR after he suffered a Torn ACL in Week 1 of the Season
    3. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Rams place CB Russ Barker 5-10 203 3 Miami (FL) [Zone Coverage] 78 on Injured Reserve He suffered a severe ACL/MCL rupture in training camp and is out for the season
    4. [2021] Week #0 - FNF

      Pete Douglass 10/2 - 0/0 0/0 0/0 Pete Douglass is a goddamn man
    5. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      its sad but I've never mastered a smoker... my pulled pork is done in the oven... however it is my grandmothers recipe
    6. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      I actually can make you pulled pork if you visit but I cant do a brisket
    7. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      Brisket... easily
    8. [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 3

      Who's fault was this game?
    9. [2021] Pre-Season Week #3 - 4 PM

      holy shit Kevin Marshall!
    10. [2021] Pre-Season Week #2 - 1 PM

      Way to go Hunter Hendrickson... hopefully these games are just a matter of us playing backups against starters
    11. cultur3

      here is a list of the nfl jobs... if you want one of those try contacting teams who have two names or have a blank spot https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/189GYTgpNIgN9v_yU7yWNi3o_unAZQA7lBV2LivIJIWk/edit#gid=0
    12. cultur3

      Keep your head up, you’ll get a job eventually... in the mean Time I’ll give you a list of NFLHC jobs by the end of the night... and I’ll message you as soon as I hear of any opening
    13. Joopear

      BOOOOOOOOOO cultur3 was here first
    14. cultur3

      Occasionally.. contact the Bengals, they might need help
    15. alexfall862

      welcome! I believe it was my post you saw lol, come talk with us in the shoutbox... thats where a lot of fun comes from
    16. [2021] Conference Favorites (CFBHC)

      shhhhh let me have this
    17. [2021] Conference Favorites (CFBHC)

      4. Wisconsin Badgers
    18. [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 1

      How many Raiders players are going to die of heat stroke this season?
    19. [2021] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

      well that was a result...
    20. DC Rob Ryan

      DC Rob Ryan $1,350,000 per year 1 year
    21. DC Rob Ryan

      DC Rob Ryan $1,350,000 per year 1 year
    22. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of North Dakota Class of 2014 (Big Sky-FCS)
    23. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

      [Los Angeles Rams] OC [Jim Harbaugh] +5% QB/TE Skill +9% OL Chemistry -13% OL Versatility Under contract until [2022]. DC [Rob Ryan] +1% DT/ILB/SS Skill +5% DE/OLB/FS Aggressiveness -6% Defensive Adjustments Contract Expired at End of 2020 Season
    24. Hello, we would like to introduce @ZackTyzwyz as the new Director of Scouting, we look forward to his contributions to the continued success of one of the winningest franchises in NFLHC history. We will now take questions
    25. [2021] Scout contracts

      Los Angeles Rams ZackTyzwyz 1 year