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    1. There are some days where I just consider dropping everything and moving... to where I don't know, but just somewhere. I love Minnesota, I love my girlfriend, and I am in a decent spot, but I just am getting a little restless in my life. I know its not the biggest problem, but my inability to get a career started is concerning.
    2. taffyowner

      FCS Addition

      Those people are haters and are just a vocal minority... we can find people to take these teams
    3. I dont think we'll take a DE... not really high on our priority list but I do like BPA for our first pick
    4. taffyowner

      Achievements & Standings

       (4) Have one of your players win the MVP (as Head Coach, Owner, or GM)- Darrell Murpy 2018
    5. taffyowner

      Who do you support?

      wait are you in Minnesota?
    6. taffyowner

      Who do you support?

      Here's mine
    7. taffyowner

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    8. taffyowner

      Possible FCS Expansion Discussion

      personally I love FCS... I just have a love hate relationship with my alma mater based on certain extenuating circumstances not related to the site
    9. taffyowner

      Possible FCS Expansion Discussion

      By fall and winter I have someone who might be willing to join (maybe even at NDSU as they are an alum from there) they have a geology degree so you can talk rocks
    10. taffyowner

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 3 Wisconsin @ Miami
    11. taffyowner

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

    12. The Rams are more than happy to meet with Allama and his representation to avoid having him miss any team activities
    13. taffyowner

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #7

      And so concludes the worst season in Wisconsin history... the injury to Jarvis absolutely changed the tone of the season
    14. when I recruit in college (this is literally the only place I have successfully found a RB) and I guess somewhat in the pros, after the obvious production number in the NFL I make sure the body type matches the type of back he is.... I don't need a 5'8 170 lb guy thinking hes a power back. Sowell was as light as I'll go and hes 6'3 190, Trufant is 6'1 223. Chacon is a bit undersized and it shows
    15. taffyowner

      Top Running Back or Top Wide Receiver

      I've won with a team built around a RB, I've never done that with a WR...
    16. taffyowner

      [2021] Week #17 - 4 PM

      Yeah but that was some good Chad Dess
    17. taffyowner

      [2021] Week #17 - 1 PM

      Dammit bears you had one job
    18. He's been hurt much of this year but part of it is the fact that he is having to split targets with two other elite WRs... the past two years before this one when his "downturn" started he still averaged 75/879/7
    19. Allama Banta is the best Boston College WR... CMV
    20. taffyowner

      [2021] Week #14 - TNF

      Its baby steps ok
    21. taffyowner

      2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Thread

      how many cat 5s are we going to get this year?
    22. taffyowner

      Thoughts on New Anthem Rule

      I hate the idolatry of the flag... I get that it is a symbol for what America stands for, but saying we disrespect the flag is a crock of shit. If you want to say they're disrespecting some ideas of America, fine we can have a discussion ( youre wrong because a peaceful protest is about as American as it gets). This new anthem rule just does the "do this somewhere more 'convenient', aka where I don't have to see it and think about my own shortcomings as a race because I like my privilege and I don't want anyone to impede on that"
    23. taffyowner

      Do you ever make your players switch sides?

      I just assume this is part of in game adjustments that the computer takes control of...
    24. taffyowner

      Average Age of NFLHC Teams

      That Rams one is surprising to me...
    25. taffyowner

      [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

      Playoffs wooo