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    [2022] Week #6 - 4 PM

    Well the offense has come around... that pass defense though... damn
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    [2022] Week #6 - 1 PM

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    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Why did I bitch out and kick a 28 yard FG? gg @darkage
  4. Team-Player-Contract- Dead Money Cap hit-Savings Atlanta Falcons- OG Tom McKelvey - 2023 last year of a 3 year 24 million deal- 1.75 million- 5.25 million 7 million for a backup guard who is considering retiring? This is easy money to take back if he doesn’t retire. Arizona Cardinals- QB Paul Davenport- 2023 last year of a 2 year 22.5 million contract- 3.6 million- 6.9 million Paul was a bad signing and cutting him allows you to build for the future. Carolina Panthers- CB Jacoby Seaverns- 2023 last year of a 4 year 48 million contract- 0 dollars- 12 million This one is the most easy pick of all of these, Cade isn’t impressed with Seaverns anymore and he has 0 guaranteed next season. Chicago Bears-WR David Gaines- 2 years left where he is owed $26 million- 9.5 million- 16.5 million (6.5 million 2023) Aaron Pagelini is a much more realistic target being owed 3 million next season. However that Gaines contract is massive and they’ll need that money in the coming seasons to get more weapons for Foster and shore up other points. If you asked me at the end of next season, Abraham would be the pick. Dallas Cowboys- ILB Cleo Blair- 1 year 6 million- 3 million- 3 million Get younger. Detroit Lions- SS Willard McCreedy- 1 year left 4.5 million- 2.5 million- 2 million Lions contracts aren’t terrible, but extra money isnt bad to have. Green Bay Packers- QB Alex Rodgers- 1 year left at 1.5 million- 0- 1.5 million The Packers don’t have a ton of cuttable contracts. Los Angeles Rams- WR Derrick Schwartz- 3 years left 21 million dollars- 12 million- 9 million While this contract is great if he lives up to that 2020 form, he has to stay healthy, which he hasn’t managed to do these past two seasons. The Rams part with him saving 9 million for some important extensions coming up. Minnesota Vikings- OLB Mike Johnson- 2 years left on a contract to pay 8.5 million- 3.5 million- 5 million I get he’s good and the Vikings LBs suck, but saving that money allows them to get help for protecting Vardell, plus OLB seems to be a deep position in most drafts. New Orleans Saints- TE Patrick Glass- 1 year left on a contract owed 2.25 million- 1.125 million- 1.125 million It’s a TE that isn’t so much greater than anyone else, next. New York Giants- CB Isiah Polsfoot- 1 year left on a deal paying 2.5 million- 1.0 million- 1.5 million Polsfoot wasn’t really worth the money, never really being a shutdown corner in LA, Giants let him walk next season when his contract becomes more palatable to cut. The Giants also have a lot of guaranteed money tied up in not great contracts that they should unload somehow. Philadelphia Eagles- QB Alex Bridgewater- owed 6 million next season-3 million- 3 million Why pay a backup $6 million when there are plenty of capable ones to be had for less money? San Francisco 49ers- DE Dennis Niland- 1 year 2 million- 0.5 million- 1.5 million Niland is past his prime and the 49ers make the move, cutting him to save the money. Seattle Seahawks- CB Matt Cowan- 2 years 20 million- 10 million- 10 million Kristian Little would actually be my pick for this one but that fresh contract extension and a full guarantee in 2023 doesn’t save the money right away. However that contract is not worth the overall and production of that player and their backups are just as good. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- WR Anthony McCardell- owed 2 million in 2023- 0 - 2 million Paying 2 million dollars for a 4th WR when you have a rookie who is just as good is not a smart decision. Tampa parts with McCardell and saves some money to help out paying Wilson or Still Washington Football Team- WR Eddie McFadden- 6 million over the next 2 seasons- 1.5 million- 4.5 million Washington saves some money this year and a lot of money next season by cutting an aging speed WR. A better contract to dump would be Steve Jordan’s 16 million over the next two seasons as he’s only guaranteed 2 million but he is still being productive.
  5. taffyowner

    Potential Cap Casualties for Each Team NFC Edition

    its more because the Saints don't have any glaring contracts that are going to save a lot of money
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    [2022] Week 5 Power Rankings - Part 2, #13-32

    and we're dragging that ranking up lol
  7. taffyowner

    2018 Midterm Pick 'Em

    I really overestimated the blue wave in the senate lol
  8. taffyowner

    2018 NFLHC Draft Class Review Discussion

    Beltran doesn't put up flashy numbers or anything but I fully believe he is the reason why our run defense has been good these past few years and he is what allows Bruce to work on the outside to get sacks by eating up double teams in the middle
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    [2022] Week #5 - 4 PM

    if we can right the ship, the offense is unchanged and we have a chance. Windows with franchise QBs are small and tanking for a year doesn't do any good when you have one of those.
  10. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #5 - 4 PM

    Its only about a 7 at this point because the 49ers at 1-3 are leading...
  11. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #4 - 4 PM

    Our secondary is bad and I take full responsibility for that... we’re going to analyze how to make this better and right this ship
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    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    if you look at the stat lines OSU has 4 TDs (3pass 1 rush) to the 5 for Tech (3 pass, 2 rush)
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    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    Nebraska did what they had to do and targeted the weak point of my defense and my pass rushers couldn't get home to make up for it.. they also limited Trufant to only 4.2 YPC which helped them
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    How are you doing?

    Its been stressful... girlfriend and I have been fighting more about my potentially going to law school (she really doesn't support it because she doesn't think its right for me) and I feel like she has been somewhat sabotaging my attempts to study for the exam by overscheduling us for activities (this may not be intentional, she is a doer kind of person who always has something in the works), and because she is stressed and for some reason I'm the person she takes her stress from school out on. I have an interview on Monday for a job with Americorps, but it wouldn't start until 2019 and I won't be done by the time I'm 30ish and I feel like by that time its too late to be doing these one year job type things (plus its a massive pay cut which I'm not sure I can afford). I'm tired of not hearing back from any jobs I apply for and I feel like I'm getting passed over because of my degree. All I want is to get my foot in the door somewhere so I can put in the work. I also feel like I'm getting pushed out of the housing market here in the Twin Cities, like everyone else it seems because of luxury apartments. Its just a lot on my plate and I need to decompress. On the plus side right now, just so you don't think my life is a complete shitshow, I recently set a PR in a 5K so that is nice.
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    [2022] Week #3 - Saturday Morning

    It’s not Bill Garcia bad though
  16. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #3 - TNF

    yeah the west being garbage means we're not done... we're just at best a 4 seed...
  17. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #3 - TNF

    we're running the exact same offense and defense as last year and we didn't really replace anyone so...
  18. taffyowner

    [2022] Week 2 Power Rankings, Part Two, #14-32

    here's the thing on us not being done... the rest of the NFC West is all below us in this power ranking... someone has to make the playoffs
  19. taffyowner

    Iowa State Welcomes Iowa for Cy Hawk Rivalry Game

    please God tell me these are actual events from the Cy Hawk games
  20. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #2 - TNF

    How did Keith Dunn average 7 YPC when his longest run was 6 yards
  21. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Evening

    on a mission this year
  22. taffyowner

    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Rams are down to 52 on the active roster and the cap sheet reflects that as well
  23. taffyowner

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    Rams place SS Ethan Crockett 6-2 176 2 Alabama [Zone Coverage] [+1] 80 who suffered a severe Achilles Rupture in Week 2 of the Preseason and is out for the season and ILB Roland Patterson 6-4 232 3 Auburn [Will] [0] 75 who suffered a severe ACL rupture in Training Camp and is out for the season
  24. taffyowner

    [2022] Post Progression Strong Safety Ranking

    We paid Sauter about 9 million/year but higher guaranteed for his new contract
  25. making Sowell a backup his redshirt freshman year not starting Murphy right away over Wegert. recruiting poorly the last few years