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    1. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      Can we get a bounty investigation into the Ravens?
    2. [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Evening

      Fuck my season
    3. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Rams place OT August Gilliland 6-1 282 3 TCU [Run Blocking] 82 on IR
    4. Hot Stove 2017-18

      I dont see them moving Braun to third... he couldnt play it when he was 22... I dont think hes going to play it now... he'll probably be a bench bat I would think... But yeah I expect the Brewers to make a move for a starter like Archer with a nice package.
    5. Hot Stove 2017-18

      Cain's just returning home... also that is setting the market a little more for JD Martinez, even though we already knew his value... but that is a stupid contract for someone whos game somewhat relies on speed and is about to start his age 32 season...
    6. [2021] Week 5 B1G Players of the Week

      Aiden Hayden might have the best name/parents who hated him the most in the sim
    7. [2021] Week #5 - TNF

      pipe too OP... pls nerf
    8. CFBHC swag

      One of my rules (and so I dont collect a ton of T-shirts) is that I have to actually physically visit the campus
    9. CFBHC swag

      I have a ton of shirts and pennants from college campuses, but oddly no Wisconsin anything... I have Michigan, Minnesota, UND, and UW-Stout, even a TCU pennant from the 90s
    10. [2021] Week #4 - SNF

    11. Wyoming Coach Given Key to City!

      That looks like a lovely place to live
    12. [2021] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

      took care of business in the Non-con... now onto the real test
    13. [2021] Analyzing the First Round of the Draft

      I’m pretty sure 2013 Wisconsin has 5 first rounders on it with Murphy, Lawyer, Wegert, Brooks and Cowan Second edit: 2013 Wisconsin did have 5
    14. [2021] Week 3 Power Rankings

      To be fair we've lost our starting FS, Murphy's top target the past few years, our starting TE, and our starting LT... so injuries are partly responsible