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  1. [Survey] Alumni Network

    University of North Dakota Class of 2014 (Big Sky-FCS)
  2. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

    [Los Angeles Rams] OC [Jim Harbaugh] +5% QB/TE Skill +9% OL Chemistry -13% OL Versatility Under contract until [2022]. DC [Rob Ryan] +1% DT/ILB/SS Skill +5% DE/OLB/FS Aggressiveness -6% Defensive Adjustments Contract Expired at End of 2020 Season
  3. Hello, we would like to introduce @ZackTyzwyz as the new Director of Scouting, we look forward to his contributions to the continued success of one of the winningest franchises in NFLHC history. We will now take questions
  4. [2021] Scout contracts

    Los Angeles Rams ZackTyzwyz 1 year
  5. NFL Starting QB History

    excuse me... I would not like to be included on this list...
  6. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

    and what do we say to the worst record in my coaching tenure?
  7. [2021] Re-Signing Results

    also as an aside, I hadn't moved my numbers around for the spreadsheet so when I was saying we had 10 million after those contracts, it was really like 3 million lol... but now we have 14 million in cap space barring any cuts
  8. #13 DT Anthony Beltran 6-5 299 3 Penn State [2-Gap] 89- Accepted $6.75 million
  9. NFL Starting QB History

    Rams here http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Los_Angeles_Rams_Starting_Quarterbacks
  10. [2021] Compensatory Picks

    who on earth earned us the 5th rounder? Bendross?
  11. [2020] Week #13 - FNF

    August Blank might be the worst QB I have ever seen, at this point you might as well run wildcat or something
  12. All decade team

    if you need help I'm here
  13. [2020] JuCo Recruiting Rules

    Here's the B1G breakdown its open to additions for other teams and conferences. Formulas are all in there Edit: I guess this is the official one with all totals https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P_u6YUzrhcnVScrKfb9HyGs_gR1eMBSR8ETe5iTEr7o
  14. [2020] Roman QB Tier list

    I think it's a matter of if this list is just of this season or of careers so far because based on careers Murphy has just as impressive of a resume as Skaggs and Brown... it's more that I have a problem with the naming of the tiers... because calling Shea a future HOF and calling Murphy a borderline player is just not true
  15. [2020] Roman QB Tier list

    Shea over Murphy and Hall might be the dumbest thing about this list
  16. So I decided to look at if any of these factored by having a nice traditional red zone target Raiders have Mike Tripplett who is 6'3 and has a 36" vertical, Brian Gary is also a nice target at 6'6 and 267 both had 9 TDs Panthers have 3 targets in Monte Jackson at 6'6 and 227 and had a 40.5" vertical, Jermaine Bishop at 6'4 194 who has a 33.5" vertical, and Curtis Henry who is 6'6 and 202 but also has a 38" vertical... great for jump balls and back shoulder fades Rams have the ever famous Walt Peck at 6'5 203 and a 36.5" vertical, and Jamal Hawkins at 6'4 247 and a 36" vertical Brian Brown has Greg Cobb 6'3 188, Tommy Pottios 6'6 183 33.5" vertical, Willie Davis 6'5 165 36.5" vertical, and DJ Gibson 6-5 232 with a 36" vertical So all these teams have extremely skilled guys who have height and hops to win those jump ball battles with CBs or even LBs or big framed guys who can win a back shoulder fade battle, which allows the QB to be able to place the ball in much better areas where their guy can make a play on it it would be interesting to see this as well with the QBs who had the worst TD/INT or the most INTs in the red zone
  17. I thought RJ Stanford was going to be huge in the NFL
  18. Undervalued Performers

    hes not on my team anymore so I can hype him up, Jim Bendross just seems to have a nose for the football and is always in on tackles, in his career he's averaged about 63 tackles that we can see on stat sheets, yet he seems to get lost when LBs are brought up
  19. [2020] Divisional Sunday - 4 PM

  20. [2020] Week #11 - TNF

    Well they all consistently weren't good
  21. Discussion Tuesday #14

    As others have mentioned Jeremy Henry has some amazing potential, he's improved every year in our system and he's gotten more accurate as a passer, completing 53 to 58 to ultimately 62% of his passes in each year he's been in the league. In that time frame he's also increased his Y/A by almost a full yard going from 6 to 6.79.
  22. Draft Regrets

    I mean I'll take Blakely off your hands... Oh shit I forgot about Gray Corbin, I would have said our worst pick was Eric Peebles or something
  23. If I'm the packers I might still make that trade, however I would consider taking Murphy instead of Johnson
  24. Commissioner Duties

    If you'll let me, I'll do the NFLHC stats/injuries