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  1. taffyowner

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Evening

    on a mission this year
  2. taffyowner

    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Rams are down to 52 on the active roster and the cap sheet reflects that as well
  3. taffyowner

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    Rams place SS Ethan Crockett 6-2 176 2 Alabama [Zone Coverage] [+1] 80 who suffered a severe Achilles Rupture in Week 2 of the Preseason and is out for the season and ILB Roland Patterson 6-4 232 3 Auburn [Will] [0] 75 who suffered a severe ACL rupture in Training Camp and is out for the season
  4. taffyowner

    [2022] Post Progression Strong Safety Ranking

    We paid Sauter about 9 million/year but higher guaranteed for his new contract
  5. making Sowell a backup his redshirt freshman year not starting Murphy right away over Wegert. recruiting poorly the last few years
  6. taffyowner

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    well time to prove the haters wrong...
  7. taffyowner

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - MNF

    well Derrick... gotta earn that contract
  8. taffyowner


    welcome take care of my great Alma Mater... we're a better hockey team than a football team
  9. I was really impressed with Jarvis's first showing as a pro... a 66.7% completion percentage, 9.1 YPA. a couple TDs and no turnovers
  10. I’m going to issue a challenge to everyone on here... consider it a “cfbhc gives back to the world” thing... but I want everyone on here to make one meal this week and give it to someone less fortunate, it can be to the homeless or an elderly person. I also want you to try to have a conversation with them and learn something. The meal doesn’t have to be extravagant, if you want to do PB&J, chips, and water that’s fine. Just go make a difference in someone’s life.

    1. NDIrish21


      I did just what you said.  I made a PB&J sandwich, got some chips, and headed down to an overpass frequented by the homeless.  I met a man named Jimmy, who gladly ate the meager meal.  I sat with him and talked for a bit, trying to learn something about him and his life.  The one thing I learned, I will never forget.  Jimmy was allergic to peanuts.  Sorry Jimmy.  You're in a better place now.

    2. tprochnow


      Not cool dude.... Thanks for this taffyowner! 

  11. taffyowner

    [2022] 1st Round Rookie Salary Negotiations

    ILB Markus Golden 6-5 240 R Ole Miss [Mike] [0] 81 4 years // 16.0 million // 62.50% Guaranteed G//3.0//3.0//2.0//2.0//Total:10.0 $//1.0//1.0//2.0//2.0//Total:6.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0 Value//7.92371142302
  12. taffyowner

    DC Lovie Smith

    DC Lovie Smith $2,800,000 per year 1 year
  13. taffyowner

    [2022] Draft interface passwords

    I'll take a new password for the Rams
  14. taffyowner

    [2022] ImposterMockster's Mock Draft (Pre-Combine)

    The reason we didn’t go after Dess or Abraham is partly the fact that the contracts got out of hand and our allotted cap space almost immediately and I was in Florida during that first week
  15. @Jamzz how much will you listen to your staff regarding decisions
  16. taffyowner

    Podcast recommendations

    as others have said, if you want a serious college football podcast, Solid Verbal is about as good as you can get. if you want a funny irreverent college football podcast where they draft 8 QBs in the first round of an NFL draft and take a TE at #2 overall then you want the Shutdown Fullcast comedy history is The Dollop and there is nothing close politics would be Pod Save America as an aside if you really like Harry Potter (and I mean really like), my girlfriend listens to a podcast called Swish and Flick, where they break down chronologically a chapter of a Harry Potter book each week
  17. taffyowner

    What do you look like?

    To be fair, I’m always in your town...
  18. #24 CB Thomas Patterson 5-11 184 3 Mississippi State [Man Coverage] [0] 82 -Rejected N/A
  19. taffyowner

    [2022] Head Coaching Contracts

    HC ajyoungmark 2 years // 7.5 million total $3.75 million per year
  20. taffyowner

    What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

    Thats just someone drawing shit in MS Paint
  21. taffyowner

    What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

    To go into the way back machine with the Sioux. It’s not my favorite, and it’s too cartoony to not be racist, but it has that old retro vibe
  22. There are some days where I just consider dropping everything and moving... to where I don't know, but just somewhere. I love Minnesota, I love my girlfriend, and I am in a decent spot, but I just am getting a little restless in my life. I know its not the biggest problem, but my inability to get a career started is concerning.
  23. taffyowner

    FCS Addition

    Those people are haters and are just a vocal minority... we can find people to take these teams
  24. I dont think we'll take a DE... not really high on our priority list but I do like BPA for our first pick
  25. taffyowner

    Achievements & Standings

     (4) Have one of your players win the MVP (as Head Coach, Owner, or GM)- Darrell Murpy 2018