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  1. Updated, Thank you based Shields
  2. Top Cat Lions > Jaguars as Detroit steals one in overtime 23-20 Rob LeCount remains calm under pressure during Lions game winning drive in OT
  3. Robert "Franz" Viger THE BEST 3.5/3.5 QB IN CFBHC HISTORY (fuck that lame ass clemson qb) Dude is an MSU legend, and currently retired, living it up in his party mansion <3
  4. Damn gg Panthers. tbt to when I thought Troy Wilson was a bad pick
  5. When Needed Most RB James Otero has best game of the season to help push Detroit over New Orleans 38-35 in OT James Otero fights through defenders for a touchdown
  6. I do not like playing Sean Jenkins
  7. Spreading The Wealth Detroit gets production from everyone in 31-20 win over Houston Rob LeCount threads the needle; Finds Anthony Fasani for 15 yard TD pass
  8. Calvin Jones is bae
  9. A Flippin' Good Time Detroit continues dominance over Minnesota with a 35-6 road win. Have not lost to the Vikings since week 3 of 2016 Jeremy Cook Flips Into the Endzone For First Career TD
  10. Playing Minnesota's secondary is like hanging with a girl and you have this feeling like you're definitely gonna get some tonight and then like 10 minutes into the date she's already taking your pants off and just going to town, and then expects nothing in return and just leaves in the morning. When you walk out to the kitchen she's made coffee for you and a note that just says "let's do this again sometime"
  11. Kinda disappointed Keyshawn isn't on this list
  12. *Increased fumbling by a 15% for RBs, 15% for QBs, 35% for WRs.
  13. Wow you think I'm overpaid?
  14. I'm gonna guess the gorilla

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