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  1. Terrence Rodgers had more than quadruple the amount of yards all of our opponents combined have had. GG Chiefs let’s do it again in the Super Bowl!
  2. I’m interested to see if Isaac Tyson still declares early. he hasn’t been bad but he’s also not been amazing against the tough competition we’ve played. How he finishes the second half of the season should be interesting
  3. Emperor out here like girls on Tinder
  4. I posted this in the shout box this morning and thought it was kind of interesting not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for but. We’ve had more penalty yards than our opponents in every game this season except for the very first one, but have the third least penalty yards total this season. Ain’t nobody cheating in Detroit Lions games
  5. I miss Tom Branch, he was never super productive but he was decent and had some clutch performances with us
  6. @jmjacobs is the best GM in the game and @Dacder has been an awesome addition. The teams performance so far is a testament to their hard work for real
  7. No one will read this but I’m gay with Keyshawn Thompson
  8. Walter Shannon making eye contact with Lucas Hopkins when they break the huddle
  9. Let’s be real, the biggest story of this season was how I was completely robbed of the playoffs smh
  10. Doug Carolan and Cameron Jones on the sideline:
  11. Damn we gave it a good shot. gg Danger
  12. People are always wrong about GG
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