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  1. It’d be tough, I’d have to narrow it down to Nba2k, NCAA 14, or College Hoops 2k8 without the teambuilder site for NCAA14 and the college hoops gameplay just being a little too outdated, I think I’d have to with Nba2k
  2. SlinkyJr

    [2022] NFL Honors

    Well deserved Kenyon Fib Ur
  3. Oh yeah I had the NBA All-Star version with Shaq, Kobe , Garnett all in it etc. always preferred the soccer one for some reason even though b-ball has always been my favorite sport
  4. Bobby Trousers, Washington Post-it ”Coach as you look back on the season, was there a moment when you realized you had a chance to make it and possibly win the National Championship?”
  5. You gotta lose early to make your triumph that much sweeter in one of my careers I broke my leg my sophomore year and had to come back from it
  6. God damn this takes me back, I can remember doing a full 4 year career at MSU
  7. We had the exact same childhood except I was either MSU, UCONN or Florida (I loved Corey Brewer) Sometimes I didn’t even have a hoop, I had a square that I drew on the wall in our basement (sorry mom) and used that instead edit: fun fact I’ve never owned a Slinky in my life
  8. Cannot overstate how proud I am of this team and this season. Pretty much everyone is returning next season and I can’t wait
  9. Yeah rough way to go out gg my dude, it woulda been a pretty good game if he played
  10. Good write up! very excited about this game, one thing about my team that was missed that I think has been huge is true freshman Damian Metz. He’s been my playmaker all season, whether it’s in the return game or on offense. He’s my gadget player/slot receiver and I even have had him lined up in the RB rotation this year. When he plays well we’re hard to beat. I spent a lot of time thinking up a gameplan for Barkley so we’ll see how it goes
  11. There’s an obvious one who plays for me, some obvious ones who used to play for me like Sauter, Samuelsson, etc. but for those that haven’t/don’t play for me Dave Stokley since he played at Minnesota I’ve just always loved him. He’s outplayed his rating his entire career and is a legend imo and I’ve just continued to follow his career. BJ Dawkins is another He was so sick at Wazzou and I’ll admit I’m not sure if he’s still around or not but his time at Wazzou wasn’t unbelievable.
  12. Yeah and my mom didn’t appreciate it at all Tony
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