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  1. Samuel Hare will remember this but for real, no idea how I have 5 guys on this list. Shows how trash the rest of my roster is lol
  2. I had a pretty great 2019. It was a big year in terms of me growing up and taking that next step in my life. It started off rough and stressful as I wondered if I was ever going to take that next step in my career while receiving rejection after rejection in my job search. Always coming in 2nd. But then in the 2nd half of the year things started coming around. I got engaged to the girl of my dreams, and finally broke through and got a job that I’m extremely excited about. It’s the first year where I really feel like I’m not in college anymore and that I’m a full on adult. Hopefully I can continue this momentum into 2020! In terms of goals: I want to get back on track with my health, I did great early last year but let it get away from me again in the back half, hopefully having less stress and more stability will help that
  3. I’m thankful for Keyshawn Thompson
  4. I want to marry this defense for real
  5. Testicles

    1. llamas


      Rocky Mountain Oysters

  6. This is the first time I’ve seen it and I’m interested!
  7. God damn I love Keyshawn Thompson
  8. Hell of a career for Ken Peelle. He was never a bonafide WR1 but he gave us everything during his time in Detroit including some extremely clutch performances. Most notably a couple times when we had lost Faneca due to injury. Then he went and got himself paid and continued having success elsewhere. I miss having him on the squad and hope he continues to find success off the field!
  9. FINALLY! How dare you say this, this power ranking offends me
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