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  1. 8/30: Michigan State vs. Tulsa 9/7: Michigan State vs. Western Michigan 9/14: Michigan State vs. Arizona State 9/28: Michigan State vs. Indiana 10/26: Michigan State vs. Penn State 11/9: Michigan State vs. Illinois 11/30: Michigan State vs. Maryland
  2. Do CBBHC Natty’s count?
  3. Offense QB Bobby Viger RB Keyshawn Thompson FB Keyshawn Thompson WR Keyshawn Thompson WR Aaron Samuelsson TE Keyshawn Thompson LT Tron Moses LG Keyshawn Thompson C Keyshawn Thompson RG Keyshawn Thompson RT Keyshawn Thompson Defense DE Keyshawn Thompson DE Keyshawn Thompson DT Keyshawn Thompson OLB Keyshawn Thompson OLB Conner Bradshaw Jr. ILB Not Kelly Mitchell CB Keyshawn Thompson CB Aaron Samuelsson SS Brandon Sauter FS Keyshawn Thompson Special Teams K Daryl Holmes P Gary Levels KR Keyshawn Thompson PR Keyshawn Thompson
  4. brb changing my name to a form of Eric
  5. As I have two players on this list I agree and think this is very fair and well done
  6. Bradshaw Jr. finally getting some respect around here
  7. I like to leave the team and then let someone else recruit a 5 star QB for me and then return and reap the rewards while dodging the criticism of being around for the down years. I've found it a very effective way of reloading.
  8. Are you sure I have Aiden Hayden back? I thought he signed with James Madison
  9. In my totally unbiased opinion it’s a 100% chance Issac Tyson wins pls. But I really think Bryce Thompson and Duke are going to have a big year. I’d like to see a defensive guy get it but I don’t know if it can happen
  10. I like to stack the left side with pass blockers and the right side with run blockers. If I don’t have the option I put my best on the left cause it’s all about protecting the blindside
  11. Elijah Harden on winning Pre-Season Super Bowl MVP: “Had to do it to em, Fib ur.”
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