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  1. Damn gg Rams!
  2. Yeah I chose to do this strategy...totally did, I'm playing 5D chess out here.
  3. fuck
  4. Hm, I can't think of one
  5. My players got R O B B E D
  6. RIP the dream
  7. My most satisfying win was beating Notre Dame in the 2nd season. It was the game I finally felt like holy shit, this team might actually have something after a year of complete shit. Toughest loss was last years NFLHC playoffs. I really thought we had a super bowl caliber team
  8. You made your choice when you put that Michigan avatar on
  9. Storm is my favorite user on this site, for some reason that I can't put my finger on
  10. Look if you all could just let me draft Kordell McKinnon that would be great so let's just let that happen okay? But I also recruited Bleeker to Arkansas so...
  11. <3 I enjoyed it nonetheless
  12. KD pls <3
  13. I'd be down to update the news