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  1. Upper Midwest/Great Plains @Azul
  2. Right now, Nick Hall’s wife must be sim Giselle
  3. I forgot to post this earlier but just recently my fiancé and I brought this good boi Moose home
  4. The Lions are gonna disappoint me and draft Derrick Brown instead of Okudah or Simmons
  5. Aw snap I thought promises wouldn’t count during their sit out year
  6. I used to do that until I had Cameron Jones playing weak side his 2nd year in Detroit and he disappeared. Now I haven’t gone back and have found success doing it. IRL I would lean coverage on the strong side but for whatever reason in the sim it’s been working the opposite for me. I’ve found it interesting
  7. I would put: OLB (Sr) 4.5/4.5 [Coverage] as my weak side Linebacker and OLB Jr 3.0/4.0 [Blitz] as my strong side linebacker. I would most likely try to sub the 1.5/5 in a couple games especially against weaker teams to get some play time. depending on my ILB or DE situation I’d consider sliding the 2.5/4 to one of those if it’s bad enough lol. but overall I love having a blitz on the strong side and a coverage on the weakside
  8. Congratulations to my Owner, former B1G commissioner, and friend jmjacobs. Well deserved and I have 100% faith that you are the right guy for the job. alien did a great job so don’t fuck it up
  9. Offense: 18 (+1) = 19 Defense: 20 (-1) = 19 Special Teams: 10 (0) = 10 Clock Mgmt: 9 (+2) = 11 Discipline: 10 (-1) = 9 Youth Mgmt: 11 (+1) = 12 Achievement Update: 2023 Super Bowl Champion
  10. FUCK YES ILAN KUHN I WILL NAME MY SON AFTER YOU. For real though. Super Bowl hero’s Tom Branch & Ilan Kuhn just like we all expected. Hell of a year for the Lions I’m so proud of this team. This defense cemented itself as the best in NFLHC history GG @Nmize0 you deserved it just as much as we did and I know you’ll be back. 1 FUM CANT HURT ME ANYMORE FIB UR
  11. Kenyon, Maurice, & Solomon rolling up to the after party like
  12. Incredible work again Dacder
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