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  1. A Flippin' Good Time Detroit continues dominance over Minnesota with a 35-6 road win. Have not lost to the Vikings since week 3 of 2016 Jeremy Cook Flips Into the Endzone For First Career TD
  2. Playing Minnesota's secondary is like hanging with a girl and you have this feeling like you're definitely gonna get some tonight and then like 10 minutes into the date she's already taking your pants off and just going to town, and then expects nothing in return and just leaves in the morning. When you walk out to the kitchen she's made coffee for you and a note that just says "let's do this again sometime"
  3. Kinda disappointed Keyshawn isn't on this list
  4. *Increased fumbling by a 15% for RBs, 15% for QBs, 35% for WRs.
  5. Wow you think I'm overpaid?
  6. I'm gonna guess the gorilla
  7. Fire Up!
  8. Wilson Hutchinson should say DET now
  9. Gary Faneca (Green Bay Packers) gave me a heart attack
  10. "IT'S OVER" By Rob LeCount The draft is an emotional time for me every year. I imagine it's the same for every other player in the NFL too. We all know what it took for these guys to get to this point. Every "volunteer" 4:00am workout, every extra rep, every passed up burger, every bruise, every drop of blood and sweat. It's all worth it when you hear your name called during draft night. For some it's a forgone conclusion, and for others it's the biggest sigh of relief you've ever had. That's why I love the draft, because it reminds me what I have already accomplished just by being here. April 4th, 2014. It started like any other gameday. 2nd week of the season, UCF was coming up from way down south and I was feeling ready. And I mean really ready. This was our year after all, we all felt it, Coach Sophos had us believing and I felt like it was my job to bring us there. In fact, I had come back to play my Senior year despite everyone telling me to go pro because I believed that we were going to win it all this time. I didn't want to end with a 22-7 loss to LSU in the National Championship. I wanted that trophy. It was supposed to just be a tune up game, get in, win, get out, move on to the next one. And that's what it was...sorta. We came out on fire, just like we were supposed to. I hit 11 straight passes, 3 touchdowns, everyone was open, everything was great. But that day is something I will never forget, for the wrongest of reasons. As halftime was approaching I took another snap, it was supposed to be an easy slip screen to Reggie Chapman but he got caught up at the line. I knew I didn't have time to hold it so I flipped it to his feet but I wasn't quick enough. Otis Stackhouse, all 6'6" 264 of him, came crashing down on me as I had stepped up to throw. If you've ever heard a femur break, you know what I'm talking about, but it was the sickest sound I've ever heard. It hurt...a lot, and I knew this wasn't something minor, I knew I was done. I don't remember much of what happened right after, I think I was in shock, I know the trainers were out there and I remember these words. I don't know who said them, but I remember hearing them as I laid there. "It's over." It wouldn't be the last time I heard those words, but it was definitely the one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I woke up in the hospital much later, the surgery was over, and that's the first thing I thought about. "It's over." Everything I had done, every second of work I had put in...didn't matter. "It's over." My dream of playing for a National Championship, my dream of being drafted, my dream of playing on Sundays, the Super Bowl. "It's over." I sat there in the hospital not really listening to what the doctor's were saying to me, my mom was crying, my dad was just lookin at me with that face, you know what I'm talking about. Every person in that room gave me the same feeling. "It's over." So I cried. Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit it. I cried a lot. What was I gonna do now? Football is my life. Sure, I could maybe get into coaching, but that wasn't my dream yet. I wanted to play. I still had so much to give. But a broken femur? No one is going to give me a chance with a broken femur. I definitely wasn't going to see the field again this season. I wouldn't be able to workout again for months. Basically? "It's over." 5 days later I got the most important call of my life. "Hey Rob I notice you haven't been at the facility this week what's up?" It was Kevin Tolbert, our strength and conditioning coach at Michigan. I laughed because I thought he was obviously joking. It's over I told him, As it turns out, he was not joking. For the next, oh I don't know, 30 minutes? Maybe not that long but that's what it felt like. Kevin let me have it. He said everything I needed to hear. Now was not the time to feel sorry for myself. It's over is a mindset, it's over if I let it be over, it's over unless I decide it's not. Before that call I had given up, and it was in fact, over. But after that, I knew that I was wrong. I could, and would come back from this. I could, and would get drafted, and I could and would play in the NFL. The next day I was in the facility again. On crutches, but I was there. Watching practice, listening to coaches, watching film. I watched so much film I could have predicted every play any B1G defense was about to call at any time on the field. And I started rehabbing. Slowly, but I started. 12 months is what doctor's initially told me. That was the expected recovery time. Well, I didn't have 12 months, I had about 7 before the draft. And I probably needed to be out there a month before doing workouts if I wanted to get drafted. So I wrote 6 months on my whiteboard...and then I wrote underneath it. "It's over" Do you hate those words yet? Because that's what I'm trying to get from you. Because I hate those words. Every time I see them it reminds me of the lowest point in my life. Those words can drive me to do anything now. With Kevin's help, I put in the work. Every single day, I was doing something that would push me back to being ready. There were days I was ready to quit. Where it just seemed like it wasn't worth it. The pain was unbearable there were days I could not walk. But I just kept looking at that whiteboard. "It's over." Screw you whiteboard, no it's not. Back to work. Every. Damn. Day. I would not fail, this is not the end of my story. So I worked, for 6 months. It started with walking, eventually it became jogging, soon I was running. Then I was doing some light lifting, every once in awhile it just would feel like I wasn't making any more progress. But I would remember those words. So back to work I'd go. Soon I was running some drills, I couldn't do much, but it felt good to be back on the field. It gave me the spark I needed to keep pushing. And then, 6 months. And I was ready. I was finally running drills at full speed, lifting close to what I could pre-injury. Doctor's told me a year and I was back to near 100% in 6 months because I refused to let those words define me. I couldn't do it without the support of those around me, or that call from Kevin. It was time to start working out for NFL teams. I ran the drills, I ran them well, I felt great doing them. But I overheard somethings. "I don't know, he looks good, but is he worth the risk?" "Don't forget, broken femur, you don't just come back from that." "Drills are fine, but the NFL? I just think IT'S OVER" No way, not again, not after all of the work I put in again, you can't do this to me twice. In all honesty, I should thank those guys for saying those things loud enough for me to hear. Because I found that extra level because of them. I went back to work. The combine came around, I performed about as well as I could, the interviews were all the same. They asked how I felt, I said I was good. They asked about my femur. I said it was good. But I could see it on their faces, they didn't believe it. I was back in that hospital room, looking around getting the same exact vibe. "It's over." There was nothing else I could do. I had put in the work, the draft was upon us, I hadn't really felt good about any of the interviews and I didn't know what was in store. I decided that if I wasn't picked before the 4th round ended, I would be hitting UDFA and at that point it wouldn't be looking good. I sat at home with my family and friends, dreading every second. I didn't want to watch this whole thing disappointing after every pick. The 1st round came and went, 4 QBs were picked. Thomas Wheeler Blake Shell Brian Brown Nick Hall The 2nd round came and went, 1 QB was picked Alex Bridgewater The 3rd round came and went, 2 QBs were picked Aaron Kotar Kamau Davis The 4th round came and went, 2 QBs were picked Joshua Andrews Javier Fields I lost hope, that was it, I wasn't getting drafted, why would I? "It's over." The 5th round came and went, 2 QBs were picked Sam Armour Keith Simon "It's over." The 6th round. Gone, into the comp picks. Pick 157, Gerald Bright... Pick 160, Forfeited... Pick 167, Rob LeCount.... What? WHAT? I was in shock, but this time it was good, I sat there on the couch, mouth wide open as everyone around me celebrated. The phone rang, I had to be nudged because I was still just staring at the screen. I answered. "Rob? It's Coach Kah of the New England Patriots, we're excited to have you aboard, I have big plans for you. We're just getting started." "We're just getting started." Yeah, I like that phrase just a little bit more.
  12. SlinkyJr, Head Coach of the Detroit Lions (Option A) - The work is never over during the draft and my full attention needs to be with my GM in the war room. There is plenty of time for interviews after the draft is over.
  13. Spoiler: they both suck cause Man Coverage is the devil's defense

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