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  1. I’m interested to see how people react to suggestions from players and the effects of taking the suggestion or rejecting them. Also very interested in seeing how the young QBs perform. Especially KD for reasons
  2. SlinkyJr

    Which injury has affected a player most?

    Might not be the greatest effect, but Anthony Fasani went from possibly the best TE in the league to a middling TE fighting for a job following his injury
  3. SlinkyJr

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Detroit Lions sending: QB Will Chacko 6-1 203 R NDSU [Hybrid] [0] 81 QB Rahim Murrell 6-2 220 R Kansas State [Pocket] [-2] 77 RB Kenyon Randall 5-6 209 R LSU [Power] [-1] 83 FB Cory Graham 6-1 210 R Northwestern [Pass Blocking] [+3/C] 76 FB Jake McKay 5-11 254 R Michigan [Run Blocking] [-1] 74 WR Frederick Bartlett 6-1 219 R Purdue [Speed] [-1] 76 TE Ajani Winston 6-4 201 R Purdue [Receiving] [0] 68 OT Nathan Iverson 6-3 288 R Florida [Pass Blocking] [0] 77 OG Jayson Schmidt 6-2 263 R Alabama [Run Blocking] [0] 75 C Leo Talbot 6-3 265 R Wisconsin [Run Blocking] [+1] 68 DT Joshua Thurman 6-2 317 R Michigan [1-Gap] [0] 75 ILB Kieron Brooks 6-1 239 R Charlotte [Mike] [0] 81 ILB Jacob Watson 6-2 250 R Ohio State [Will] [+2/C] 75 OLB Nehemiah Goode 6-1 243 R Georgia [Coverage] [+1] 71 CB Quinn McCormack 5-9 162 R Marist [Zone Coverage] [0] 71 SS Eddie McCullough 5-11 196 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] [0] 70
  4. SlinkyJr

    [2022] ImposterMockster's Mock Draft (Pre-Combine)

    Lions and the offensive line in the first round. Name a better love story
  5. SlinkyJr

    No skip albums

    Cars 2 Soundtrack
  6. It wasn’t meant to be
  7. Keyshawn, Sauter, and Samuelsson plz
  8. SlinkyJr


    August 6th, Michigan State prepares for the upcoming season at the Skandalaris Football Center on an early August morning. Redshirt Sophomore Quarterback Isaac Tyson fires a pass over the head of Junior Receiver Benjamin Serna as whistles blow. "Isaac! Keep those feet planted, we've been over this!" Tyson shakes his head in disgust with himself as Michigan State's QB Coach, Bobby Viger, walks over to speak with his young QB. You may remember Bobby Viger from the earlier Michigan State football teams where as QB, he led the Spartans to an improbable 12-1 record and a bowl win in 2014. Following that season, Viger headed to the NFL where he was signed as a UDFA by the Green Bay Packers. Viger spent 2 years there as a backup but never managed to see the field. In 2017, Viger was not resigned by the Packers and became a free agent. He was then signed by the Buffalo Bills but unfortunately let go before the start of the season. He then ended up on the New York Jets, where he spent one season and only made one appearance. Going 8 for 17 for 88 yards, no tds, no ints. Before the 2018 NFLHC season, Viger decided to retire from the New York Jets, and football, following an uneventful NFL career. "I knew I was never going to be a star QB in the NFL and I was okay with that," said Viger, "but when I realized my career was basically going to be me moving from team to team, not knowing whether or not I would even be on the roster the following morning, I knew I didn't want to live that kind of life. I knew it was time for the next chapter." Following retirement, Bobby went to graduate school and worked as an Offensive GA for the Grand Valley St. Lakers. Trying to learn all he could about coaching football. "I spent a lot of long nights with Coach, watching film, picking his brain, just trying to absorb all I could because even if maybe I couldn't play football anymore, I wasn't ready to give it up." After two years, Viger graduated from Grand Valley State, and got the call he had been waiting for. "I hadn't even gotten home from graduation yet when my phone rang with a familiar number. At first, I didn't really think anything of it, because we had kept in touch and I figured he was calling to congratulate me. So you know, I answered it and said hello." On the other end of the line was Bobby's former Head Coach at MSU, SlinkyJr. The previous year, Coach Slinky had announced he would be resigning from his duties at MSU, wanting to focus on his personal life. Just a year later, Slinky ended up returning to take the reigns back with the Spartans. "I'll never forget what he said. He didn't congratulate me, didn't ask me how I was doing, he just said: Bobby, you're needed back home, I expect you here tomorrow. I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity so I went home, packed some bags, and drove to East Lansing. When Viger arrived on campus, SlinkyJr explained that he wanted him to be MSU's new QB coach and help the Spartan's star, Kyle Davidson develop into an NFL caliber player. Viger accepted the offer and took the next step in his new journey. "I was extremely excited to be back in East Lansing working directly with Coach Slinky, he's a guy that truly cares about his players and someone I respect a lot. Plus, getting to work with a player like Kyle Davidson was exactly what I was looking for." Kyle Davidson came to MSU essentially labeled as the Savior for the Spartans. He was thrust into the starting role as a Freshman and struggled, but began showing signs of his talent at the end of his Sophomore year. "Kyle has the talent to be one of the best QB's out there, I think he struggled sometimes with his confidence, having gone through such an up an down career with all of the coaching change stuff and maybe some less than stellar talent around him, but he's a guy that just got it. He was always down to study film with me, and was constantly asking for advice. Asking what I'd do in this situation or that situation. To the point I had to remind him that I didn't have his kind of talent when I was playing, what I did might not work for him and he had to find his own groove. I was there to help with the mental stuff, but he was already miles ahead of me in the physical department." This upcoming season, the green and white faithful have more to be excited about in the QB department with the reports being that it'll be Isaac Tyson taking the helm this season. A highly touted QB recruit from North Dakota, Tyson brings athleticism to the position that hasn't really been seen at Michigan State in a long time. "We had a rough season last year, but I think there's a lot to be excited about. We've brought in some playmakers like that kid at WR, Metz, and I really believe that Tyson has the chance to be one of the greats here at MSU. He's got a tough act to follow, but he's a guy who has that extra dynamic to his game that could really make a difference." We asked Bobby if he had any regrets about his career and this is what he had to say: "Regrets? No, not really. Look, I played the heck out of this game. I gave my all every time I was out there. Could I probably have lasted a couple more years in the NFL? Sure, but I wasn't enjoying football anymore. I'm a competitor, I didn't enjoy sitting third on the depth chart. 3rd String QB has his role, and can help the team but only to a certain extent you know? Coaching has given me a second wind. I feel like I am making a difference again. One day I hope I can climb the ladder and be head ball coach of my own team, giving a guy like myself the chance the way Coach Slinky has for me. But that is a long way away. Right now, I'm just looking forward to the next day. And loving every second of it."
  9. SlinkyJr

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    I wanna coach at MSU pls
  10. SlinkyJr

    Last Chance U: Season 3 - Indy

    Ollie and Dakota’s segments in the recap had me crying. I was so happy to see how their stories are progressing. Made me miss that EMCC dynamic a lot. But it wouldn’t be the same without Miss Wagner
  11. SlinkyJr

    What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

    I have a couple: Homer pick: Gruff Sparty - true classic and so good This Bama one is so cute: UNC should honestly go back to this: And I mean come on, no explanation needed for UCONN:
  12. Ayyyy I played rugby my senior year of high school. During football I was a CB and sometimes WR. When I was younger I played a lot of RB. Basketball was always my true sport though
  13. SlinkyJr

    Last Chance U: Season 3 - Indy

    True, but with EMCC they talked about how all these players are getting recruited/scouted by all these D1 schools but we aren’t seeing it with this team. Aside from that one Iowa State scout that came in earlier in the season. That’s why they don’t seem as talented to me. Plus they don’t have a Miss Wagner. The English teacher can help Bobby and who’s in her class, but that’s about it. Coach brown said he was Miss Wagner in the first episode but doesn’t do anything but call them out for having F’s and missing class in team meetings
  14. SlinkyJr

    Last Chance U: Season 3 - Indy

    I think it’s more evident because most of the players just don’t seem as talented as the EMCC guys and look more likely to get stuck.
  15. SlinkyJr

    Last Chance U: Season 3 - Indy

    Fuck man, cant believe that fuck is gonna come at him like that, that motherfucker’s from Compton motherfucker. He knows these fuckers will play if he motivates them enough. Fucking playcalls dont fucking matter. Fuck. An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep. Come on man fuck. They just need to play better and can he get a fucking call!? Fuck.