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    1. SlinkyJr

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      Oops double post
    2. SlinkyJr

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      Name: Dante Laklas Position (No ATH): DE Height: 6’5” Weight: 250 Appearance: African American, Dreads Hometown, State: Houston Texas Accessories: Visor, wristbands, towel, team color gloves Strengths (pick 3): Power Moves, Finesse Moves, Speed Weaknesses (pick 2): I’m guessing I can’t say like catching and throw power? Lol ummmm coverage and awareness Star Rating: 5 Preferred #: 42 Second Preferred #s: 40, 48
    3. SlinkyJr

      Who do you support?

      I don't watch much soccer but I love the world cup and in career mode on fifa my end goal is usually either Juventus or Tottenham as a manager or player.
    4. SlinkyJr

      Football shows/podcasts

      Pardon My Take is hit or miss for people I think and they aren’t exclusively football just mostly football. But I love it and they get some of the best interviews I’ve seen. 90% of the time players act like themselves with them and don’t give canned answers (except AJ Green and Dak Prescott). They get a lot of coaches on there too. The ones recently with Doug Maronne and Bruce Arians were awesome and made me love Doug Maronne especially.
    5. SlinkyJr

      [2021] PFF All-Time Top CFBHC Coaches

      I cant think of any
    6. SlinkyJr

      SumoHC Round 2

      Badashi NoHonor disregards your elders
    7. Well that’s Goode
    8. SlinkyJr

      [2021] Chicago Bears Staffing Announcement

      BlinkySr, Extremely well disguised Detroit Lions Head Coach randye, how do you respond to completely unbiased critics who suddenly believe you’re extremely overrated? I personally think it’s very weird of them to be saying that but many many unbiased and real critics are putting it out there.
    9. SlinkyJr

      2010s All-Decade CFBHC Team Nominations

      For Michigan State I nominate: OT Tron Moses (2013-2014), CB Keyshawn Thompson (2013-2014), and SS Brandon Sauter (2013-2016)
    10. SlinkyJr

      [2021] Franz's Facts: Week 15

      Loins pls
    11. SlinkyJr

      The Detroit Free Press

      UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Keyshawn Thompson continues his ownership of the Chicago Bears, notching 2 interceptions in the Lions 24-13 road win.
    12. SlinkyJr

      Who's the most important player on your team?

      NFLHC - it seems to be Keyshawn but the argument could be made for Grey Brown as well CFBHC - Kyle Davidson no question
    13. SlinkyJr

      Cowboys CB Sedrick Madison to retire

      Aw man, I love Madison, he balled out that first year with us! You deserve the rest my man <3
    14. SlinkyJr

      The Wiki has returned

      Thanks Soluna and gigemags for all the effort. Y’all doin the good lawds work.