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  1. Thanks bro, Isaac Tyson is a good player, just too much for me this time. Good luck the rest of the way
  2. Yeah gg man, always love battling against you, better luck next time
  3. @SlinkyJr I'm a pretty big man corner guy. What do you feel like a zone scheme does better than man? Do you think Zone corners can play man better or do man corners play zone better? @Rome People think I hate man corners, but I really don’t. I think the man coverage scheme is flawed in general. A man scheme relies on your guy being better than their guy. This could mean they’re more athletic or more talented, or better at positioning. And not just your guy, each of your guys has to be better than each of their guys. A zone scheme allows your guy to not be as as good as their guy and still win. But it also takes a ton of coordination and getting the right guys in your backfield. Basically it it comes down to resources for me. In a man scheme you better have some top tier shutdown CBs, in a zone scheme you can spend less on your backfield and get better everywhere else and scheme your way to a win. Now obviously we have spent a good amount on Keyshawn, but that’s cause I love him. You can see it happening right now with my MSU squad. We do not have talent in our backfield yet still do pretty well against the pass. People also sometimes think man = turnovers which is wrong. An aggressive zone defense will always outperform an aggressive man defense in the turnover department. And turnovers are my main goal defensively. I couldn’t care less about yards against as long as we are creating plays when it counts which is what I love about the Zone. In my opinion Man corners are more likely to make better zone corners than the other way around. edit: it also comes down to certain preferences. Like I prefer to build from the inside out (zone) than outside in (man)
  4. The one good thing about obvious weaknesses is that they're obvious to you as well. It helps in a way to know how a team will try to attack you, and be able to try and counter it. Though obviously I'd just prefer to be better and have less glaring weaknesses. That being said, I've always tried to play to my strengths and worry less about my opponent. I think you can get yourself in trouble by being too cute especially when your roster isn't super strong. Ex. If I had come out and tried to rely on a grind it out, keep possession of the ball type scheme against teams I knew had high-powered offenses, all it would really do is doom myself because I wouldn't be successful since my team just wasn't built for that and the other team would run me out of the building. Defensively especially, there are some things you can do to hide your deficiencies, but I'd rather go out swinging. Play to win not to not lose and all that.
  5. I still think I had a chance to win in 2014 if I didn’t get screwed out of the playoffs no one was super great except Bama
  6. SlinkyJr

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 2 - vs. LSU @cmcgill Week 3 - vs. CMU @robcarlson77 Week 4 - at TCU @DangerZoneh All confirmed
  7. It’d be tough, I’d have to narrow it down to Nba2k, NCAA 14, or College Hoops 2k8 without the teambuilder site for NCAA14 and the college hoops gameplay just being a little too outdated, I think I’d have to with Nba2k
  8. SlinkyJr

    [2022] NFL Honors

    Well deserved Kenyon Fib Ur
  9. Oh yeah I had the NBA All-Star version with Shaq, Kobe , Garnett all in it etc. always preferred the soccer one for some reason even though b-ball has always been my favorite sport
  10. Bobby Trousers, Washington Post-it ”Coach as you look back on the season, was there a moment when you realized you had a chance to make it and possibly win the National Championship?”
  11. You gotta lose early to make your triumph that much sweeter in one of my careers I broke my leg my sophomore year and had to come back from it
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