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  1. NO EFFORT Much like this headline, the Cardinals showed up lifeless against Seattle
  2. While I dont disagree with our ranking, I disagree with the Jarius position.
  3. Did you get to bury Weathersby yet?
  4. AND SO IT BEGINS... PICTURED: Kareem Taylor tries to laugh off pick 6 as Arizona's quest for the #1 pick starts off on the right foot with a loss to the Green Bay Packers.
  5. Nah not really. We need to get the running game right to begin to right the ship, but Kareem will do great for me.
  6. ILB Kelvin Grossman 6-0 231 4 Nebraska [Mike] 85 RIP Titanic_flute.wmv
  7. Also if anyone did not see, Soluna mentioned in the shoutbox it was a bad tear and he could be our first 2020 retirement :(.
  8. He played Arizona's defense. His stats dont mean shit.
  9. Time to cut Dennis Scott.
  10. Gerald Foreman still killed him and cost you guys a game against the Packers ;).
  11. DE Richard Hicks 6-5 297 3 North Carolina [Contain] 76 To DT please.
  12. They didnt talk about every team.
  13. DT Keith Hooks 6-3 293 6 Colorado [1-Gap] 82 To DE please.

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