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  1. THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES Marcus Banks makes the tackle after Kareem "The Dream" Taylor throws 1 of his 2 ints, ruining a rare decent defensive performance from the Cardinals.
  2. Fomer Packers front office members disagree.
  3. Unfortunetly my score is flipped.
  4. I dunno #77 feels more right to me. I cant quite put my finger on why though...
  5. Love it. Its clean and still provides pertinant information for coaching.
  6. TRADING SPACES Coach Ted and GM Randye spend the final hours of the trade deadline going over offers and agreed upon deals.
  7. I wondered how long it would take you to realize this. I honestly had it pegged for Week 3 of the season though.
  8. When you search a team on the interface, it shows remaining visits, pipelined state, camp state, and star recruit for the team.
  9. Alabama will never again win a playoff game. Let that sink in.
  10. Hey bby you want some 0-4?
  11. The stats have been corrected. Please ignore this post.
  12. BACK DOWN TO EARTH Cards lay a huge egg when Coach Ted tries something new, fails spectacularly.
  13. Then I did my job well. My first game ever was against Eweebs vs UCLA at a netural site iirc. I was going off my old ncaa asumption that passing solves all and Robert Price threw like 5 or 6 tds and like 2 or 3 ints and I won something like 52-49. I honestly dont remember the community around that time. I know its definitly different.
  14. Me_irl

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