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  1. Yall already know what it is BOOMER SOONER! Great game to Azul, classy as they come. Damn it feels good to shake that ghost of the winless.
  2. Not complaning. Tbats it, just didnt want to be left out.
  3. LESTER'S REVENGE Poor QB play from a rookie sets 49erz up with multiple short fields. Pictured: Rory Westin throws deep to Prince Mcgill, of the San Francisco 49ers.
  4. Norris Brooksheer went down as #1 in my heart when he came in off the bench and beat Texas for me. He earned himself a statue after the natty win. It was absolutely heartbreaking as a Packers fan watch my sim son go to the Bears, even as a #1 pick and while I find it amusing the Bears arent good, it hurta me to see him being mediocre in the NFLHC. I hope someday i can get him back in some capactity. I am a Leshoure fan to some extent and I want to see him succeed in the NFLHC. Otherwise I dont really follow any players that I havent actively coached.
  6. BLOWN The team collapses after taking a slim lead into halftime Pictured: Rory Weston stepping back, preparing to throw to Eli Apple in the first half.
  7. I Signed on the back of this timeline not liking it.
  8. I Prioritize recivers by skill in both sims but that may change if I get better speed recievers in Arizona. I have not tried TE in WR spots on chart. I had heard it was more detrimental than good. I did however slide Fred Tindale into the slot reciever position on the depth chart for two weeks since I have been using him as a returner all season, and Ricky Chambers was hurt. He sheeted once going 2 for 20 yards, 0 TD, 0 drops. Not terribly impressive but that could be scheme related. I have never considered using o line as TE since my QBs tend to make TEs sheet consistantly for receptions.
  9. RORY BOREALIS Rookie QB Rory Weston gets first start, win against depleted Oakland Raiders! (PICTURED: Kareem Taylor celebrates with Rory Weston post game on field; has no hard feelings about losing starting job)
  10. GG Oakland. Holy shit we found a way to pull it off!
  11. So youre telling me the sim now has its own versions of the Choke At Doak?
  12. S/O to yall for giving me something to listen to for 1.5/8 hours.
  13. "Ol Yeller'd" is a shorter phrase that conveys the same meaning.