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  • Connecticut 31-20 North Dakota State
  • East Carolina 52-23 Memphis
  • Kansas 48-41 Oklahoma
  • Southern Miss 24-9 Marshall
  • UTEP 30-22 Middle Tennessee
  • Wyoming 35-31 New Mexico
  • BYU 45-14 Oregon State
  • Georgia State 41-22 UMass
  • Nebraska 23-17 Miami (FL)
  • Western Kentucky 34-21 Charlotte
  • Old Dominion 33-27 Florida Atlantic
  • Louisiana Tech 27-26 UAB
  • Buffalo 51-0 Bowling Green
  • Northern Illinois 41-34 Ball State
  • Texas A&M 31-20 Arkansas
  • Boston College 40-16 Virginia Tech
  • USF 32-26 Tulsa
  • Toledo 55-30 Central Michigan
  • Pittsburgh 62-7 NC State
  • Duke 49-27 Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame 27-13 Northwestern
  • West Virginia 55-11 Iowa State
  • Louisville 41-20 Wake Forest
  • Kentucky 34-31 Tennessee
  • SMU 41-16 Tulane
  • Texas Tech 23-7 Kansas State
  • TCU 30-27 Texas
  • Illinois 34-0 Indiana
  • Boise State 23-13 Utah State
  • Oregon 14-9 Utah
  • Stanford 24-23 Washington
  • Nevada 38-6 UNLV
  • USC 55-23 UCLA
  • Penn State 22-19 Michigan
  • Michigan State 28-24 Ohio State
  • Iowa 34-31 Purdue
  • Alabama 13-10 Vanderbilt
  • LSU 31-30 Auburn
  • Arizona 27-14 Hawaii
  • UCF 44-25 Temple
  • California 17-12 Colorado


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Everything posted by ChicagoTed1

  1. [2020] Week #15 - TNF

    What the fuck
  2. [2020] Week #13 - TNF

    Cmon Baylor you had one damn job...
  3. [2020] Week #11 - Saturday Afternoon

    I dunno yall the game results make sense to me.
  4. Official CFBHC Fantasy Football League #2

  5. [2020] Week #10 - FNF

    I didn't know my victory over Texas would be so demoralizing they would go winless the rest of the season...
  6. [2020] Week 17 Headlines

    A NEW HOPE A final well played game falls short of an upset, but the tean shows talent and multiple draft picks have fans excited for the upcoming seasons.
  7. [2020] Week 16 headlines

    IS IT OVER YET? Another week, another Cardinals loss. Seattle takes Arizona behind the woodshed in predictible fashion.
  8. [2020] Week #16 - 4 PM

    You too. Fucking INTs killed us.
  9. [2020] Week 15 Headlines

    DOUBLE UP Cardinals double win total from last year with blowout win against Chargers. Pictured: Marcus Banks and Rory Weston celebrate hooking up for a Touchdown.
  10. [2020] Week #15 - 4 PM

    Shout out to CB Daron Haag 6-3 177 2 Arizona [Man Coverage] 73 on his Pick 6! GG Chargers. Hate it had to happen amisdt turmoil in the FO.
  11. [2020] Week #8 - Saturday Afternoon

    Yall already know what it is BOOMER SOONER! Great game to Azul, classy as they come. Damn it feels good to shake that ghost of the winless.
  12. [2020] Week 14 Power Rankings

    Not complaning. Tbats it, just didnt want to be left out.
  13. [2020] Week 13 Headlines

    LESTER'S REVENGE Poor QB play from a rookie sets 49erz up with multiple short fields. Pictured: Rory Westin throws deep to Prince Mcgill, of the San Francisco 49ers.
  14. Throwback Thursday #10

    Norris Brooksheer went down as #1 in my heart when he came in off the bench and beat Texas for me. He earned himself a statue after the natty win. It was absolutely heartbreaking as a Packers fan watch my sim son go to the Bears, even as a #1 pick and while I find it amusing the Bears arent good, it hurta me to see him being mediocre in the NFLHC. I hope someday i can get him back in some capactity. I am a Leshoure fan to some extent and I want to see him succeed in the NFLHC. Otherwise I dont really follow any players that I havent actively coached.
  15. [2020] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon

  16. [2020] Week 12 Headlines

    BLOWN The team collapses after taking a slim lead into halftime Pictured: Rory Weston stepping back, preparing to throw to Eli Apple in the first half.
  17. I Signed on the back of this timeline not liking it.
  18. What do you look like?

    Pizza Shuttle is life!
  19. Gameplan Monday #9

    I Prioritize recivers by skill in both sims but that may change if I get better speed recievers in Arizona. I have not tried TE in WR spots on chart. I had heard it was more detrimental than good. I did however slide Fred Tindale into the slot reciever position on the depth chart for two weeks since I have been using him as a returner all season, and Ricky Chambers was hurt. He sheeted once going 2 for 20 yards, 0 TD, 0 drops. Not terribly impressive but that could be scheme related. I have never considered using o line as TE since my QBs tend to make TEs sheet consistantly for receptions.
  20. [2020] Week 11 Headlines

    RORY BOREALIS Rookie QB Rory Weston gets first start, win against depleted Oakland Raiders! (PICTURED: Kareem Taylor celebrates with Rory Weston post game on field; has no hard feelings about losing starting job)
  21. [2020] Week #11 - 4 PM

    GG Oakland. Holy shit we found a way to pull it off!