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  1. Minnow


    Currently Brookings, SD
  2. Minnow


    Finally someone who lives within driving distance from me
  3. My tone taken in the post is more of a joking matter. I realize there are different ways to cook meat, I only really truly believe that there are 2 kinds. Good and bad pulled pork. More often bad than good.
  4. Us Midwesterners don't take too kindly to there being only 2 types of pulled pork. In my book there are only 2 types of pulled pork. Those made in crockpots and those made the real way in a smoker. Nothing else.
  5. I feel like every compiled list always has Iowa and Iowa State next to each other. That being said #IAmBetterThanIowa Also the fact that I am sandwiched between my rivals, all but feels deliberate.
  6. @Qupax not 2014 but 2018 I tied with Kansas for the big 12 championship and lost the tie breaker. Being ranked #12 in the nation got me into the sugar bowl where I lost to Alabama.
  7. Matt, but with a playoff appearance and no bowl losses. I have historically had good running backs like Matt and only 2 main QBs. No notable receivers in history.
  8. An about .500 team who sometimes makes a splash and defeats a great team just to fall to a team that is below .500. Yeah that's about right.
  9. SF Thiry Farmer 6-5 241 R Coastal Carolina [*] 1 years // 0.75 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//0.75//Total:0.75 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//0.75//Total:0.75 Value//0.75
  10. Minnow


    You're going to have to give me poker tips
  11. Toby Keith Alan Jackson George Strait Johnny Cash
  12. Iowa State Cyclones Spread Delay System 3-Out, 2-In Offense Transition Defense
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