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  1. TB has one of the middle rated teams and the youngest, but is also is a non-contender. Shits weird. Meanwhile Minnesota is doing its own thing.
  2. Man what a tough break.
  3. He's the literal definition of father time
  4. It wasn't due to mishandled snaps so it's definitely on him.
  5. Week 3 Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Spread Option Secondary Offensive Formation: Pistol 2RB Primary Defensive Formation: 3-4 Secondary Defensive Formation: 4-4 Coaches   HC Jon Gruden (Age 62) Descended from Ray Rhodes QB Progression Level 4; WR/TE Skill Level 4 OC Freddie Jordan (Age 63) Descended from HC Jon Gruden QB Skill Level 3; O-Line Chemistry Level 2; Offensive Scheme Change Penalty Level 1 DC Matt Patricia (Age 51) Descended from Bill Belichick
  6. amazing to see Walt Peck drop a pass in preseason.
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