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  1. I love when the Rams do typical Rams things.
  2. Thompson for rookie of the year
  3. Why couldn't the injury happen to Teddy Walker?! Not my boy Neely
  4. Obligatory Intro: Hi everyone my name is Minnow (formerly Minnowsotan and never Taffy's alt). I have been sober for one year now. I am a 23 year old currently attending South Dakota State University. I am in my 5th year, currently studying History/Geography. I am moving to Sioux Falls this Summer and have been a life long Cowboys fan (although me living in minnesota and growing up there made me have an appreciation for the Vikings). Anyways look forward to seeing you all on the gridiron. #BTIsTheFuture. #SKAGGS
  5. That's one of the worst player grades I've seen
  6. Is it possible for a QB to start for just one drive? EX. to honor a veteran QB in what possibly might be his last home game?

    1. Soluna


      Not currently, I might add this in the future though.


      I can however manually do this if you want me to do something like that for a certain reason.

    2. Minnow


      Yes, I am currently wanting Brian Vardell to start the game just for one drive in the last home game of the season for us. 

  7. is there like a simulation you run this through or just you know it will work?
  8. You have to post the same thing for each week. It doesn't matter if you change it or not.
  9. Bryce Thompson we will do everything to protect you
  10. This makes Vardell's injury more frustrating.
  11. Zones typically are not used in the NBA since they have a lot of holes that can be easily exploited. They really only work against teams that either try to score inside or shoot 3s. They are not good at preventing dribble drive offenses or other offenses that have a lot of passing. I am not familiar with formations beyond what was available in video games so I might not be much of use but just wanted to share my thoughts.
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