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  1. [Survey] Alumni Network

    South Dakota State University Class of 2020
  2. I really do not like the fact that Nebraska can go into Iowa but Iowa can't go to Nebraska. Or Illinois getting Iowa when Nebraska has 1 school in the state while Iowa has 2 schools. Nebraska is getting more talent heavy states while Iowa gets South Dakota? Not many recruits come out of SD and I agree with Llamas and Franz on their ideas
  3. [2020] FCS Championship Bracket - Day #4

    @SolunaSouth Dakota is the coyotes. South Dakota State is the Jackrabbits. You have them reversed
  4. Recruiting Punishments

    I dont know how you landed both of them considering I put 15 points on both of your players.
  5. With injuries being back is it possible to add to the interface a substition frequency for Wide receivers and Running Backs so they won't get fatigued and hopefully have less of a chance of injury? It would work well in up-tempo offenses where players are subbing out after a couple plays so they can stay well rested.
  6. [2020] Week #15 - TNF

    Why was it 27 degrees in Ames? Why did I not win
  7. [2020] Big XII Statistical Leaders Week 14

    I am glad that half of the defensive records are against me
  8. NFL Starting QB History

    Vikings done http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Minnesota_Vikings_starting_quarterbacks Brian Vardell added to the list
  9. NFL Starting QB History

    before I answer that, I have a disability to where I will take an example as a literal thing, so in this example with the jaguars quarterbacks I took it as a literal example not knowing that it was an example. I just asked it so I wouldnt spend another hour going through real life records coding them all. the disablity is called NVLD or nonverbal learning disorder, also. My apologies I will correct my code I have written thus far.
  10. NFL Starting QB History

    so do you want the sim players or the real life players included?
  11. Regional Rivalries

    The start of the cy-hawk trophy is next year so I'm all aboard
  12. [2020] Week #13 - FNF

    Well I tried