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  1. Im really happy I made that special Teams change
  2. I will get it done by tonight, sorry I was in Arkansas seeing family this past week
  3. Big Ten: 84FCS: 89 (+5)MWC: 64 PAC-12: 7 (-5)
  4. Historically it HAS to be Groucho Marx (If this counts)
  5. Old Crow Medicine Show - Flicker and Shine
  6. During the season he never really did much receiving in game situations, he is a ATH with blocking TE specialties
  7. I was drunk so I dont know what time it was actually.
  8. Big 12: 49 (+5) Big Ten: 53  FCS: 69 MWC: 34 (-5) PAC-12: 44 
  9. Big 12: 49 Big Ten: 53 FCS: 64 (+5) MWC: 39 (-5) PAC-12: 44
  10. Sioux Falls, SD has a brewery called Fernson, They make a sour beer called curio that has a grapefruit heavy front, with some of the sourness that comes with having a 'sour beer' I personally love them served at slightly below room temp since it brings out more of a flavor profile as opposed to it cold. They also do make a seasonal summer beer that is called "Zoo Brew" It is like a Honey Malt it was a one time run and they wont make the same recipe more than once, so this years zoo brew is different from last years. IPA's I used to hate them but they have grown on me to the point where I find myself drinking them over at places
  11. Kofi McCullough....If he goes my team goes, not saying Vaughn Sheppard would be a standout player without him, it would just change how I run my team
  12. Iowa State selects WR Jerricho Dodd 6-0 199 Fr Ames (Ames, IA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Speed]
  13. How did you find out my Gameplan strategy?
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