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  1. I have a lot of work to do on the wiki for Iowa State. Added : QB August Blank http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=August_Blank His high school Lakeview HS in Columbus NE http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Lakeview_High_School CB David Tolliver http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=David_Tolliver His high School Sisseton High School in Sisseton SD http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sisseton_High_School HB Arturo Pacheco for the Texans http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Arturo_Pacheco His High School Oakes High School in Oakes, ND http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Oakes_High_School WR Elliot Efi http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Elliot_Efi His high school F.J. Reitz High School in Evansville, IN http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=F.J._Reitz_HS WR Tom Oldham for the Los Angeles Chargers http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tom_Oldham&action=edit His high school Riverside HS in Oakland, IA http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Riverside_High_School K Eric Graves for the Cleveland Browns http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Eric_Graves OT Quinn Burr for the Kansas City Chiefs http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Quinn_Burr RB Kofi McCullough http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kofi_McCullough His High School Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, SD http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Lincoln_High_School_(Sioux_Falls,_SD) C Aden Hastings for the New York Jets http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Aden_Hastings TE Kamari Mallory http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kamari_Mallory FS Kamari Wilkins http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kamari_Wilkins OT Harry Mock for the Houston Texans http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Harry_Mock His JuCo http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Minneapolis_Community_%26_Technical_College Iowa State Cyclones Players Navbox Former and Current NFL players (with plans to create all of those pages) http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Iowa_State_Cyclones_Players_navbox Updated- 2020 NFLHC Kicker statistics Added Cleveland Browns Kicker Eric Graves http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_NFLHC_Season_Stats Iowa State Cyclones Quarterback Navbox http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Iowa_State_Cyclones_quarterback_navbox
  2. My Baby is all grown up
  3. Eric Graves was not given the chance before he got cut from his previous team
  4. Well Tom Oldham. GG
  5. As long as 2014 Iowa State wasn't mentioned, I am alright
  6. can you add unless they do not have a quarterback
  7. Its fixed now.I apologize I tried to avoid mistakes like that. Thanks for letting me know
  8. Ill Fix it
  9. #BuckTheFison
  10. Now that is the performance I wanted to end the season! I wish them all luck my draftees
  11. Woo and the Jacks get the Dakota Marker!
  12. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, Like that saying my team has to say goodbye to 4 impact players who have set all offensive school records imaginable. Iowa State is once of those legacies that took me a while to build up and it is all thanks to these 4 players. Without these guys I would have never been able to make it to my first ever bowl in 2018 and possibly a bowl coming in 2019, without these players I would never have been ranked for the first time in the schools history in 2018 and parts of 2019. The 2019 is not how I wanted to end the season at .500 and its a crude departure for talented players as these guys. I wish them well in the NFL and hope they continue their legacy there as they have built a legacy here in Ames, IA for years to come. I am happy to have coached these guys and I wish them luck in the draft. Single-season leaders[edit] Most rushes: 325 - Arturo Pacheco (2018) Rushing yards: 1,982 - Arturo Pacheco (2018) Rushing TD's: 21 - Auturo Pacheco (2018) Rushing yards QB: 367 - Clifford Wilcox (2018) Passing Yards: 2,874 - Clifford Wilcox (2018) Passing TD's: 17 - Clifford Wilcox (2018) Receving yards: 1,103 - Tom Oldham (2018) Receving TD's: 8 - Tom Oldham (2018) Career leaders[edit] Most rushes: 857 - Arturo Pacheco (2016-2019) Rushing yards: 4,601 - Arturo Pacheco (2016-2019) Rushing TD's: 53 - Arturo Pacheco (2016-2019) Rushing yards QB: 1,151 - Clifford Wilcox (2016-2019) Passing Yards: 8,950- Clifford Wilcox (2016-2019) Passing TD's: 45 - Clifford Wilcox (2016-2019) Receving yards: 2,769 - Tom Oldham (2017-2019) Receving TD's: 20 - Tom Oldham (2017-2019) Single-game leaders[edit] Most FG's attempted: 4 - Eric Graves (2018) [Vs. Kansas] Most FG's made: 4- Eric Graves (2018) [Vs. Kansas] Most extra points made: 9 - Eric Graves (2018) [Vs. Florida Atlantic] Kicker Records. Single-season leaders[edit] Most FG's attempted: 20 - Eric Graves (2019) Most FG's made: 19 - Eric Graves (2019) Most extra points made: 44 - Eric Graves (2018) Highest field goal %: 100% Eric graves (2018) Career leaders[edit] Most FG's attempted: 37 - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019) Most FG's made: 36 - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019) Most extra points made: 82 - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019) Highest field goal %: 97%% - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019) Longest field goal: 54 yards - Eric Graves (2019 Week 14) Most consecutive FG's Made: 30 - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019 Week 12) Most consecutive extra points made: 60 - Eric Graves (2018 - 2019 Week 4)
  13. Oh wait that OTHER Minnow
  14. But I have been on CFBHC since the 2014 season.

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