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  1. Week 1: @UAB @Wonderbread Week 2: @Iowa @wrigleyfan Week 4: vs. BYU @NDIrish21
  2. Jai-alai has so many abandoned facilities across the US since its downfall from the betting rings and height of its popularity
  3. I personally like OOTP if you go on sites like G2A or even get last years version the price drops considerably, I have not messed around with the historic leagues but if thats all you are going to play then I would invest in some past years game like I play with the Twins normally back when they had the horrible contracts with Ricky Nolasco, Irvin Santana and Hector Santiago. I thoroughly enjoy trading for younger prospects and see how they age and grow. Its an easy game to get into but having to set lineups and manage injuries is something that I do not like doing, so I find the computer messing up a lot of the rosters I had fixed before, but other than that fantastic
  4. I would have to play a sandbox game just for how re-playable they are. One of these games would have to be Zoo Tycoon (so Much learning), Roller coaster Tycoon 3, Any simulation game where I can control a lot RPG's are also good for this: Such as Civ 5 (Me being a history major finds it funny how messed up some things get like thee year being 1980 and railroad is still not invented, but modern infantry and automobiles exist.) Fallout: New Vegas has a bunch of mods and has a big community that is still kicking. If it were a sports game: Tecmo Bowl, or Madden 08 for PC (due to the modding community for both), NCAA 14 is immensely better since I installed modded rosters to be this years rosters in real life. I really like OOTP but it has a bit of a learning curve if you are not used to "front office simulators"
  5. Is this a flight that is connecting or is it unlimited travel to different places in this period? To take the original question I would probably go to Switzerland to try to trace back my family heritage and finally try to crack the case of did my family ever live there or did they lie when they moved to america in the 1820's. I would also like go to Japan, the yen is very easy to understand conversion wise from USD, it might be a bit of a culture shock at times but I think they would be good with translations and having transportation that is easy to understand. Plus it would be really cool to see Mt. Fuji
  6. Womens basketball South Dakota state making it to the sweet 16. It has been bitter sweet these past years where sdsu has made it past their first game but lost by 3 the rounds after. It would mark the furthest any basketball team has made it in the schools history since going d1
  7. A stupid pun. Im from minnesota, I have 2 other usernames gopherfan118 but since minnesota gophers were taken I thought this would be weird and dumb so I came up with a dumb pun of fishing in minnesota. My other username I didnt have until later but it is HomardBound a play on of words using my last name and the childrens classic movie Homeward Bound
  8. Economic Left/Right: -4.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51
  9. Hacker kicker for South Dakota State. Goddamn that dude can kick, He reminds me of the real life Chase Vinatieri currently playing for the real life South Dakota State and that why I like him. I just really like following special teams players
  10. Do teams that normally play in cold weather have less of an impact when playing in cold weather? Is the opposite true that if a northern team went and played south in hot weather?
  11. Ah yes, the Big Sky a more loaded action packed big sky. I love it
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