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  1. I appreciate you giving August Blank to Oklahoma State at 8:01. I do not want him currently.
  2. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_Iowa_State_Cyclones_Season I finished this a while ago but forgot to submit this. Also my starting quarterback navbox is updated
  3. Let it be known that the loss to Nebraska was more hurtful due to the fact that we are in a bidding war for the same QB. I would have a decent QB if I did not lose the bidding war last year for Kenbrell Street with Minnesota.
  4. Yeah too bad about my QB situation however. My defense is the only thing good.
  5. It is kinda surreal coaching Iowa State since this was one of the schools I wanted to go to for college, it ultimately come down to 'which had a better personalized experience' then I chose South Dakota State University. If it were allowed I would want to coach my future alma mater SDSU, but since its an FCS school I can not. In terms of Iowa State I am happy here, I would not say it is my dream since im not connected to the school all that much besides rooting against them during SDSU vs. ISU big 12 wrestling meets. Its a fun school with realistic expectations from me. I chose this school with longevity in mind. I do not want to be anywhere away from the midwest or to coach a school that I have no connection to in real life
  6. Currently looking for NFLHC job positions, can be anything.

    1. fever_ful


      Can you play QB? I hear the Bills are looking for one

  7. that is for you to figure out
  8. poor poor Eric Graves. Probably is wanting to kill himself right now
  9. I have been traveling the past week. I return back home the day after tomorrow. Hopefully that explains the lack of updates In the almanac thread

  10. What belt?
  11. The Farmer's Almanac posts are in the Iowa State Daily Farmer's Almanac Tread 

  12. Kicker records from previous years were always hard to find. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but the stat books do not keep track of extra points attempted and extra points made. I've had to go by a week by week forum search just to find all of my games. Games and news reports are kind of hard to find in the forums. If you don't know the network or time that a team plays I find myself clicking on 4 different forum threads just to get to the one I need. Maybe a player search in the forums can help fix the issue? For example if you need to find out if a certain player has won player of the week there isn't a Wikipedia page for NFLHC players of the week, so just to find out for player wiki data I have to then go through every weeks player voting from the beginning.
  13. done http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Iowa_State_Cyclones_football
  14. Cfbhc: My first game was against Auburn in week 8 of 2015 and I lost 14-31. I did not get a single win until the following year on week 4 vs. UConn a game that ended in a 27-24 OT win for the cyclones. I looked it up, I honestly did not give a rats ass about my team back then since of how bad the were. I would not have a winning conference record until 2018 when I went 5-2 but for those first 3 years my conference record was a megar 2-19. Thats why I would rather not remember those years.