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  1. Holy shit. I knew we were dangerous. Look out everyone else. We coming for you
  2. And Suddenly my win against UAB is less impressive.
  3. I feel like Auburn was really lucky to have a high poll at the start of the year. To be able to fall 12 spots and still remain in the top 25 is hard to do.
  4. Don't forget about Fullback Marc Ladner. Somehow I feel like he has the most rushing yards for a fullback in the sim
  5. You wanna still bet that?
  6. I tried reverse psychology for this game. Knowing you'd go all out run defense I told Sheppard to throw more and it didn't work out in the end
  7. I'm going to South Dakota State vs Minnesota this next week. The other games I will be going to are SDSU vs Long Island University SDSU vs Drake SDSU Vs Southern Utah SDSU vs Southern Illinois SDSU at Youngstown State (not attending) SDSU at Indiana State (not attending) SDSU vs NDSU SDSU at Missouri State (not going) SDSU vs Illinois State SDSU vs Northern Iowa SDSU at USD (I should go but they are renovating the Dakotadome and it's at half capacity so tickets will be expensive)
  8. "Fat, Drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son"
  9. I hate this. GG another good game for the trophy
  10. Minnowsotan


    Suffered a knee injury this week (it's hopefully just a sprained MCL and won't get worse) My apologies I haven't been able to be physically active. (which really isn't surprising that I injured myself)
  11. I don't think I got the invite. It's not a worry though since I don't think I'll be able to do it anymore since school is starting up again and that means I'll have less time on the site. Sorry to keep you waiting
  12. Should I write a media piece, design an image or make a short video on the Cy-Hawk or Farmageddon trophy game?

    1. taffyowner


      por que no los tres?

    2. wrigleyfan


      Farmageddon definitely

  13. Offense QB Clifford Wilcox - Iowa State's all time passer, plus he is the reason why my spread option offense was so effective from 2016-2020 RB Arturo Pacheco - Although he is looked down upon now since joining NFLHC his name was once spoken among greats like Sean Bell and talks of a Heisman campaign his senior year were among discussions on the site. All his talent peaked at Iowa State. Gathering up more career rushing yards than Sean Bell and gathering 4740 career yards in 3 seasons. He also had the 9th most rushing yards in a season on the sim. Named all big 12 in 2018 You could also make an argument for Kofi McCullough in this spot but he is still only a Junior and just gathered his 3000 career rushing yard last year. He's on track to gather 6000 rushing yards which would make him second all time in the big 12. FB Marc Ladner Kind of a cop out since he played as a runningback but hey he has the most rushing yards of any fullback of any other player in the big 12 being named all big 12 in 2016 WR Tom Oldham - His NFL career is much so of a journeyman he has been with 3 teams in 3 years and has been bouncing around from team to team. His stats college were good enough to snag him 2889 receiving yards making him the 10th most all conference WR Elliot Efi - As a secondary receiver he didn't make much difference in his career catching 11 touchdowns and being 25th all time career big 12 in yards. He is now a free agent in the NFL and his career peaked in college TE Demetrius Clay - Although its his second year he has done so much for me in creating blocking opportunities for Kofi to breakthrough. He is not really one to show up on statsheets on offense his defensive play is where he shines LT Quinn Burr - Probably the only linemen to win the Outland trophy and never make the all-american roster. He is the greatest lineman to ever play at Iowa State. He came out of JuCo and made an immediate impacted our run game and was highly important to Iowa States high ranking in 2018. After College he still was turning heads by setting 3 NFLHC Combine records for the 40-yard dash record at 4.98 seconds, the shuttle record at 4.63 seconds and the 3-cone drill at 7.38 seconds. LG Dillon Dooley - I'll have to admit its a stretch putting someone on an all-time list when they have only played one game, but hear me out. This kid was the 2nd highest rated guard in the 2022 recruiting class. He is a fighter and will be a shining star in Iowa State's young offense for years to come C Aden Hastings - Smartest Player to ever play at Iowa State. Hastings set the overall Wonderlic record for any player at 45 at the combine and was a key in Arturo Pachecos dominating 2019 season. RG Max Gavin - Played from 2017-2021. He was a key player in the line that was Iowa States most dominate years RT D'Neal Norris - A current contender for the Outland trophy this year he has made a world of difference protecting a young Vaughn Sheppard and helping Kofi rise to the potential he is going to be. I will update later with Defensive Defense DE Jalen Pittman - Half a sack away from tying Iowa States all time sack record (A record that belongs to a 3.0 Larry Manning). He gathered up 14.5 sacks in his career. I am going to be frank I have not had a "Transient talent" DE for a really long time. DE Steven Jordan - After College he made it big time in the NFL, despite never getting a sack in his career arguably he is the more successful players to ever play at Iowa State. DT Byron Ibarra - Named all Big 12 DT in 2017, did not really do much else, The record for most sacks belongs to Kai Voss with 8 for most sacks in a season. Which Kai Voss didn't receive all-Big 12 Honors so I guess that makes Byron a better player? OLB Paul Bryant - Nicknamed "Bear" for a reason this small 6-0 233 pound linebacker would make you pay if you crossed him the wrong way. He shut down receivers and was the most pro ready OLB in Iowa State history. ILB Steven Irwin - Recently retired from the NFL, He is the Iowa State All time leader in tackles with 165. Amadou Weston has a really good chance of breaking it if he gathers up 17 more tackles this season, ILB Ian Johnson - I'm picking a lot for a 4.0 Junior this season but Ian Johnson in his two years playing has gotten All-Big 12 honors in 2022. OLB Omar Vernon? - I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here Omar had 86 tackles in a career which makes his entire career numbers one less tackle than Iowa State's all time season record of 87. CB David Tolliver - Ball Hawk King. David gained 20 interceptions in a career making him tied for second all-conference and earned all-Big 12 honors in 2018 CB Alan Dunn - Nothing to see here but a lack of depth for an all-time roster Alan Dunn was a solid starting CB in Iowa State's early years. FS Kamari Wilkins - Second In Iowa State's career Interception leaders with 7 he went undrafted and still hasn't been signed due to his low overall at the pro level. SS Adam Newman - The first star player out of Iowa State Adam Newman was there at the start. Being drafted 16th Overall in the 2017 NFL draft he was the second player ever drafted and first one taken first round out of Iowa State. He got first noticed by his vertical leap ability and set an NFLHC combine record for vertical leap at 37.5" a record that no SS has broken to date. His career has been as a highly rated Safety and he made the 2019 Pro Bowl. if you're wondering who was the first one ever drafted out of Iowa state it was WR Jamie Keeton in the 17th round in 2014. K Eric Graves - Being the only kicker to have the talent to reach the NFL he is the best kicker only rivaled to Evan Shipley who is close to breaking most career field goals made in a career, but Eric Graves' 98.86% XP% is nothing to mock since the one miss was a blocked extra point against Kansas. He has one of the highest career FG% in the Big 12 in a career with 97.37% P Ben Groves - He's the highest rated punter to ever play for me. Not much more to say since Corner kicks aren't measured so not much to say, but HE BOOT THAT BALL GOOD
  14. Yes, I personally saw @wrigleyfan up in a tree with binoculars at our practice facility 2 days ago. I might send a notice to the NCAA by pigon mail.
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