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  1. Economic Left/Right: -4.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51
  2. Hacker kicker for South Dakota State. Goddamn that dude can kick, He reminds me of the real life Chase Vinatieri currently playing for the real life South Dakota State and that why I like him. I just really like following special teams players
  3. Do teams that normally play in cold weather have less of an impact when playing in cold weather? Is the opposite true that if a northern team went and played south in hot weather?
  4. Ah yes, the Big Sky a more loaded action packed big sky. I love it
  5. Vaughn Sheppard looking like progressions kicked in
  6. Im rooting for Arizona, they have the Center that went to South Dakota State. I am not just rooting for winning teams. (Despite earlier posts saying I was rooting for the Apollos) they cut that SDSU player from the roster so now there is only one left and its with Arizona. There really isnt a team that I have personal connections to since I live in South Dakota. Unless they were to come to Sioux Falls I think they would just remain to the south.
  7. I wish I would have taken over SDSU at the start of the season. But I want to leave on a high note at ISU and I cant leave my team in the shambles that it is in
  8. Defense all I need is a defense.
  9. I nominate Solomon McLaughlin for the Buchanan Award. Or Kofi McCullough
  10. DeMaurice Sloan must like going against his parents if he wants to go to Iowa State. I love the desire!
  11. Im proud of how we performed today. Sheppard stepped up and our defense needs some work
  12. Ames, Iowa Iowa State Football has seen better years. "I believe this football team has had struggles on offense trying to find an identity" Says Minnowsotan the 9th year head coach. Since 2019 Iowa State has won 5 games and hasn't seen a playoff birth since then. "We have a lot of young talented players on this roster, all of them play their heart out every week and show up everyday to practice ready to play". One of these players is Vaughn Sheppard a Quarterback who has seen more growing pains than anyone else. "Bless that kid and what he is trying to do. He goes out there in front of thousands and takes full knowledge of the situation hes in." Vaughn Sheppard last season completed 101 passes for 1087 yards with 4 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. This season Sheppard has matched last year with 100 passes completed for 1141 yards with 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. "We have seen improvement from him every year and he will continue to improve there is no sense in not playing him." Minnow says. Iowa State will still prepare for the rest of this season as well as the season after. They have offensive guard Dillion Dooley 2.5 of 5.0 coming in to help Vaughn Sheppard with pass rushers and CB Malik Carradine to help boost depth in the defensive backfield. "We unfortunately lost out on a promising prospect in FB Bo Fraser to Minnesota after a tightly contested recruiting battle where they had more resources and pushed the envelope in the end." This is all too familiar for recruiting at Iowa State. Three years ago Iowa State lost out to Minnesota for QB Kenbrell Street after a very similar recruiting battle happened. "Overall these things are small in the grand scheme of things, we win some and we lose some but in the end we are still a team and we are always playing for Iowa State. These young kids are talented and will offer any team a run for their money for years to come."
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