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    1. On Sunday it was announced that former ISU linebacker Steven "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin would be stepping away from football for good. "I've had a good time playing in the NFL, I would like to thank the Tennessee Titans for giving me a chance to play and live my dream as becoming a pro football player." Steve Irwin graduated from Iowa State in 2017 having the greatest defensive career in Iowa State history, he holds the current school record for most tackles in a career with 165 and most tackles in a single game with 16 in his first year. "I was ruthless on the field" Irwin said, "Whenever someone calls the the 'Crocodile Hunter' I have to live up to that name and play my best football everyday so I do not let people down." After his 4th season at Iowa State he was signed by the Titans as an undrafted free agent. "I never thought I would be given the chance to prove myself, I came out as an undrafted linebacker not many teams are looking to start an undrafted free agent and be happy with the results." The crocodile hunter then packed his bags to Tennessee saying his adjustment to the Nashville area was "Uplifting, feeling and smelling that high elevation air puts a lot of air in your lungs. Coming from the flatness of Iowa I liked the change in scenery." His career was about average for an undrafted free agent he recorded 12 tackles in 2 games his first season, things were looking up for the Crocodile Hunter until the next season when he didnt see a single play. When asked about how he felt about being benched he said "There is not much I can do. I put on a good face and play when I am needed to play, I step up and rise up to the occasion when given the chance." After the 2021 season he was released and then became a free agent this past year. Irwin just like in his NFL career sitting and waiting for someone to call upon him when he wanted to still be a part of a team. "During this past season sitting in free agency gave me a lot of time to think. I have lived in Tennessee for the past 4 years of my life, I have volunteered in this community I have grown to be a part of the Nashville life. I have a family now and I cant move around when I am already settled in a place I call home. I felt it was in the best interested of me and my family that I put football aside and start focusing on my community work and helping grow my family." Steve Irwin still responds to fans who call him the crocodile hunter with a big white smile and offers to give signatures to whomever asks for one. "Seeing people that I have inspired is the greatest hunt of them all." He says happily.
    2. Im excited that the Cy-Hawk will be in Iowa this season and I am excited to see where my team leads me with an "easier" OOC schedule than last season
    3. Minnowsotan

      Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

      South Dakota State University The only reason why I have not leaft for there yet is because I have spent 4 years IRL coaching ISU
    4. Minnowsotan

      CFBHCVision Volume XIV

      I felt like doing someone unknown
    5. I was trying to find SD State's old bugs bunny looking rabbit logo. When I searched in vinatage collegiate logos there are some that are very cool and I wanted to know what is your guys' favorite vintage collegiate logos? This is definitely up there with mine. I love the logos to where you could take your mascot and put it into endless applications. Plus goldy is so gosh darn cute Some others of mine Iowa State University of Minnesota South Dakota State
    6. Minnowsotan

      The Great Starburst Debate

      Yellow isnt that bad.
    7. Minnowsotan

      What position would you play? (Or have/do play)

      Considering I have bricks for hands (despite me being a catcher in baseball) and I am 6'0" I was 155lbs until I started college but now I am 185 lbs (not muscle) and I am injury prone (1 torn shoulder labrum and a former torn ankle) Proabably a cornerback or safety. I cant see myself on the offensive side of a ball being hit all the time and being tackled. I have always wanted to become a kicker however not sure why it just seems fun to kick a 30+ yarder and then get all the credit. As for my build look up lanky white guy and thats pretty much what I look like
    8. I am not disappointing in our performance this season. At the start of the season I felt that ISU was in a do or die situation, I had 22 players graduating, a QB with potential, and a RB with questions and hype surrounding him. I never expected this group to play as well as they did, and with this group many of them leaving I expected them to play with fire and passion coming into the season. and they did not disappoint. Losing 22 players is rough for any program and my recruiting was focused with trying to get back all those 22 players lost and gain some depth in thin positions, It also didnt help that Iowa came in and took everything in the final rounds. Its okay however since I will prove to those recruiting when we host Iowa this next season and win the Cy-Hawk for the first time in program history. Recruiting I had commented on recruiting earlier on in the season welcoming our new recruits to ISU. I still feel optimistic about them playing here and I look forward to seeing the future of ISU and how they impact the city of Ames. Our highlights for this season are as follows Beating ranked Baylor Keeping Farmageddon in Ames The first ever Cy-Hawk game Losing by 1 point to a ranked Oklahoma Losing by a last second field goal to Kansas I would like to thank these players for all their efforts playing for ISU this season David Tolliver This man had nothing to prove this season, in his career he is Most Interceptions in a career at ISU Most Defensive TD's in a career at ISU Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year (2018) All Big 12 (2018) August Blank I cant blame you for last season, we didnt stand a chance. May you enjoy your retirement Kofi McCullough You stepped up to the spotlight and delivered on all the hype surrounding you, and it showed when you became the first player in ISU history to rush for over 1500 yards in their first season Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the year (2021) Amadou Weston Coming off of last season to where he lead ISU in tackling with 52 he did one better and tied the school record this year with 76 tackles All Big 12 (2021) Tied School Season tackles record (76) 2nd in NCAA in tackles Players leaving for the NFL are as follows FB Trevion Volken TE Kamari Mallory OG Max Gavin C Russell Daigle OG Ajani Nance DE Jalen Pittman DE Mekhi Tolbert DT Kai Voss CB David Tolliver FS Kamari Wilkins Represent ISU!
    9. Minnowsotan

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      well damn it I was going to be an injury prone player.
    10. Minnowsotan

      Favorite Tailgating Gear

      Lol a 15 pack
    11. I currently work at South Dakota State's library and its nice and all working as often as I do 9AM-4PM Monday-Friday, the shitty thing however is that currently the university pays only once a month and by the time I get my pay check (which is only about $900) before taxes I have to turn around a pay for groceries and my housing bill which is $350+ a month. Well this week I want to ask to see if I can get a pay raise from my boss because I can not live and go to college this fall working 40 hours and only getting $8.00/hr. I really do love this job and the people who are here but I just cant afford to keep taking this pay for my current situation. I do not know what to do. My roommate situation is bad currently its me and my girlfriend and my roommate and his girlfriend. Before we started this lease my girlfriend only wanted to live with me and I wanted to have roommates to cut down on our housing costs. So I asked my roommate to come live with us in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. He currently isnt here over the summer but his girlfriend is and my god she is the most passive agressive person I have ever met. I am constantly being bombarded with her shit and whenever there is a problem she makes you aware that there is a problem instead of maybe keeping it to herself to be acceptable. For example my girlfriend wants a dog as an emotional support animal since her father passed away and shes needing a lot of support right now. She asked my roommates if it would be alright to get a dog for her depression and they responded back with "Why cant you get a less destructive animal like a rabbit". I am the one who is wanting a rabbit since I go to SDSU, but it isnt about me its a medical reason as to why she needs a dog since I cant be there for her all the time and my roommates keep constantly butting heads with whatever me and my girlfriend do. Like running the dishwasher and doing the dishes (which I do every single night) and she complains about me making too much noise early in the morning unloading the dishwasher, but if I dont unload the dishwasher or do the dishes until that night she complains how I didnt wash the dishes before I went to work. TL;DR My job isnt paying me enough should I quit even though I like it here? My roommate isnt considering of peoples needs and complains
    12. Minnowsotan


      I hope you enjoy Iowa State! It was my second choice of colleges before coming ot south dakota state. Hopefully we can have more discussion coming up to SDSU @ Iowa State this season
    13. The fall and fall of August Blank 30 for 30: Saving Mr. Blanks
    14. Minnowsotan

      FCS Addition

      Who are you interested in?