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  1. Wow. Am I the only team that doesn't have a player here? Edit: oh wait UT doesnt have one
  2. so does this mean I will win next week?
  3. Iowa State on Bye Week
  4. Who was even the previous coach for ISU?
  5. Where do we find the recruiting rank?
  6. Well, At least Blank threw for 100+ yards.
  7. Add me on the next podcast. My username on google is gopherfan118@gmail.com Also good podcast this week
  8. Well. UMass must be running a smashmouth offense to try to limit the other teams offense from getting the chance to score. One problem with that. You must be able to score to win a game.
  9. even when I set my defense to play the pass we still can not win.
  10. I expect Josiah Edmonds to start for the remainder of the season. As for Peter Edge, I will have to wait and see if this Junior can handle the rest of the season. If he can't then the job will go to August Blank as he has shown to at least throw a touchdown. As for the changes. I felt like nothing was working on the offensive end, the quarterback situation after that Minnesota game. I don't want a quarterback to throw 2 times the interceptions to touchdowns. And Jeffries barely was averaging 3 yards a carry. My depth is comprised of mainly the same caliber. If the starter isn't performing well and the backup is the same grade as he is. Why shouldn't he start? I mainly did this extreme of a change due to the fact of I want to see what works for next year. Next year will become a do or die for me. Most of my team are all juniors so I need to know how well these juniors will be able to play.
  11. "Our performance this week was the worst I have seen since our program first started in 2014. I took a risk this week by benching 3 former starters QB August Blank, RB Avery Jeffries, and K Daniel Craft. Some changes worked and some did not. My decision to change our offense is something we will have to wait and see how it works. I am confident that our offense will step up to the same level of play our defense have contributed thus far. Meanwhile for benching K Daniel Craft this week, it was a mistake. Daniel Craft will return to his former position as starting Kicker during week 6 vs. Baylor. Getting blown out 41 to nothing hurts, the last time we were blown out was all the way back in 2016 and ironically enough it was against Kansas in week 12 we ended up losing 7-45. One day I will hope to become the 2018 Cyclones again, but until then we have to learn what works for us now, not what has worked for us in the past. And until that happens I will make whatever changes I see fit to this program." "As for next weeks game vs. Baylor we plan to be back at full strength once again."
  12. The crap thing about all the changes I made. I don't know which changes were for the better and which were for the worst.
  13. I appreciate you giving August Blank to Oklahoma State at 8:01. I do not want him currently.
  14. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_Iowa_State_Cyclones_Season I finished this a while ago but forgot to submit this. Also my starting quarterback navbox is updated
  15. Let it be known that the loss to Nebraska was more hurtful due to the fact that we are in a bidding war for the same QB. I would have a decent QB if I did not lose the bidding war last year for Kenbrell Street with Minnesota.
  16. Yeah too bad about my QB situation however. My defense is the only thing good.
  17. It is kinda surreal coaching Iowa State since this was one of the schools I wanted to go to for college, it ultimately come down to 'which had a better personalized experience' then I chose South Dakota State University. If it were allowed I would want to coach my future alma mater SDSU, but since its an FCS school I can not. In terms of Iowa State I am happy here, I would not say it is my dream since im not connected to the school all that much besides rooting against them during SDSU vs. ISU big 12 wrestling meets. Its a fun school with realistic expectations from me. I chose this school with longevity in mind. I do not want to be anywhere away from the midwest or to coach a school that I have no connection to in real life
  18. Currently looking for NFLHC job positions, can be anything.

    1. fever_ful


      Can you play QB? I hear the Bills are looking for one

  19. that is for you to figure out
  20. poor poor Eric Graves. Probably is wanting to kill himself right now
  21. I have been traveling the past week. I return back home the day after tomorrow. Hopefully that explains the lack of updates In the almanac thread

  22. What belt?
  23. The Farmer's Almanac posts are in the Iowa State Daily Farmer's Almanac Tread