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  1. Coaches HC Matt LaFleur (Age 45) Descended from Sean McVay WR/TE Skill Level 2; Passing Game Aggressiveness Level 2 OC Hue Jackson (Age 59) Descended from Steve Spurrier RB/FB Progression Level 2; RB/FB Skill Level 2 DC Keith Butler (Age 68) Descended from Mike Tomlin Linebacker Chemistry Level 3; Linebacker Progression Level 2 ST John Fassel (Age 50) Descended from Tom Cable Punter Skill Level 2; Secondary Progression Level 2 Roster Captains C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 4 Alabama [P
  2. Arizona Cardinals - We select the Level 1 QB Skill.
  3. Boston College: 185 (-5) Syracuse: 25 (+5) Pittsburgh: 45
  4. Gmac Cash - Big Gretch
  5. QB Robert McCoy and RB Deon Bowman of Navy. They're a 1.5/5 FR and a 2/5 (FR) respectively. It seems to be a pretty unique situation to have two young talented players starting at major positions with a pretty solid supporting cast around them. I'm curious if they'll grow together as the season goes on, but ultimately Navy will go as far as those two can take them
  6. I don't see Swipet as a wolf given his game play and being one of the first to vote GK yesterday. Qupax I'll give you as a maybe but I get more of an inactive vibe from him. You spent a couple days voting for cade, and again voted for him over GK on day 4. I don't see qupax or swipet as a better option than you right now
  7. It is nothing personal, but all we have to work on is voter records and posts right now. Who do you think we should vote for?
  8. Honestly, I think Qupax or Haff are probably the most likely to be wolves at this point rather than you
  9. I'm confused why they wouldn't kill me first, as people had a good point about brightfalls not being active this game. However, I had the inside knowledge that he was town. IMO my claim was basically verified anyway because if I was a wolf, the masons would have come out and said something. Personally, I think killing me would have been a better move but knocking out one of the confirmed townies isn't a bad one. If you believed us, how come you didn't vote yesterday?
  10. I didn't go back and reread the days, all I had to look at was voting records. FWIW I never said GK and Qupax were working together, but either of them could be. My main point is that GK jumped to your defense after a random vote. I'm most sus of smack and haff right now. I don't really see swipet as a wolf based on how he has played, Qupax has been a little sloppy/inactive so maybe he could be a wolf, and Wahoo actually called out GK and Dacder at different points in this game. I could see it being Wahoo but he's not at the top of my list right now. I'm pretty sure jared is town a
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