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  1. Unironically what if the entire draft happened in one day either this weekend or next
  2. Following the conclusion of the 2022 season I will be relinquishing the ownership of the Los Angeles Ram back to the original owner, Taffyowner. At this time, I no longer feel as if I have the time, energy, or passion that the organization deserves. I believe this team is still capable of great things,and I would like to thank the Ram's organization for all the support and everything we've accomplished over the past seven seasons.
  3. Time


    I mean you can enjoy something while still having issues with it. Sure, he didn't handle it in the best but why welcome him back by being toxic?
  4. Base starting skills Offense: 19 Defense: 15 Special Teams: 9 Clock Mgmt:10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 11 CFBHC Career: SMU Mustangs (2015-present) NFLHC Career: St. Louis Ram's Head Coach (2015-2018) LA Ram's Owner (2019-2022) Achievements: AAC Champion (2019) Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2015 Adjustments: 2/2/-1/0 /-1/ 0 Traits after 2015: 12/12/9/10/9/10 2016 Adjustments: 1/1/-1/1/-1/1 Traits after 2016: 13/13/8/11/8/11 2017 Adjustments: 3/-1/0/-1/0/1 Traits after 2017: 16/12/8/10/8/12 2018 Adjustments: -1/2/1/1/0/-1 Traits after 2018: 15/14/9/11/8/11 2019 Adjustments: 4/-1/0/-1/0/0 Traits after 2019: 19/13/9/10/8/11 2020 Adjustments: -1/1/1/-1/1/1 Traits after 2020: 18/14/10/9/9/12 2021 Adjustments: 1/1/-1/1/1/-1 Traits after 2021: 19/15/9/10/10/11
  5. just took it, super curious to see the results!
  6. After a poor start to the season, the Los Angeles Rams have decided to hire scout to bring new ideas to the team and assist with all team activities. We are proud to announce @imerman as our new head scout. He will follow in the footsteps of other former great Ram's scouts such as Dacder, Vida, and ZackTyzwyz. We look forward to finishing the rest of the season strong. GM Taffyowner, Head Coach AJYoungmark, Imerman, and myself are now available for questions.
  7. I'm gonna go with American Pharoah. Truly, an amazing athlete to watch
  8. The Los Angeles Ram's are proud to announce these new additions to our team: ILB Markus Golden 6-5 240 R Ole Miss [Mike] 81 RB Daveed Knox 5-11 202 R Illinois [Speed] 79 K Sam Walsh 6-4 203 R California [Power] 82 FS Richard Madison 6-1 217 R Notre Dame [Man Coverage] 76 DE Leon Maimoana 5-10 265 R California [Blitz] 70 CB Jonathan McAfee 5-9 200 R Nebraska [Man Coverage] 72 OG Mendy Pace 6-2 287 R ECU [Run Blocking] 72 QB Ahmed Jarvis 5-11 223 R Wisconsin [Pocket] 77 TE Avery Pressley 6-3 229 R Florida [Blocking] 71 WR John O'Donnell-Beavers 6-4 204 R Stanford [Target] 67 We would also like to take this time to announce that we are hiring Ajyoungmark to replace SmokingCricket as our HC. AJ has had success rebuilding a poor Miami team in CFBHC as well as a coaching stint in Cincinnati. We are excited for the potential and excitement these new additions will bring to the team. HC AJ, GM Taffyowner, and myself will all be available for questions.
  9. Los Angeles Rams VS LAC VS BUF @DAL @TEN
  10. yeet http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=SMU_Mustangs
  11. GG! Definitely not the score I was expecting
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