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  1. for this, starbursts = starbust minis
  2. Genuinely that feels like the biggest game I’ve played thus far on the site. good game @Duncan best of luck with the rest of your season
  3. Lost in the Wegery injury attention, but rookie Kahau Aveau has two TFL, 1.5 sacks, and a 7.85 player rating. Might be a steal for the Jetsl
  4. yo i played in the game and i can't tell
  5. GG man! Gray Stewart is pretty scary
  6. thank you for giving him so much experience
  7. The emotional toll this Quarterback battle has had on these kids is apparent. However, it's beautiful the bond they've formed despite the adversity. If coach Azul doesn't make a decision soon I fear these Ians will leave football forever chasing their dreams of music fame
  8. SMU selects: OG Dave Williams 6-4 264 Fr Garland (Garland, TX) 1.5 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking]
  9. Time

    Pokemon Go

    i play it more while i'm at school, but i sent you a friend request. my username is yeeeeetboi420. my trainer code is 889170124545 if anyone wants to add me
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