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  1. Five Escorts Found Dead SMU Looks Foward To Opening Season Against Rival TCU
  2. 3 star program but 6 star hearts
  3. I can't like any more posts but I still go back and look at that thread from time to time.
  4. Losing in the superbowl sucks. It's the ultimate goal for every franchise and we were right there. A game, maybe even a couple drives or plays away from getting it done in my first season. We haven't been back since. We're looking really good this year but injuries and other randomness can happen and you don't know if you'll get another chance. Also, losing to monark in the first memphis-smu game
  5. Hot Start Continues Rams extend hot streak to six games following their Monday night win over Oakland
  6. Danger messaged me pretty quick. He explained recruiting to me which I found very confusing and then colluded with me
  7. I don't have to look it up. It was week 9 TNF of 2014. My team was 1-6 playing a big 12 kansas state. It is still my favorite game I've played on the site. Stephen Wilkinson threw four touchdown passes. Harvey Fagan threw something like four second half interceptions and we erased a 42-24 half time deficit and won in a crazy shootout. I had no idea what I was doing so I went west coast fuck it balls to the walls on offense and somehow it worked.
  8. Pride and Joyce Sparked by a long Trainer Joyce Run, Rams Cruise to Fourth Straight Victory
  9. Stephen Wilkinson. Dude was a god tier 3/3... sometimes. I picked the fourth worst team in cfbhc team rating wise I joined the site and my first game was on thursday night against Kansas State. We were down 42-24 at the half and we came back and won and he dropped this statline: Stephen Wilkinson, SMU, 22 of 35 for 295 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT The very next week we have to play a ranked Oklahoma State team and he threw for three touchdowns and the most points anyone had scored against them throughout the entire season at that point. We were 1-6 when I joined the site and we finished 4-8 with more wins over big 12 teams than AAC teams. Which lead us to his senior year in 2015 where we were now 7th worst team as ranked my the team ratings. We started out 2-1 and then we had to play a Joel King lead houston and a Duke team that didn't seem all that good. These were his two statlines for those games: Stephen Wilkinson, SMU, 11 of 14 for 194 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT Stephen Wilkinson, SMU, 6 of 16 for 58 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT Yeah. Anyway we blew out Houston who went on to win out in AAC play, upset a Brian Brown lead Boise State who was coming off a playoff berth, not lose another conference game for four seasons (around two years in real life time) and lost to Duke. Weird Shit. We finished the season 6-6 and got blown out in a bowl game. The guy had really high highs and really low lows. At the end of the day he lead one of the worst teams ever to make a bowl which is something. The amount of scheme changes I threw around probably hurt his development and team chemistry. Still, I wouldn't complain if he was still my quarterback.
  10. Dean burkhart! Smu represent
  11. Man I love my team as much as the next person but damn I can't see how you could rank us third in the nation. That's crazy. because we should be first.
  12. Murphy clutch as fuck tho
  13. Offensive Player of The Year QB, Andre Webb, SMU Defensive Player of The Year CB, Adam Young, SMU Freshman of The Year CB, Adam Young, SMU Coach of The Year Time, SMU 1st Team All Conference Offense QB: Andre Webb, SMU RB: Denorris Jackson, UCF FB: Eli Tuitiama, ECU TE: Joshua Darby, Navy WR: Dean Burkhart, SMU WR: Lamont Crawford, Temple OL: ECU DE: Guillermo Murphy, USF DE: Rodney Randolph, Temple DT: James Blue, USF DT: Darius Greene, Uconn OLB: Salvatore McKinney, Temple ILB: Sebastian Chaney, ECU ILB: Levi Hankins, Temple OLB: Gregory Jenkins, Temple CB: Adam Young, SMU CB: Jasiah Francis, ECU FS: Andre Buckner, Tulane SS: Cameron Whitney, Uconn P: Cooper Waller, ECU K: Dylan Stone, Temple KR Mario Ruff, Cincinnati PR: Adam Young, SMU 2nd Team All Conference QB: Daniel Lentz, USF RB: Marshawn Miller, Uconn FB: Ricky Lewis, Temple TE: William Bouchard, ECU WR: Ramon Stewart, USF WR: Claudio Howard, USF OL: SMU DE: Jayden Love, Memphis DE: Jaden Westbrook, SMU DT: Arthur Ireland, SMU DT: Zachary Blake, Temple OLB: Zaire Finney, UCF ILB: Luca Carrol, UCF ILB: Lowell Vaughn, USF OLB: Logan Ware, Houston CB: Willie Berry, UCF CB: Shawn Burden, Uconn FS: Sergio Munoz, SMU SS: Blake Goodwin, SMU P: Sean Bagnard, UCF K: Joel Cordero, SMU KR Lamont Crawford, Temple PR: Gavin Otto, Tulane
  14. Cut his pussy thumb off
  15. Lamarcus looking pretty good for a late 4th round pick

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