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      Come join the "There We Hoop" group in ESPN Tournament Challenge and see if your bracket beats the rest. #bracket http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2018/en/sharer?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D2730417 Password: There We Hoop If you need help finding it PM me
    2. Ultimaye CFBHC Bracket: Round of 32

      Gonna post the round of 32 tomorrow. Y'all need to vote
    3. Most underachieving college bball coach

      Any coach at USC or UCLA.
    4. Most underachieving college bball coach

      Any coach at NC State
    5. Ultimaye CFBHC Bracket: Round of 32

      Notable 64 facts about the round of 64 1) Brian Brown won all the round one votes 2-64) some older players and some defensive players got the short end of the stick
    6. The round of 64 has been complete. Some surprising results to be sure and some non surprising results. NFL: 1) Tom Brady vs. 8) Reggie White 5) Joe Montana vs 13) Barry Sanders 6) Peyton Manning vs 14) Randy Moss 7) Walter Payton vs 2) Jerry Rice Vote: https://goo.gl/forms/FKajYuLphy4TLteb2 College Football: 1) Herschel Walker vs. 9) Tony Dorsett 4) Tim Tebow vs 12) Charles Woodson 6) Deshaun Watson vs 3) Bo Jackson 2) Archie Griffin vs 10) Doak Walker Vote: https://goo.gl/forms/4aJ2UO4qllvdhXmo2 NFLHC: 1) Brian Brown vs. 9) Walt Peck 5) Keyshawn Thompson vs 4) Tyrone Jones 6) Vaughn Abraham vs 3) Christian Skaggs 7) David Wilburn vs 2) Alvis Brumm Vote: https://goo.gl/forms/BhQPSR0oRI0sAezs2 CFBHC: 1) Norris Brooksheer vs. 9) DeNorris Jackson 4) Tunch Richardson vs 12) Alex Leshoure 6) Shane Easley vs 14) Adrian Jankowski 2) Tanner Bowman vs 10) Matty Swift Vote: https://goo.gl/forms/73r2flPF8ujbJ0NF3
    7. Ultimate CFBHC Bracket Round of 64

      His SOS just wasn't that great
    8. The First Four is over. There were 27 total votes in this round. In the 12 Seed match up for the NFL, the winner is........ Dan Marino with 15 Votes to Ray Lewis' 12 votes. In the 16 Seed match up for College football, the winner is...... Reggie Bush with 16 Votes to OJ Simpson's 11 votes. In the 12 Seed match up for NFLHC, the winner is.......Justin Campbell with 16 Votes to Enoch Dickinson's 11 votes. In the 16 Seed match up for CFBHC, this was the closest match up of the First Four, the winner is..... Jaz Durant with 14 Votes to Dylan Bishop's 13. Now for the reveal of the full bracket. In the NFL Bracket 1) Tom Brady vs 16) Adam Vinatieri 8) Reggie White vs 9) Johnny Unitas 5) Joe Montana vs 12) Dan Marino 4) Lawrence Taylor vs 13) Barry Sanders 3) Jim Brown vs 14) Randy Moss 6) Peyton Manning vs 11) Ronnie Lott 7) Walter Peyton vs 10) Dick Butkus 2) Jerry Rice vs 15) Brett Favre Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/9jxcwOGckLGR6LXn1 In the College Football Bracket 1) Herschel Walker vs. 16) Reggie Bush 8) Rocket Ismail vs 9) Tony Dorsett 5) Earl Campbell vs 12) Charles Woodson 4) Tim Tebow vs. 13) Vince Young 6) Deshaun Watson vs 11) Roger Staubach 3) Bo Jackson vs. 14) Ernie Davis 7) Jim Thorpe vs 10) Doak Walker 2) Archie Griffin vs 15) Deion Sanders Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/zqbpiKw23pa69NM33 In the NFLHC Bracket 1) Brian Brown vs. 16) Dane Wilson 8) Marcellus Peterson vs 9) Walt Peck 5) Keyshawn Thompson vs 12) Justin Campbell 4) Tyrone Jones vs. 13) Scott Howard 6) Vaughn Abraham vs 11) Nick Hall 3) Christian Skaggs vs. 14) Akili Wallace 7) David Wilburn vs 10) Andre Brooks 2) Alvis Brumm vs 15) Sean Jenkins https://goo.gl/forms/TbY3leS9aZUY4qlk1 In the CFBHC Bracket 1) Norris Brooksheer vs. 16) Jaz Durant 8) Aaron Blakely vs 9) DeNorris Jackson 5) Anthony Miller vs 12) Alex Leshoure 4) Tunch Richardson vs. 13) Grey Brown 6) Shane Easley vs 11) Brian Hernandez 3) Philip Moore vs. 14) Adrian Jankowski 7) Mike Gradishar vs 10) Matty Swift 2) Tanner Bowman vs 15) Mohammed Foster Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/XNkpEex0T31AvHd02 Voting is open
    9. The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

      The First Four Out for this Bracket were: John Elway Johnny Manziel Tron Moses Raheem Robinson
    10. The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

      When you vote, only try to vote on the accomplishments of these athleted at the level they are in the bracket. So only vote on Reggie Bush based on college. You can vote based on how good they are, or just how much you like those players.
    11. The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

    12. The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

      First Four Fast Facts: 12 Seed NFL Ray Lewis: Longtime Middle Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. 1st Ballot NFL Hall of Famer. 2 time Super Bowl Champion, 1 time Super Bowl MVP. 13 Time Pro Bowl, 7 time First Team All Pro, 3 time Second Team All Pro. 2 time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. In 51 consecutive games from the 1998 season through the 2001 season, the Ravens did not allow a 100 yard rusher. Career Stats: 17 seasons. 2,061 Tackles, 41.5 Sacks, 31 Interceptions, 17 Force Fumbles, 3 Touchdowns Dan Marino: Longtime Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. 1st Ballot NFL Hall of Famer. 9 time Pro Bowl, 3 time First Team All Pro, 4 time Second Team All Pro. 1 time NFL MVP/Offensive Player of the Year. Led the NFL in passing yards 5 seasons, in passing touchdowns in 3 seasons, and in passer rating one season. Career Stats: 17 seasons. 61,361 Passing Yards, 420 TDs, 252 INTs, 59.4 Completion Percentage, 86.4 Passer Rating. 16 Seed CFB OJ Simpson:Running Back for the University of Southern California Trojans. College Football Hall of Famer. 1 Time National Champion. 1 Time Heisman Trophy. 1 Time Maxwell Award. 1 time Walter Camp Award. 2 time Unanimous All American. Was a Heisman runner up in 1967 before winning it in 1968. Holds the record for the Heisman’s largest margin of victory, defeating Leroy Keyes of Purdue by 1,750 points. Career Stats: 2 Seasons. 22 games. 3423 Yards rushing, 5.1 Yards per carry. 320 Yards receiving. Reggie Bush: Running Back for the University of Southern California Trojans. 2 time National Champion. 1 time Doak Walker Award. 1 time Walter Camp. 1 time AP Player of the Year. 1 time Heisman Trophy winner*. Second most points in Heisman voting behind O.J. Simpson, however, Simpson's Heisman year had more total voters. Career stats: 3 seasons. 39 games. 3,169 Yards rushing, 7.3 Yards per carry. 1,301 yards receiving. 4 return touchdowns, 38 rushing and receiving. 12 Seed NFLHC Justin Campbell: Offensive Tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. Rating, 98. Offensive Line Rating, 8.5 (1st), Yards per Carry, 5.66 (1st), Sacks against, 1 (1st). Sack rate, 1 sack on 113 pass attempts. 0.9%. Enoch Dickinson: Center for the Cleveland Browns. Rating, 95. Offensive Line Rating, 8.11 (, Yards per Carry, 4.42, Sacks against, 13. Sack rate, 13 sacks on 178 pass attempts. 7%. 16 seed CFBHC Dylan Bishop: Quarterback for the Syracuse Orange 1 time Heisman Trophy winner. 1 time Walter Camp Award. 1 time SN Player of the Year. Led Syracuse to a 10 win season under Coach Duster in a Heisman season. Career stats: 1 season. 13 games. 3877 Yards passing. 25 Touchdowns, 7 Interceptions, 64.98 Completion percentage. 148.14 passer rating. 896 rushing yards, 9.85 Yards per carry, 12 Touchdowns. Jaz Durant: Running Back for the Auburn Tigers. 1 time Heisman Trophy winner. 1 time Doak Walker Award. Jaz Durant is the only non Quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy. Career stats: 1949 Yards rushing, 6.63 Yards per carry, 21 Touchdowns. 92 Yards receiving, 2 Touchdowns.
    13. The Ultimate CFBHC Bracket

      On the 8th Day. I created the Ultimate CFBHC Bracket. Last year for March Madness, I created the Movie Madness Bracket. This year it will be more football focused. No bracket can top this one this year. It is the Ultimate CFBHC Bracket after all. This bracket is not simply full of matchups of CFBHC players. It is much greater. We have included NFLHC players too. And in a greater show of my power as a bracket curator, this bracket will also include players from the ranks of the real NFL and College Football. What can I say except... You're welcome? The rest of the bracket will be revealed March first. But like Prometheus giving fire to ancient Man, I have decided to give you a taste of my civilization changing gift. The First Four. In the NFL 12 Seeds Quarterback Dan Marino vs. Middle Linebacker Ray Lewis For College Football 16 Seeds Running Back Reggie Bush vs. Running Back O.J. Simpson The NFLHC region 12 Seeds Offensive Tackle Justin Campbell vs. Center Enoch Dickinson And finally CFBHC 16 Seeds Running Back Jaz Durant vs Quarterback Dylan Bishop Below are summaries of each players accolades and a link to vote. Have fun!