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  1. Justin McCain was a guy I was in love with for a while. If I remember correctly, we had him as our target for our next pick before the Pack scooped him up
  2. Packet 1: 1 pw, 1 su, 3 in, 1 pr, 2 me Packet 2: 1 pw, 1 su, 1 in, 3 pr, 1 me @smackemz
  3. Oh cool it was two qbs that I coached playing each other
  4. I’m okay with removing starter week if 1) we just reduce preseason to 1 or 2 games, 2) we find some way that is less time consuming on soluna, to give the info on our teams people say they get from seeing game reports of third stringers vs third stringers and or whoever is playing.
  5. I'm super down with getting rid of preseason games and I'm not super tied to following what the irl NFL does. I'd definitely be down with getting rid of preseason games whether it got us back to 16 or it got us to 18 games. A higher proportion of games that count is my ideal. I don't think we need 18 or 17 games to figure out the teams worthy of competing for a chip though. If it reduces solunas workload to get to 2 preseason games and 16 regular season games, that would be the solution I'd be most in on
  6. I want a 2 game preseason regardless of regular season length. More games that count are better. Fewer games that don’t count are better too
  7. I’m a mixed bag. Doing well at the two new jobs I started in the last two months, but have been struggling with some mental health and personal stuff recently. I am shifting my friend circle and have gotten a lot more physically active which is good. I think I’m on a good path now, but I just gotta continue grinding and learning how to love and value myself instead of solely pouring myself into others
  8. Wyoming and Idaho shouldn’t be stages anyways.
  9. Let’s treat Texas like the rest of the sec and dump them
  10. I love softball in the olympics but I am pretty meh for baseball. Idk what the point is playing with pros if the best pros aren’t gonna be there. Idk if the Japanese and Korean leagues are in season, but I def wouldn’t miss it. My two general rules for the what I like to watch in the summer olympics is “is it fast” or “is it strong”. If an event is longer than 30 minutes, I’m significantly less likely to watch it
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