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  1. Is this a current list? Or all time? I'd recommend not doing the all time one because we already know Richard "Vamos Ramos" Ramos would win
  2. The Chicago Bears send: RB Keith Harley 5-6 200 R NC State [Speed] [+2] 68 WR Jariel Martinez 6-0 199 R Auburn [Target] [0] 76 WR Josh Whitt 6-2 189 R Western Michigan [Speed] [0] 69 WR Davis Harley 6-3 165 R Washington [Speed] [-2] 68 WR Omari Harden 5-11 217 R Navy [Target] [0] 68 TE Mualu Sititi 6-0 226 R USC [Blocking] [0] 81 OT Riley Greenfield 6-7 311 R Washington State [Pass Blocking] [-2] 81 C Shawn Cortez 6-2 272 R Marshall [Pass Blocking] [-1/C] 80 DE Ezekiel Williams Jr. 6-1 265 R Toledo [Blitz] [+1] 80 DE Damien Bethea 6-6 269 R USC [Contain] [0] 75 DE Charles Brock 6-7 261 R Baylor [Blitz] [+1/C] 68 DT Spence Donald 6-4 331 R USF [2-Gap] [-1] 76 ILB Andres Arriaga 6-3 240 R Rice [Mike] [0/C] 81 ILB Abdoul Ridley 6-2 247 R Florida [Will] [+1/C] 75 OLB Gabriel Keene 6-0 239 R Ole Miss [Blitz] [0] 75 OLB Blake Martin 6-2 230 R Oregon [Blitz] [+1] 71 CB Lamont Carson 5-11 198 R West Virginia [Man Coverage] [+1] 70 SS Ryan Garvin 6-2 193 R South Carolina [Man Coverage] [0] 79 P Devin McGinnis 5-7 200 R Minnesota [Power] [0/C] 81
  3. Lots of tabs especially when writing articles. Opening links in a new tab too. Also I would use discord for pretty much all PM's instead of PM's here
  4. I can possibly be on Saturday
  5. I was able to have a peak at this as it was in development from near the start to the finish. When I got to see the final draft of it, I was amazed. This is the gold standard for mock drafts on the site now
  6. Happy for you bro. Let's get a top 25 by the end of the year
  7. For injury problems, is that just an injury at the combine or a chronic type injury? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere
  8. Def either Civ 5 or CK2. I want to play EU but I'm waiting for the summer sale this year or someone to gift it to me haha Still trying to break into HOI4
  9. Rip Harold Simmons and Mark White
  10. Darman

    BOFA Awards

    As a reminder, individual position awards were already posted for this season as well as a couple other coach awards, thus are not included on this
  11. Darman

    BOFA Awards

    The voting committee of BOFA has decided on who won the major awards for College Football in the 2022 season. Player Awards: Brian Brown National Player of the Year: Quarterback Troy McMurray RJ Stanford Offensive Player of the Year: Troy McMurray Tyrone Jones Defensive Player of the Year: Cornerback DeSean Barkley Jarius Shaw-Dodd Offensive Freshman of the Year: Quarterback Storm Whitaker Philip Moore Defensive Freshman of the Year: Defensive End Kayden Soriano De'Andre Hawkins Transfer of the Year: Troy McMurray Coaches Awards: TheUgly National Coach of the Year: Rome Randye FBS Coach of the Year: Rome Kirk Carter FCS Coach of the Year: SolutionA Jieret Group of Five Coach of the Year: Pumph Bingo Non Playoff Coach of the Year: SlinkyJr UBL Coach Man of the Year: Stormstopper Congratulations to all the winners of these awards, and those who were nominated.
  12. First off, I don't think Jon has a legit claim to the throne because he isn't a legit heir. But as a man he may feel he does over Daenerys, plus he's lived there his whole life. I don't think Jon takes the throne. I don't think it's in his personality, if he even lives. Daenerys would have the best claim assuming she doesn't die. But I wouldn't be surprised if no one ended up on the throne by the end of the show. At least with full control of Westeros
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