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  1. Darman


  2. I was told that the Chicago Tribune had no more spots available just this very week.
  3. Wow with your donation of all 1s, you are able to reroll for a chance to donate even more!!!
  4. The most important role on the site is the funniest person. Yeah Soluna runs everything, inspiral does the interface, storm does whatever he does, and Lucas brings that spicy flair that keeps things diverse but funniness keeps the lights on. Bofa deliberated for many weeks and months on who to endorse for this role and we came down to @npklemm. He is funny. Like if a dog playing basketball was a person, it would be Klemm. We have formed a Site Action Committee for Klemm, who is also the Ball State coach, called the BALLSAC to support his run. We will be doing 20x match on any contribution to his run. Thanks for your time
  5. Christian Collins is on pace for 16 rushing TDs and 16 Receiving TDs
  6. Tbf auburn has the qb that's supposed to be mine
  7. Warning bells might be going off at SMU. Sheed is the truth though in Durham. Good game @TheSam
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