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  1. Election is Tuesday. It's gonna suck. I want to avoid the world and I'm gonna try to avoid shit. So I am thinking about doing game shit. So if anyone wants to do game playing let's do it. Even if I break and follow the election super tight it might help others. I got zombies and warzone and civ 5 to contribute to play. Stay safe y'all idk what will happen on E Day but I feel like it'll be chaotic
  2. Yes, @Bubada @Todd @taffyowner @llamas @Minnow @DangerZoneh @Weeze @TuscanSota There is a cfbhc steam group, that hasn't been used much but it can probably be revived. It's public and called cfbhc. @Apeis one of the admins for it
  3. I think we have a cfbhc steam group out there somewhere
  4. Aight y'all, 2020 is tough. No way to put it in any other way. The site for many of us has been a reprieve from the real world. For me personally, it's not COVID that has taken a toll on me, but the environment regarding policing and systemic racism and all that stuff. I'm tired in the same way my parents and grandparents and great grandparents and all other Black people in my family and the word have been since before my ancestor Emmanuel was freed from his chains. I don't want to assume much, but I've said in private that there are people on the site who may not be as equipped to handle certain situations and it tends to be pushed into the site community in a way that's unhealthy. I've personally sensed a feeling of discontent on the site that threatens the health of the site. I want to check in with members of this community, which I have been a part of for a while. This community has meant a lot to me. I've made good friends, and have good memories stemming from the site, and I know others have too. I worry about the mental health of people here, including people who have the task of running the site. If you feel comfortable posting under this, I encourage you to, but I also understand if you don't. If you feel more comfortable reaching out to me or others privately, there are plenty of people who have experience in talking to people who are going through tough times. A final thing from my perspective only. I want the site to continue and be strong, but I'm not sure how it can continue while so many personal struggles impact the ability of the site to run. I don't think it would be a bad idea for a break, with a timeline, to happen. It would give us a chance to recharge, without hounding site admin over games and croots. Even if it's a 2 week determined break to recharge and just relax, I think it could be helpful. Anyways, drop how you're doing below here. Check in so we know how you're doing and if you need help with anything.
  5. Congrats to @TuscanSota @cmcgilland @kgreene829for joining the Turtle Club
  6. Do you think you are you turtely enough to join the Turtle Club? Now is your chance to find out. Some people, like myself are already in this esteemed fraternity which dates back to World War 2, but not many of you. The rules for the entrance exam is simple. You will be given 4 riddles and you have to answer all 4. Once answered, you will be in. If you are already a member of the Turtle Club, you will be able to answer a separate question which will go first. If you don't know it, just skip it. If you know it, you don't have to answer the other questions. Good luck! Link to the test: https://forms.gle/yE1ALQS4FHuVVrN76
  7. Darman


  8. I was told that the Chicago Tribune had no more spots available just this very week.
  9. Wow with your donation of all 1s, you are able to reroll for a chance to donate even more!!!
  10. The most important role on the site is the funniest person. Yeah Soluna runs everything, inspiral does the interface, storm does whatever he does, and Lucas brings that spicy flair that keeps things diverse but funniness keeps the lights on. Bofa deliberated for many weeks and months on who to endorse for this role and we came down to @npklemm. He is funny. Like if a dog playing basketball was a person, it would be Klemm. We have formed a Site Action Committee for Klemm, who is also the Ball State coach, called the BALLSAC to support his run. We will be doing 20x match on any contribution to his run. Thanks for your time
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