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  1. My first votes ever! Too bad fsu is gonna get rid of them soon
  2. Duke is my dream job. At the beginning I did offer Duke to storm since its his alma mater and there was an offseason I wanted to go to Georgia but other members talked me out of it and also Crimson Chin had some connection to it. And I'm glad I didn't leave now that my teams aren't horrible
  3. Wyoming scored as many points as the state has croots
  4. So NC State follows up week 1 with that performance?
  5. That was a good game. Very evenly matched teams
  6. Can someone do this for me
  7. Not starting Vamos Ramos the game after he beat the Browns in the playoffs.
  8. Catch that Dub like Randy Moss
  9. Especially since I'm gonna be away from the shoutbox for a while (and for people who don't shoutbox) and so we don't get the same questions about when games are etc, it would be nice to have something even if it is just in the status updates, that would like say if things are delayed or important upcoming dates
  10. I want a special prosecutor to investigate possible collusion between Air Force and GK
  11. I adjust based on performance. I think its been undervalued some but outside of a kicker its hard to put resources into special teams sometimes.
  12. And I think me and llamas missed the ACC somehow (my fault) but I think Clemson receives that bonus
  13. Can someone wiki savvy enough figure out how to make the AAC in http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_NFLHC_Draft consistent. I think 3 picks have the AAC and the rest have "The American" for the conference

    1. Jieret


      Fixed, adjusted a template that automatically populated conferences.  You may need to hard refresh (CTRL+F5) the page to see the change.

    2. Jieret


      Let me know if you see any schools listed as the wrong conference; I've already adjusted Georgia State from AAC to Independent.

  14. I have no problem with it. I personally didn't realize we changed it from being on the interface. I'd just want confirmation on how its done. It is easier for me to schedule games far in advance but its not a big burden to do it other ways