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    1. I live by myself so I just keep it on whatever comfortable. I can’t sleep at night if it’s above 72. It’s a very miserable experience. Weirdly though, when I was working and living at camp, not having AC didn’t bother me. 69 is the ideal temperature though. Because it’s funny too
    2. Good luck. It’s fun in the heisman club
    3. I like the cfbhc logos if we are gonna bring in new people. I think the cfbhc ones make it easier to get to know people on the site and not get confused. Especially since a handful of old regulars aren’t in the shoutbox as much.
    4. If I remember correctly, Calloway played some linebacker at duke. That’s really the only level I did it at much in the regular season. Of course most of that was before more expanded roles were added. I feel like in college it went well generally to put a SS at OLB. Unless it was for depth reasons I don’t think I tried a SS at any of the db positions.
    5. So either Da Bears win a super bowl or Christian Collins wins. Either way, I win.
    6. Da Bears. Da Monsters of Da Midway. Congrats @stormstopperand @nemolee.exe 1 more game
    7. I’d like to make my return to Duke University.
    8. Bucket 1: 1 pw 4 su 1 in 1 pr Bucket 2: 1 pw 2 su 3 in 1 pr 1 me @acewulf
    9. 24 hours is something I wouldn’t approve of. A lot of us aren’t on the site everyday, and it might take some time to get a message to certain owners.
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