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  1. I don't think so either. If the Vikings can get to like 7-9, I think he ends up with a chance, but that's unlikely. Right now he's the favorite for QB on the all rookie team
  2. If you take Bryce Thompson's 3 starts and extrapolate it over a full season, he would be an mvp candidate. Obviously it's only 3 games though, but most of his numbers right now are really in line with his Heisman season. He has a similar completion percentage, rush yards, turnover rate. His passing yards are higher, so I expect it to fall some. But through 3 starts he has completed 72.6 percent of his passes. On the pace he's on, he'd have 42 pass tds and 5 INTs, 4270 yards passing, 672 rushing yards, 10 rushing TDs, and a passer rating of around 123.36. Despite having played 7 few
  3. Would BT be a front runner for rookie of the year if he started the whole year?
  4. Donald Culver revenge game!
  5. Titans win if Christian Collins gets more touches
  6. When did @Dacderjoin the 49ers?
  7. Bryce Thompson had 2 top player ratings in his first 2 starts
  8. I'm gonna play QB for the Cardinals next game
  9. I'm not sure they are that much better than their record tbh.
  10. Zeke was a good pick. Glad I got to influence that one. One in a good run of picks
  11. That's a better version of Bryce Thompson
  12. BT hot no prep time. Give him a week with the starters in a system that fits him, it's a wrap
  13. What a difference an owner makes!
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