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  1. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    Its just hard for that one imo since you dont even know what position the juco will be. And then you still have to win him
  2. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    Also wow I did not expect that many people to prefer the juco one. Seems shortsighted to me
  3. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    But all of them have benefits depending on the team. The extra scholly one is powerful. Legacy lock is interesting because its the only tier 3 that has a 1 state impact too. I could see pitt or penn state or a directional florida school considering that
  4. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    I was doing this one based on my team this year. If we had 11 wins. I would do the star in this situation to get the 3/5 wr and 2/5 cb in nc and prevent a clemson or uva or Tennessee from trying to swoop in. The 12 points a week wouldn't necessarily clinch by themselves, but it could help me clinch that battle earlier if I put weekly points on too
  5. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #6

    Thank you SC
  6. statsheetstuffer

    This is a good addition
  7. bmlig95

    Ultimately this site is supposed to be fun right? Most people haven't had to build a team from nothing. It sucks sometimes, especially if you don't feel like you can recruit there. I know if I wasn't a Duke fan irl I would be tempted to leave. So I understand wanting to leave
  8. bmlig95

    I feel like Dacder got criticized for moving teams. He tried to move mid season too.
  9. CFBHC v1.4c

    Thank you for this. Less cupcake scheduling
  10. CFBHC v1.4b

    If there are new users who feel overwhelmed you can always pm me. I know others would be willing to help too like danger. I love talking crooting so I'll always be open. Older users too
  11. [2021] Virginia Special Conference

    Wow. I am shocked. I'm gonna miss you in the conference. You wetewere one of the O.G.s for real. Whoever follows you at UVA has a hell of an example to follow, and I know you'll be doing big things at Ball State in the future.
  12. [Survey] Alumni Network

    Wingate University. SAC D2
  13. I need video game suggestions. For ps4. Non sports games only pls. Thx

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jieret


      Persona 5.

    3. Swipet


      Uncharted 4. Its the best-looking console game to date but if you don't like a 10-hour game then get the Lost Legacy DLC for $20 since its basically uncharted but with a shorter story that doesn't leave much out. 

    4. smckenz3


      @vtgorilla and I play Overwatch a lot..  It's mindless entertainment.