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  1. Darman

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

    Start up the Heisman campaign
  2. Darman

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    Harley had a really good game. He probably needs to be your offensive MVP if you become bowl eligible or aim to be respectable. Good start for him!
  3. Also, the Bears attempted 0 extra points
  4. Soluna said this in the shoutbox, but if the team received votes that week but weren't ranked, put RV in their spot
  5. Darman

    [2022] Week 0 Coaches Poll

    I wouldn't think it's a big deal to be transparent on the poll if people wanted to be. When I did the poll last year, I never had too much of a problem with it
  6. If Auburn has an advantage this year besides Black, it's the balance they can have on offense. Idk if any team can match them for it. Teams that play them might have to make a choice in who they try to take out, and that may not even be enough. It's probably too early to say that Black has an insurmountable lead for the Heisman, but with this win and their schedule it's definitely his to lose. I'll definitely hype up Bryce Thompson, but honestly we don't face a schedule that can match up to Auburn's potential schedule. Solomon has the potential for a couple bust games (by his standards) just because of the defenses he'll face, in at least Kansas and TCU, and a QB has an inherent advantage in the Heisman race. Maybe a guy like AW3 could carry the hype train from recruiting, and the cult personality of Emperor will help him if he does well, but again it's hard to imagine him doing better than Black anyways. The last 2 years, I've felt the Heisman hasn't gone to the best QB (Bowman and Jones being the best QBs) while the best 2 QBs have still been the top QBs drafted. This year feels different for sure. Maybe this will be the best game that Black plays, but even if it is, idk if it will matter. The momentum from this game (which may be one of the most talked about season openers in site history) and transcendent games late in the season against SEC opponents will drive him to a Heisman. On the TCU side, hard to criticize losing to Marcus Black. He was almost preordained to win the Heisman before the year. If this is the worst game that TCU plays this year, they'll still make a run at the championship. They still are the overwhelming favorite imo to win the Big 12, and while this could open up the playoff race to a lesser team, if they can be a 1 or 2 loss team, they still have a simple path to the playoffs imo. Still one of the 5 best teams in the country. Also I feel like we need to anoint Black with a nickname soon
  7. Darman

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    Just wait til the Crown Prince of Durham plays them
  8. Darman

    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

  9. Trading back super early before the draft the year of Lester, Devy, and Wegert, thinking Devy would be picked super early and then Devy fell past the spot we originally were gonna pick and he was our number 1 target
  10. Darman

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    I bet Miami is unranked by the end of the season
  11. Darman

    [2022] Recruits on Interface

    Just to make this standout more
  12. Darman

    McGregor v Khabib

    Probably the biggest UFC fight ever. Conor is the superior striker but Khabib is a force if he gets you to the ground. I got Conor in the 4th with a left to win the fight. If anyone is watching... What's your prediction?
  13. ACC Top 5 Series: Offensive Lines -- Raleigh, NC If these guys didn’t exist, plays wouldn’t last too long. Though I suppose it wouldn’t be fair for offenses to play 6 on 11. The two best teams in the ACC had the 2 best offensive line ratings in the country. The 2 worst teams had the 2 worst offensive line ratings. So usually, having a good offensive line helps your team. And these will be the best offensive lines in the country. Duke University -- The best offensive line in the country last season will be the best offensive line in 2022. They graduated nobody. Have NFL talent at all 5 positions, and even have a potential NFL draft pick just waiting in the wings. Duke not only has the best Offensive Line in the Conference, but they have one of the best in the country. This is one of the easiest picks for this series. Virginia Tech -- Almost number 2 by default, as the ACC Offensive Line talent is raw, and there will be questions over the quality of the protection they can give. Virginia Tech will serve as one of the exceptions, as they send out 3 very talented senior offensive linemen. VT finished 3rd in the ACC in Offensive Line rating, and the Tekkies look to raise that number. Miami -- With Ronnie Peterson in the backfield, a strong offensive line will be critical to the success of Miami. Miami hopes to make a leap from last year to this year, and having a strong offensive line will help. Miami has 2 veteran guards, but at tackle and at center, they are young. That could hurt them some, but they are solid as one of the top lines in the Conference. Clemson -- Clemson also has some young talent on their offensive line. This position group is one of the weaker position groups on offense for Clemson, but it still offers upside on talent. The ability of AW3 to scramble will help out this Offensive Line, so will the blocking talents of star Tight End Kisona Vailopa. Pittsburgh -- Through the first few articles in this series, it seems that Pittsburgh could have one of the top 3 offenses in the conference (behind Duke and Clemson who should easily be 1 and 2). Their offensive line will be a help in this. They have the best pair of tackles in the conference, and both should hear their name on draft day. The interior of the offensive line isn’t as strong, which could hold back this line back overall. Biggest Questions: Q: Is this the worst offensive position group? Probably. Tight End isn’t a strong position group, but that is also a position you can find success with players at a lower talent level. Offensive lines gel differently than other positions, and need to work cohesively, and it is too early to conclusively say that this Offensive Line will be the worst position unit on offense. But yeah… it is. Q: What other players not on these teams could be All ACC? Guys like GT OG Mayer Ludwig, UVA OT Mahamadou Hooker, and BC C Kyle Curtis, are top talents in the country and could look to take home hardware when All ACC results come in a few months after the end of the season.
  14. ACC Top 5 Series: Tight Ends -- Raleigh, NC Tight Ends ruled the ACC last season. But the 2 best are gone. All 3 of the top receivers at the Tight End position have left. While Tight Ends shouldn't only be judged by their ability to go and get balls, the physicality and punishment they take as blockers is hard to quantify at times. But alas, we will try to pick the 5 best overall Tight Ends. Dovid Dobson -- The Tight End for Pittsburgh wasn’t the leading returning receiver at this position, but he may be in the best position of any of the top tight ends. He had 750 yards in 11 games in 2021, and with Messiah Winston returning, he looks to improve on that. Dobson could very well have a ceiling of being the number 1 target for Winston, and even at his floor he is the clear number 2 target. Brody Faulk -- Faulk is a new addition to this Syracuse offense, but he looks to form the most potent Tight End duo in the ACC, along with Joshua Killian. Last year, Killian led the Syracuse receiving corps with 735 yards. The biggest fear for this list, is that Faulk and Killian will split targets, and the QB position for Syracuse took a step down and could hurt production for the Tight Ends. Kisona Vailopa -- Not all Tight Ends are going to put up big counting numbers. Vailopa, Clemson’s star Tight End will not be a top priority in the pass game, but will be a big piece in Clemson balancing their offense, and will operate as an important safety valve for new QB AW3. If Vailopa contributes in the pass game as a receiver, it will take Clemson to another level, but if he fills his role as a stout run blocker for Josiah Brock and the run game, he’ll earn his spot. Nehemiah Chavis -- Chavis is in a similar position to Vailopa. The Duke Tight End missed time in 2021, and was productive in that time, but he wasn’t the top target in a potent Duke passing attack. Chavis will have continuity at the QB position this season, and will be an important part of both the pass and the run game. Duke dominated both running the ball and passing the ball last season, and the play of the Tight Ends was a factor. Wayne Cornett -- There was no standout receiver for the Florida State attack last season. Cornett finished 3rd on his team on receiving yards, with only a 353 yard mark. But he could have a bigger impact this season as the Florida State QBs get more comfortable in the Florida State offense. Biggest Questions: Q: How will BC and GT survive without their star Tight Ends? Both of these teams return very talented Wide Receivers this year, but losing the top 2 leaders in receiving yards would hurt any team. Boston College has a talented young player in Leolani Fepulea'i, who will serve as a safety valve for whoever starts, but the talent level has dropped at QB for BC, which won’t serve well for Fepulea’i’s numbers. Georgia Tech will have one of the most talented QBs in the country, and has an offense that will put up passing numbers. I think they’ll be fine with Beckett throwing to Swanson, but they’ll definitely miss Jahmir Rolle. Q: Is there upper tier talent at this position? Short answer, no. This position has a lot of solid contributors, but the star power from last season is missing. Last season, 5 Tight Ends surpassed the 750 yard mark and it would not surprise me if that number fell to 0 for this season. Definitely cannot see any Tight End reaching the 1 thousand yard mark that Jahmir Rolle, and Manny Ferguson passed. Q: Does the talent of some of these Tight Ends feel wasted? A lot of talented Tight Ends didn’t make this list, simply because I don’t think they will be used often. Mario Roberson of Miami is a young talented player, just like Leolani Fepulea’i, but they both face unsettled QB situations, and in the case of Roberson, the QB situation is just bad. Dobson of Pittsburgh is in the best situation of any of the Tight Ends for receiving yards, but no one in the conference looks like an All American type candidate.
  15. ACC Top 5 Series: Wide Receivers -- Raleigh, NC The top pass catchers in the conference last year were tight ends. The top 2, who graduated were tight ends, so were 2 others in the top 10 of receiving yards in the ACC. But this list is just for Wide Receivers, and not Tight Ends. We'll see if this season if QBs prefer to give it to Tight Ends or Wide Receivers but Receivers want to show that they should be the primary option for receiving balls. Anthony Swanson -- The other half of the questionably named “Touchdown” duo, Swanson actually had the spotlight stolen from him last season, as QB Josh Beckett naturally preferred a Tight End, Jahmir Rolle, to his top Wide Receiver. But Rolle is in the NFL now, and Swanson is still at Georgia Tech, fielding balls from Josh Beckett. Wide Receivers benefit from a good QB, and this is where Swanson takes the lead. He has one of the 3 best QBs in the conference, and a team that will throw the ball approximately 85 times a game. Ricky Cameron -- Production wise, this is a step down from Swanson. Cameron actually finished right below Swanson in the amount of receiving yards, but the gap between 1 and 2 was striking. In 1 fewer game, Swanson had 22 more receptions, and about 16 yards per game more than Cameron. However, with many top targets leaving, Cameron seems to be next up for the ACC. However, Cameron strikes me as a candidate to disappoint, as BC’s offense has the potential to flounder with a Freshman QB possibly starting. Anthony Harrison -- It would not surprise me if Harrison ended up as the number 2 player on this list by the end of the season. Clemson has a new, and probably better QB to throw him the ball, and Harrison could benefit from the addition of Theo Chamberlain, and could see less double coverage. Harrison finished in the top 10 in yards last season, and that was as a freshman! Look for a jump into the elite stratosphere next season. Dean Stinson -- This one is more of a prediction for what he’ll do next season. The top 2 targets for Heisman candidate Bryce Thompson graduated last year, and Stinson is now elevated to the number 1 target. Both Sean Spaczek and Amari Nicholson finished with over 950 yards, and Stinson is a candidate to step right into their shoes and have a big year. Deshaun Pickens -- Pickens wasn’t even the leading returning receiver from his team from last year. This is true. But he had a solid season in 2021, and returns as a much improved player. Last years Wake Forest team relied on a run game in their surprise season, but this year will rely on QB James Betts and guys like Pickens to pick up the slack, and you can bet that these guys are up to the challenge. Biggest Questions Q: Where is Jacob Benson? Benson was a blue chip prospect that Wake Forest was able to snag to join their team. However, there are rumors that he could redshirt, as team officials feel that he has not progressed enough to earn significant playing time. Betts is only a junior, so if Benson redshirts, it will give Wake Forest a target for the 2023 season. Q: How good is Theo Chamberlain? Clemson is certainly excited to try out their new, potentially explosive offense. Anthony Harrison and Theo Chamberlain are the best receiving duo in the ACC, and both look to be big pieces for the Clemson offense for years to come. They will moonlight as AW3’s top targets in 2022, before moving on to supporting a new QB in 2023. Q: Who not on this list could end up as a top 5 guy? WR is very QB dependent. Most of the guys on the list, except for Ricky Cameron, have a proven QB who will help them put up numbers. Pittsburgh has a trio of guys who could make noise, including 2 raw freshmen but they may be a couple years away. But Franklin Pineda may be a threat to move into the top 5 with Messiah Winston entering his sophomore season.