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  1. I'm sorry but that wasn't one of the options. We have a two party system here
  2. Illinois: 125 (+5) Northwestern: 145 (-5)
  3. We call the Midwest flyover country for a reason
  4. The official state festival of NC is the Lexington bbq festival
  5. What is the GOAT barbecue? I listed the best kinds of true barbecue here to vote on for this
  6. Illinois: 90 (+5) Northwestern: 180(-5)
  7. Illinois: 50(+5) Northwestern: 225 (-5)
  8. Illinois: 45 (+5) Northwestern: 230 (-5)
  9. Illinois: 40 (+5) Northwestern: 235 (-5)
  10. I didn't know that Loyola Marymount was in the sim
  11. Darman

    Big Z

    @Deanif you're gonna create an alt, you have to be more creative than this
  12. Illinois: 25 (+5) Northwestern: 250(-5)
  13. For those without an ear to the culture, one of the best live events going on right now is an IG live contest called "Verzuz". The way the competition works is that 2 artists or producers battle each other song for song, track for track. They usually have a similar genre or similar era of music and they battle for supremacy. I wanted to do something similar to this on the site if people are interested. Right now some of the rules I had: Users can challenge other users, and they can work out what genre or era they are gonna be in and other ground rules Users can simply submit artists and if possible we will matchup people. Users not in the contest will be the voters, and the contest will end when someone runs out of songs, or a predetermined amount of "wins" happens. If people have interest in this, let me know. If people want to help run it or participate in it let me know
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