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  1. Would anyone be interested in legit doing a food drive? Like make it a contest between organizations?
  2. If you guys have spare canned food at your house or shit like that you really should donate it to a food bank. Or go volunteer. Especially over summers where kids are at much greater risk of going hungry. I know a lot of people (probably more people living at home) have spare cans that they'll never eat. This is my shameless plug for good
  3. Would anyone want to join me and npklemm in a fantasy keeper league?

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      I know espn leagues the best, so I'd probably do it on that

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      if you are interested can you pm your email addresses?

  4. Or something bigger at play, like when Tim Tebow beat the Broncos. I have changed my mind, and now the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl
  5. This is also the equivalent of Donald Trump winning an election when no one thought he could
  6. This only proves I was right though
  7. Billy Robbins http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Billy_Robbins Bothell High School: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bothell_High_School I also have pages from the spring game race. I've checked them to see if they comply with the new wiki format and they should comply, even though the stats are not updated for some of the current college players and players in the NFL don't have NFL stats updated through this season.
  8. Since I've been in Chicago we havent had a good offensive line so I'm a bit out of date. Convention says you'd want a pass blocking LT and run blocking RT. I think thats more important with lower to mid 80 skill. And size matters too. I also have thought especially with offensive line that the stated position may not ultimately be where they fit but idk how true that is. If I remember, traditionally the center helps out the left guard in pass protection and right in run blocking more often. So eithee you could load up and do run blocking rg to make it stronger or try to balance with a pass blocking OG. But ultimately, except for my left tackle I haven't focused as much on their designation.
  9. I always say that this kind of thing js what storm should make a career of
  10. Guess Hoos Coming for the ACC? -- Mark Lowenstein The University of Virginia Cavaliers thrust themselves into the national scene this year, in what seems to be the “Year of the Coastal” in the ACC. Traditional powers of Florida State and Boston College have fallen towards the bottom of their division. Even 2019 National Title Runner Up Clemson has stumbled at the beginning of the season losing twice in the first half of the year. Of the winners of the ACC Championship games all time, only the 2019 champ Clemson currently has a winning record. The Atlantic division has been the dominant division in the ACC, but currently the 3 best records in the conference belong to Coastal teams. The leader of all teams in the conference so far, is the Virginia Cavaliers The Cavaliers have been a fairly unremarkable team throughout their existence. Their all time record before this season was 39 wins and 48 losses (44.8 win percentage), with a conference record of 24 and 25 (49%). They made 3 bowls in their history, winning one and losing two of them, and they’ve had three winning seasons and four losing seasons. Virginia has had some talent go the NFL, with stars like Chad Dess making the jump the the NFL. In total they have had 10 players selected in the draft, but none of them have been first rounders. Chad Dess is the highest drafted player in Virginia history But the past is the past for this ball club, as they have firmly inserted themselves as contenders to make it to the CFB playoffs this season. The Cavaliers are the last undefeated team in the ACC after knocking off the Duke Blue Devils and Pitt Panthers, and are currently the highest ranked team in the ACC. Behind the arm of potential Heisman Candidate Matteo Rook and his cool 21 to 3 touchdown to interception ratio, the Cavs have blasted their way into ACC Title contention. Virginia didn’t play the most challenging out of conference schedule, but once they got in conference they have been deadly. In back to back weeks, Virginia has defeated the two biggest challengers to their division crown, and without a Clemson sighting on their schedule and the head to head tie breaker, the Cavs look to be in a good position to win their first division title. How did the Cavaliers get here in the first place? While Matteo Rook has had an excellent year this season, it is impossible to talk about Virginia without talking about the big boys up front. Virginia has the best offensive line in the ACC, and it has allowed Matteo Rook to have a career year, and has allowed Reginald Saunders to average 80 yards per game on the ground at 4.7 yards per carry. Anchored by Left Tackle Shawaun Holsey, this veteran group has been the key part of a potent Virginia attack. Matteo Rook has also evolved into a Heisman Candidate this year, shredding every defense that has come before him. With a wide receiver group that is better than ever, the senior QB looks to break his school’s single season passing records, and extend his own career records. On the other side of the ball, Virginia has been solid as well. The Cavaliers have given up 14 points per game this season, and senior corner Timothy Parks has helped to create a no fly zone in the secondary. If you look solely at the recruiting rankings, the Cavaliers should not be in the position they are in today. In the past 5 seasons, Virginia has had an average recruiting rank of only around 60th in the country. Their best rank would have come in 2015, and the only players remaining from that class are redshirt seniors now. This class, which ranked 39th in the country, included QB Matteo Rook, WR Cameron Beatty, TE Jonathan Greer, and SS Evan Brumfield. All of these players are key pieces to the success of the Virginia Cavaliers, and represent the two 5.0/5.0 players on the roster. Even rival coaches in Durham and in Pittsburgh note that Virginia has put themselves in good position to win the ACC Coastal. With the tie breaker and a weak remaining schedule, where their opponents have a combined record of 15 and 24 (38.5%), the Cavaliers have a shot at an undefeated regular season, before meeting up with the Atlantic winner (Louisville currently is leading the division). Virginia has had a remarkable run to the top. However, it will most likely come to a pause this next season. As one out of conference coach has said “”Rook won’t be there anymore”, but this roster is still a talented one, as Coach Klemm has been surgical with his recruiting as of late. True Freshman Soldier Brooks will be a producer for a long time, and he will lead a defense that only loses 2 seniors. While one of them is standout CB Timothy Parks, Virginia will still sport a deep and talented defensive backfield without him. Virginia will be graduating 7 seniors on the offensive side of the ball, and these graduations will really hurt the program next season. While they retain some talent, losing 3 starting offensive linemen, a starting WR, a starting TE, FB, and star QB Matteo Rook will hurt the team. RB Reginald Saunders has been solid this year, but it is tough to imagine him having the same success next year with Rook graduated and a much more inexperienced offensive line. However, the future is not all bad for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are in the hunt for New Jersey QB Mike Lucas who could have a chance to win the starting job as a true freshman. Virginia has also attempted to remedy its loss at offensive line by signing two OGs so far in this cycle, and currently recruiting one OT. They have also signed one of the top WRs in Virginia, who could make for a weapon alongside Mike Lucas, if they are able to get his commitment. All in all, Virginia fans shouldn’t be looking to the past or to the future. For the future is now. The Cavaliers are legitimate contenders for the ACC Title. The Cavaliers need to make sure they don’t slip up against their bad competition, and hold strong against Louisville and whoever they face in the ACC Championship game. If Virginia can win the ACC and possibly make it into the playoffs, it will help with future recruiting, and Virginia fans surely would be willing to forgive a down season. Cavaliers Outlook The Cavaliers are the favorite to win the ACC Coastal with only 2 regular season games against teams with winning records Star QB Matteo Rook is also a Heisman candidate this year The Cavaliers graduate only 2 defensive starters, but graduate 7 offensive ones Virginia is still fighting for their replacement for Matteo Rook, but either way they will take a step back next season Focusing on the past or on the future for Cavaliers fans is a waste of time. Right now, Virginia fans just need to enjoy the Rook show. *Correction. Earlier edition of the article placed OT Holsey and OG Singleton as part of a UVA draft class. Holsey was a JUCO and Singleton transferred in from Iowa.
  11. The Dangerous Path of North Carolina Football -- Lewis Stephenson The University of North Carolina has a storied history in the Atlantic Coast Conference. In 2014, the Tar Heels won the Coastal division before falling in the ACC Championship game to the eventual National Runner Up Florida State. In 2015, North Carolina again had the best record in the Coastal division, but they were not eligible for post season play that season and had to watch the Seminoles win a second consecutive ACC Crown. In 2016, the Tar Heels were the co champions of the ACC Coastal Division, but Miami had the honor of playing in the Championship game. In 2017, the Tar Heels finished second in the Coastal Division after losing a head to head tie breaker with division winner Virginia Tech. In that 4 year stretch, UNC went 35-17 (67.3% win percentage) and had a 24-5 (82.8%) record in conference, including a perfect regular season in conference in 2015. Since then, the Tar Heels have gone 9-15 (37.5%) and have a 4-10 conference record (28.6%). The Tar Heels have sent plenty of players to the NFL. They have had 22 players drafted into the NFL, including 3 first round picks including college star A.J. Jefferson. They have a potential top 10 pick on their team in defensive end Josiah Harden. Star QB A.J. Jefferson in the glory days at UNC Over the past few years, the University of North Carolina program has gone from a proud program, to one on the brink of disaster. Since the end of the 2017 season, the Tar Heels have had four different coaches, and multiple coaching vacancies. Even the coaches who got hired were criticized for being inattentive, and inactive with the program, with none of those four coaches lasting more than one season. This inattentiveness and inactivity showed up first in recruiting. From 2014-2017, the Tar Heels’ recruiting ranked 61st, 4th, 23rd, and 41st in the nation. The four year average for these classes was around 32nd in the country. Not elite, but also would be good enough to keep a program competitive, especially in a tough area to recruit like North Carolina has been at times. In 2018 and 2019, the Tar Heels recruiting has been very disappointing. In 2018, they ranked last in the nation in the recruiting rankings, at 117th in the country out of 117 programs. In 2019, they ranked 107th out of 118 programs. The average for this two year stretch was a rank of 112. These two years produced a total of one recruit who was ranked as having a potential above a 4.5. This lone 4.5 is also a kicker. The nightmare at UNC gets worse after this season. The Tar Heels graduate nine senior starters, including star defensive end Josiah Harden and quarterback Max Laws. Josiah Harden is the only 5.0 potential player on the roster currently, and of the seniors leaving, four of them are 4.0+ potential players as well. While UNC will have seven 4.0+ potential players returning from last year, the well runs even drier after this season with only one freshman above a 4.0 potential, and no player redshirting this year even at a 3.5 potential. Adding on to that, the current recruiting class for UNC may not be able to help them out now or in the future. New North Carollina coach, Carl345 averted a disaster this offseason by recruiting Sebastian Norwood, who is a QB who should be the starter next season for the Tar Heels. This was a potentially explosive situation, because UNC currently has three senior QBs, and for some reason none were redshirted this year. If Norwood had not been recruited, UNC was facing a possibility of graduating all of their QBs and having none recruited. Thankfully, Carl was able to avoid that disaster. However, this recruiting cycle still has a great chance of being another poor one. Currently, UNC has four commitments, and none of them are above a 4.0 potential. UNC is engaged in a battle for star QB recruit Kyler Wilson, in a move that many people have called unwise. The Wilson battle with ECU is one of the most hotly contested battles in the country, and while Wilson hasn’t committed yet to either school, ECU is rumored to have the edge in that battle. The more pressing concern is that UNC is only in real battles for a couple other 4.0 recruits, and is serious danger of losing one of them to rival Duke. Coaches from across the nation have taken notice of the Tar Heels down turn. One anonymous coach said that the North Carolina program’s “lack of acceptable recruiting is going to haunt that school for years to come.” On the field this year UNC has been solid, picking up a 4-3 record and a 2-2 in conference mark, mostly behind a resurgent Max Laws. Max Laws is part of the talented group of seniors who could be making a last stand for the Tar Heels. Tar Heel Outlook: The North Carolina Tar Heels have a 4-3 record this season behind solid play at the QB position and outside of a poor opening performance against Texas Tech, a solid defense. The Tar Heels graduate 10 starters this year, and they replace them with 2 4.0 potential players. They will have 4 starters with a 4.0 potential or higher coming back for next season. The Tar Heels currently lead on 1 4.0 recruit, and have had 0 commit to their team so far. The cupboard will be dry soon for the Tar Heels, and the future is not so bright in Chapel Hill.
  12. What a time to be alive
  13. I don't think tanking happens as in "we are dedicating our season to lose so we get better draft picks." For football some teams just value playing young guys even if it could hurt chances of winning. Especially towards the end of the season
  15. Texans vs Browns. Vamos Ramos game