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Status Updates posted by Darman

  1. Does anyone have kick and punt return stats for their conference? or nationally?

  2. If anyone is interested in doing mock drafts, and wants to collab with BOFA or join BOFA, let me or any member know. Can be in shoutbox, PM, discord, or however you wish to communicate with us

  3. If anyone has trends they want to have included in the 2015 Season episode, pm me here or discord. Same for any other season

  4. I'm looking for some veteran site members who would be interested in a pretty large media project. Pm me here or discord to learn more

  5. If I lose power, probably won't be here much. Storm will probably get updates of stuff going on with me. Shouldn't be powerless for too long. Probably good for tomorrow. Everything is canceled at least for Thursday for me. 

  6. Is anyone in the San Diego this weekend? Storm and I gonna roll up tomorrow through Saturday

  7. Rocketcan said he's not gonna be around for 2 weeks. So if he's gone for just that time don't have him inactive

  8. Already have a strong candidate for BC, but if anyone wants to apply for BC or Syracuse PM me. Job will probably be decided by the end of the week. 

  9. Never forget that Duke won their conference before TCU won theirs

  10. HSM:HP, Camp Rock:Percy Jackson

  11. Does anyone want a CIV 3 or 4 game key?

  12. #FreeChrisBillings

  13. UNC is now open. If you want to apply shoot over a PM. Its a school that will need a lot of work, but would be worth it if you stuck by it.

  14. I need video game suggestions. For ps4. Non sports games only pls. Thx

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jieret


      Persona 5.

    3. Swipet


      Uncharted 4. Its the best-looking console game to date but if you don't like a 10-hour game then get the Lost Legacy DLC for $20 since its basically uncharted but with a shorter story that doesn't leave much out. 

    4. smackemz


      @vtgorilla and I play Overwatch a lot..  It's mindless entertainment.  

  15. Who wants to play Duke in Durham week 10?

  16. Need 2 more for Dynasty fantasy football league

  17. Would anyone want to join me and npklemm in a fantasy keeper league?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Darman


      I know espn leagues the best, so I'd probably do it on that

    3. llamas
    4. Darman


      if you are interested can you pm your email addresses?

  18. Can someone wiki savvy enough figure out how to make the AAC in http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_NFLHC_Draft consistent. I think 3 picks have the AAC and the rest have "The American" for the conference

    1. Jieret


      Fixed, adjusted a template that automatically populated conferences.  You may need to hard refresh (CTRL+F5) the page to see the change.

    2. Jieret


      Let me know if you see any schools listed as the wrong conference; I've already adjusted Georgia State from AAC to Independent.

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