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  1. Is there a team that might roster him if cut? This roster is so empty idk who could succeed
  2. Norris Brooksheer Out? Norris Brooksheer, former number 1 overall pick of the Bears but now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is rumored to be on the verge of benching. Brooksheer has had a poor start to the season along with the rest of the Buccaneers. With the team at 0-6 heading into the bye, the possibility of a new QB1 coming out of it is strong. Right now, the favorite? Longtime backup RJ Stanford. However it wouldn't be shocking to see Tampa give a long look at roomies Eugune Salas and Samuel Connor.
  3. Down for LeCount Rumors are swirling around Detroit, as the Lions considers benching long time starter Ron LeCount. LeCount has been the starter in Detroit since the 2017 season after coming over from the New England Patriots. The Lions and LeCount won the first Super Bowl in franchise history last season. LeCount has gotten off to a slow start this year, and this has facilitated discussions within the organization to start third year QB Will Chacko. Chacko was a 3rd round pick out of North Dakota State. Detroit is hoping that after a long period of success with LeCount, they will be able to replicate it with another bargain pick.
  4. Nolan Out of Gotham After a string of disappointing performances, the New York Giants have decided that 7th year Strong Safety Norris Nolan will be benched in favor of the 4th round rookie safety Kameron Myrick. Myrick will be the first rookie for the Giants to be a starter this year, not including Jeremiah Butler who is currently the starter at Nickelback. Myrick saw his draft stock fall during the predraft process, with a disappointing pro day and combine, but he hopes to show that he belongs in the NFLHC, as the Minnesota product gets his first start against Graham Burnett and the Dallas Cowboys.
  5. The Falcons should trade for recently benched AJ Jefferson.
  6. First Name: John Last Name: Campbell Position: SG Secondary Position (Optional): PG College/Country: Michigan State Everyone will be 18 Jersey Number: Dominant Hand: Right Playstyle: (Isolation, 3pt shooter, Mid Range, pick & roller, Post up, etc. Just describe what you want and I can probably get close) Paul George Skin Tone: 1-10: (1 darkest, 10 lightest) milk chocolate Hair Style/Color: (Describe it, they got tons of em) kid n play flat top Facial Hair: (Same as hair) Drake looking ass beard Height: ft'in"(Don't be too crazy here) 6'5 Weight: 225 lbs Wingspan: 90 Tattoos: (Describe what ya want I can probs get close) a sleeve on my left cuz my right is reserved for getting buckets Shoe Brand: Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Anta, Converse, Puma, New Balance,) J's on my feet, J's on my feet Gear: (Headband, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, etc.) Headband like b.o.b Attributes: Choose 3 to be elite, 5 to be great, 5 to be good Offensive Attributes: Layups great Dunking great Post Play Mid Range good Three Point Shooting elite Passing Ball Handling great Defensive Attributes Blocking Steals great Interior Defense Perimeter Defense elite Rebounding Physical Attributes Speed Agility great Vertical Strength good Mental Attributes Offensive IQ good Defensive IQ good Offensive Consistency elite Defensive Consistency good  Defensive Consistency
  7. After getting off to a 1-3 start, the Cincinnati Bengals have been discussing benching Quarterback Joel King. King has had a disappointing start of the season, completing under 60% of his passes with 6 TDs and 5 INTs. The Bengals have been impressed by 4th year backup David Oates and are interested what he could do as QB1. King has only $4 million guaranteed and the Bengals could possibly cut or trade their former first round pick.
  8. NFC West Weekly Recap Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams Final Score:28-14 Action Recap: The Seattle Seahawks had a dominating win against the Los Angeles Rams in this divisional matchup. The Seahawks opened up the scoring in the first quarter with two touchdowns, a 5 yard run by Marcus Williams and a 4 yard pass from Tucker Dowden to Samuel Gulla. The Seahawks all but put the game away after a second connection between Dowden and Gulla, this time a 21 yard score, and an interception return for a TD by Matt Cowan shortly after. The Rams managed to cut the score in half by the end of the third, with a 20 yard TD from Darre Murphy to Tom Oldham early in the second quarter, and a 12 yard run by Daveed Knox. The fourth quarter went scoreless, but there were some fireworks as the Rams Shawaun Hosley was ejected from the game due to a personal foul penalty near the start of the period. 3 Keys to victory for the Seahawks: Tucker Dowden and Samuel Gulla connected 4 times in this game, with two of them being touchdowns Matt Cowan helped put the game away with his interception for a touchdown, but also had 2 pass deflections Travis Napier had 3 tackles for loss in today's contest. 3 Keys to the loss for the Rams: Darrell Murphy's rough start to the season continues. He completed under 50% of his passes, and threw for 1 touchdown to his 2 INTs. On the season he has 5 TDs and 4 INTs The Rams finished with no sacks and no turnovers in this game. They had their chances, both Tucker Dowden and Marcus Williams fumbled, but the Rams defense could not recover them. The Rams were bad on third downs today, converting only 3 out of 12 chances. The Seahawks have been bad at stopping teams on third downs this year, while the Rams offense has been about average. Injury Report: Seahawks WR Josiah McCray left the game with a moderate ankle fracture. He is expected to be out for between 7 and 9 weeks. Rams TE Jamal Hawkins has suffered mild achilles tendonitis. He is questionable for next weeks game against the Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals Final Score:35-14 Action Recap: Another blowout in this NFC West showdown. The game was right through the first two periods. After a field goal miss by the Cardinals near the start of the first, Todd Lester matched the 49ers down the field, culminating in a 6 hard pitch and catch to Miles Collins to open up the scoring. Arizona matched that, as AJ Jefferson took the ball into the end zone on a 1 yard run to even up the score at the beginning of the second quarter. The Cardinals had a chance to take the lead with 4 minutes left in the half, but Harrison Hacker missed his second field goal of the day. San Francisco capitalized, with Todd Lester connecting with Tai Miller for a 10 yard touchdown pass to make it 14-7 at the end of the half. The Cardinals fumbled the ball away within a minute of opening the second half. Chris Reed had the recovery for the Miners. Yet again, the 49ers capitalized with a third touchdown pass by Lester, this time to Garrett Taylor on a 7 yard completion. The 49ers put this game away with back to back touchdowns, a 1 yard run by Troy McCray, and a 1 yard Lester to Roscoe Bishop pass. AJ Jefferson connected with Noah Hills on a 20 yard TD pass, but by this time, the game was long over. 3 Keys to victory for the 49ers: Todd Lester spread the ball around. He connected with 4 different receivers for touchdowns and 5 different players had 4+ receptions. The Niners capitalized off of the mistakes from Arizona. Arizona missed two key field goals and had a big fumble. The Niners were efficient at scoring after them. The Niners efficiency in third downs helped solidify this victory. Surprisingly, the run game was ineffective, but they made up for it by converting 6 of their 11 3rd down tries in the contest. 3 Keys to the loss for the Cardinals: The Cardinals did their best to keep themselves out of the game. In the first half alone, they missed 2 field goals which would have given them the lead at the time. They also fumbled the ball away on the opening drive of the second half, when a touchdown would have given them the tie. The Cardinals avoided the Niners backfield like the plague. They finished the game with 0 sacks and 0 Tackles for Loss in the contest. AJ Jefferson played a mediocre game today. He avoided any interceptions today, which was a plus. But he needs to be better. Injury Report: Cardinals OLB Asante Willis went down with a mild wrist fracture. He will likely miss between 3 and 6 weeks. Final Thoughts: We learned a few things from this week for the teams of the NFC West. The Rams have something broken with their offense. No one in LA will be clamoring for a QB change, but if he keeps struggling, it might lead to some whispers. The Seahawks looked good today. At 2-2 they are tied with the 49ers for first in the division. Dowden played solid today. He might need to be better. The 49ers are probably the best team in the division, despite being tied with the Seahawks. Is that a major accomplishment? Does it matter? A note on this game too, Akiem Williams III saw the field today. The Cardinals will be shopping for a new QB this off-season. There have been reports that the Cardinals are considering benching AJ Jefferson, the former first round pick of the Falcons for Christian Barkley. With Josiah Harden possibly on the move soon too, a full reboot may be in the cards for the Cards.
  9. AFC West Season Recap (Season only played until week 3) Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): (from the Sunday Night Preview) The defending AFC Champions have been tearing it up on offense so far. Ryan Harris is a bonafide candidate to win his second consecutive MVP. Terrence Rodgers ranks in the top 10 rushing yards in NFLHC and does a good job of keeping some of the load off of Harris’ shoulders. Defensively, it’s been more of a mixed bag. The Chiefs have a below average defense this year. Dowden. How concerning this is may not be certain yet. They had to face off against Brian Brown and Thomas Wheeler to start off the season, before getting a day of rest against Tucker Dowden. Wheeler performed well against the Chiefs defense, while Brown had a more pedestrian day. A big area of concern for the Chiefs? They can’t stop the run. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2): The Chargers return to play with a 1-2 record on the year. The good news for the Chargers is that they have been competitive in each game, including against two playoff hopefuls in the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. The bad news is that they let an average Cincinnati team stay in the game. The Chargers defense has been stout so far, but the fortunes of the Chargers offense depends on whether they can get a passable offense going. Matty Swift hasn't been good this year, but the contributions in the run game, led by Israel Carlson, has given the Chargers at least one offensive weapons to use. Las Vegas Raiders (1-2): The Raiders are used to being the premier team in the AFC West, but that may be coming to a change after their 1-2 start to open the season. The offense looks different this year. It hasn't been the Nick Hall show this year, as the Raiders have shown a balanced offense. The offensive line has been a bit creaky this year, with the 6th worst sack rate against in the NFLHC. The defense is also a bottom 5 unit in points per game. They have struggled to force turnovers, get sacks, and get opponents off the field on third downs so far. Denver Broncos (1-2): While the Broncos share a 1-2 record with the Chargers and Raiders, they look to be the worst of the AFC West teams. They have only really been competitive in one game, a win against the Rams,but looked bad in week 1 against the Colts, and fell apart in a week 2 loss to the Patriots. The offense has been bad. They don't convert on third downs and they throw too many interceptions. The big question for the Broncos is who is their QB1 of the future. Some in the organization think it's Troy McMurray, but there have to be concerns that QB1 isn't on the roster at all. Overall: The Chiefs are the clear number one in this division. The Raiders most likely have the second most upside in the division, but their defense threatens to hold them down. Similarily, the Chargers have the defense that can keep them in close games, but Matty Swift isn't good enough to win them games. The Broncos are looking to see who QB1 is and what players fit around them with the rest of the season to play.
  10. Is AJ Jefferson on thin ice? The Cardinals have gotten off to a slow start, dropping their first three games to open up the year. Change may be in the air for Arizona, as rumors have begun to swirl about AJ Jefferson's status as QB1. Jefferson has gotten off to a pedestrian start, leading many within the organization wanting a fresh start. Jefferson's contract has an easy out at the end of the season, and the Cardinals are interested in learning more of what they have in backup Christian Barkley if the cold streak for the team continues.
  11. Cardinals say that "[they] look forward to having Harden be a Cardinal for years to come, and know that he can help turn this ship around to a winning seasons."
  12. We'll get a game in at some point
  13. "I've liked over 100 Mina Kimes tweets"
  14. I started playing chess a lot more. One of the easier things to do because it can just be online. I've just been working still mostly. Sucks to have to pay bills during a pandemic. I've been fortunate though. I haven't gotten sick, and none of my family or my circle have gotten sick or passed from coronavirus. It feels lame to complain about things like masks and bars being closed or whatever, and I just remember to count my blessings. My friendships are strong, my mental health is as good as it's been, and my financial situation is solid still relatively
  15. So I'm trying to get that going. Right now we'd try to do division specific beat Writers who can do weekly articles about teams in a division. If you want to pm me about it, I can show you what I've kind of scripted out
  16. If people want to do media, let me know. I'm putting together an organizational structure for it so that people can have designated roles and beats
  17. If people want to do media, I want to expand BOFA here and make it more independent from teams. I'd be the editor or whatever and we'd have "journalists" in some structure. This is assuming that I wouldn't coach, which is likely tbh
  18. Election is Tuesday. It's gonna suck. I want to avoid the world and I'm gonna try to avoid shit. So I am thinking about doing game shit. So if anyone wants to do game playing let's do it. Even if I break and follow the election super tight it might help others. I got zombies and warzone and civ 5 to contribute to play. Stay safe y'all idk what will happen on E Day but I feel like it'll be chaotic
  19. Yes, @Bubada @Todd @taffyowner @llamas @Minnow @DangerZoneh @Weeze @TuscanSota There is a cfbhc steam group, that hasn't been used much but it can probably be revived. It's public and called cfbhc. @Apeis one of the admins for it
  20. I think we have a cfbhc steam group out there somewhere
  21. Aight y'all, 2020 is tough. No way to put it in any other way. The site for many of us has been a reprieve from the real world. For me personally, it's not COVID that has taken a toll on me, but the environment regarding policing and systemic racism and all that stuff. I'm tired in the same way my parents and grandparents and great grandparents and all other Black people in my family and the word have been since before my ancestor Emmanuel was freed from his chains. I don't want to assume much, but I've said in private that there are people on the site who may not be as equipped to handle certain situations and it tends to be pushed into the site community in a way that's unhealthy. I've personally sensed a feeling of discontent on the site that threatens the health of the site. I want to check in with members of this community, which I have been a part of for a while. This community has meant a lot to me. I've made good friends, and have good memories stemming from the site, and I know others have too. I worry about the mental health of people here, including people who have the task of running the site. If you feel comfortable posting under this, I encourage you to, but I also understand if you don't. If you feel more comfortable reaching out to me or others privately, there are plenty of people who have experience in talking to people who are going through tough times. A final thing from my perspective only. I want the site to continue and be strong, but I'm not sure how it can continue while so many personal struggles impact the ability of the site to run. I don't think it would be a bad idea for a break, with a timeline, to happen. It would give us a chance to recharge, without hounding site admin over games and croots. Even if it's a 2 week determined break to recharge and just relax, I think it could be helpful. Anyways, drop how you're doing below here. Check in so we know how you're doing and if you need help with anything.
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