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  1. I’ve never bothered to look at run vs pass blocking, but I like to have a run blocking RT and a pass blocking LT. Beyond that, chemistry is everything. I try to make as few changes to the line as possible.
  2. Emperor


    Best of next door is a top 3 account on twitter https://twitter.com/bestofnextdoor/status/1130712779663368193?s=21
  3. Just quoting this to ask if I still have a winning record vs you, pretty sure I do
  4. Bryce Thompson 18/33 209 1 1 1/0 Here he is vs my secondary last year, I think you'll win Edit: Also 3 carries for 6 yards
  5. Im one of those assholes that likes the local version better, we had a canes rip off before it got big so it dominates our area and, being a much smaller chain, has much better ingredients
  6. My go to is a burrito with brown rice and black beans, barbacoa, mild and medium salsa, and then maybe shredded cheese/sour cream/corn/lettuce depending on how I feel. If I want queso and/or something other than my go-to chipotle order, I go to moes. Not a fan of chipotle queso at all, but that's not why I go there Barbacoa is never dry and they always give you a fuckton
  7. Respect my decisions
  8. Also gains a 10% injury chance, poor guy
  9. Sounds like a bad idea to do that
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