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  1. Offense: 14 (+2) Defense: 18 (-2) Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 11 Discipline: 13 (+2) Youth Mgmt: 15 Career: unchanged Achievements: unchanged Feats: unchanged
  2. Oh yeah I understand, don’t want to sound unappreciative or anything, just wanted to voice my opinion.
  3. As a coach of an aging team, I’ve wanted to rotate players for years, so this is perfect. gotta say though, I would still like the nflhc gameplan and the cfbhc gameplan to be more similar, I vastly prefer the NFLHC plan. It gives so much more control even before the update
  4. How often are these extra plays called? For example if I add fake spike will the team go out of their way to call it or only do it when/if it makes sense
  5. Come on, you’re just teeing up the Jumanji jokes at this point
  6. the fact that I just can’t quite get to the top of the mountain
  7. Who cares if I had the worst SoS in the country. PLAYOFF ME.
  8. Don’t worry guys I found Clemson’s offense
  9. aren't you on the remaining schedule twice
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