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    1. Nate Tensi, best pure CB I’ve coached.
    2. [2021] Week #13 - 4 PM

      Uh, where did that come from
    3. What’s your experience starting true freshmen?

      Marquise Holliday led my defense to a NCG appearance Marquise Reed easily played FS and WR Glenn Thorpe won ACC DPOTY Josiah Brock is about to be my first 1000 yard rusher in at least a few seasons so id say pretty good
    4. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Morning

      Feelin' good
    5. Do you value height/weight for croot evaluation?

      Not really for skill players, I pay attention to weight on linemen though
    6. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 34 Whataburger: 34 (+1) In-N-Out: 28 (-1)
    7. Signing Days: Theo Chamberlain, WR

      Theo is someone we’re so excited to come to Clemson. Being our highest rated recruit since Marquise Reed, he’s going to come in and compete for the #1 job right away. Andrew Harrison is an extremely talented WR, but I know Theo can push him to become better and Clemson has a history of starting freshmen. With our slew of young, but super talented players, we hope to have a spread out attack. That allows each young star to excel in space.
    8. Especially in CFBHC, always go BPA on the margin, personally.
    9. [2021] Week 12 SOS and RPI

      My 4-4 start now feels a lot better given I have the #3 SoS
    10. Instant Classics

      A personal favorite http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/15656-2019-week-10-saturday-evening/
    11. [2021] Week #11 - TNF

      Clemson done woke up
    12. [2021] Week #10 - TNF

      Death, taxes, and beating NC State
    13. [2021] Franz's Facts: Week 8

      Say my name
    14. [2021] Midseason C-USA QB Rankings

      I think it’s because he’s the worst QB in the country