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  1. Clemson: Week 1: Open Week 2: vs NIU Week 4: Open
  2. Offense: 12 (-1) Defense: 20 Special Teams: 10 (+1) Clock Mgmt: 11 (+2) Discipline: 11 (+1) Rome informed me that my discipline is lower on the sidebar than what I posted. Youth Mgmt: 15 (-1) Coaching feats: Ozymandias, Miracle Adjustments
  3. this quiz really annoys me tho example: like it is just plain true that a one party or authoritarian state is more efficient in that it never has government shutdowns, so I’m obligated to hit agree but I don’t think one party states are good just because of that.
  4. I signed all those guys without even knowing it until like 2 days ago lol The mass withdrawal looms
  5. This is where the frustration comes in for me, and it is a problem with most coach of the year awards irl: people treat it like a "most surprising team" award when in actuality coaches like Saban or Dabo should win year-in-year-out if it's a "best coach" award I am not saying at all that I should be coach of the year, but use my situation as an example: I built the team, I should get credit for creating a team good enough that expectations are sky high, a target is on my back every week, and I still go undefeated.
  6. Theo Chamberlain and Darius Banjo beating Duke for me is a top 10 anime betrayal
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