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  1. this quiz really annoys me tho example: like it is just plain true that a one party or authoritarian state is more efficient in that it never has government shutdowns, so I’m obligated to hit agree but I don’t think one party states are good just because of that.
  2. I signed all those guys without even knowing it until like 2 days ago lol The mass withdrawal looms
  3. This is where the frustration comes in for me, and it is a problem with most coach of the year awards irl: people treat it like a "most surprising team" award when in actuality coaches like Saban or Dabo should win year-in-year-out if it's a "best coach" award I am not saying at all that I should be coach of the year, but use my situation as an example: I built the team, I should get credit for creating a team good enough that expectations are sky high, a target is on my back every week, and I still go undefeated.
  4. Theo Chamberlain and Darius Banjo beating Duke for me is a top 10 anime betrayal
  5. And his team has fewer wins, proving once and for all the superiority of only passing
  6. Hmmmm can’t think of anyone that can match that
  7. So what we did to tech last week was pretty severe I guess
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