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  1. Not to be pedantic but his name is Aaron Samuelsson
  2. Honestly? Never really cared if my OL was run or pass blocking. It's never seemed to make a difference for me. My OL in Indy is 4/5 Run blocking, but we're last in YPC and 2nd in sacks allowed. Might be just me, though.
  3. Colts for All-Pro as a group pls our starting center is a 78 overall 6th year OT and we're the only all green line
  4. some colts: QB Aaron Shea: 4,538 yards passing (2nd), 39 TDs (5th), 10 INTs, 110.75 rating (4th), 8.73 YPA (3rd), 66.35 Comp% (6th), 302.53 YPG (3rd), 7.5 TD% (4th), 1.92 INT % (6th lowest), 520 passing attempts (6th) WR Mosi Bartos: 1,335 receiving yards (1st), 94 catches (2nd), 11 TDs (3rd), 0/0 F/FL, 14.2 YPC, 89 YPG (3rd) WR Rashad Simon: 1,036 receiving yards, 75 catches, 10 TDs, 0/0 F/FL, 13.81 YPC, 79.69 YPG Colts OL: T-2nd fewest sacks allowed, 4th in line average with an OT in at Center due to injury CB Aaron Samuelsson: 6 INTs T-2nd, member of the defense with the most interceptions FS Sean Burton: 45 tackles, 5 INTs (T-3rd), 1 FR, member of the defense with the most interceptions
  5. Call me crazy but I'm thinking Indy takes the #5 seed
  6. Oh hello, run game, been quite a while since I've seen you.
  7. Looks like my "we clinched now let's get weird" doesn't always work
  8. My happiest moments on the site were beating FSU and BC last year. I had never beaten both in the same year, but I beat both with some spectacularly clutch plays. In terms of losses, losing a championship is always absolutely devestating. Surviving that long just to come up a few plays short makes all my effort feel pointless.
  9. RIP Clemson having 69 points Week 7 2020-Week 8 2020
  10. Heh I got 69 points
  11. Clemson was kinda a clusterfuck with a ton of coaches in 2013 and before I got there in 2014, it's hard to know who was coaching when
  12. Can I get this framed? I need a completely blank South Carolina hall of fame hanging over my desk, it warms my heart.
  13. Eat it, loser.
  14. BREAKING NEWS: Tampa Tribune rehires chief copy editor after first breaking story goes awry.
  15. Told y'all a million times we. are. overrated.