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  1. Emperor_of_Orange

    [2022] Chicago Tribune Outlook Ratings

    AW3 to mild bullishness
  2. Emperor_of_Orange

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    Colts: RB Shane Strong 5-6 204 R Arizona [Power] [0/C] 76 RB Nathan Coleman 5-10 200 R Missouri [Power] [0] 72 FB Dennis Chapman 5-9 230 R Purdue [Pass Blocking] [-1] 74 WR Sean McDermott 6-3 214 R South Carolina [Target] [0] 75 WR Ricky Seau 6-0 192 R Kansas State [Target] [0] 67 WR Noel Lujan 6-2 158 R Arkansas [Speed] [0] 65 OT Ned Eller 6-7 323 R Nebraska [Run Blocking] [0] 74 OT Aiden Hammer 6-5 300 R Ball State [Pass Blocking] [0] 72 C Shawn Colbert 6-4 256 R Virginia [Run Blocking] [0] 66 DE Mitch McNiel 6-6 263 R McNeese State [Contain] [0] 67 DT Taua Maui'a 6-1 302 R Auburn [2-Gap] [0] 77 ILB Carter Duncan 6-1 244 R Wake Forest [Mike] [0] 76 OLB Ruben Cahill 6-3 220 R Notre Dame [Coverage] [-1] 78 OLB Griffin McElroy 6-3 237 R California [Coverage] [0] 67 OLB Myles Lindsay 6-1 235 R Ohio [Coverage] [0] 67 OLB Quinn Glover 6-2 218 R Brown [Coverage] [+1] 66 CB Adam Haywood 6-0 196 R Toledo [Zone Coverage] [-1/C] 69 CB Abdoulaye Reaves 6-1 188 R New Mexico [Zone Coverage] [+2] 66 FS Cortez McGhee 6-0 195 R Navy [Man Coverage] [0] 69 SS Jaylin Hinds 6-0 186 R Western Michigan [Zone Coverage] [0] 69 K Chris Connell 5-9 160 R Portland State [Power] [0] 80
  3. Emperor_of_Orange

    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    Matt Jones will be drafted
  4. Emperor_of_Orange

    Who will be overdrafted?

    Hot taek: Dockery Cold take: Vega RB is such a valued position right now that they’re almost guaranteed to go in the top 35ish picks, but Vega isn’t a 1st round RB imo and Dockery was used so much at Louisville that he may be too worn down to be a great or even good NFLHC RB
  5. At least we weren't forgotten Also Jamir Sample is good, damnit
  6. Emperor_of_Orange

    What are you optimistic about for the 2022 season?

    Coaching my first scrambler ever and seeing that scrambler throw to Theo Chamberlain
  7. Emperor_of_Orange

    The Feedback Committee is now live!

    Lips are fine to stay on my ass tho
  8. Emperor_of_Orange

    Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

    Clemson updated: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Clemson_Tigers
  9. Emperor_of_Orange

    ACC Coach of the Year

    Glad Darman apologized above because I voted for Kendrick legitimately. What he did with wake was truly shocking to me, while I expected Duke to be good.
  10. Emperor_of_Orange

    What position would you play? (Or have/do play)

    I played a lot of WR in high school, and occasionally DB. I was pretty average, height was just about my only advantage
  11. Emperor_of_Orange

    [CFBHC] How should my depth chart be formatted?

    Alternative labels list might be the thing I never knew I needed most So if I list a slot WR, will the WR3 essentially have the same role that a WR4 would have had a separate slot designation not been made?
  12. Emperor_of_Orange

    [2021] Final Coaches Poll

    Crying all the way to the W
  13. Emperor_of_Orange

    [2021] Final Coaches Poll

    Lmao why is SCar ranked
  14. Emperor_of_Orange

    [2021] All Pro Team

    Is there a particular way to list slot defenders? CB3 right?