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    1. I will be on a cruise from the 26th and will be gone until the 8th of January. I will hopefully be able to get wifi while at port to take care of any responsibilities.

      1. Emperor_of_Orange


        god damn a 2 week cruise, have fun dude

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    2. I am as lost as a turtle in a desert. I don't know what to do from here. The one person that helped me keep my sanity and kept me on the right path is gone, my soul mate, and the love of my life is gone, forever. How the fuck do I continue on? 

      1. Emperor_of_Orange


        I have no experience in something this devastating, and I've been staring at this screen trying to figure out anything I could say. The best I've thought of is what my grandfather and uncle did when their wives passed away. My grandfather got quite into baking banana bread for the homeless, and said bringing others joy quickly became one of his favorite activities. My uncle decided to travel, seeing the world with a childhood friend or relative (or new girlfriend, he was a player at 80) coming along with him brought new adventures into his life that didn't allow him to break down completely following her death. He had gotten sober some years before and knew what would happen if he didn't find something new. When he didn't have the money to travel, he built things. Tables and chairs are relatively easy to make, and it's surprisingly satisfying to use a table that you built on a day-to-day basis (My laptop is sitting on the coffee table I built a few months ago as I type this)


        This may not be very helpful, but I figured it more useful than being the probably 5000th person to say "if you need anything lmk"

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    3. Fiancee is still stable. The doctor found the cause of the 35+ hour 100.5 fever, there ia another infection. Luckily it seems like they caught it in time, so it should not be a big issue. We will no more tomorrow.

    4. After being stable for 3 days, my fiancee's vitals dropped randomly to the point to where she was an hour away from death. Due to the quick response from the nurses and the doctor, she is still alive and back to stable. I have never been so scared in my life.

      1. Emperor_of_Orange


        Shit man, that's incredibly terrifying. I'm glad she's stable. I'm hoping for the best and, while I doubt there's much I could do as an internet stranger, let me know if there is anything, please.

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    5. @ACC I'm going to start working on Season Previews. I'm going in no particular order, but I can only do yours if you've been progressed and if you have your depth chart up. 

      1. Emperor_of_Orange


        Well, there's my incentive.

    6. Preseason Overreaction #2: This is Tony Peaks' last season.

    7. Not gonna lie, but 1980s Lea Thompson is a beauty.

    8. Has anyone here ever been to Vienna? I'm thinking of applying for a scholarship to study abroad there this summer.

    9. Note to self: win super bowl (Putting this here so I don't forget)

    10. Final day before writing the novel and creating the Neo-Western world of a Caballero

    11. Raise a glass to freedom, something Ted will never see again no mattee what she tells you

    12. Internet has been broken recently, life has been busy, sorry I haven't been as active as recently. <3 you all.

    13. China built a wall and they have practically no Mexicans.. so

    14. I've had 4 people request Previews, but I told them I'd wait until I was done with the others. Well, I'm done with the others. Problem is, I only remember 3 of the 4 teams. If you requested a preview and I haven't reached out to you yet, please PM me.