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    1. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      finally some disrespekt I can use
    2. [2021] NFLHC Key Injuries: Preseason Week 1

      Lost him in training camp
    3. [2021] Pre-Season Week #1 - 1 PM

    4. ACC Quarterback Rankings: Preseason

      Psst his name is Jamel
    5. [2021] Pac-12 Responds to Account Misuse

      This is some sort of Kafka-esque nightmare
    6. You're forced to change your username...

    7. [2021] Training Camp Results

      Training camps was always a bad idea
    8. [2021] NFLHC Positional Conversions

      OT Leslie Hoover 6-1 339 6 Michigan [Run Blocking] 78 to C WR Lee Lowe 6-6 180 5 Utah [Speed] 72 to KR
    9. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Indianapolis Colts send: QB Kevin Fulford 6-5 226 R Davidson [Pocket] 71 TE Cayden Reese 6-3 207 R Air Force [Receiving] 78 WR Cameron Beatty 6-3 220 R Virginia [Target] 67 DT David Hendrickson 6-6 314 R Illinois [2-Gap] 67 ILB Damion Taylor 6-4 233 R James Madison [Mike] 74 ILB Erik Whitten 6-1 229 R Washington State [Will] 70 CB Malachi Douglas 6-1 184 R Clemson [Zone Coverage] 79 FS Eric Finney 6-2 203 R Wyoming [Zone Coverage] 70 SS Jonathan Norman 6-2 203 R Virginia Tech [Zone Coverage] 79 SS Constantine Richards 6-2 198 R Memphis [Zone Coverage] 70 OG Prince Calloway 6-5 333 R West Virginia [Pass Blocking] 75
    10. If I’m making a new rivalry it’s Clemson-Jumanji
    11. INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- The Indianapolis Colts are thrilled to announce the draft picks from the 2021 NFLHC Draft. In addition to the rookies, the Colts will be introducing DE Anthony Miller, recently arrived via trade with the Los Angeles Chargers. The draft picks for the Colts are Hudson Adam (#22), Malachi Douglas (#55), Jonathan Norman (#86), Clayton Reese (#151), Prince Calloway (#167), and Damion Taylor (#187). Anthony Miller was picked 3rd overall in the 2020 NFLHC Draft. 1st Round (22nd Overall) Hudson Adam, DT, West Virginia 81 Overall Hudson Adam's 310lb frame and the results of his combine and pro day testing made him the perfect selection in the eyes of the Colts brain-trust. The Colts had been looking to move on from long-time defensive tackle Quentin Smith due to future cap necessities and Hudson provided a great opportunity to do so. The Colts later went through with the move of Smith, sending him to Pittsburgh on Day 3 of the draft. 2nd Round (55th Overall) Malachi Douglas, CB, Clemson 79 Overall Malachi Douglas was seen as an ideal scheme fit for the Colts who adore Douglas' size and speed, as well as his ball-hawking abilities. Douglas showed that he was best when he had another good CB across from him and that excites Colts who hope Douglas will form a formidable duo with 4th-year Colts CB Aaron Samuelsson. 3rd Round (86th Overall) Jonathan Norman, SS, Virginia Tech 79 Overall The Colts Front Office was eager to fill a hole at backup strong safety, and Jonathan Norman was seen as a player that could sit behind starting SS Chris Brown for a few year to learn the NFL game. The Colts hope he can contribute in limited defensive action and on special teams. 5th Round (151st Overall) Cayden Reese, TE, Air Force 78 Overall Cayden Reese is seen by the Colts as a player that can contribute in the middle passing game, allowing starting TE Shane Kaufman more plays in his preferred role as a blocker. Reese will also gain experience on all of the special teams squads. 6th Round (167 Overall) Prince Calloway, OG, West Virginia 75 Overall The second West Virginia Mountaineer of the class join a guard rotation in need of young talent to develop. The starters are hopefully set for a while, giving players like Calloway the privilege of learning from players like Jimmie Shelton without having to be forced into playing time too early. 6th Round (187th Overall) Damion Taylor, ILB, James Madison 74 Overall Damion Taylor joins a solid linebacking core in hopes of being a diamond in the rough. Coming out of the FCS, Taylor is not expected to become a star, but Taylor hopes to prove everyone wrong. He'll spend time learning from veteran linebackers Doug Odoms and Kelly Mitchell in hopes of one day taking over for Odoms. PLAYER TRADED FOR Anthony Miller, DE, Tennessee 85 Overall The 3rd overall pick in the 2020 NFLHC Draft, Anthony Miller joins a suddenly revitalized Colts Defensive Line. Joining the rookie Adam and 3rd year DE Jonathan Goodwin, this Colts DL looks to be a force for years to come. Miller and Goodwin serve as perfect opposites, excelling at each others' deficiencies and both look to give the Colts' 2020 interception-leading secondary with a formidable pass rush. Welcome to the Indianapolis Colts!
    12. The ACC is about to be just me and Imposter jfc good luck at the condom school jumbo
    13. [2020] CFBHC National Championship Game

      #BlameJumbo #JetsSuperBowlTruthers
    14. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #13

      gg joe
    15. 2020 Orange Bowl Preview

    16. npklemm

      And I can give you all the coaching tips you need, the curve on this site can be tough for new coaches
    17. [2021] Virginia Special Conference

      aw shucks
    18. Woo Thorpe! I knew he would be Freshman of the year, but didn't think he'd actually be DPOTY! Thanks y'all!
    19. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $800 - Orange Bowl: Clemson (+6) $100 - CFP Quarterfinal: Virginia (+9) $100 - Bay Area Bowl: Washington State (-4)
    20. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Final Edition)

      I have a better ACC record than you and I won my division
    21. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Final Edition)

      Fight me
    22. [2020] Conference Championship Games - Day #3 (ACC/B12/SEC)

      God damn it. My ultimate defense gameplan is only foiled by terrible, terrible offense