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  1. Build the team first then get the QB, too many teams go QB first then everything else.
  2. rip mpost he is my inspiration and driving force
  3. Redshirt Freshman Glenn Thorpe, CLEM, 2 Sacks, 5 Tackles vs TCU
  4. Oh, clemson,,,,,,,, hello
  5. gib contruct
  6. Gotta win the last one.
  7. Can we start putting previous years' depth charts links into a folder on the forums page? Where the forum has a link to the current year's depth charts and then all others are in the "historical depth charts" folder or something.
  8. Just wanted to add, @DangerZoneh, you helped me so eagerly when I joined in 2014, and taught me so much of what made me successful as a coach. You basically showed me how to gameplan, helping me to a massive victory over Nick Hall's Syracuse and making my first experiences with this site great. That first gameplan you helped me make is still the backbone of every gameplan I make. I still use the same offense to this day, and it's brought me to championship games in NFLHC and CFBHC. You told me when I got here that Clemson was one of those 'cursed' teams that couldn't hold a coach for more than a month. And you said you hoped that I'd be the coach to break that curse. Well, it's been 3 great years in Clemson. Thanks, Danger. Also thanks for Rodney Galbreath.
  9. Shea
  10. Not gonna make a big list of people because then I'll accidentally exclude people, so I'll just say @Bubada is someone that I always look forward to his articles because they're so interesting and detailed. A small little enjoyment I have that keeps me coming back to this site daily is rubbing mayonnaise all over myself while shitposting.
  11. git gud pleb
  12. Every time I see Clemson super highly ranked
  13. I plan on 4 deep at WR, 3 deep with CBs unless I'm running Dime. QBs is usually 2 scheme QBs and a rando I try and keep my backups experienced, but my 3rd and 4th stringers as young as I can
  14. git gud rome
  15. Me rn
  16. CJ Logan. He's somewhere adrift the NFLHC, kicking ass and taking names. He taught me how to use a QB, and what kind of offense I like to run. Most of my game plans have centered around stuff I learned with CJ Logan at the helm. He may have become a meme, but he was a damn good college QB.
  17. Shea
  18. With safeties I like to use one type of coverage all the time. I get picky with the Cornerbacks and change them almost weekly. I rely on the receivers more more to tell me what to run than the QB. Never press speed guys.
  19. I am making it so hard for you to pick our games lol. Sorry
  20. Aaron Shea's resolve
  22. Can you give examples of something forum based vs something program based? Don't want to get it wrong
  23. How the hell

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