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  1. RIP Clemson having 69 points Week 7 2020-Week 8 2020
  2. Heh I got 69 points
  3. Clemson was kinda a clusterfuck with a ton of coaches in 2013 and before I got there in 2014, it's hard to know who was coaching when
  4. Can I get this framed? I need a completely blank South Carolina hall of fame hanging over my desk, it warms my heart.
  5. Eat it, loser.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Tampa Tribune rehires chief copy editor after first breaking story goes awry.
  7. Told y'all a million times we. are. overrated.
  8. Mines a pretty obvious one, CJ Logan was such an interesting phenomenon. He was good for a 4/4 QB, but with my building up of him he got so overrated to the point of being underrated again. Dude took a 3-5 team and proceeded to go 14-2 as a starter over the next 16 games. My favorite player on another team has got to be Marquise Reed. (In seriousness it's probably Keyshawn) I also follow Chris Billings because I hope he fails at every endeavor
  9. Funny coming from someone with 160 fewer votes Checkmate
  10. did u considur gittin gud
  11. Trey leaves GT merely weeks after a devastating loss to emperor, coincidence? I THINK NOT! Seriously though, I'll miss you in the ACC man and good luck with all your endeavors, I know you'll do well.
  12. Colts
  13. This message is true

  14. Haha fuck you Time
  15. System that vastly overrated me is now punishing me for not succeeding like it expected
  16. Lol what the fuck
  17. For the first time ever, I think I forgot to gameplan
  18. If I have a weak WR4 and a receiver TE then I usually slot him in there, if I have a weak slot receiver then I try and find a RB to put in there
  19. I'll say 9th
  20. Lol wtf Clots
  21. Love the new theme, only bad thing I've noticed is that it's not very easy to get back on the homepage from mobile. The big clickable logo is gone.
  22. Shea
  23. Shea
  24. Good enough