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  1. ¡Olé!
  2. So close. GG Alien. Also, look at you, Mamadou.
  3. Hmm
  4. Fun fact: Every season the Colts have used Leslie Hoover as the starting center, they've gone to the Super Bowl
  5. Ours should be fixed
  6. The people of the world thank you for this addition, based god Soluna.
  7. I mean, I didn't gameplan with him in mind this week. I essentially just gameplanned to see what Mendoza could do.
  8. Dwayne Carter, IND, 1 INT, 1 Tackle
  9. OT William Kinard 6-5 294 2 Texas [Run Blocking] 80 to OG
  10. SS Samir Ware 5-11 200 1 Clemson [Man Coverage] 78 to CB
  11. Oh hello
  12. Dat Hill got snubbed in the meme category
  13. Emperor_of_Orange, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach A) I will be spending the day in the War Room, I initially planned to be at the draft for Marquise Reed, but circumstances won't allow it.
  14. GG gravy.
  15. Vote Emperor for B1G Commissioner!

  16. Soft
  18. We fucked up the best scrambler ever. That makes me happy.
  19. Clemson-Bama hype
  20. tfw your all-american doesn't make All-ACC THANKS FOR COTY YEAR THO LOVE Y'ALL
  21. True frosh 2/5 FS. 9 INTs, 29 Tackles, 3 TD on the year.

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