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  1. GG @vtgorilla, I was hoping against hope it'd be close but damn to blow a lead like that at home
  2. LAX

    [2023] Week #4 - FNF

    First time UNC has had a winning record since I took over
  3. Coaches that were around in 2013, PM me if you're interested in an interview set about the inaugural season of CFBHC

  4. I went from worst team ever to not in the bottom 10. Let's gooooo
  5. I think we know which LB is gonna be running til he pukes tomorrow while the other one watches
  6. It's the Seattle-Arizona 6-6 tie all over again
  7. Coach: @Dean 2022 Record: 4-8 2023 Projection: 5-7 (South Carolina, at ODU, UNC, at WF, Syracuse) Who is BC? Boston College had a down year last season. After an ACC Championship Game berth and a 10-3 record in 2021, the Eagles fell off hard in 2022. A 4-8 record and a large amount of grumbling from the BC faithful is all they earned. Coach Dean is looking to retool after losing Seniors from the previous coach's class, establishing a new school of thought in Chestnut Hill. The Griffin Way experiment ended after two games, paving the way for RS Fr J.M. Gill to take the reigns. Neither QB was spectacular in 2022 and the record shows. If it weren't for SR RB Jordan Godson, the team might have been a lot worse. Godson put the team on his back, dragging them nearly 1500 yards over the course of his 12 game season. Who left? The largest loss to the League has to be the aforementioned Jordan Godson. A star player on a bad team, Godson earned himself a 4th round selection in the 2023 NFLHC Draft. The Eagles had 5 seniors with names called in late May: C Curtis, ILB Butler, RB Godson, SS Mallory, and ILB Vereen. C Kyle Curtis was the spearhead on an offensive line that held opposing teams to 1.45 sacks per game in 2022. Curtis was joined in graduation by the LT and LG he played next to, leading over half of the 2023 OL to be first time starters. The ILB pair of Steven Vereen and Darius Butler had their differences throughout the season. Vereen started all 12 games, Butler was very vocal about who he thinks should have started instead. Butler was a 3rd round pick in May, Vereen was a 7th round pick. I'm sure Butler called a few people to give them a piece of his mind. That's not to say Vereen was bad for BC in 2022. 49 tackles, 6 TFL, 1 sack, and 2 PD made up his Senior campaign. The remaining Senior with his name called and hat worn in May, SS Jon Mallory, was the harder hitting of the safety pair. With 22 tackles, 1 INT, and 1 PD in only 4 games recording a stat, Mallory was a busy Eagle, flying all over the field. Who steps up? Boston College had the 10th best recruiting class in the country last season. Whilst most of the headliners will be sitting out this season as redshirts, one Freshman has earned the starting job and has some huge shoes to fill. Franklin Bell, a RB from Wilbur Cross in New Haven, CT, has shown up and shown out in preseason camp. Being handed the starting job to replace Jordan Godson, the comparisons, and expectations, have already begun. C Jake Barbour and OG Brady Brown get the nods to replace the departing Seniors on the left side of the OL. The young duo will be the key pieces on the BC OL for the next 2 seasons minimum, 3 if Brown returns for his Senior season. They will be the difference makers when it comes to how clean J.M. Gill's jersey is at the end of the week. SS Andrew Snyder gets his time in the sun this season as well. Backing up Jon Mallory and learning from him last year will no doubt have him ready to fill in on the back end of the defense. Players to watch? Offense: RB Franklin Bell, OG Brady Brown, C Jake Barbour I feel like these three have been given the spotlight in the earlier section, so this is almost self explanatory. All 3 will be important pieces in taking the load off of Gill. Otherwise, J.M. Just Might be running for his life and putting those legs to use more often than the coaches and fans would like. Defense: DT Deondray Platt, DE Michael Britt These two terrorized opposing QBs last season. Of the 21.5 recorded sacks, Platt and Britt combined for 14 of them. Add in another 49 tackles, 12 TFL, and 4 FF between them and it's no doubt these two will be players that can make or break the season for BC. What does this mean? The core of the team returns from last season. Whether that's a good thing or not has yet to be seen. An early season test vs Tennessee this week will set the tone for the Eagles and have fans celebrating or lamenting come Monday morning. The youth is the strength of this team as coach Dean has used the earlier success and turned it into a phenomenal class of freshman that will no doubt return BC to relevancy. J.M. Gill will have a full 12 games to show what he can do and the 10 games he started last year can only be a good thing as the extra year on campus allowed him to grow as a person and a player. Look for Deondray Platt to add to his League portfolio this year, aiming to be the 1st overall pick in the upcoming years.
  8. Head Coach: Wonderbread 2022 Record: 8-5 (Won New Mexico Bowl 28-24 vs NIU) 2023 Projection: 7-5 (Wins: UConn, at ECU, North Texas, WKU, at NMSU, at UTEP, at Louisiana Tech) What is UAB building on? UAB had the best season in school history in 2022, finishing above .500 for the first time while also securing the first bowl win ever for the Blazers. Coach Wonderbread looks to the youth of the squad to lead this team into the future. A tough late slate at the end of the season that includes 4 straight road games to close the season, including a game at Rice (the only team in the C-USA West UAB has never beaten), will make improving on a school best 8-5 record a daunting task. Who did they lose? UAB is a super young team, only losing 4 starters between last season and this one. Those losses being FB Felix Pearson, TE Robert Bennett, DT Ashton Rowland, and FS Nathaniel Brown. The C-USA DPotY Cory Joseph has credited Ashton Rowland with a ton of help clogging the lanes last year, leaving Joseph free to run wild on opposing offenses. A few players lost their starting jobs as well, most notable being QB Elijah Currie-Madison. Currie-Madison put up insane numbers last season with a 68.2 completion percentage for 2862 yards, 21 TD, and only 4 INT. He is being replaced by RS Jr Corey Mays out of Blinn College in Brenham, TX. Mays was the backup QB last year and failed to appear in any games. A lack of spring game has also left scouts in the dark on the capabilities of Mays in the system. Past results with ECM have led many to believe Mays will be just as good or better as both players are the same build with Mays being leaner by about 30 pounds. ECM isn't the only 2022 starter to lose their job to a younger player. WR Aaron Shaw has seen himself jumped by two Alabama boys, dropping him from starter to slot receiver. Shaw fell just short of a 1000 yard regular season, ending with 62 catches for 924 yards and 10 TD. His replacements are RS So Andre McIntosh and JR Ramon Barragan. McIntosh showed up last season as a RS Fr, amassing 579 yards on only 34 catches and converting 5 of those into TDs. Barragan was a special teams player that must have shown up in camp as he moved up the depth chart like he had a rocket strapped to his back. On the defensive side of the ball, CB Nathaniel Sewell has seen his starting position given to RS Fr Tracy Goodwin whilst also being relegated to the Dime spot by two younger players moving up. Sewell had 6 INTs last season and returned one of them all the way for a TD. His replacements failed to make any impact on the stat sheet. Special teams wise, LS Marc Banks lost his spot to JuCo transfer Dylan Carlson. Who did they gain? UAB had the 47th best recruiting class in the country last season, bringing in 21 recruits with 2 JuCo transfers. A few of these recruits are being thrown into the deep end either out of necessity or a willingness to see what sticks. Two true freshmen are getting the start on defense with ILB Andrew Cunningham and SS Robaire Clinton getting the nods. The FS spot also gets a new face as JuCo transfer Shawn House slots in to replace the aforementioned Nathaniel Brown that graduated. Players to watch? Offense: QB Corey Mays, RB Lorenzo Deaton, OT Sam Duvall First time starter Corey Mays will need the help of established star Lorenzo Deaton and the mountain of a man Sam Duvall to ensure a healthy and productive 2023. The lack of tape on Mays may give UAB an early jump on people but as flaws are noticed, Deaton will need to help carry the load and Duvall will need to make sure his QB keeps a clean jersey. Defense: DT Blaine Kidd, DE Cory Joseph, CB Tracy Goodwin Blaine Kidd has some big shoes to fill. Kidd steps into the role of new Ashton Rowland. Flanked by 2022 C-USA DPotY Cory Joseph, can the production remain the same with a new DT? How those two do in the trenches will have an influence on how well Tracy Goodwin can prevent the long ball. A lack of QB pressure will give opposing offenses the opportunity to methodically work their way down the field at will. Goodwin is the leader of the secondary, having an extra year on campus over the starting SS and FS that are both 2022 recruits. Special Teams: P Quinn Foy On the occasions that the offense stalls, look to Foy to pin them deep. Averaging 39.5 yards per punt last season, another year in the weight room looks to only increase that number. What do all of these questions answer? UAB is coming off of their best season ever with most of the players from that team returning. Not all of those players will be starting, leading some to believe UAB will have growing pains as the chemistry built last year takes a hit. An early season test hosting Iowa State gives the nation the chance to see if UAB is for real or if they're a paper tiger, destined to remain at the 7th place finish projected by most media. New faces on defense, mainly in the secondary, raise concerns of long balls being the way to beat the Blazers. One is also left to wonder how the locker room looks after the reveal of the depth chart and players learning they've lost their starting positions or have been relocated to the 2nd team or special teams squads. Regardless, 2023 will be an interesting season in Birmingham and this writer expects to see them back in the post season for the 3rd straight year.
  9. North Carolina selects: CB Kenyan Wallace Jr. 5-10 175 Fr Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) 1.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage]
  10. Base starting skills Offense: 14 Defense: 16 Special Teams: 8 Clock Mgmt: 8 Discipline: 9 Youth Mgmt: 15 CFBHC Career: East Carolina Pirates (2014-2018), North Carolina Tar Heels (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: Indianapolis Colts GM (2014-2017), Tampa Bay Buccaneers Scout (2021-Present) Achievements: N/A Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2015 Adjustments: +1/0/-1/-1/+1/+2 Traits after 2015: 11/10/9/9/11/12 2016 Adjustments: +2/+1/0/-1/-1/+1 Traits after 2016: 13/11/9/8/10/13 2017 Adjustments: +1/+2/-1/0/-1/+1 Traits after 2017: 14/13/8/8/9/14 2018 Adjustments: -1/+2/+1/0/+1/-1 Traits after 2018: 13/15/9/8/10/13 2022 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/0/-1/+2 Traits after 2022: 14/16/8/8/9/15 Coaching Feats: Local Connections
  11. LAX

    [2022] Week #8 - TNF

    I think it's a random combination of getting lucky and turning shit into gold right now. The only bad game we've had all year is really the Georgia game and that was expected. Played Penn State a lot closer than we should've, especially going on the road there.
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