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  1. Pretty stoked to have jumped so much early. Shout-out to the defense in particular for helping us get here. They look nasty already. Hopefully we can help them out on offense throughout the season. Toughest tests are still to come though. SF this week is going to be a real barometer for how good we can be.
  2. acewulf

    [2024] Week #2 - MNF

    rip CB Rashawn Loftus
  3. Shout-out Soldier Brooks. I love watching good ILB play
  4. gg @Hagan and @Dean Rooting for you guys to make strides this season. Man I love to see the Front 7 get involved like they did today. Zion Gaines already making an impact early. Love to see it. Also love to see the that we can survive without our top 2 WRs for at least a game. Offense will still be shaky I assume for a bit, but we can handle that if the defense continues to perform like this. All around good game everyone.
  5. GG Arkansas State. Wish I'd have covered the spread, but I knew that was a slim chance when I saw it. Wish we'd have gotten a better outing out of Gillette, but I can always be happy with a win.
  6. Atlanta, GA Akili Wallace hits 100 Career Rushing TDs The Atlanta Falcons Front Office is proud to congratulate Running Back Akili Wallace for reaching an all important milestone for his ever impressive career. The 5th overall pick continues to cement his legacy as one of the best backs to have ever played in the league. We are proud to have him represent Atlanta as well as he has during his career here and we look forward to seeing him continue to perform this year. He has been the heart and soul of the offense seemingly from draft day in 2016 and we couldn't be happier for him reaching such an important milestone. #AkiliSmash
  7. acewulf

    [2024] Week #2 - TNF

    this is like the opposite of Texas Tech football
  8. I tried to keep track of it last season as it went on, but good lord when we're healthy it's a monster
  9. What a start to the season. I'd love to see a bit better of a performance from Culver, but we still have some time to smooth things out for him. GG Washington
  10. They gained a spot
  11. @bingo415we have a shiny new Washington emote And I hope that we can surprise some people and continue our above average play that we've seen the past few years. The schedule will be more difficult IMO this year, but we'll just have to see what we can do. I hope we can string together some wins so the team can get a bit more healthy, but other than that I'm excited for the season!
  12. I appreciate the enthusiasm.
  13. Hopefully I can get in the rankings sometime this season. The Big 12 is going to be such a meat grinder.
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