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    1. Talk to your friends about #1 Power Ranked NYG
    2. Wild start. Injuries are so unpredictable. Bills without Jones, Raiders without Madison and Packers without JJ.
    3. Feels good to have the Rookie QB play well after healing up from injury. Proud of what they did against your squad, but I almost wish we had that game back with a fully healthy Suggs just to see what he could do with this gameplan. Oh well. Glad to see he's improving like he is!
    4. While I agree that we haven't been great against the run this season, we also did just play 2 top 10 rushing attacks in Green Bay and Philly. Having Kaz Hadley back in a week or so will also help against the run. I also hope that we can open things up a bit and allow Suggs to air it out a bit more. He was nursing a minor injury, so our scheme really altered to help protect him. Hopefully we can get him in something that can utilize his talents a bit more and open up the passing game a bit. I'm excited to see some of these new weapons in the coming weeks! Unsung hero
    5. I would like to discuss this more. I personally feel that some of the conversation of what people would want in an expanded gameplan revolves around people wanting to have a better grasp and control over what they can and can't do. I wouldn't be opposed to a larger conversation on potential overhaul ideas. I plan on listing one below. I would like to second this notion. Not out of dislike of what people have brought to the table, but to where I think we could take this. An idea I have been floating around in my head is more defined formations as the "primary scheme"
    6. acewulf

      [2025] Week #2 - MNF

      Man we fucking wasted the last few years of Riddick's career with our sorry ass excuses for QBs lmao
    7. I love this being addressed. I need to think about some of the other questions and get back to you on some of the specifics. I think in general a lot of this could be implemented by a more robust gameplanning options section: Trick plays, passing focus target, etc. We could even get into more formation type things, but that might be a bit much for this specific conversation.
    8. GG Philly. Now that Suggs is fully healthy we can open things up a bit more for him. And he won't have to face defenses of that caliber for a while! We made it close though which is a positive. Still a bit worried about the run game. Run blocking looks pretty meh right now. Thing to work on!
    9. I swear to god if this man is not a top 10 pick I will riot
    10. Every time I see that we're one of the top 10 youngest teams in the league it surprises me. Our age is starting to affect us on the overall rating side of things though.
    11. My boy is finally growing up
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