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  1. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 CFBHC Takeaways

    1. Clemson. NC State is a really good barometer for how they can finish the rest of their season. They went to Raleigh and came out with a good win. NC State was really underrated coming into the game and played well, but AW3 makes that offense deadly even when being slowed down 2. BT made a pretty good statement against VT this week dispatching a pretty good VT team with an electric secondary. 0 turnovers, 2 receivers with over 80 yards, good dominating win on offense. 3. I'd say its still between BT, TMac, McLean, AW3 and Solomon. QB wins though since they are more important 4. Alabama-Tennessee. 2OT for the #1 in the country. Wow. 5. Mississippi State over LSU. Mississippi State over someone will eventually not be an upset, but it is right now National Championship Game: This is a tough one. I don't think that Auburn or Alabama can keep everything up down the stretch. I worry about TCU and the offense over the stretch of playing better teams. If I had to pick, I would have to go with 2 teams that seem to have both sides of the ball figured out. OU and Clemson.
  2. acewulf

    [2022] Week 11 Coaches Poll

    Ayy! Glad to be where I am this season. Hopefully I can keep things going!
  3. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - MNF

    rip Crowe
  4. Curtis Jones sets TTU record against West Virginia Lubbock, Texas Many a great Defensive Linemen have come in and out of Lubbock over the years. Michael Bruce, Adam Shafer, Arturo Feliciano, Roberto Benavides are all names that the Red Raider faithful have had the pleasure of watching on Saturdays try and disrupt opposing teams offenses over the years. But one name had stood alone: Jeremy Miller. A 1st round draft selection (12th overall) to the New Orleans Saints, Miller held the record for most career sacks in Texas Tech history for the longest time as the anchor of that historic 2015 Texas Tech defense that helped the Red Raiders reach as high as #2 in the polls before falling just short of the programs 1st Conference Championship. Miller is one of 2 Red Raiders to have made the AP All-American team with the other being Offensive Tackle Greg Sewell in 2014. Miller is arguably the most important and influential Raider in the history of the program. Now his long held school record has a new owner. Curtis Jones, a 6'5 275 Athlete from Anson, TX broke the record with his 8th sack on the year against West Virginia quarterback Martin Lake to help the Red Raiders win their 7th game of the year. Jones now has 20 total sacks over his career after becoming a starter last season. He was named to the Big 12 1st team All-Conference Team last season for his impressive 1st year starting as a RS Sophomore. Jones remarks over his meteoric rise to the record books saying "I knew I had a great season last year and really felt good about this year, but I did not expect anything close to holding a record set by one of the programs greatest players. It is incredibly humbling to see how far I've come in these last few seasons." Jones came to Texas Tech as a 1.0 of 4.5 recruit and was an incredibly raw defensive player. Coach acewulf initially redshirted Jones wanting to see him grow and figure out more of his place on the team. After his redshirt year, Coach acewulf let him experience various different positions as a backup including Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker and Inside Linebacker to let him get more of a feel for the collegiate game and to see where he fit the best. Coach acewulf remarked that "Arturo and Roberto really seemed to take Curtis under their wing and teach him the ropes. They really bonded that year and Curtis learned a lot of the ins and outs of what it takes to be a great pass rusher from those guys. Curtis fits our scheme perfectly and we couldn't be happier that he has turned into the person and player that he is today." Samir Sample, Jones' partner in crime at the other Defensive End spot, also chimed in behind Coach acewulf saying "Curtis 'bout to shock the world! 1 record down, 1 record to go..." Sample was referring to the other record that Curtis Jones has a chance to break: the Big 12 All-Time career sack record. It is currently set at 23 sacks and is shared between current Colts Defensive Tackle Hudson Adam of West Virginia and current Bill Anthony Ortiz of Oklahoma State. We called Jeremy Miller to see what his reaction was to the big news and he was happy to talk with us. "I was a bit bummed at first, but the biggest thing for me is seeing the boys do well on Saturday" Miller commented. "I watch my Red Raiders virtually every chance I get and the rest of the locker room knows I bleed that Texas Tech Red and Black. I am incredibly proud of Curtis and can't wait to welcome him into the NFL fraternity soon."
  5. acewulf

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    The Texas Tech Fightin' Solomons vs Colorado would be a fun matchup
  6. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - 4 PM

    gg bruh. Swift looked good today.
  7. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - 4 PM

    Robert Lacy pls accept my resigning offer
  8. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

    oh really now
  9. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Evening

    NC State played incredibly well defensively. Mississippi State still out here chuckin and I love it. FIU
  10. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Afternoon

    gg @smckenz3 Always a scary game between us. Defense played well and Solomon did his thing. That's about all you can ask for on my end. Wish my line held up a bit better, but they got it done.
  11. acewulf

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

    KJ making moves to impress the scouts in Atlanta
  12. acewulf

    [2022] Mid-Season Re-signings

    Falcons have posted. I submitted them since Rocketcan has to do his military assignment starting this weekend and has to get up hella early.
  13. im gonna lose aren't i