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  1. My takeaway was Sam Milner is human and is not a cheat code. Oh no Iowa State is looking decent. Very Catch-22 over here.
  2. Future #1 Pick Landon Crowder And Nebraska is starting to put it together!
  3. And I get that Culver isn't proven. But my thing is that it seems like that the label of 'solid start' downplays what we've done so far. And it's not like we're coming out of nowhere here. Haven't had a losing season since 2018. Just a few seasons where we were either came up just short of making the playoffs or we're in an incredibly tough division. As soon as I fight for this designation though we're gonna blow it though aren't we
  4. I have more issues with the bucket we're in rather than placement in the rankings. The fact that it seems like we have proved a lot this early would make me think that we could be in that next grouping. I don't see the Eagles with Bridgewater as better than the Titans and Jags. And since we beat them pretty badly in Week 3, Maybe that is where we end up.
  5. We went 2-1 against this slate and are ranked below all of them. Yes our offense has been shaky, but in the last game against the Eagles we looked dangerous. Now that we don't have to play literally 3 of the last remaining 4 teams from last year, I kinda think we'll see more consistency and polish from our offense. Culver completed over 67% of his passes and posted a 113.39 QB Rating against the Eagles pretty good, young secondary. And the defense has been on fire allowing an average of 54.04 QB Rating. Full Passing stats allowed: 52/98 (53.06%), 522 yards, 2 TD/5 INT, 5.33 YPA Defensive position rankings so far: PYPGA: 174 (#1), YPGA: 253.67 (#2), INTs: 5 (T1st in 1 less game than the rest), YPAA 5.33 (#1) Yes we are starting slow on offense and Culver still has a lot to prove, but his schedule is about to get easier and should allow for him to catch up a bit in terms of season stats.
  6. these are only rumors right? we'll just stall and not say anything for a while to make sure the economy stays on course.
  7. the interest rates are staying steady for now...
  8. acewulf

    [2023] Week #5 - TNF

    Kruse is the truth. I'm happy that KSU looks like they have a great guy to build around, but I'm sad that he's in conference and we'll have to play him 3 more times
  9. This is more what I was expecting and not the Coaches poll result.
  10. Here's the culprit for how I got ranked. I appreciate the votes and insight for your methodology, but I just don't see my team as deserving of it from a resume standpoint or a team talent stand point. There are other teams that have more talent and have better wins than I do. They deserve it more than I do.
  11. I should have been more tact in my statement and not been so quick to judge. I apologize for that.
  12. lol why. my schedule has been garbage.
  13. I fixed this for you: #1: Texas Tech Solomon McLaughlin is the greatest RB to have ever existed
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