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    1. I don't like that all the NFCS took EDGE rushers. That makes me sad.
    2. The Falcons traded out of the 1st round in this draft. We have no one to pick up a 5th year option.
    3. Updated post 2026 Progressions
    4. QB Byron Suggs 6-1 215 1 Central Michigan [Scrambling] [+1] 84 WR Deon Kirksey 6-3 215 1 Arizona State [Target] [+1] 85 RB Marcus Branch 5-9 186 1 LSU [Speed] [0] 82 This group makes me very happy. Glad to see that it seems like we have a lot of positive momentum with these young guys!
    6. acewulf

      [2025] All Pro Team

      Congrats to Devin and Darius for making All Pro teams! Some of the cornerstones of our defense showing out for some great performances!
    7. Bump for those interested in coming on and helping with the Falcons!
    8. He was their lowest rated player? I chalk it up to the combo of Dane Wilson and the other rookie Julius Reese out deep.
    9. Atlanta Falcons announce search for GM After a multiple year run as GM of the Atlanta Falcons, GM @Rocketcan has been formally announced as the new Owner of the New Orleans Saints. We within the Falcons Front Office wish him nothing but the best outside of our division rivalry games and have enjoyed our time rebuilding the Falcons into the team that you see before you. With that being said I will be taking over interim GM duties for the time being, but will be searching for a replacement effective immediately. If interested, please feel free to reach out and we will discuss that next piece. Go Falcons!
    10. Congrats @Rocketcan! Not looking forward to playing against teams led by you in division, but always happy to see folks take on new challenges. Hopefully I can snipe a few players that I know you'd like now that we're on different teams. Couldn't be happier to see you lead a team for real though. Best of luck outside of those 2 games a season!
    11. gg @stormstopper Kinda thought we'd get tripped up here, but in the playoffs, experience is what matters. Suggs has played well, but he was just too wet behind the ears for a run this year. Defense played well and we almost made it, but I'm proud of where we got this year. We took an offense with a rookie QB almost to the NFC Championship. That says a lot of how we're built on both ends. One more year or two and we'll be breaking through that barrier I bet. Congrats @Rocketcan and @Quasar. We did a hell of a job this year. Let's keep it up and run it back again!
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