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  1. Walk the Plank Falcons send Heiden and Bucs to their watery grave with a win at home
  2. RORY
  3. Saints wtf
  4. Holy shit gg Ted. Texas Tech beats Oklahoma for the first time in school history in a thriller!
  5. Make some noise in the ACC bruh.
  6. You are doing a fantastic job at UNC! I'm not taking a shot at you at all! More of the turnaround from the beginning of the season.
  7. This is a friendly reminder that Texas Tech beat UNC 52-3. That is all.
  8. "Grant"ed the Win Marcus Grant forces yet another late fumble to help Falcons run out the clock for the win at home. Falcons defense now #1 in the league in Forced Fumbles
  9. The only school that would even come close to rivaling where I am now is the Georgia Institute of Technology. I know that it will literally never come open and I am school and in a conference that has been nothing but fantastic to me since I've been at Texas Tech. The coaching rivalries and competitiveness make every week in the Big 12 a blast and I have loved every minute of it. I honestly don't think I could leave Lubbock now that I've been so ingrained with the school and this roster. So many memories and players that I'm not done coaching yet. Guns Up
  10. Freddie Falcon demands more Guaranteed Money The cornerstone of the Falcons Spirit group is holding out for a better deal. "I have 3 little eyasses to feed. If acewulf wants to see my family fed, he better cough up some money!"
  11. <3 Miller is an all-time great here in Lubbock and is one of the best, if not the best, player to don a Texas Tech uniform. Congrats Jeremy!
  12. Loss Angeles Falcons trip out West ends in disaster with a blowout loss
  13. we tried
  14. FFFFFFFFalcons Falcons force 4 fumbles but recover none in close loss in Baltimore Rookie Jason Erwin continues to shine in his new starting role with a 2 TD game.
  15. wut