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  3. I will take credit when Hawaii wins a natty.
  4. step 1: tell them to run to qb step 2: tell them to sack said qb step 3: ??? step 4: profit
  5. acewulf

    [2023] Week #10 - MNF

    good thing I'm not an irl Falcons fan lol
  6. acewulf

    [2023] Week #10 - MNF

    either way, I don't really trust our offense right now. It is entirely possible that we drop games we're supposed to win. but this is why I was worried.
  7. acewulf

    [2023] Week #10 - MNF

    but I shouldn't have to worry
  8. I'll try and see what I can do this week. Work has been pretty hectic lately
  9. gg. this season is just a wild card of results where just about the only constant is bad qb play
  10. I'm so looking forward to having guys like him in Lubbock. I can actually get excited about throwing it! Having these kinds of playmakers was pretty much unheard of before I got here.
  11. Jeremiah Shackelford on his school visit this past week Lubbock, TX Texas Tech football has been busy these past two weeks of recruiting! Coach acewulf has gotten word on a few impactful commitments for the upcoming season for the Red Raiders. Lots of guys that should be close to day 1 starters and could help shape the direction that Raider football will go in these upcoming seasons. Offensive Upheaval This week Texas Tech got a few commitments that are hinting toward new horizons for the Raider offense. The coaching staff got word of 3 commits this week, all on the offense, that are going to alter a lot of what fans can expect to see in Lubbock in the coming years. The crown jewel of the bunch is one Jeremiah Shackelford, the #3 WR in this season's recruiting class. This marks the 2nd ever 5.0 WR for the Raiders (The other being Dominique Dixon, who is currently redshirting this season) and the highest rated WR in school history. Dixon was close, but Shackelford beats him out just slightly. He is a perfect fit in the slot and looks like he can be an instant starter if needed. The Raiders have a hole opening up there with the team leader in TD receptions this season, Tyson Moss, graduating and heading to the NFL after this season, so look for Shackelford to make a huge impact there this upcoming season. When he committed, Jeremiah stated that one of the main reasons why he chose Texas Tech was the coaching staff itself. "Coach ace has gone all over the place offensive scheme wise since I've been following the college game. He ran a traditional Pro style, then threw it back with a bit of old-school Smashmouth and now has the team running something from this century this season. I noticed how flexible he was to see what his players strengths were and to play off of that to run what fits them the best. That's why I felt like he was the best fit to help showcase my talents." On a side note, this has marked a huge turn of events for Texas Tech on the receiving end as they have made a huge transition in scheme this past season. Below shows the comparison from the start of 2020 season and the start of the Solomon era at Texas Tech and the projected depth for next season. 2020 WR/TE Corps Projected 2024 WR/TE Corps Texas Tech has never had a 1000 yard receiver in it's history. This is going to be a bit of culture shock for Texas Tech. The other 2 commits from this week for the Raiders are OT Jordan Sofara and RB Jeremiah Davis. Davis is the #1 RB in the state of Texas and is a huge grab for the Raiders. RB has been a strong point in Lubbock to say the least so getting another quality guy is a great find. Sofara hopes to follow in the footsteps of current LT Russell Richards as a future 3-4 year starter for Texas Tech. Both guys are great additions to this class to try and help bolster the offensive ranks. Not so Distant Starters Jeffery Gauthier's time in Lubbock is coming to a close soon and who better to pick up the mantle for such a reliable kicker than the #7 Kicker in the nation? Aaron Griffiths committed to the Raiders last week and has been helping to fire up other recruits as well to make their way to Lubbock. Griffiths can easily be a 4 year starter at Kicker for the Raiders and the coaching staff is incredibly thankful that we have this battle won for the job next year. The other potential starter from the bunch is top 25 DE from this class Geno Jeffries. Curtis Jones shoes are going to be hard to fill next season, but Jeffries will at least help try and mitigate the loss. He was a welcome commit this past week as he looks like a very strong candidate for true freshman starter on a usually strong Defensive line for Texas Tech. Depth Pickups To round out these past 2 weeks of recruiting for the Raiders, the coaching staff got word of 2 commits to the offensive line in Maui Sam and Javorius Crosby. Sam is a slimmer, Run Blocking Center who looks like he could fill in for Charlie Becker in some situations if needed, but needs a bit of time to bulk up for the task. Javorius Crosby is a guy that the coaching staff is really excited for as he is incredibly versatile and can be played along a lot of different positions on the OL. He will also need some time to develop though as he is also fairly young. The coaching staff is incredibly excited so far for this current class of Raiders. We look forward to seeing them play in Lubbock these next few years!
  12. Harley is not going to miss a game which is fantastic news. I wish we were higher up, but our offense is literally crippling right now. I hope it heats up with a few changes and a few guys getting healthy again.
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