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  1. acewulf

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    The Falcons place CB Julius Mercer 5-10 180 R William & Mary [Man Coverage] [0] 69 On IR with a Severe ACL rupture suffered during training camp and is out for the year.
  2. acewulf


  3. AJJ is on the tag and can't be traded. Unless we do a sign and trade, but I doubt that will happen.
  4. acewulf

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

    So hyped for games to be back and seeing these player grades!
  5. acewulf

    Which injury has affected a player most?

    Bo Woodall is my answer. His rookie year, in his first 7 games, he caught 6 TDs. IIRC, this was tied for 2nd in the league. He injured his knee in week 8. He did come back and play in the 2nd half of the season. His final season TD total was 6 TDs. This is also his career high. He started his career with such promise as a young WR2/Slot WR and had a bunch of chemistry building with AJJ, but that knee injury kind of derailed that. Hopefully he can turn it around eventually, but I think his career is going to be a big what-if for me.
  6. acewulf

    2022 Pre-season sign up

    Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona vs open at open at open
  7.  Flowery Branch, GA The Atlanta Falcons are excited to introduce our 2022 Draft Picks 1st round (13th Overall) Donald Culver, QB, Utah 81 Overall Clver. Donald Culver is a guy that we really like for the future of our franchise. We traded up in the 1st to make sure we got our guy. We love his potential, mentality and locker room presence and think it is something that can turn him into a future star in this league. In his senior season at Utah, he helped will the Utes to a playoff spot and was a part of one of the best storylines of the 2021 CFBHC season 2nd round (48th Overall) Bradley Spurlock, CB, Kansas 78 Overall Spurlock is a ballhawk and has a bunch of upside in one of the leagues more notorious position groups. He has had 17 interceptions in the past 3 seasons returning 6 of them for touchdowns. We loved what we saw in his pro day and really look for him to develop well behind a consummate pro in David Wilburn. 3rd round (97th Overall) Marcus Terrell, DE, Illinois 75 Overall The early declaration out of a monster defense at Illinois, Terrell was incredibly productive with 22.5 sacks in the last 2 years. We're excited to add depth to our already great set of defensive ends. Look for Terrell to be a rotational pass rusher to be called upon when needed. 4th round (115 Overall) Trevor Orlando, OLB, Oklahoma State 75 Overall A 4 year starter for the Cowboys, Orlando has been an incredible jack of all trades for Oklahoma State. Totaling 140 tackles, 10 sacks and 7 interceptions in his career, we are excited to see him in our defense a few years down the road. 5th round (148 Overall) Rentavious Rogers, WR, Butler 74 Overall A big bodied WR out of Butler we hope can get some chemistry going with Culver and AJJ in the near future to make use of his 6'6 frame. He's a bit of an unknown, but he is immediately the tallest WR on the roster. 5th round (150 Overall) Marco Crum, C, Arizona 75 Overall Crum was a member of a very impressive offensive line group at Arizona that averaged a 6.5 OL rating which was good for 7th in the country and 2nd in the Pac-12. We like him as a backup in case we have any issues at center. 7th round (224 Overall) Mason Parks, TE, Nevada 69 Overall 2020: 73 catches for 1208 yards and 12 TDs 2021: 85 catches for 1149 yards and 14 TDs Parks is a fantastic receiving threat and we are excited to see him mesh with Culver in the future. We look for him to make an impact a few years down the line. We are incredibly excited to see what these players do for us in the coming years! Akili Smash! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfx1M_geDI0
  8. acewulf

    Best Draft Through 3 Rounds?

    The Rams draft in getting Golden, Knox and Walsh is a very good draft imo. I also really like what the Chargers have done in trying to rebuild the team. I wouldn't be surprised if they are a very different team next season. Rebuilding the OL with a generational Guard prospect, the best Corner in the draft, and getting the highest rated WR on the board at 15 is a great use of their some of their picks.
  9. acewulf

    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    Dowden in the top 3 rounds
  10. acewulf

    [2022] jmjacobs quick mock 2.0

    I would be so happy
  11. acewulf

    [2018] Week 1 IRL Discussion

    not on topic here, but why the fuck are all the good OOC games at neutral site games
  12. You are correct. Thanks for pointing me in the right place!
  13. For the linebacker position designations, should we still list the left and right side for the OLB? For example, in a 3-4 if you were to list a Jack LB would you need to still list the LOLB and ROLB? And I assume if we list the Jack or any of the other linebacker designations, then it will be on the field as a starter?
  14. acewulf

    [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Quarterbacks

    Wow AJJ is definitely worth the tag that we spent on him. Wait. Oh. Oh no.