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  1. If it's Solomon and Samir, I'm gonna be so happy. I like Barkley a lot as well. He looks like he's in a perfect spot.
  2. Predict each ROTY. Bonus: You can't select a player on your team
  3. Ballard was incredible last year with very little WR talent relative to past great QBs
  4. I'd put Matt Ballard on here over JWJ
  5. I would also like to add Robert Lynch, QB, Minnesota. He has a really good supporting cast going 4.0 deep on like 5 WRs and a quality RB.
  6. I probably should have put him there. I didn't realize how tough his OOC was. But that helps and hurts him. If he does well, he turns into more of the favorite. If he doesn't do well, he loses out pretty early.
  7. Names in no particular order: QB, JT Youngblood, Hawaii QB, David Edmondson, SDSU QB, Bryce Thompson, Duke QB, Zach Lombardi, Navy RB, Amral Brown, Oklahoma State QB, Isaac Tyson, Michigan State RB, DeSean Madison, WMU RB, Julian Childs, Temple WR, Deontray Clay, Rice DE, Myles Wallace, Auburn DE, Oghale Adelangwe, Penn State ILB Brett Combs, Auburn QB, Storm Whitaker, Mississippi State QB, Byron Suggs, Central Michigan In terms of tiers of likelihood, Tier 1 Bryce Thompson Amral Brown DeSean Madison Isaac Tyson Tier 2 JT Youngblood Zach Lombardi David Edmondson Julian Childs Byron Suggs Tier 3 Deontray Clay Myles Wallace Oghale Adelangwe Brett Combs Storm Whitaker I personally don't know about a lot of the newcomers like Keith Jackson or Tyler Cook. There's a lot of question marks in the air for them as we've never seen them play. Not that they can't do it, but it is going to be difficult for them to make that statement unless they really light it up early.
  8. Ленинград — Фиаско (Leningrad - Fiasco)
  9. Ah yes back in the basement where I belong
  10. Probably 6-6 give or take a win. I'm not that high on the team this year. It's a lot of unknown.
  11. From the Atlanta Falcons organization: "The Atlanta Falcons are proud and excited to host USO organizers and service members that have been invited by Tommy Leonard. We are incredibly honored that Tommy was selected to participate in this event. We are looking forward to recognizing those service members for all that they do for us here and abroad defending our country. It's the least we can do to give back to those who sacrifice so much for us." Tommy Leonard and his foundation are also looking forward to that opening game and have partnered with the Falcons ticketing office for our annual Military Appreciation game. They have already promised to match the top 5,000 donations of $100 or more to the Wounded Warrior Foundation fundraising booth that will be setup during that game. "It was a truly eye opening experience to be a part of that USO tour this summer. We take a lot for granted and I just want to give back." We would like to thank the USO for this gracious opportunity and for all of the players involved in making this happen.
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