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  1. THANK YOU SAGE Falcons GM retires after 2 seasons of turning around the franchise. The AJC wishes him a happy retirement!
  2. INITIAL TRADE Falcons Give: OLB James Turner 6-2 237 5 Florida State [Coverage] 81 - 2 years, 6 million a year 2021 7th Round Pick Eagles Give: 2021 6th Round Pick (Conditional) 6th Round Pick becomes: 2021 5th Round Pick if Turner progresses +3 or more Post Progression James Turner OLB James Turner 6-2 237 6 Florida State [Coverage] 82 FINAL TRADE: Falcons Give: OLB James Turner 2021 7th Round Pick Eagles Give 2021 6th Round Pick Falcons confirm
  3. If you are interested in applying for the Falcons GM job, please PM me!

  4. Atlanta, GA With the retirement of our General Manager SageBow, the Atlanta Falcons are actively looking to hire a GM. Please PM me if you are interested in the position. I would also like to take this time to congratulate Sage on a successful NFLHC career and wish him a happy retirement. Having him on our staff was a joy and pleasure. We will miss him dearly. Go Falcons, acewulf
  5. Miss you already bby. Welcome back anytime <3
  6. Bo Woodall still hates the Saints.
  7. ripip Falcons playoffs
  8. For me it came fairly late in my journey in CFBHC. I wasn't at Mizzou long enough to really get attached to any of the players. Wyoming and OSU I try not to think about. So I would have to say it is probably Christian Barkley. Having 2 distinctly different seasons at TTU with him made me change my tune with him entirely. It was frustrating to see him so streaky and making boneheaded plays some weeks, so his 2018 season was such a surprise and I still cherish that season as one of my best successes in CFBHC. I am just glad Bad Christian Barkley is in the Shadow Realm now. Of my current players I only need 1 name: Solomon Other players wise I don't follow it as much this season, but in the past I loved watching Brett Fisher at Miami and Jeremy Scarborough out of CSU play. On the defensive side, Omar McManus was one of my favorite players in the past few years.
  9. Draft hands down. I still have fond memories of the 2017 Draft which is one of the reasons why I did the media piece I did on it. The scouting and deliberation of figuring out who you want is so fun to me. I put most of the reason why I am more fond of NFLHC than CFBHC now is due to that draft. It made me focus so much more on the Falcons than I did during the 2016 season
  10. Shell Shocked Game time decision to sit starting QB AJ Jefferson forces backup Blake Shell to help lead Falcons to win in Cleveland
  11. Thank you Blake Shell?
  12. gg ;_;