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  1. So excited to see Early get some love! Congrats big guy
  2. of fuckin course it'd be culver
  3. @rabidsnowman hello fellow division mate. Let's divide these things up. Packet 1: 6 Stadium Upgrade funds, 2 Personal Wealth (8) Packet 2: 4 Influence Funds, 2 Practice Funds, 1 Media Fund (7)
  4. I just joined on as well
  5. acewulf

    [2024] Week #7 - MNF

    GG. I was pretty nervous about this game overall. Wish we got out of it without any major injuries, but Pipe does what Pipe wants.
  6. 25/32. OL got me just like I assume it will for most of us. So many of these guys were "I know he went to ______ and I remember his first name, but what is his last name!" Also the Giants 2nd pick in this is a bitch to spell fuck u dean
  7. Likewise Jacksonville. @Soluna Atlanta selects Packet 2.
  8. acewulf

    [2024] Week #6 - MNF

    Fulton isn't credited with a TD fyi
  9. The Atlanta Falcons are placing SS Jesse Hutchins 6-2 182 4 Air Force [Man Coverage] [-2] 81 on IR He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff injury in Week 6 of the season. He will be fully healthy for the Wild Card round of the playoffs.
  10. The Atlanta Falcons are officially activating SS Romulus Jackson 6-0 193 7 Fresno State [Zone Coverage] [+1] 86 from IR. He has sat since Preseason W1 with his injury.
  11. I was lobbying for us to take him in the 1st, but I think we're all happy overall with how things went
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