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  1. bruh wtf was this shit. AJJ deciding to go nuclear, the Falcons giving up 2 100 yard rushers. GG Eagles. I didn't expect that at all from either team really. You are a terrible team to gameplan against because of how versatile you are.
  2. Weldon to San Jose heard it here first
  3. No it's just EMU. They also lost to me last year
  4. I would also like to claim bias as my boy OG Jesse Lester 6-1 307 Fr Coronado (Lubbock, TX) 2.0 of 4.5 was left off the list. But congrats to Dominique, Shane and Zachary for making the list!
  5. Solomon, Thank you. You helped put Texas Tech on the map. You helped make Texas Tech a premier game to watch week in and week out. You helped take a team overachieve expectations set by them and have strung together some of the most memorable games in recent Texas Tech memory. You helped set the tone for an entire era of Texas Tech football and made opposing coaches terrified for 3 straight seasons. You made your mark on the program and we are so incredibly lucky to have been able to see you play in Lubbock. We understand that you have to make these choices for your future and keep in mind there is a place in Texas that will be cheering you on throughout your entire career. A place that you can always call home. On draft day, be sure to keep those Guns Up for Texas Tech as you walk across that stage and take that next step in your bright future. We will always cheer for you, no matter what happens. Always keep these words from the Texas Tech alma mater close to your heart: Bear our banners far and wide. Ever to be our pride, Fearless champions ever be. Stand on heights of victory. Strive for honor evermore. We are going to bear your banner, as far and as wide as we can. Go earn that title of King, Solomon. Go Raiders, Coach acewulf
  6. Andres looks like he will be a great fit for anyone looking for a great Mike. Having both McLean and Andres in the same draft looks great for Rice for recruiting and I hope he tests well at the combine! Lots of new pro Owls entering the fray and a lot to be proud of
  7. ACEWULF: PROUD PARENT SOLOMON I LOVE YOU GO EARN THOSE CHECKS I'M LEGIT CHOKING UP RIGHT NOW. Solomon, you are my favorite player I've ever recruited and I feel like this is the end of an era for me. I didn't think I was ready. ;_; Thank you for your contributions to Texas Tech football. I will miss you
  8. The Falcons would like to congratulate Akili, Julian, LaMichael, Early, Tommy, Wilburn and Darius for representing Atlanta in this years Pro Bowl! Proud of you guys for a successful season!
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