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  1. Brian Anderson is a mood *sent from my LG Smart Refrigerator*
  2. The Atlanta Falcons place SS Matthew Solomon 6-2 173 1 Air Force [Zone Coverage] [0/C] 76 on Injured Reserve with a Severe ACL Rupture suffered in Preseason Week 3 - TNF He is out for the season.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm going to bump this thread since the season is starting soon and there are a lot of newer users since last season. And even the older users might want a bit of a refresher on the NFLHC gameplan if they are not all that familiar with it.
  4. Trufant and Collins could be a fun Thunder and Lightning combo.
  5. Anthony Beltran scored a rushing TD? Rams are wildin out in preseason
  6. Felix looking a bit better this time around with a proper gameplan for his skillset! D'Angelo breaking out is exciting to see! I think I would have liked to see a bit stronger of a rushing performance, but backup OL was in. And the defense, while great at racking up TFLs gave up a bunch of rushing yards. That scheme was not what I expected the Chargers to run which definitely leads to that kind of defensive performance. Good showing all around though! GG @pumph
  7. I wanted him in the draft dang you jambo
  8. Javier Fields you son of a bitch you did it
  9. Skaggs could drag them to more wins than the roster should, but it probably will be a long season.
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