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  • Connecticut 31-20 North Dakota State
  • East Carolina 52-23 Memphis
  • Kansas 48-41 Oklahoma
  • Southern Miss 24-9 Marshall
  • UTEP 30-22 Middle Tennessee
  • Wyoming 35-31 New Mexico
  • BYU 45-14 Oregon State
  • Georgia State 41-22 UMass
  • Nebraska 23-17 Miami (FL)
  • Western Kentucky 34-21 Charlotte
  • Old Dominion 33-27 Florida Atlantic
  • Louisiana Tech 27-26 UAB
  • Buffalo 51-0 Bowling Green
  • Northern Illinois 41-34 Ball State
  • Texas A&M 31-20 Arkansas
  • Boston College 40-16 Virginia Tech
  • USF 32-26 Tulsa
  • Toledo 55-30 Central Michigan
  • Pittsburgh 62-7 NC State
  • Duke 49-27 Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame 27-13 Northwestern
  • West Virginia 55-11 Iowa State
  • Louisville 41-20 Wake Forest
  • Kentucky 34-31 Tennessee
  • SMU 41-16 Tulane
  • Texas Tech 23-7 Kansas State
  • TCU 30-27 Texas
  • Illinois 34-0 Indiana
  • Boise State 23-13 Utah State
  • Oregon 14-9 Utah
  • Stanford 24-23 Washington
  • Nevada 38-6 UNLV
  • USC 55-23 UCLA
  • Penn State 22-19 Michigan
  • Michigan State 28-24 Ohio State
  • Iowa 34-31 Purdue
  • Alabama 13-10 Vanderbilt
  • LSU 31-30 Auburn
  • Arizona 27-14 Hawaii
  • UCF 44-25 Temple
  • California 17-12 Colorado


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  1. NFL Starting QB History

    Seahawks: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Seattle_Seahawks_starting_quarterbacks
  2. Seahawks no longer have their first rounder from this draft (Traded to Miami) so we will not be picking up any options. Like this
  3. Event #30: Gary Faneca

    We understand the Gary has had some discomfort relating to his back after a recent ski trip. Since we are not aware of the cause of his pain, we feel it is best to approach this situation with caution. Therefore, we have decided it is best for Gary to visit with a doctor. We hope all is well with Gary and that he can get past this unfortunate inconvenience. Seahawks choose option 1
  4. [2020] Conditional Trade Results

    Seattle confirms both trades
  5. [2020] Week 12 Headlines

    If I Slip, then I'm Slippin' Seahawks lose second straight game; fall to 3rd in NFC West. Brian Glenn continues his sensational season by sacking Darrell Murphy
  6. Album Suggestions

    Young Dolph - Gelato Young Dolph - Bulletproof Jidenna - The Chief NAV - NAV Khalid - American Teen Kehlani - SweetSexySavage
  7. [2020] Week #6 - 4 PM

    Kenji Sagatomo, SEA, 1 INT, 1 Sack, 5 Tackles, 1 TD
  8. [2020] Injured Reserve

    Seattle Seahawks move: OLB Kyries Brown 6-0 227 4 Wisconsin [Coverage] 81 to Injured Reserve.
  9. Contract Restructuring

    Seahawks are not restructuring any deals
  10. Seattle Seahawks introduce Jarius Jones

    It is an inflated cost, but we were aware that we had to pay a premium to deal with someone within our division. I think it's unfair to compare Jarius and Xander due to the situations they were in last year. Gary Faneca had the best year of his career last year, and the average fan probably can't name anyone on Arizona's offense outside of Marcus Banks. Despite the limited talent around him, Jarius still managed to complete over 65% of his passes and had a better INT % than Xander. In the short-term, Jarius will have the best year of his career this upcoming season. Long-term, I think we can win a championship.
  11. Seattle Seahawks introduce Jarius Jones

    I think the best case scenario for us is that these two picks end up being late in the 1st round. From what we can tell now, the next two draft will be some of the weakest. If Jarius is able to perform at the level we believe he's capable of, we can win a lot of games. I don't think two players at the end of the first round will have as much of an impact as Jarius will. At the end of the day, a championship is our ultimate goal and Jarius gives us the best chance.
  12. Seattle Seahawks introduce Jarius Jones

    Let me rephrase that. He has elite level talent, but he has not been able to prove himself yet.
  13. Renton, WA - Owner/Head Coach TuscanSota, and I, as well as the rest of the Seahawks organization would like to welcome QB Jarius Jones to the Great Northwest. We have a very talented and experience team, and we believe Jarius is the piece that will help us return to the Super Bowl. QB was a huge priority for us this offseason, and there is no doubt in my mind that we found the right guy to lead this team. We have the pieces in place to ensure that Jarius can be successful; Gary Faneca is coming off of a career year, Booker T. Washington is looking to revitalize his career, and our defense will guarantee that the offense won't have to work too hard to put up points. Jarius is without a doubt an elite player and we are ecstatic that he is now a Seahawk. We will now field questions from the media.
  14. NFLHC Initial Head Coach Contracts

    HC TuscanSota 1 Year // $4,550,000 $4,550,000 per year