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    1. Average Age of NFLHC Teams

      I think this is the main reason. A lot of the older players (pre 2015 or so) had some really terrible ratings relative to their salaries and they've been chopped from rosters. In about 5-7 seasons, I'd expect a wider range of player ages. IRL, it's about 2-3 years from the oldest teams to youngest.
    2. Do you ever make your players switch sides?

      I assume that the computer makes these adjustments as well. If I knew I had more control and could set things a certain way (for example, Boundary and Field CBs), then I'd strongly consider it more.
    3. [2021] Week #13 - MNF

      Things I learned from this game: Consider starting Kevin Marshall at QB in Week 16.
    4. Live look at junior Rams fans right now.
    5. Zion Adakwa. Was my first big graduating recruit, and has done really well in the NFL (even if he now plays for a Division Rival).
    6. [2021] Week #12 - Fan Interest Figures

      Damn we only got a 4.7? National audience and big cities? Did everyone in LA and Miami just decide to do lines of coke off models on the beach or something that night, instead of watching the game of the century of the week?
    7. Didn’t play in HS, but was a Safety, Kicker/Punter and occasional Receiver in younger days. It translated real well to playing Fullback in rugby.
    8. [2021] Running Back Ability to Gain Yardage after First Contact

      I wonder what the Dess split would be for his Buffalo half of the year and his LA half of the year.
    9. Change my View

      CMV: This thread was always going to turn into a homerism and low-grade troll-fest.
    10. Change my View

      Yeah but we all saw Azul's pecs, and let's be honest that's putting in more work than most of us do.
    11. I think part of the issue is that the number of high schools in the sim are very limited (like my old school, which was NC 3A/4A, isn't). And while there are powerhouse high schools in real life, it's hard to find some with multiple NFL level players at the same class. So there's a compression factor playing into these rankings.
    12. [2021] Week 13 SOS and RPI

      15th RPI? Not bad (even if a flawed metric).
    13. Change my View

      1. Isn't this somewhat like RL though? Unless you have two shit backs, generally they will have split duties. Often teams will run one early, and have the other come in late to blast through a tired defense. Or one will take the tough yards and hits first, and the other gets to play in space and get easier assignments. Aside from stuff like specialized 3DRBs (like we've done with Holland this year), two back systems can often produce some wild variances in the stats of both guys. 2. Famous hypothetical. What if you switched Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders? Both put up some great numbers, but Sanders famously had to run about 20 yards to get back to the line of scrimmage sometimes, while Smith could probably fall down after getting the handoff and still get six yards a carry. The lines and surrounding talent around them were huge differences. Would Smith have some as well in Detroit? How much of a beast would Sanders have been in Dallas?