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  1. How do you prioritize receivers in your depth chart? In general, I want to have a mix between a Speed and a Target WR at the top 2 slots. Unless a massive skill difference exists between the #2 and #3, this is something I strive for. I generally want to have the same balance, if possible, for the #3 and #4 WRs as well. So something like what the Rams have now (Speed - Target/Speed - Target) or BC last year (Target/Speed/Target - Speed) is what I desire. Even in my more run-oriented offenses, I've sought this sort of balance between the WRs. Do you find success mixing in TEs? I have considered this, but there are few scenarios I have coached in that would make it effective. How about RBs? I have not experimented with this, and without better data on RB styles it is hard to know if it would be effective. Do you ever play around with the Tight End depth chart and substitute in O-Line for your blocking TE (the 2nd TE)? I have substituted FBs and OTs for the #3 TE on a semi-regular basis, but only doing so for the #2 TE in the event of injury. That said, I generally want only Blocking TEs from #2 down, given the limitations of the sim in playbook construction.
  2. This season just isn't going well at all.
  3. Can we update it with Fake News?
  4. Good luck boss.
  5. Soluna has two. Also, we'll see what happens in a few months.
  6. I don't think I could ever coach at either of my real life alma maters in this sim (Appalachian State and North Carolina), as it'd be too stressful to deal with. I don't have the same prohibition on my workplace, and while I don't work at BC, I do work in New England. BC, UMass, or UConn would be where I'd probably want to go.
  7. Have you experimented with rotating offensive line players? Not really. Offensive Line is one of those things I set at the beginning of the season and mostly forget about, barring injuries (NFLHC) or a massive scheme change (CFBHC). What have you found works best gameplan wise? In NFLHC, due to my philosophy about the game, I pretty much only want to have a line with 2 Pass Blockers and 2 Run Blockers (the fifth player can be either). I generally want this in CFBHC too, but if I were committed to a very specific style of offense then I would be more comfortable overloading the line with 4 players of one type. I almost want a Pass Blocking Left Tackle, and a Run Blocking Right Tackle; for example 2019 BC had a 3.5 Pass Blocking LT to pair with Dylan Hastings on the Right, a 5.0 Run Blocker. From there, unless there is a major skill gap (like 2019 BC), I generally want to place a Pass Blocking OG on the Right and a Run Blocking OG on the Left. If I can't have this split with Guards, I hope that my Center is the opposite type from the two Guards I pick, unless there is a major skill gap or if I am committed to a very specific offensive style. Where do you like putting your biggest tackle? How about your guard? Size is not a consideration for me when placing players - only their type. Do you think about the passing game when you plan your O-Line or the running game? I think about my offensive gameplan as a whole, and do not focus on one aspect of it, when determining linemen.
  8. Basically this again, but this time with our #3 TE. Also, I forgot how to gameplan with/against AT... clearly.
  9. >Oh boy David Wilburn is out for this game! Walt Peck is going to have a field day! >Oh no, Jamal Hawkins is out for this game. Don't expect much from our backup TEs, but I bet Schwartz goes off in the slot.
  10. Tight End is my favorite modern offensive position; the days of multifaceted Fullbacks are gone and so the last sort of multifaceted position of the same type is Tight End (there is the argument that the dual-threat QB or the "slotback" type RB/WR is too, but that's a different animal). I remember that, at the time, the general opinion of the trade (really a sequence, since Kelly Littleton was traded to Carolina to make room) that brought Harrison to Jacksonville was a really bad deal for the Jags. And to be honest, it probably favored Miami on the balance. But man, has Harrison been an amazing contributor to the Jaguars offense these past 2 seasons and change. He's almost given the team everything I could have asked for a player of his caliber, even though the only year I had him (2018) the team went 2-14.
  11. I mean memes about Anna aside, Tobar pls is my real answer. We had some good times on the jags, and I miss talking to him about crazy shit. But goddamn notorious you savage af here.
  12. In terms of what happened in the present and not how it changed the course of the sim, probably the entire 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars season. We were coming off a playoff berth in a relatively weak division, I had finally gotten Allan Taylor a stud offensive player to take some load off, and we had a new coach to replace the increasingly inactive Tabor on staff (even though it required me moving to GM, which I did not want to do). Turns out Larry Reeves missed most of the season, we didn't have an active coach (through no fault of his own however), and everything simply fell apart in almost the worst way imaginable. I even left Jacksonville at the end of the season; I miss talking to UBL and I do wonder a lot about how I would have restructured the Jags after that season.
  13. Actually, the NFLHC depth chart has some expansions already... and doing specific WR depth and the corresponding Cornerback designation (choosing who plays Nickel); I like this. I assume that using Group Assigned tries to default some of this for you, but the specific designation would be neat.
  14. CFBHC: If the NFLHC playbooks aren't being ported over, then the addition of the Sun Belt to bring every current FBS team into the sim would be my choice. NFLHC: Not actually sure right now.