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  1. Dear Coach, If you’re reading this, you’re a valuable member of a very special sporting community. You’re probably an established user looking for a new challenge. I congratulate you on taking this one. If you are new, I’d like to welcome you to the site. Don’t let the memes get you down, the community can be quite fun. The roster has some nice pieces, you’ll have a lot of recruiting points to spend, and you’ll be joining a competitive conference that you can absolutely still win in. The last time I did this I was fortunate to be able to appoint a successor and train them. FlutieFlakes has done far better at Illinois than I had, or perhaps could have ever dreamed of. He took the smashmouth ethos I inherited from the roster generation, and created a greater thing. Boston College has begun to transform its ethos, but you are now in a position to be far more flexible than Flutie was. Even he had to endure through tough seasons before everything blossomed. The team may be coming off of a 10-2 regular season (and a sad Bowl loss), but it’s probably time for a change. Sir Alex Ferguson quipped that the third year is fatal; teams need to change players or coaches every so often. I took over a team coming off of a loss in the 2018 National Title Game. What followed were a 9-4 (Bowl Win, maybe a par win total) and 5-7 (I couldn’t figure the team out until very late) seasons before this one. In all honesty, I had initially considered leaving fully after the 2018 season, and my exit from Jacksonville. I had already left the college side of the shop, and college basketball was an infrequent sideshow. However I was approached to continue in NFL on the West Coast, and I had found out about Boston native DeanDean being barred from coaching the Eagles I applied somewhat out of spite and contempt for that decision. I had been interested in coming back to the college world, and being the sites other New Englander at the time I decided to claim BC as my own. You’ll have a home and home with Penn State starting this year. I thought it would be an interesting series to schedule. Please schedule that game again next year, and please keep the annual series games against Notre Dame and UMass going. I insisted on playing both of those schools every year, one at home and the other on the road. BC and ND are the only two Catholic FBS programs, and UMass is a local in-state rival. They’re nice games for realism and competitiveness. I’m sorry that I am not the greatest of recruiters. Even in a difficult part of the world to recruit, I’m not very good at scouring neighbors in the Northeast like New Jersey and New York, and ACC camp states like Florida and Georgia. I wish I could have left you with a better talent pool, but what you have won’t be awful. There’s plenty to work with, mostly thanks to the residual 2019 class. Then again, the same thing happened to me at Illinois too. You’ll probably be fine. There is an in-state QB, a 5.0 Scrambler, in the 2022 class. He’s from just outside of Boston. I implore you, do not let him leave Boston. Make sure you get him next year. You will have many points and bonuses to spend, and I believe you will be able to make good use of them. Like FlutieFlakes did at Illinois after me, you’ll need to get creative in filling out the rest of the class. Making your mark in New England and warding people out of Maine and Connecticut are good bets. You’ll probably do well to redshirt incoming JuCo Jordan Goodson this year. Yes he is a true senior, but you can save him for a year while Jorge Tovar plays his last year. That will keep your talent at the position high while you search for a new path. Alternatively you can go for it in a 2RB scheme of sorts. Griffin Way will possibly be your starter next year, depending on how J.M Gill progressed. He’ll be the fifth starting QB in five years for the Eagles; the first of those to be a Scrambler and the first to be lower than a 4.0 talent. But you’ll have receiving help from Ricky Cameron, Eddie Owens, and Leolani Fepulea’I, and you’ll likely have four seniors on the OL, so things won’t be too bad. You’ll have to decide how to handle Deondray Platt. It’s probably best if you run 3-4 for another year and redshirt Platt, but that call is up to you. The 2023 Eagles DL will be stacked, and give you a premier unit to build around. The rest of the defense should be fairly straightforward. Clemson is the biggest bugaboo I’ve had in the Division. The ACC had a lot of turnover with coaches of late, but you’ll still be joining a good group. Help the guys out with media and so forth, I wrote an article every few weeks and I enjoyed doing it. My time here is at hand. I’ve considered departing for a few months now following another difficult transition, but I did not want to leave the team adrift during this special season. I wasn’t able to appoint you in the same way I did at Illinois, but I know that if you stick to it and build it like they were - you will have success. I wish you, and the rest of the community, all the best. Godspeed. All my best, Coach ‘Cricket
  2. -- LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA The Los Angeles Rams have announced today that Head Coach smokingcricket will leave the team at the expiration of his contract at the end of the 2021 season. The Rams went 34-18 with two NFCW Division titles in three seasons under ‘Cricket, with one of the best records in the league over that time period. ‘Cricket had been on the staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars in various roles from 2015-2018. The Rams suffered a long list of injuries during the 2021 campaign, but took advantage of instability in the NFCW and key contributions from reserves and stars alike to finish with 12 wins. The team sputtered at the end of the season in a somewhat familiar fashion, and while under no external pressure to not renew his contract for 2022 and beyond, Coach ‘Cricket felt that a change was needed. Coach ‘Cricket addressed players in a team meeting of the news in the days following the Rams’ exit from the NFC Wild Card Round, calling the chance to coach at a premier franchise an honor of highest regards. The news came at a surprise to many in the organization, but the mood around the team was generally positive and hopeful for contending in 2022. The Los Angeles Rams announce a vacancy for the position of Head Coach. Interested parties should contact Owner Time, and General Manager Taffyowner.
  3. smokingcricket

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #12

    gg @sleuthofbears I'm proud of our season.
  4. smokingcricket

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    Even in a nation as large as the US, with as much opportunity as we have... there's simply no way to have people vote with their feet. Example: I didn't move from NC to MA (and then CA) for their gun laws. I want an assault rifle, and I can't own one (worth a damn anyway) in two states I've lived in for most of my adult life. There's other things about both states however that I like, but even those states themselves are totally different. The Triangle is far, far different from down east or the mountains (excluding Asheville and Boone) in NC. The Springfield and Berkshires area are two hours and a massive cultural change from Boston. "Jefferson" and OC are a lot different from the Bay and LA. Abortion is, imo, a health issue. And in theory we should be doing things as a nation that promote the health of the citizenry. Some of this we do pretty well, and other parts we really don't. Restricting access to abortion for women in half of the US (and mostly in the vast middle of the country, making it onerous for poor women to even have one) is not really in the spirit of that. This is a federalism vs states rights debate in a sense, but around an issue which has health ramifications for those involved. Part of the other problem with the abortion debate in this context is that a very substantial number of those on the "pro-life" side prescribe to forms of religious practice in which growing numbers of Americans no longer believe in, or would never have believed in. We could have a different discussion on religion, but it's something I'd point out too. I do agree that in the grand scheme of things, abortion is a very strange thing to make Constitutional. It probably shouldn't be.
  5. I think if you linked the offensive backs together, you'd see a few of those OL votes flip. A killer OL can absolutely make up for weak play at the skill positions, but it's much easier to find weak links in that chain and exploit them if you're totally not up to a major level. The balance of who voted for each defensive group feels in line with what I would expect to see.
  6. smokingcricket

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    I thought it was vile and despicable that Garland wasn't voted on. Imagine if Hillary had actually won? Garland would be quickly processed because the GOP would fear Hillary nominating justices further left than him. That said, Slimy Evil Mitch will get his way and the Senate will likely pass a Presidential appointee before the midterm elections. I think there will be a push to nominate another Justice with ties to the West. It's long been an area of weakness for the Court's understanding of some of the legal issues surrounding the area (land ownership, water rights, Indian affairs, natural resource management, etc.), and likely allows for consideration of a Justice that didn't attend Harvard or Yale or Columbia for law school like just about every recent Justice has (although then again you'd probably get a T-14 Stanford or Chicago grad there). EDIT: Also wanted to add - the West does have a high proportion of Republicans out there, so it's not like you couldn't find a conservative Justice in most of the area. It'd be a nice touch for Trump and citizens in "flyover country", so they don't feel neglected by Washington.
  7. smokingcricket

    [2021] PFF All-Time Top CFBHC Coaches

    inb4 everyone gets their rank PM'd to them anyway because it's too much hassle to read through posts just asking for their rank instead of contributing to the discussion of the post itself
  8. Now this (and avocado toast) is why kids can’t pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get a mortgage and a job and a good life like we used to do. To answer the actual post... Georgia Tech hasn’t been mentioned yet. If they had stable coaching and recruiting, there’s no way they couldn’t turn it around and really compete in the Coastal given how recruiting distribution is working. Georgia is a very friendly state for the few local programs, and they could really build something there.
  9. smokingcricket

    [2021] PFF All-Time Top CFBHC Coaches

    This list includes recruiting and depth chart management according to the OP. Are there any coaches that notably excel at in-game coaching metrics (anything game planning) but fall short in those off-field aspects, and vice versa?
  10. smokingcricket

    Top Running Back or Top Wide Receiver

    I last posted about the dynamic between Left Offensive Tackles and Right Defensive Ends, as a proxy behind what to spend money on besides QB. The alternate side to that coin is what goes beyond that? A QB needs a skill position to utilize to get the most out of their abilities, otherwise they have to do too much hero ball (see, Allan Taylor on the Jags). One difference is this: you can actually build a team solely around a pure workhorse at RB (<3 Ezekiel Adams). In a bygone era of football, this was just what you did. You lined up in the I and handed the ball to a stud tailback 30+ times a game. You can't build around any other position except QB. WRs are usually the last piece of the puzzle you add in to a championship team, even if you need them. But... committee approaches are increasingly common at RB now. And QBs by and large throw the football for at least a major part of their job duties (running is usually secondary). So your QB needs a target to catch passes, and WRs are just sexier than the alternatives. You can get good value out of lesser WRs if you have a true star occupying most of the defensive attention, and having that one bail-out guy for your QB is always super handy. If I truly had my druthers for a pass catcher, I want a Gronk-style TE who can both block and be a total matchup nightmare for any covering defender. Sticking to this script, I think I'll choose the RB. It's much more flexible to plan around, and is a much stronger amplifier to a good passing game than the reverse.
  11. I’ve never drafted a RB on the first or second days, so that’s hard to assess in sim terms. But, I usually don’t care about type unless I want something very specific (such as a Vertical offense). I like having a 3DRB and a main back in the Pro game. I like speed and high YPC (with catching ability) at the 3DRB. The main back needs to be someone who showed the ability to be a functional workhorse at the college level. You want good numbers in most stats across the board in a pick for the primary guy.
  12. smokingcricket

    Top Edge or Top Interior Rusher

    DEs get hype because of sack totals. Particularly on the right side, which is where most QBs are blind, and on an island usually with the LOT. This is why those guys get paid big bucks; after QB they are the most important players involved around that investment and strategy. But, if you can go up the middle you do it. I’d prefer the big DT, because they’re traditionally harder to Option off or chip with a skill player. The DT drawing a double means more 1v1 chances for your DEs, and freer space for your LBs. In this sim DTs get inflated sack totals I feel like, but for a position that doesn’t rack up a lot of stats it’s probably not a bad thing.
  13. smokingcricket

    Anthony Bourdain.... Murdered?

    The (((globalists))) are definitely at fault here. I’m glad to see the truth is getting out there.
  14. smokingcricket

    SumoHC Round 2

    I love how I fell down victorious after each bout.