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    1. 10 Things I like, and Don't Like 2.0

      Concur. Someone will trade for Bridgewater this year and he'll start. Way too much site hype/meme around him for him to not have a gig soon. Bump for nevadajack someone to please buy the Giants so Davenport can maybe actually play this year. Yeah, it'd be super weird if people on this site were dating each other. Like, if they had to play games or recruit against other? That would be wicked awkward I think.
    2. [2021] Inactives - Week #2

      Los Angeles Rams Week 2 Inactives (Bears) QB Kevin Marshall 6-4 230 1 South Dakota [Hybrid] 76 RB Trainer Joyce 6-3 221 2 Houston [Speed] 72 -- [SEVERE TOE BRUISE / QUE: PRESEASON WEEK 2-3, PRO: PRESEASON WEEK 4 - REGULAR SEASON WEEK 3] OT Conor Crane 6-6 303 1 Mississippi State [Pass Blocking] 77 -- [SEVERE NECK SPRAIN / OUT: PRESEASON WEEK 3-4, QUE: REGULAR SEASON WEEK 1-3, PRO: REGULAR SEASON WEEK 4-6] OT Clifford Santiago 6-6 305 2 Syracuse [Run Blocking] 81 DE Timothy Heller 6-1 253 1 Indiana [Blitz] 69 ILB Devin Aguilar 6-2 237 1 Georgia Tech [Mike] 69 CB Brian Berry 5-11 187 4 Baylor [Zone Coverage] 70
    3. [2021] Week #1 - MNF

      Uh, well, uh, okay I guess. Sorry Loins. Also note to self - don't schedule the Ravens in order to give safety to TEs.
    4. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      Los Angeles Rams Week 1 Inactives: QB Jeremy Henry 6-3 204 3 USF [Pocket] 82 RB Trainer Joyce 6-3 221 2 Houston [Speed] 72 -- [SEVERE TOE BRUISE / QUE: PRESEASON WEEK 2-3, PRO: PRESEASON WEEK 4 - REGULAR SEASON WEEK 3] TE Jonathan Greer 6-2 217 R Virginia [Blocking] 80 -- [SEVERE QUADRICEPS STRAIN / QUE: PRESEASON WEEK 4 - REGULAR SEASON WEEK 1, PRO: REGULAR SEASON WEEK 2] OT Conor Crane 6-6 303 1 Mississippi State [Pass Blocking] 77 -- [SEVERE NECK SPRAIN / OUT: PRESEASON WEEK 3-4, QUE: REGULAR SEASON WEEK 1-3, PRO: REGULAR SEASON WEEK 4-6] DE Timothy Heller 6-1 253 1 Indiana [Blitz] 69 ILB Devin Aguilar 6-2 237 1 Georgia Tech [Mike] 69 CB Brian Berry 5-11 187 4 Baylor [Zone Coverage] 70
    5. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      I love brisket, but seriously this isn't a debate. Pulled pork all the way.
    6. [2021] Pre-Season Week #3 - 4 PM

      >plays Ravens >severe TE injury Don't you put that evil on us, be gone from here!
    7. [2021] Boston College Week 0 Media Report

      In 2019 Randy Roberts frustrated me despite having three mid-level NFL WRs to throw to and a RB that grew into a bigger role as the season went on, but his stats were (somewhat surprisingly) towards the top of the ACC in terms of production and ability. Donte Pickett was probably a slight step down from that in 2020, as he had more clunker games, but his stats were quite solid for someone with an almost entirely revamped receiving group and a drop-off on the OL. The negative with Carmichael is that I'll yet again only have one year with him (meaning next year BC will see it's fifth named starter in five different years). Tovar isn't Watts-ready yet unless he surprises me, and the receiving group in terms of raw talent probably doesn't fully match 2019 although they're as a whole pretty close to that. But, that group along with most of the OL has had another season to mature and grow as a unit, and chemistry-wise they should be much improved. I think overall, he'll fare like Roberts and Pickett; a pretty solid season that might sneak his way into one of the lower-end All-ACC teams, and be enough to drive the team to a solid Bowl and possibly the ACC title if everything breaks right; talent wise we can probably compete with most of the league but we lack a lot of depth across the board and the defense needs to hold up while the offense gels. I have positive expectations from him, not a world-beater but I think he'll be more than capable enough to get us to a good season. Michael Britt, slotting at Left End which isn't the traditional pass rushing position, made the most stat sheets last year on defense. Darius Butler was second. Tied for third were Andrew Boyd... and DT Tristan Chisholm. Despite there being more highly rated players on the team, Chisholm made a lot of stat sheets last year in a 3-4. That may have been part of our problem overall and I knew our DL was going to be a weak point. But, his predecessor Ronald Barker had less pure talent beside him in a 3-4, and was still a major defensive leader for the 2019 Eagles. Both put up a lot of stats relative to other DTs overall. I think Little is going to eat a lot of stats, given the history we have at the position and the general scheme. As long as he holds up in his True Freshman season, he'll have plenty of support surrounding him.
    8. CHESTNUT HILL, MA --- Boston College Head Coach smokingcricket enters his third season with the team in 2021. Provided is an edited transcript of comments he had for the inaugural 2021 Press Conference and Media Report; these will be held at each BC Bye Week this season (Weeks 0, 3, 7, 11, 16). 2020 Recap Not making a Bowl hurt, to be honest. I think there was a good bit of talent still on the team, but the chemistry and figuring everybody out didn't occur until after the end of a pretty tough nonconference schedule. A brand new QB (JuCo Sr Donte Pickett), three brand new pass catchers (Ricky Cameron, Eddie Owens, Manny Ferguson), and several new linemen was a difficult thing to overcome, especially with a lot of youth on the defensive side of the ball. I think there was a lot of early frustration, but the win we had over Florida State was a real turning point. I suspect we might have slid even further down had we not won that game, as we were 0-5 up until that point and you could clearly feel the exasperation in the locker room. We ran several teams close until that point, and even ran Virginia close later on too, but we just hadn't converted on it for a win until then. I had even considered writing the season off if we had kept losing, and would have started to give some of the younger guys minutes to get experience. When we finally turned it around it was too late to make a Bowl, but I was proud that we were in the hunt for a Division Title until the last week. We'll really miss Zahir (Watts, RB), he really carried the team last year and I was surprised at his initial NFL stock - I thought it should have been higher and I know he'll go on to some great things on Sundays. Same for Andrew (Boyd, CB), he and Dillon (Garner, FS) gave us a lot of veteran leadership in the secondary which was critical due to our young front seven. All in all, I'm disappointed by not making a Bowl, especially given the new recruiting laws from the NCAA this year, but I think we'll be in better shape this year barring injuries. The young guys showed a lot of promise and grew up fast, and it should be an exciting year. As for recruiting, last year was pretty tough overall. We did address several needs, most notably at DT and in some depth positions, and probably did okay relative to what sort of talent was in the region, but things were pretty difficult and we got a much smaller class than I wanted. I'm hoping to fix that next year, but it may be tough given the increased competition and fewer resources than we had last year. 2021 Players Outlook Offensive Backfield For the fourth year in a row, the Eagles have a different face at QB. Following longtime starter Alex LeShoure, longtime backup Randy Roberts, and JuCo transfer Donte Pickett, a second consecutive redshirt Senior JuCo - Randy Carmichael - will start 2021 for BC. Also newly starting at RB is Jorge Tovar, following two seasons of being understudy to Zahir Watts. A brand new backfield might mean some growing pains early on, but the talent is there around both to succeed. Two 2020 recruits here were redshirted, hotly contested Scrambler J.M. Gill and a brusier in Kareem Willis - both are potential contributors and maybe starters in 2023-2024. Offensive Receivers Last year's top four pass catchers, #1/#2/#3 WR and #1 TE, all return for 2021. Ricky Cameron, despite being the most raw of the bunch had a prodigious year as the #1 receiver and is set to terrorize defenses again this year. Cameron garnered top WR honors in the ACC Preseason surveys; Carmichael won't have to rely on Cameron for everything this year though, as the other top pass catchers all improved from last year and the chemistry of the group should be strong. Eddie Owens was rated #6 among ACC WRs in preseason, and 5-star TE Manny Ferguson could be one of the best TE prospects for the 2022 draft. Of important note are the new faces lower down the order. True Freshmen Amari Royal and Powaw Brink will provide slot speed and share returner duties, while Leolani Fepulea'i makes his playing debut this season in a plethora of receiving locations. Look for all three of these players to make significant contributions to the team in a variety of roles. Offensive Line Last year's offensive line was middling, but most of the group returns over the offseason improved and better able to support the loaded skill positions. With four Redshirt Juniors and a Redshirt Senior starting, headlined by C Kyle Curtis, this group should be improved and will only get better for next season. The Center Pipeline is also set for the future too, as Mass native Jake Barbour will spend a year as a redshirt and get ready to take over the line in 2023. Defensive Line Louisiana native Finn Little, the star recruit of the BC 2020 class, anchors the defensive line in his debut season. Perhaps the most ready-to-play DT of the class, he'll be ably assisted by some terrors on the flanks and solid mentoring from last seasons top DT Tristan Chisholm. Michael Britt starts his second season on the left side and is set to follow up on a great rookie campaign following a +1.5 progression and making the stat sheet the most among defensive players last season. Cesar Martinez retains the starting role on the right side, but he'll be pushed hard for his place by Joan Espinoza in a major camp battle. Defensive Linebackers The LBs are a bit thinner following a transfer to in-state rival UMass, but the group is mostly improved for the season. Led by Eagles Defensive Captain, and the ACC's #2 tackler in 2020 Darius Butler on the inside, life for the line and secondary should be a littler easier. Colin Judd won the starting job on the left following a solid camp for his debut season, while Jamel Hampton retains his starting place and chemistry with Martinez and Butler on the right side. Defensive Backs William Gary ascends to the #1 CB role following a season as understudy to Andrew Boyd. He'll have to grow up fast, as the depth behind him is very shallow. A few backup safeties will likely see time at CB this year if things turn too drastic. Speaking of the Safeties, there is hope and experience in the back to help the Corners out, although both are new starters. JuCo transfer Jon Mallory was thrilled to come play for Brandon Sauter's NFL Coach, and should be an excellent Day 1 starter at the back. The future of the position is also bright, with a pair of pro potential redshirt Freshmen (Carter Richmond and Andrew Snyder) who will see time on Special Teams and in select packages. Special Teams The battle at Punter during camp was probably the fiercest of the bunch - with two young high potential pro prospects duking it out for the job. Leo Guajardo will take kickoff duties this year following Mike Rankin just nipping the job at the beginning of the year, but this is one position battle that could last all season. Conor Moreland returns for his senior season as placekicker, following a good season last year. Philip Herndon will redshirt in 2021 and is likely the kicker of the future, but 2022 could see one of Guajardo or Rankin assume placekicking duties pending Herndon's development. Christopher Rivas takes the role of Long Snapper for the season, and is set to be a long-term starter barring setbacks. A variety of players will get Special Teams action as part of Coach 'Cricket's college philosophy of all hands on deck, while new Returners are set to play for 2021. 2021 Recruiting Outlook The new NCAA recruiting rules have changed some of the recruiting ethos at BC. The Eagles now have been granted more license to recruit in the Northeast outside of New England, and the greater restrictions on Southern schools for camps and pipelines should allow the Eagles a greater scope. With a 30 man class hoped for, headlined by the professional potential players from Massachusetts along with a cadre of contributors from a variety of Eastern and Southern states, the outlook is hopeful for a class strong in depth to refresh several positions and add some top talent to positions of future need. 2021 Nonconference Outlook @ Houston, and vs Notre Dame open the schedule up, with later games vs Mississippi State sandwiching the cross-divisional games, and a mid-season date @ UMass. The first three should be evenly matched and give us a good sense of the team's strength early on -- the offense is highly rated but will likely need some time to gel with a new backfield, while the defense is middling and may need to punch above their weight in order to keep the team competitive. If we can take a pair of those three, we should be in good shape for most of the rest of the season. Injuries will play a role this year to a greater degree than previously, so the mid-season date with UMass could be a chance to give some tired bodies a chance to rest pending the team's record to that point. We seem set to contend with Clemson for the ACC Atlantic Crown again give the evenly spread ACC Preseason Polls, but as we saw last year the nonconference schedule is critical to the overall ambitions of the team and postseason play. The floor is open for questions from the media. Ask away!
    9. Send us (me, klemm, zack) croot rumors pls!

    10. (deleted)

      I'm glad I now signed up.
    11. If anyone on this site is from, currently living in, or knows a lot about the SF Bay Area, please send me a DM. Thanks.

    12. [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 1

      The NFLHC All-Time Temperature Record was set this week vs. Las Vegas, NV - 106 F Oh God why...
    13. I have a lot on my mind right now. I'll likely be gone most of the weekend hoping to clear it. If you need me for media or something, DM me.

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        take your time... if you need Time or me to pick up any slack let us know

    14. [2021] ACC Preseason Survey Results

      It does appear that Clemson/BC is the preseason pick to finish #1/#2 in the Atlantic like last year. We're also both totally opposite teams in terms of what we're good at. I'm actually a little surprised the Coastal race isn't a lot closer. GT and UNC aside, I think every other team has at least a puncher's chance to win the Division. POTY and COTY are interesting. I don't think either has to be the best player on the best team, or the coach that leads a team to a title. It seems like voters probably felt that way about both races, but voting for a COTY is harder just because of the talent in coaching around the league (even with defections).
    15. You're forced to change your username...

      I use Zulu or Xulu in a number of other gaming communities. I'd probably choose that here if I had to change. You should pick something edgy, like xXx_PU55Y_S74Y3R_420_BLAZE_1T_CH33KY_KUNT_xXx