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  1. A Giant Game All-Around Rams defeat Giants 30-7

    1. FlutieFlakes


      The 2020 CFB season has been canceled. Who even wants to see a filler season anyway when all we care about is the 2021 TCU - Toledo natty?

  3. Déjà Vu Rams drop second straight OT game to SF
  4. My feelings when this game was closer than I expected it to be (also gg 9ers).
  5. Because I bet that's never happened to you before.
  6. THOUSAND OAKS, CA (AP) - The Los Angeles Rams have named Quarterback Darrell Murphy, Strong Safety Brandon Sauter, and Kicker Cliff Chamblin as their inaugural captains, as per new NFLHC regulations mandating the naming of captains. Each of the three captains are long-standing members of the Rams who are also among the leaders of their respective units. Murphy, whose early absence in 2020 and prolonged absence due to injury in 2019, may be the most irreplaceable member of the Rams team, and will be deputized by Offensive Guard Art Haley for the first two weeks of the season. Sauter, famed for his ability to freely roam all over the field to be anywhere, was a natural choice to lead a relatively young Rams defense; while Chamblin, a senior member of the team and one of its most celebrated players, was tapped to lead the specialists.
  7. But muh realism....
  8. >not counting the 4 preseason games to add to the total >trying to not go 4-0 in preseason shiggy diggy
  9. Only way you can win 20 games in a year - the road to a perfect season begins here.
  10. udders up wholesome memes
  11. In fairness, they have won a Superb Owl.
  12. Darrell was unlikely to feature much in preseason, if at all, regardless of medical needs. After consulting with both Darrell and medical personnel, we have decided that performing a minor surgery will be in the best long-term interest of both Darrell and the team.
  13. How does this help us with the meme that grv should be fired and replaced by an AI coach tho? Edit: By Division NFC West: 4 AFC South: 3 AFC West: 3 NFC East: 3 AFC East: 2 NFC North: 1 AFC North: 0 NFC South: 0

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