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  1. In terms of what happened in the present and not how it changed the course of the sim, probably the entire 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars season. We were coming off a playoff berth in a relatively weak division, I had finally gotten Allan Taylor a stud offensive player to take some load off, and we had a new coach to replace the increasingly inactive Tabor on staff (even though it required me moving to GM, which I did not want to do). Turns out Larry Reeves missed most of the season, we didn't have an active coach (through no fault of his own however), and everything simply fell apart in almost the worst way imaginable. I even left Jacksonville at the end of the season; I miss talking to UBL and I do wonder a lot about how I would have restructured the Jags after that season.
  2. Actually, the NFLHC depth chart has some expansions already... and doing specific WR depth and the corresponding Cornerback designation (choosing who plays Nickel); I like this. I assume that using Group Assigned tries to default some of this for you, but the specific designation would be neat.
  3. CFBHC: If the NFLHC playbooks aren't being ported over, then the addition of the Sun Belt to bring every current FBS team into the sim would be my choice. NFLHC: Not actually sure right now.
  4. Oh God someone else who played Cybernations. I hope you got out long before I did.
  5. The backbone of the community, eh? Well this is difficult and I feel like if I missed someone I'd hurt some feelings. But... alienufo, for running the NFLHC sim, is probably 2a in terms of most important person on the site. Whoever that guy is who made the interface that constantly breaks and is bad, On a similar note, Inspiral is probably 2b in terms of people I think are more important to the site, because without his work on the interfaces things would be a lot harder. Those two aside, stormstopper (and his alt account Darman) is probably the site superuser I think of first for his combination of media and presence. Jumbo is probably second on that list. bingo, Imposter, and klemm are my media picks. Dacder/GK/deandean - I don't know if I would be as good of a sport of constantly being shit on as they are (inb4 people start shitting on me), but they do it. I'm not sure if this is a backhanded compliment to them or not, but I think that memes aside they do try and participate in the community well. Rome and Rabid - I couldn't split the two of you, which is probably ironic... but two of the most opinionated users on the site in terms of strategies. It's interesting to hear their ideas. On a similar note, Ted and grv isn't a combination you'd think of often... but what they provide OOC is as interesting as what Rome and rabid do IC. Azul/Notorious/Cade - The Holy Fr@ Trinity, as they remind me what being a fun young'un was like. Plus they usually have good stories. Finally, Time and Vxmonarkxv - Get a room already you two...
  6. I need a QB to make my roster complete, so I'm putting 20 points on Aaron "Tyrone McGee" Harden.
  7. I think more realism for the CFBHC scheduling is a good thing. I do think we should add the Sun Belt for 2021 though, and bring every FBS team into the sim (Idaho would be the only question mark here, but given they're dropping back to FCS and we haven't added them yet then it's fine to leave them out). Allowing conferences to control the number of games they'll play, within a certain portion of what happens in real life, is what I'd support. So if the ACC wanted to do 8 or 9 conference games, either one I'd be fine with. I do think it might be better for us in the absence of FCS opponents to reduce the CFBHC schedule to 11 games - nearly every FBS team plays the 12th game as a home FCS game, and in the absence of that option for us (for the most part), I'd be fine doing away with it. If, on the other hand, all FCS teams were added and we could sign one up every year, I'd probably go for it. I also wouldn't mind, if agreed upon by a conference, to try one of the rotating pods, or core plus floating team alignments, and scrapping traditional divisions. That would have to be agreed upon by all conference members though.
  8. Math-wise, Special Teams is technically a third of the game (offense, defense, special teams). So it is pretty important, I would say. I had a solid Kicker at Illinois early on and then got Aaron George, and Cliff has been a beast in LA; it seems like my Punters are inverse of Kickers though because my only true great Punters (Sochia in Jax and the pipeline at BC now) have come when I haven't enjoyed a solid Kicker. I don't think you can neglect either position, but at minimum you have to have a good one for at least one spot. It is extremely difficult to judge returners in this sim; extrapolating from punting average and TDs doesn't really cut it. I would pretty much only choose a Speed WR, Speed RB, or a CB, to play the role outside of a dedicated RS. The sole reason I drafted Norm Spencer in the 6th Round this year was solely because of his production returning at Maryland. I have half a mind to just convert him to an RS, but haven't really gotten around to it yet. I would (and have) selected a starter to do the role in CFBHC, but I'd never choose one in NFLHC. Long Snapper is another difficult position. Given the positional oddities of conversions in this sim, I usually just choose to use a backup Center at both CFB and NFL and call it a day. I suspect that in the future I would have a dedicated LS for both NFLHC and CFBHC. The same goes for the coverage and return units; it's really hard to judge them. I do, however, have rules for who plays on these rosters. In both sims: backup RBs (2nd or lower), all FBs (including starters), backup WRs (4th or lower), backup TEs (2nd or lower), some DEs (depends on player/need), all LBs (including starters), backup CBs (3rd or lower), backup SS and FS (2nd or lower). In CFBHC I will add starters at a wider variety of positions. Partially because while last year I decided to trot out a dedicated unit in CFBHC, I've decided to split the duties this year. I think this will get more young players a chance to get development/progression ratings, in addition to having top-level quality in the mix too for a chance to have a few seasoned playmakers on a unit - like Andrew Boyd is getting some Special Teams reps for me this year at BC even though he's a 5.0/5.0 Senior. In NFLHC I use a dedicated unit for both purposes, and generally it is too risky to use starters at most positions due to injuries; this is really where your backups have a chance to shine. I think of the hands unit in the same boat as the coverage and return teams, but with the caveat that in both sims I will play starters; it's more about specific positions there. RB, WR, TE, CB, SS, FS... and maybe a DE or LB depending on the player.
  9. I actually don't remember if anyone helped me out early on. I remember I only got Illinois because they were basically the last team open from a recruitment drive, and I figured why not. Recruiting had mostly finished by the time I joined, so there wasn't much to bid on either. I do remember some colluding of a sort with Sophos in 2015 over Damien Norman (who I did manage to win), but otherwise I don't remember much in the way of user assistance. That said, I do remember when Taborfan20 reached out to me to be the Jags HC shortly before the 2015 draft. I did accept it. Tabor was extremely hands-off when it came to gameplanning from that point on, but he kept a fairly firm grip on the roster building. Around the start of 2017 (after panther left for the Steelers expansion and we brought in UBL) I essentially became the most prominent person in the Jags organization. Tobarpls would leave following that year. That said, I don't have any qualms discussing things with others, and am usually happy to share experiences and strategies with others.
  10. NFLHC: Depth absolutely matters. Long-term, and short-term. This is chiefly felt through injuries, but long-term contract planning also factors in as well. I've seen entire teams collapse when a key player was injured. As I've said before, the two positions in NFLHC I have always had elite talent at are QB and SS. I've witnessed first-hand how bad a team can get when the backup QB has to play instead of the starter, as both Christopher Brooks and Jeremy Henry have shown me. On a similar note, Larry Reeves missed most of the dreadful 2018 season, and the Jags did not have a "strong" backup for him. I believe one of the major problems that team had was his absence. A big part of the reason I drafted Ethan Crockett in the 4th round this year when we may have had other needs besides SS is because LA really didn't have a good backup at the position, and Brandon Sauter has been on an absolute tear through the league. If he goes down, I need someone at least somewhat competent to step in, and I hope Crockett can be that guy. But, regardless, everyone on the roster hopefully gets utilized in one way or another. Players at positions where Special Teams matter are hugely important. While I prefer to have a one-deep with no holes and build from there, at the end of the day you have to trust that you have some depth and backup at enough positions so that if something shit happens, you won't totally sink. CFBHC: Depth somewhat matters. Long-term, but not short-term. Take Boston College last year as an example. Dillon Garner (4.0/4.0 Senior) and Jorge Nolan (3.5/3.5 Redshirt Senior) were playing for me at Free Safety. The depth at the position was not really all that strong, and the secondary was set to take a major step back this year. Dillon Garner may have been the starting FS for the 2018 National Title Game Team, but he had a year to burn as a redshirt while Nolan did not. Therefore, I decided to redshirt Garner for 2019 and save him for 2020, when I would need him more to bolster a much diminished team. I would feel far worse without him at FS than if I had simply used both players in 2019. Injuries don't impact CFBHC right now, so the need to have a strong backup is less important. This was not always true, as 2014 Boise State can attest to. However with the current rules, securing your pipeline and making sure that problems with depth don't emerge in the future is critical - even if you don't need them to play right away.
  11. RAM IT DOWN Rams raze the place to the ground, demolish Cardinals 45-0
  12. The Saints had Gus Bradley as a Defensive Coordinator. Bradley is known as a secondary specialist, but Stiles has apparently struggled. How do the Bengals see the future of Stiles in their scheme, given that they do not have the same boost for CBs, as the Saints did?
  13. I don't remember my first CFBHC game. But I do remember two games from that end of the 2014 season. My first win on the site was against Purdue for the Purdue Cannon in a wretched game. Seriously, that game was ass my dude. We only won through a bunch of defensive and special teams scores - the offense didn't score from what I remember. But it lead to some decent banter with Inspiral, so that was nice. The other game, and if I recall correctly the last one, was against Boise State in Champaign. We lost something lke 63-0. But Boise State had some guy named Brian Brown at QB, and he suffered a season-ending injury. That injury substantially impacted the history of this site, both in CFBHC and NFLHC. I found the community interesting. I didn't have a lot of help gameplanning, but I tried doing the best with that I had. I remember the 2015 coach rankings and I ended up somewhere like 10th on that list, so I suppose I figured something out.
  14. Oh shit another Rhode Islander.
  15. At each of my four stops in CFBHC and NFLHC (combined), I have looked at the roster and looked at that my teams possible "default" gameplan is. This totally ignores any possible opponent - instead I look exclusively at what I have and I tailor the overall strategy around it. This broadly determines the gameplan for the season. Ezekiel Adams got 35 carries a game in a slow grinding offense because that was the best I could do at Illinois. The gameplan last year for Jeremy Henry received modifications different from what Darrell Murphy would have, because Henry isn't capable of what Murphy is. From there, I look at the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent, and tailor the boilerplate gameplan around that. That said, some weeks I change nothing or barely anything, and some weeks I make a lot of slider changes. I really don't move depth charts around all that much unless a player is extremely under-performing. I only plan for the active week, doing what is listed above. The only thing I somewhat plan ahead for is injuries, which is an NFLHC concern only.

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