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  1. One of our current backup QBs (Jeremy Henry and Kevin Marshall) will probably be a 2022 starter; likely for a team that struggles with QB play in 2021 and has no future at the position aside from drafting a top rookie in the 2022 season. Their progressions and the state of the QB market will likely dictate which will be out there as a starter ahead of a hot 2022 rookie. Someone on the Buccaneers is going to be a starter down the line for someone else. I can see any of their current three getting the axe this off-season and going somewhere new to have some success.
  2. My preference in both sims - but especially NFLHC - is to have a mixed OL with 2 Run Blockers, 2 Pass Blockers, and a wildcard. Ideally the Left Tackle is a Pass Blocker, and the Right Tackle is a Run Blocker. The Interior OL are 2 and 1 of some combination, ideally in the configuration of whatever my offense leans towards. I ran that configuration for Allan Taylor and Christopher Brooks (your Battles-like example), and I run it for Darrell Murphy (your Skaggs-like example). But that is not really why I design an OL. I design an OL around the philosophy of the offense as an entire unit, and how I want to play in general. Without more data on players and their tendencies (the Pro Days are good for this), it's hard to make more tailored choices. I would prefer a more nimble and quick line with someone like AT to take advantage of his mobility, while with Murphy I'd rather have a classically balanced line who can form a solid pocket and move forward for the RBs, while with Eziekel Adams I want five brutal road graders who drive the pile forward like a dominant rugby pack. In CFBHC I would be far more willing to run an unbalanced OL if I recruited specifically for a particular scheme (which I did at Illinois but have not done at BC). Even then, in a Smashmouth setting I still want a Pass Blocking LT and in a very pass-heavy offense I would like for one of the Interior OL (probably the RG) to be a Run Blocker.
  3. Both of those came in the same year, I think. 2015 vs Purdue was probably the most satisfying. We had beat them the previous year (my first win on the site) in an absolutely trash game, and while I still had a garbage roster I managed to get a much needed conference win the next season and retain the Cannon. Plus, inspiral might be the only user I have legit trash talked with other than for the memes, so there's that. 2015 vs West Virginia in the Bourbon Bowl probably meant the most. The roster was way overmatched (look at 2014 and 2016 if you need proof) that whole year, yet I got contributions from unexpected sources (2.5/2.5 QB Clyde Campbell Bowl MVP never 4get) and rounded out a win I totally did not expect. I am honestly not really sure. I suspect by default it would have to be either my my NFLHC playoff losses (2017 vs Oakland, and 2019 vs San Francisco). Which now that I think about it... I'm 2-0 in Bowl Games, both coming against teams that irl moved conferences and involved the BXII (West Virginia and Nebraska), but 0-2 in NFLHC playoffs (both against Bay Area teams in the Wild Card Round), and all those games occurred in Odd Numbered years... 3spooky5me
  4. Before this week: LA Rams: 12-1, Won 12 in a row LA Chargers: 1-12, Lost 12 in a row Rams lose on Thursday Night... FINAL SCORE: Los Angeles (Chargers) 6-34 Arizona No, that wasn't supposed to happen.
  5. You mean, people do stuff on the Internet other than this?
  6. Kickers: Billy Robinson was a 3.5/3.5 Senior for my 2015 Illini team. While he wasn't good enough for the Pros, he was good enough to keep the offense afloat after it broke down late in drives, and that made all the difference for the team in several games. Meanwhile Jacksonville languished with poor Kickers for most of my tenure there, although I do not recall many games that were decided because of a poor kicking performance. That said, the situation has been reversed for me now. Cliff is a absolute monster and his ability to smash long FGs gives an added dimension to the Rams offense. Meanwhile BC has not had as much talent in this department, but I haven't noticed a large number of ill effects as of yet. Punters: Almost the opposite experience from the above. Jason Sochia (pls) was by some respects overdrafted, but the Jags needed someone who wasn't total dross kicking the ball and he was that guy. He's turned out quite well. The Rams have not had an elite Punter since I have been there, but BC has had at least some Pro level guys.
  7. Tre Fo whaddup
  8. I will not say it is impossible, but I do not like our chances. We'd have to take 2 from the 3 teams listed in that group. I think 1 is possible, but 2 is probably not. That said, if we reach Bowl ineligibility, we will likely begin preparations for future seasons.
  9. Chestnut Hill, MA ---- Following the first Eagles win of the season in at the halfway mark of Week 8 versus Florida State, BC Head Coach sat down to meet with the media. "Obviously 1-5 is a very disappointing start to the season, and while we expected some growing pains with a young roster and a lot of turnover, we expected to be a few wins better. Still, it is good to get a home win and still be in contention for a bowl." Questions from the media will now be taken.
  10. So yeah, looks like Soluna was right. If Rams lose, BC wins.
  11. A brand new top pairing at WR, brand new TE, and brand new QB. And unfortunately, none of the receivers can stretch the field and it doesn't appear that there are good schemes to match the personnel. Or at least, I haven't really found it. It's disappointing to be 0-5. Totally didn't expect that to start the year.
  12. You could have prevented this, you know. Hurts to lose this one, but helps me figure out a few things.
  13. SHOCK TREATMENT 5-star Rams Rout Chargers in LA Derby
  14. Indeed, that Gold Prospector's defecation below is pure lunacy.

  15. Not complaining, but I'm doing this for the memes here to point out that some computer programs start counting at 0 and therefore we should be ranked higher than 1.