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  1. bingo415

    BOFA Heisman Watch

    This is such a great breakdown of where we sit with Heisman candidates. Kudos, @Darman and BOFA dudes.
  2. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - 4 PM

    Good game, Raiders. Not entirely sure what happened there...
  3. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - 1 PM

    Happy Birthday!
  4. bingo415


    Welcome! A conference commissioner for NMSU will be along shortly...peruse the Coaching Clinic and a few of the other tutorials while you're waiting. Shouldn't be too long, and even if/when you're approved, games are delayed next weekend, til the following week.
  5. bingo415

    [2020] Week #12 - Saturday Night

    Well done, Bruins! Bowl-eligible is an excellent achievement with a frosh QB in a coach’s first season. Kind of a stinker in Berkeley, Bad Jake Davis reared his head again. BLT finally shows up, and in a big way. CU, so clutch. Beating Wazzu on the Palouse is impressive.
  6. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

    Good game, Stanford! Was extremely worried about this one. Didn’t expect Baum to go off on the passing yardage the way he did, but tried to keep it close with 2 picks. Go Ducks, the D is real! GREAT game in Hawaii...those two are fantastic.
  7. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Afternoon

    Man, A&M is so good. Must mean Bama is too.
  8. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Morning

    Oof, that’s a stinker in Philadelphia. Felix Luck: elite, or game-manager with weapons?
  9. bingo415

    Picking the Brain of “Zombie” Marcus Barry

    “Braincheck”...I’m cry...
  10. The Best of the Best from the week just passed in PAC-12 football... Best WR/CB matchup: WR Sam Gulla vs. CB Eric Hall In the Trojans walk-over of the suddenly-reeling Arizona Wildcats, the intriguing battle was SC's offense vs. Zona's wonderful defense. Particularly, out wide as Sam Gulla fought with Eric Hall--two 80+ pro prospects and two of the best at their positions in the Conference. Gulla got the upper-hand in this particular match-up, catching 8 balls for 109 yards and a touchdown. Surprisingly, Hall didn't even make the stat sheet. Gulla's capable mitts allowed the Trojans to move the chains on 3rd down at a 4 for 9 clip, very impressive against what is arguably the top D in the West. Best RB duel: Zach McFadden vs. Lloyd Samuels CAL and Oregon State have been at or near the bottom of the PAC-12 in ranking and win-total all season. On Saturday in Corvallis, the Bears got the better of the Beavs behind the stellar play of RB Zach McFadden, one of the underrated success stories in all of the PAC-12. McFadden topped his counterpart in the OSU backfield, Lloyd Samuels, dropping a line of 18 carries for 102 yards and one touchdown, 20 yards better than Samuels' haul. While CAL hasn't gotten a ton from the passing game this season, McFadden has been consistently their best player on offense, and new coach @noodlz2 worked the run-oriented game plan to perfection against the PAC's worst team. CAL is not YET eliminated from the bowl season, and two more wins for the Bears would mean that the PAC-12 could send as many as 10 teams to Bowl games. Best Game for Neutrals: vs. What is happening in Boulder? Colorado, who dropped two early losses in-Conference to SC and ASU, has turned it on of late. Colorado welcomed the Huskies to Folsom Field on the weekend and came out with a very important "W" in a game that was a joy to partake for all fans of college football. RB Latavious Murray led the way with 23 carries for 128 yards and a score, while QB Mike Naylor added a scoring pass through the air. The Buffs also got a Punt Return TD during a 14 pt. comeback in the 4th quarter that proved to be the winning score. Notably, the matchup that was most compelling was Washington QB Jake Davis and his fantastic stable of receivers going up against the venerable pass defense of the Buffaloes. CBs DeSean Barkely and Chad Manuel shut down the Huskies' WRs to keep Davis' throwing day JUST over 50% pass completion, plus a pick from Manuel. Colorado now visits Washington State, another prolific passing team. If they keep this up, and get some help from a team knocking SC from their lofty perch in the South, the Buffs COULD make waves into the Conference Title Game. Best Overall Performance: QB Troy McMurray It's becoming a weekly staple here in the PAC-12 Superlatives: Troy McMurray did something amazing. This time, the extraordinary feat dealt the Notre Dame Fighting Irish a loss at home, as McMurray (TMac to his growing legion of fans) was 17 of 24 passing for 229 yards and two touchdowns without a turnover. More impressively was his output on the ground: 9 rushes for 108 yards and another score. That's 12.11 yards per carry, folks. That's absurd. A series of high-level analytics have emerged from an underground news agency detailing the further exploits of TMac, including his absolutely ridiculous Opponent-Adjusted Passer Rating, among others. This is further proof of what PAC-12 coaches have known for some time now: McMurray is the best player in the college football landscape, and it's not really close. How TMac and the Cardinal perform this week against an Oregon Defense that appears, on paper, more talented than any other Conference foe will only add to the Hollywood script-worthy story unfolding in Palo Alto this season.
  11. bingo415

    [2022] Week #12 - TNF

    Dammit, Ravens, a little help here please... Chiefs are a solid outfit at home.
  12. bingo415


    @Eagles4Life Congratulations! You are approved for the Eastern Washington Eagles of the FCS! Please activate your new position by doing the following: * Go here to create your Depth Chart (noting redshirts currently in use). * Apply for Account Elevation for your new EWU avatar here * Don't forget to request Eastern Washington on the Interface, and CROOT, CROOT, CROOT!
  13. I am slightly surprised to have expanded a lead over SC during a bye week, but we'll see. No matter, just have to keep winning, and against Stanford, that will be TOUGH. I actually think that (FR) Khiry Chavis can have a really nice game against the Stanford front 7, but essentially the whole thing comes down to containment and turnovers. I think we can shut down the passing game, but can't let TMac and Newby get loose. And Baum can't throw a bunch a picks to a not-terribly-good back 7. @mahrowkeen was right: if Stanford wins, it really does cement TMac as über-special, because Oregon has the advantage just about everywhere else... Go Ducks! Thanks, as always, @Jieret!
  14. bingo415

    [2022] CFBHC's most bleachable skill players

    Ugh, this is brutal. Disappointed (yet DELIGHTED!!) to see Arizona and Utah represented here...
  15. 11 CBs and 5 FSs...everyone's secondary is gonna get better. Bring on the run-first offenses!!