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    1. Broncos bid 1 PW on Ron Rivera for the position of Defensive Coordinator.
    2. You take the OLB, then trade him to us for Todd Jennings...please and thank you.
    3. Broncos vote YAY 0 Influence @Jieret
    4. Huge kudos to the Bears for the build and finding the right pieces at the right time. It's impressive to watch. Great Championship games this weekend. Super Bowl is gonna be excellent: best offense against the best defense.
    5. I hear that. You all had an incredible season. Your team is the real deal.
    6. I agree with most of this. I'd say our OLine actually held up pretty well, all told, and that OUR DLine did some wrecking, too. Just couldn't defend in the back half of the field, apparently. And, yes, Jonah moving to OLB was an attempt to get our best players on the field, and he probably got too slow for that spot. He was great through the first 8 weeks of the season there, not sure he would hit the wall like he did. Brian Brown did deserve better, for sure. Came down to special teams, missed 2-pt, and poor pass D.
    7. Dammit, missed a FG, missed a 2pt conversion, and then let them walk down the field with 4 mins to go in the 4th. Balls. Good game, PIT. Had our number twice this season. Vega was a beast. Shit.
    8. Falcons were tough all season. Bears too good. I think this is exactly the deserving score here. CHI to the NFC championship, wow!
    9. Good season for the Chargers, very impressive. Titans are incredible. I don't think anyone's gonna get close.
    10. When your QB runs considerably faster than your 1,700 yard RB, that's a special player. If you're looking for a pick & stash no-ceiling QB to sit behind a vet for a year, can't go wrong with Harrison. Also peeping Lavonte Chapman as a plug-and-play CB2 on a Zone-heavy team...
    11. Sam Thomas, get your John Hancock on the dotted line NOW!!!
    12. Chargers continue to get it done, win the Underdog Bowl. Good on ya, and good season for the Pats.
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