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  1. Big E was a special player and a joy to coach. Could just plug him in and know he would win every one-on-one battle every time. Quite a luxury. Congrats Enoch, keep up the good work!
  2. Whoops... Ducks out of sorts in Bingo415's first game, manage two FGs in loss to Vanderbilt
  3. Okaaaaaay.....back to the drawing board. Great game plan and team you have there, Serwendel. That's twice in one month, and thank god I don't play you in NFLHC. 0-1 at the new digs...crap. Go Ducks!
  4. I've made closest contact with those who are most active on the site, which is probably a bit obvious. But ObliviousLax always seemed like a decent guy, and Tctykilla, despite being a Dawg, was a nice dude. And, while he maybe isn't GONE gone, Rabid, for all his faults, was a nice person. He get a lot of crap, and generally took it pretty well.
  5. Way to open strong, Gophers! Lucas, nice work. new reports, plus your notes added section, are great!
  6. As much as I like the detail/suspense of the old, I'm happy to vote for any change that makes it easier/quicker for Soluna.
  7. I'd like to think that back-to-back division titles and 6 bowl seasons for Minnesota would outweigh the somewhat recent but limited success of Indiana, and for sure Army.
  8. Will Chacko is the business. Soluna has a squad in Gata. Michigan got lucky, NCSU got better....Johnny Taylor started his 7th year of college football at USF..
  9. My failures on the site luckily are mostly relegated to the sim itself: 0-5 in CFB or NFL "Championship" games is a blight on an otherwise solid coaching record across the site. So...you know, looking to break out of that hapless streak in the near future. But here's a funny story of a real "fail" from the very first NFLHC draft (Soluna, cover your eyes): Franz had already made our first pick for the Saints, but then had to run, and Neo also was otherwise busy. So, stupid old guy Head Coach has to make our next pick--this is back when we drafted through a forum like this. It came time for the pick right before ours, and Soluna's doing the live draft, counting down the time. The team before us (Vikings, maybe??) has the clock expire on them...so I jump in with a pick of our guy...and Soluna's just apoplectic about the whole thing, because I picked the guy that the Vikings actually picked, and the old site didn't load terribly quickly. So, Soluna's losing his mind on the live draft, we don't know what's going on, and here's stupid ol' me messing up the whole back end of the 2nd round of the first draft. Fail. Oops. tl;dr Bingo sucks at computer things, messes up first NFLHC draft for about 10 mins.
  10. Go Broncos!
  11. Franz, space these out--I only get 10 "likes" a day!
  12. Hard to argue with what you've got there, but I think Blackburn, Brinkley, and Burroughs from Minnesota might surprise when the season is all done. Ditto the Robbies.
  13. Hey, congrats, little bro! Way to go, you earned it! Have some candy! Any day the Huskies lose is a good day. Huck the Fuskies.
  14. Yeldon getting the love he deserves! Well written, Biggie.
  15. Yep, but you have to put min. 5 pts in the weekly pt total on them to activate.

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