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    1. A Daveed Knox Showcase game! It only took three years for my favorite RB of that class to show out!
    2. Solid. Feeling okay after 3 games. What the hell?!?? Way to go LAC!
    3. Wow, super fun game to watch. JAX seems to lacking a real killer on D. I'm shocked the JETS are 3-0. Good on ya, NYJ.
    4. Good game, Chiefs. A little surprised we were able to hold Rodgers down as well. Both QBs did some chuckin' without a ton of success. Defense stepped up.
    5. Holy clutch Keenan Roberson. Also, what kind of assholes traded Trevon Freaking Yeldon to the GD Titans?!?!?
    6. Go Gophers and Ducks!! Ooh, Beavs beat the Puppies. Ouch.
    7. Go Gophers and Ducks!! Ooh, Beavs beat the Puppies. Ouch.
    8. What a tough slate for Pittsburgh to open the season, holy crap. Good game, PIT. We've really not seen Brian Brown play that poorly, and we're not sure where the running game went. Defense played pretty well, but couldn't get any help from the O.
    9. bingo415


      Cool. We'll see how much time I can make for trivia, but I effing love trivia. Cool site, bros.
    10. Feeling pretty good after week 1, especially the offense. Brian Brown shows no signs of slowing down, and even if our Run Blocking rating was kinda low, I think the run game will be in good shape soon-ish. The D really showed the growth we were hoping for, and the improved depth (excellent work, @mahrowkeen) will need to show out now with injuries (and serious decline) in the secondary. Our #1 pick was out week 1 but will be ready to go week 2...curious to see how Afamasaga does in the middle.
    11. Good game, Cincy. Looks like BB was clicking completely today, and that’s hard to beat. Got up 30-0 at one point. So, 3 CBs on IR, awesome. Anyone got an extra corner? damn good to see this team play again.
    12. Okay, game reports are excellent, Philly is still really good, SF has a serious run game, but maybe needs to think about a new QB? Also, Garrett Taylor either is less good than I thought he was, or doesn't mesh with Lester, or got shut out by Soldier/Kirkpatrick.
    13. Israel Carlson is going to have an All-Pro year. Teams won't be able to JUST load up on run defense against the Chargers anymore, and Iz is the real deal. EVERSOSLIGHTLY the best 2nd year back in the AFCW. I also think a couple unheralded 2nd/3rd round rookie DTs are going to show up huge for their teams: David Kaiser for the Colts and Gavin Best for the Bills.
    14. I usually lean Y2k Miami, but this last season put it over the top for Bama, IMO. Having a Bama RB on your NFL team these days is like having an early 2000s Brazilian footballer...y'aint worthy if you don't have one. That position ALONE is a homerun: Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson (RIP), Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Najee Harris, and a few other bit players that have had success. Plus Bama is doing a better job of sending non-skill players (particularly O-Line and LBs) to prominent roles in the NFL than Miami ever did. Not to mention their 3 current starting QBs (Mac Jones, Tu
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