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  1. I love the Draft Broadcast! I'm available for Sunday...Saturday will be busy.
  2. True, my bad. @jc_superman you’ll need to find your new 2023 roster at FBS Teams Progressed.
  3. @jc_superman Sorry to be slow on this... Congratulations! You are approved for Oregon State Beavers of the PAC-12 Conference!!! Please understand that we are currently in the OFF-SEASON and the restart of the [2023] season may take a little time. Your activity on the site is appreciated in the interim. Please activate your new position by doing the following: * Go here to create your Depth Chart (noting redshirts currently in use). * Apply for Account Elevation for your new OSU avatar here * Don't forget to request Oregon State on the Interface, and CROOT, CROOT, CROOT!
  4. Earlier the better, but going into Memorial day os fine as well...
  5. Absolutely knockout work, Klemm and friends. This is amazing!
  6. Damn, weeks 11 & 12 on the road...look like the only stumbling blocks, pending Auburn progressions...
  7. Holy buckets that's a lot of guessing!!! (Didn't I say Chicago Cardinals for Q. 3 last week?)
  8. EUGENE, OR--University of Oregon Head Coach Bingo415 announced the full football schedule for the 2023 season today, noting specifically the inclusion of three P5 opponents based in the Southeast for upcoming out-of-conference games. "We're thrilled to announce another difficult OOC slate, one that will battle-harden this squad for the rigors of PAC-12 football," cliched Coach Bingo. Oregon's out of conference schedule in 2022 raise eyebrows for the depth and breadth of the competition, through which Oregon went 2-1. Wins over Western Michigan (in Kalamazoo) and South Carolina (in Eugene) preceded a flat effort against upstart Texas A&M, led by Nathan Singletary and his cadre of excellent pass catchers. That schedule gave Oregon a solid schedule bonus for recruiting, a figure that will likely be met by the 2023 slate. The Ducks open 2023 with a Week 1 trip to neutral site Mile High Stadium in Denver. CO to take on defending national champions Auburn Tigers. While Marcus Black is gone to the NFLHC, the returners for Coach @Rome's Tigers appear top-shelf in all three aspects of the game. Sophomore defensive end Myles Wallace will provide plenty of heat on whichever Oregon QB wins the job in Spring Ball, and RB Sean Meade will put pressure on the stellar Oregon linebacking unit. After a bye to heal all wounds, Oregon fulfills the home-and-home schedule with South Carolina, traveling to Columbia in Week 3. Milo Condon has moved on, but the Gamecocks still have an SEC caliber defense. Pivotal in the win last year in Eugene, Oregon's OLine simply overpowered the 'Cocks at times, a feat the Duck blockers will look to repeat in 2023. Thanks to Coach @Hagan for a great couple years of games! After traveling to face the revamped Cal Bears in Strawberry Canyon in Week 4, Oregon continues the road journey, this time to Morgantown, WV for a date with Coach @smckenz3's Mountaineers of WVU. The Week 5 tussle will feature two teams in a rebuilding mode, hoping that key youngsters will have 'come of age' at this point in the season. Thankfully, a second bye will help the Ducks regroup for the bulk of the PAC-12 season, staring with a visit from the rebuilding Stanford Cardinal in Week 6, before Oregon tries to avenge one of two PAC-12 losses from a season ago in Boulder, CO against Coach @paperllamasunited's Colorado Buffaloes in Week 7. The meat of the Conference schedule arrives in weeks 9-11, with the USC Trojans and Arizona State Sun Devils coming to Eugene, followed by a treacherous trip to The Palouse to face and angry and motivated Washington State squad. A timely Bye hits in Week 12, followed by a trip to Arizona before finishing with the two most important Rivalry games on the schedule: home against Coach @Jieret's hated Washington Huskies--who, by this point in the season, will likely be reeling from either a career-ending injury to quarterback Jake Davis or the suspension of star receiver D.D. Dyson for taking money from an agent--followed by the Civil War against Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis. The yearly "misses" on the Conference calendar in 2023 are the Utah Utes--Coach @Kirby has GOT to be excited about freshman QB Finn Leonard--and QB Aaron Harden and the UCLA Bruins. Oregon's secondary is tailor-made to defend these two daunting QBs, so these particular misses hurt the Ducks' chances slightly. Overall, the coaching staff is excited about the upcoming season. "We think we have a PAC-12 Conference title team here this year, though we need a few newcomers--(QB Josh) Allman and (WR Benjamin) Solomon in particular--to step up in a big way. We think we might be looking at 10-2, depending on how ready we are against Auburn, and how quickly the new guys at WVU are up to speed," said Coach Bingo. The coach is available for questions. Go Ducks! Oregon's 2023 Schedule Auburn (N) Bye at South Carolina at California at West Virginia Bye Stanford at Colorado Bye USC Arizona State at Washington St. Bye at Arizona Washington at Oregon State
  9. bingo415

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    For Oregon (PAC-12) Week 1: vs. Auburn (game in Denver, CO) Week 3: at South Carolina Week 5: at West Virginia All confirmed. For Oregon State (PAC-12, coachless at present, all confirmed) Week 1: at New Mexico St. Week 2: at Central Michigan University Week 4: vs. Georgia
  10. Fabulous! Can't wait for Week 5...murderer's row for me...
  11. Outside of the trip to L.A. for the Trojans, which games are you really looking forward to? Do you think a C-USA title is within reach? (Also, can I copy this for Oregon's schedule release? )
  12. Ditto, and look forward to the #64 v #45 absolute snoozer of a duel in Week 1...
  13. Things are sunny and bright-eyed in Eugene. Got the presumptive conference OPOY back in Herbert, a mauling OLine that may be the best unit in Oregon’s history, two great backs, if Juwaan Johnson shows ANY part of his SO season, we’ll have an actual passing game. On D, the Line is gonna be scary good, the linebackers have a lot of experience to go with talent, and the secondary is probably the top unit in the conference, with two all-league corners and an all-league safety in Holland. If new DC Andy Avalos can work some VanderEsch magic with the D, Ducks are looking at a 9 win floor (barring injury) and possible Conference title...MAYBE more, if they don’t choke against Auburn in the opener... Good time to be a Duck, DJ Uiagaleilei can go to church at Clemson if he wants...
  14. Okay...0/5...alright...
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