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  1. Ugh. The Fuskies. Ended the dream last year, and we’re looking for revenge this year. Holmes is gonna take some lumps but should be really solid. That D though...just nasty getting after the QB. I think UDub will miss Dominique Black in the middle occupying blockers, so schools with strong line play should be able to open some holes. Our second favorite team, as Duck fam, is whomever is playing Washington. Huskies go 8-4 and should be happy about it.
  2. Excellent write-up. Hit all the true SC points this off-season. I’ve feared the SC renaissance for some time, especially now that they’ll go 3 deep at CB (with the new frosh Brinson). Only concern for SC defensively is tackling and experience at the LB positions. The rest will be fine. I think Bowser is serviceable, but he may not need to be better than that with this offense. I think Sharp goes something like 63%, 3,500 yards, and 25 TDs this year. Would be damn good for a Sophomore.
  3. Love being ahead of both SC and UDub, but no PAC-12 before #15 and no UCLA at all is blasphemous, imo. There are lots of good teams out there, and the PAC has plenty as well.
  4. Interesting, because Salas was a high-volume passing guy at Ark St. I think you could see if that’s a positive next week...light it up.
  5. Ok, I’ll say it: Bengals should go with Oates and go pass-heavy.
  6. Thank you for not breaking TMac. We’re probably NOT going to run a Verticals scheme anytime soon, but wanted to test it out. For a 2nd year scrambler against a top-tier defense, not unpleased.
  7. Happiest I could possibly in a loss. Deyonte about to tear shit up.
  8. Excellent work. Beavers are gonna surprise some folks this year.
  9. I really can’t be mad at these. I love seeing your rankings n’ stuff, keep it coming. I’d be pretty happy with 7-9 if I’m being totally honest.
  10. Great write-up. You nailed all the issues we're looking at this year. Yes, totally worried about the P-as-K issue, but less worried given some of the new game plan options and a revamped passing game. Here's hoping the D gets after it too--the back 7 is going to be nasty. Go Ducks!
  11. Excellent article. Still love the Saints, and miss my FO brethren Franz and Neo. Fun times, those early years. Great work, Klemm.
  12. Thanks for doing these, Jieret!! Excellent work. ASU is gonna be good...question in my mind is, can they trust Townsend or the defense?
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