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  1. Excellently written and reasoned. Those transfers are free to leave, but they are missing out on a chance to learn from Coach Mahrowkeen.
  2. I think Alien's point about Hybrid's is spot on: irl comp is Aaron Rodgers. He's a thrower first, 100%, but CAN use wheels to buy time or escape. Brady/Manning/Brees/Matt Ryan/Flacco - Pocket, all the way. Maybe Big Ben fits a little bit of Hybrid, I can see that, but like Rodgers he's certainly looking to use his arm first. The point is: the scheme should minimize weaknesses AND highlight strengths. Putting AW3 in a Verticals system would certainly work with his arm talent, which is outstanding, but wouldn't give him the outlet to use his legs in the same way Spread Option does. QBs have to be ACCURATE THROWERS first in ANY scheme, then the rest of the skill-set matters. My interpretation of Training Camp Scheme recommendation has always been: "insert scheme here" gives your offensive the best chance for success, either because your QB is slightly limited in some fashion (Spread, Pro Style), or because other parts of your offense aren't designed for a more specialized scheme (the extremes: Smashmouth, Flexbone all the way to Air Raid, Verts, etc...).
  3. I tried running Spread Option in Trevon Yeldon’s SO year, with Jason Baum, and it sucked. Lost first three games, switched up to Pistol, won the Conference. I think Spread Option feels like irl Philly’s offense with Wentz/Foles. Needs a good decision-maker pulling the strings, and if that QB also has wheels, fabulous (see TMac, Preseason week 3).
  4. The Giants need some good news about now. Here’s hoping Moore keeps his nose clean the rest of the season.
  5. Not to say I have answers, but I think Culver did a bit more when he was closer to a volume passer at Utah. It feels like you’ve been trying mostly middle-of-the-road balanced offenses this whole preseason. Maybe go on a limb and try something closer to Air Raid, even with Wallace in the backfield.
  6. bingo415


    Yes, create your transfer bids forum (as per Jieret's instructions here). This needs to be done by tomorrow, for week 1. You have 35 points for week 1, and 35 points for week 2, knowing that these players will almost ALL have to sit a transfer year. As for your prestige, your school (Colorado) prestige is 3.5 and all new coaches start at 1 for prestige. Your current recruiting weekly points are: (I believe) 45. CU did win 10 games last season, so use 10 for your "win tier" recruiting bonus decisions (pretty excellent, if you ask me...) Okay, you've got some serious work to do ASAP. Go for it!
  7. None at all. He played behind 3rd stringers on the OLine, and was throwing to THREE new guys this week, and handing off to 4th and 5th stringers at RB. And he was in a new offense. We're not worried. Weeks 1 & 3 are more indicative of his eventual surroundings. So happy with the reserves on D that showed up big. Pritchett, Haywood, Chavis, and Tennell were awesome.
  8. bingo415


    Thanks, pal! good luck, @Mcanes305! Colorado has a proud history...do them well!
  9. Big Ten: 79 FCS: 74 MWC: 59 (-5) PAC-12: 32 (+5)
  10. bingo415


    You’re approved for Colorado! Direct links incoming (sorry, i’m on vacation) but know that you can find your way around the site and request your new CU avatar. PAC-12 media will be important for all coaches. Jump right in. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of anyone on the site.
  11. bingo415


    Hello, and thank you for the application! I’m sending you a PM with just a couple questions before approval for Colorado. Answer and we’ll go from there...
  12. Big Ten: 69FCS: 54 (-5)MWC: 79 PAC-12: 42 (+5)
  13. Big Ten: 69 FCS: 64 (-5) MWC: 73 PAC-12: 38 (+5)
  14. Good hire, obviously Caesari has a handle on the position. Bengals have a LOT of work to do, but a good FO is set up to do the work.
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