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    1. [2021] Week #1 - 4 PM

      Ah shit, I meant Goodwin.
    2. [2021] Week 1 Headlines

      TOUGH BREAK TO START THE SEASON Tomlinson's injury mars the opening loss to the Colts Charles Johnson and Michael Caroll get to Aaron Shea after the pass
    3. [2021] Week #1 - 4 PM

      Tomlinson went out early, seems like, since our OLine rating was crap and Fulton/Miller went HAM on Jennings. Balls. good game, Colts. We'll be back.
    4. [2021] Pac-12 Network: Week 0 Recap

      Love this feature of PAC-12!
    5. [2021] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

      Out of likes, so...you're welcome and I appreciate your honest answers posed by my questions. I'm not trying to be harsh, just 'critical' in the journalistic sense (sense the music major ). So, I hope you took it in that spirit...
    6. [2021] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

      Bills Only write-up (because I chickened out of it in the main post). Thank you for suggesting this, @ndunkelbarger69. 30. Buffalo Bills Much like the New England Patriots--their division mates, and likely challengers for the basement of said division--the Buffalo Bills have some intriguing pieces with which to attempt a franchise resurrection. Adding Kamau Davis should steady the ship on offense, from the indecisive quarterback rotation of past seasons. But that bright decision is clouded by two issues: an aging and ultimately talent-deficient offensive line, and the bizarre depth chart rotation of Wide Receivers. Why have Kevin Garvin as your #1 over Tyron Chambers (perfectly suited as an outside threat) or Isaiah Cronin? Garvin should be the slot man possession guy, end of story. The defense still has fantastic bookends rushing the passer in Galbreath and Ortiz, but Sack City hasn't been the same since Kendall Hill was occupying blockers on the interior of that line, and the Bills are rolling out a rather unimpressive collection of DT talent. The underwhelming roster decisions continue in the back 7 as well: Hernandez stands alone as the stalwart in the linebacking corps, and the defensive secondary is equal parts over-the-hill and devoid of playmakers. Only 1st round pick Sean Taylor stands out as a likely bright spot in the secondary, but again, that is masked by his current standing as the nickel back, despite being the highest rated CB (81). In short, the talent exists (GIVE THE BALL TO DESS, RINSE, REPEAT) for the Bills to have a couple of shiny moments during this coming season. However, since they play the Jets and Dolphins twice each, it's difficult to see how their roster competes with those two teams at all. And, if the depth chart is any indication, the coaching acumen will need to sharply increase to help that mid-level (at best) talent rise above itself for anything resembling a competent season. I see 4-12, maybe an outside shot at 5-11.
    7. Hello, and welcome back, Coach? Couple questions: what is your recruiting priority #1 this season? And, will your added duties of Saints Head Coach be difficult to manage?
    8. [2021] Oklahoma State Hires New Coach

      Damn, huge move! Welcome back to the big time, Coach.
    9. Wow. Big news! Glad Sage and Tuscan are back in the game. Good luck!
    10. [2021] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

      You're right..:that was cheap. Bills Only write up coming soon...
    11. [2021] Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

      Offset by losing Rice, I'd say.
    12. Lots of changes this offseason. Lots of changes in the inner-workings of the NFLHC system, and plenty of changes to franchise front offices and personnel. That makes for the most wide-open season in recent memory. By my reckoning, any of about 8 teams can win the title...and that's NOT counting a Green Bay-like rise from the ashes. Here's to a new season, full of ups and downs, heartbreaks and happy endings. Let's get it on! 1. Green Bay Packers Call me crazy, but render unto Caesar what is rightfully Caesar’s. Absolutely no one saw the Packers winning it all last season at the start of 2020--an incredible job by inspiral in two short seasons with his beloved Pack. 2. Oakland Las Vegas Raiders Ugh. Although it seems impossible, the Raiders actually got better in the offseason. Nick Hall has an actual back-up QB in Lawyer Johnson, Major Morris and Shah Vereen have a year of seasoning (a recurring theme in this Rankings), and Malcolm Davis and A’Shawn Ellison look like two fantastic prospects on offense and defense, respectively. God, I hate the Raiders. 3. Los Angeles Rams Arguably the best regular season team in 2020, the Rams doubled-down on their pass-first offense by re-signing all their big names. True, they didn’t really address the run game, but it may not matter since basically everybody is back, including the Front Office. Look for the Rams to fly high again. 4. Jacksonville Jaguars A big jump up for a team that made serious moves in the offseason AND let all their young talent develop together. Soluna and UBL’s men could very well upset the AFC apple cart of Raiders/Jets/Colts and win it all this season. The addition of Ron Rice may be just the piece they need. 5. Indianapolis Colts The other marquee AFC South team to add an impact DE this offseason, the Colts and Anthony Miller are almost TOO good a fit. Aaron Shea has MVP written all over him, and the addition of a serviceable running game may ultimately bring balance to this force of nature squad. 6. Carolina Panthers The Panthers did…basically nothing this offseason, choosing to go for broke with the unified team that lead them to the #1 seed in the loaded NFC last year. Losing Rice will hurt, no doubt, but Skaggs finally got the Playoff Win monkey off his back. Will that free him up to be EVEN MORE SKAGGS? Is that even possible? While the PanthStars are #6 right now, look for them to finish somewhere in the Top 10, but not in the Top 5…(hot take). 7. New York Jets The Jets lost some pieces in the offseason, some by choice (Charlie Paul), some not (Zion Adakwa), so it remains to be seen how the new pieces (a couple excellent new WR options) adjust to new surroundings. However, I wouldn’t bet against Jumbo and Gravy. They’ve been too good for too long. Though they’ll have to hold off the hard-charging Dolphins in the East to keep their crown. 8. Philadelphia Eagles I have basically no proof for this selection, seeing as they missed the playoffs and didn’t REALLY have a big offseason. But they just have so much amassed talent, both on offense (where the passing game should improve due to a more reliable running back committee) and defense (Martin Whiting and Rodrick Milligan are two of the best LBs in the conference). Eagles gonna fly this year, methinks. 9. Miami Dolphins No team had a BETTER offseason than Miami. They got all their top talent re-signed. They drafted incredibly well (hello JC Weldon!), and had all the right free agent and training camp info break their way. Plus, Smackems is figuring out this team. A little birdie says that the Dolphins will be battling the Colts, Jags, and Raiders for supremacy in the AFC this season. 10. Dallas Cowboys Some unknowns dot the Cowboys landscape this season, but there is enough on the good side of the ledger to not drop them too far from their second round playoff exit. Graham Burnett could very well be the real deal, but we just don’t know. At least TRod, with his lower ceiling but higher floor, was a known quantity. But really, it doesn’t matter when you’re gonna hand off to Abraham and Robinson running behind that Offensive Line. 11. Detroit Lions Lurking in the background this offseason, the biggest tremor for the Lions was losing Franz Kafka from the GM seat. The Lions have some excellent pieces and we now know Rob LeCount’s ceiling (12 wins, maybe a Playoff win or two), so it will be interesting to see if the talent around him develops or stagnates. Slinky/Jacobs are still a formidable combo in the FO, but have they given their team enough JUICE this offseason? 12. San Francisco 49ers This is another NFC team that seemed to float a bit this offseason: no marquee moves, no grand turnover, just trusting the development of a solid roster (even if McCray seems to have stalled, slightly). The Front Office is great, Duncan is a consistently solid coach, this feels a bit like the Jets of the NFC. The ONLY question mark: how will the rookie at Center handle the burden of directing the OLine at this increased speed of the pros? 13. Denver Broncos A talented team that has endured a bit of a rocky offseason. Training Camp sluggishness and a shift in the Front Office right before the draft leaves a distinctly acrid aroma around the Mile High HQ entering 2021. The staff feels good about Deyonte Davis bookending Chuck Johnson, and we love the offensive skill positions plus the line. The defensive secondary will once again be the great unknown for this team. In Jieret We Trust, and if he can figure out the backend, this team could be special. 14. Tennessee Titans The Titans got a LOT better this offseason, picking up a QB, further building around Tyler Jones (who WILL be the Defensive MOP this season), and simply getting healthy. Wheeler is gonna LOVE throwing to Kevin Williams and company, and Bubada’s stat-laden roster building will begin to see some serious upside very soon. Just too damn bad they play in the same division as the Colts/Jags. Otherwise… 15. Atlanta Falcons This may be way too low for the Falcons, who still have a roster littered with studs. The loss of R.C. Rone will be bigger than some realize, as he held that entire unit together. But that may be offset slightly by the emergence of Eric Jennings on the DLine opposite Early Davis. And…it appears Akili Wallace is going to get to 10 wins or he’ll strangle someone. 16. Seattle Seahawks Team Transition in the NFC West sees a sea change in their roster entering 2021. Jarius Jones was very good when healthy last season, and the defense surprised with sack masters Jordan and Glenn. But Jordan left in free agency, and the Hawks are pinning some big hopes on Josiah McCray at WR2. Here’s hoping their young but promising OLine keeps Jones upright and creates some seams for Booker T. and Marcus Williams. Their stellar LBs may have to have career seasons AGAIN for them to stay with opposing offenses in the toughest division in football. 17. Baltimore Ravens While the Ravens won the ‘competitive’ AFC North last season and had a good showing in the Playoffs, getting rid of Watkins and relying on Brett Fisher might be too much a change this season to remain in that lofty place. While I certainly think it is the best move for the future of the franchise, I think the Ravens simply take a step back this year. I see 7-9, 8-8 if their lucky, and on the strength of that defense. 18. Houston Texans Rome, in his ever-tinkering fashion, has his hands on some seriously impressive chess pieces. Can he put together the right series of moves to deliver what cmcgill is looking for in Houston: the Playoffs? Here’s guessing the answer to that question is “yes…eventually.” I see 9-7 for the Texans, with their incredibly tough division slate hindering what will otherwise be a solid campaign. Leshoure for MVP…in 2025. 19. Arizona Cardinals This is the hardest team in the league to rank. There’s really amazing stuff happening in Arizona, with a great GM and a consistently good head coach. But the pieces seem to be individually greater than the sum of their parts. Will Taylor Rodriguez equally his under-the-radar efficiency of 2020 throwing to THIS crew of WRs? Will the investments on defense turn into a cohesive unit that flies to the ball? Obviously, the youthful talent is intriguing, but it seems that 2021 will be more of the same as 2020, but with a bit more stability in the QB slot. 20. Kansas City Chiefs Another tinkerer, Mimsy is seriously rolling the dice this year: Is Erasmus McCready a starting QB in the AFC West? Does it matter, when you have Terrence Rodgers (who absolutely MUST get 25 carries a game)? How will the reshaped defense hold up facing the Broncos and Raiders 4 total times? Anything from 4-12 to 10-6 is possible with this team…I’m dead serious. Here’s guessing it is closer to the former than the latter. 21. Washington Football Team Hello, Football Player! Meet your new teammate! All the new faces around D.C. must feel like the first weeks of college—new QB Tanner Bowman being protected by new LT Walter Adair is just the most critical of the new teammate interactions in the early part of this season. Washington opens with a tricky schedule—first action versus a Denver team that knows itself pretty well. They’ll find out quickly if they have the right stuff cooking there on the Potomac. 22. New Orleans Saints The Saints are my pick for Most Pleasant Surprise of 2021, for two reasons: the defense can’t be worse (and in fact will be better…Garrett Holliday will help there), and Vollmagnet is the coach. Voll just gets it. He’s the primary reason why Devereaux-Jenkins-Brown-Miller-Delaney will get to…ready for it…8 wins. The Saints are back, and they’ll have some stinkers, but they’ll also sneak up and bite a few folks. 23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Like their NFC South brothers in New Orleans, the Bucs appear to ready for a little renaissance as well. How much of a bump up will depend on how much Weeze56m relies on DNJ to take the heat off of Taylor Heiden. It really is Heiden’s put up or shut up year. Can he will this team back to respectability? Will he allow Jackson to help? Can the defense, which still has unreal talent in places, stiffen up and stop letting folks walk all over them? Says here the Bucs have a nice year. I sure hope so. 24. Cleveland Browns Honestly, this is the LEAST volatile team in the most volatile division in the League. Just with slightly less high a ceiling as the Ravens. Since the Clark holdout, the Browns have mostly made the right moves. We’ll see if it pays off. But even then, this roster seems tailor made for 6-10. So, given their division, I’ll say 5-11 seems right. 25. Minnesota Vikings This very much feels like Vardell’s last shot at a big splash. The Vikings, in an unusual display of clarity, went out and drafted Vardell a real weapon in Luke Cobb. Currently in the slot, Cobb should provide a boost…how big of one is up to the OLine, which is long in the tooth. The defense MUST get pressure on opposing QBs or its going to be a long season on that side of the ball. The Vikes could jump up to 7 wins…maybe. The NFC North got better, mostly, so we’ll see how that impacts the Vikings as the 3rd best team there. 26. Pittsburgh Steelers The ownership struggles one week before the season starts are just too damn bad. Letting Davenport hold out for a whole year is crushing to morale, and probably the least smart roster move by talent: Rob Corp is serviceable, Davenport is special. Yes, he wanted too much money, but you gotta get something out a talent like his… Whomever goes on to own and coach this team will have some work to do, but will have a solid roster to do it with--IF they can put it all together. BIG IF. 27. Los Angeles Chargers I’m happy to say that this is probably too low for the La Jolla Chargers of Los Angeles County. They had a tremendous offseason—easy to do when drafting Shane Easley—and while it’s too bad to let Anthony Miller go, it may be addition by subtraction, given the scheme shift. Matty Swift is going to have ups and downs again, but little by little, Pumph is doing good things here. I’d say 4 wins would be pretty solid, and 5 would be darn magic spell. Take it and run with it. 28. Chicago Bears This is definitely too low for the Bears, but the Brooksheer/MoFo conundrum is too much to overlook. The Bears needed playmakers on defense (outside of Ivory Hall) and they needed help on the OLine. They really got neither in the draft and none in free agency. So…how did they get better? Remains to be seen. Right now, I’ve got them slotted into the penultimate spot in the NFC rankings. 29. New England Patriots Werner or Watkins? Which octogenarian will be slinging the rock in Foxboro? Does it matter, since the organization seems forever on the cusp of derailing. Plus they have to play the Dolphins twice, the Jets twice, and do so without any semblance of an identity, on offense or defense. 30. Buffalo Bills See: New England Patriots. 31. New York Giants This team is in a free-fall. Ownership change, bad player and cap management, and iffy coaching have left the Giants in the basement of the NFC. In fact they are indeed lucky that the following team just imploded… 32. Cincinnati Bengals Cancelled games? Really?! C’mon, man. Even after the change in ownership, there are still doubts that this team will be run effectively. Hell, I’m concerned we may have cancelled REGULAR SEASON games when the Bengals are involved. All that talent, and no way out…
    13. Happy 4th Birthday CFBHC

      Happy Birthday to CFBHC!! I love this place, and you all make it what it is!
    14. Davenport seeks Trade

      Wow. Uh...get something done, Steelers. That's one of the most exciting players in the league, just being ignored.
    15. Introductions

      Unfortunately, I'm not one of those Dawg supporters. Calling @Franz Kafka...