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  1. Maybe Miami is a home lion and a road lamb...or maybe it was just a step up in competition. Surprised NE is 0-2...
  2. Looks like Smackems is right on point for the SF/DEN game. Jennings and Blacknall have much to prove, but I think our D and the Mile High air give us a real chance. Could come down to FG kicking, and I think Sam Sarahi is the man.
  3. Dudes, don't forget a RP response...
  4. Ok, I deserve stupid comment. However, if how y'all played in week 1 is any indication, you're not making the playoffs, so perhaps creating some long-term chemistry with Fisher isn't the worst idea...
  5. Reggie Griffin held the newly-minted #9 overall player in the NFLHC to 3 catches for 33 yards. Yes, Jarius Jones was throwing to him, but still. Go Reggie!!
  6. Jason Johnson looked good in week 1 after a rough 2019 season The major jumps and drops after Week 1 games are so fun for the Power Rankings to reconsider. Some games were illuminating, other more confirming. Either way, it's great to have the NFLHC back again! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these better! 1. San Francisco 49ers à The Champs roll on in a tight one with the Murph-less Rams. Offense is good, defense looked a little shaky. Strength-on-strength MNF matchup with Denver in week 2. 2. Oakland Raiders à Raiders hold on to #2 with an OT victory over the Colts in Oakland. Nick Hall was clutch, Rex Walsh is making folks forget about Marvin White, but the D got ripped a couple times. 3. New York Jets +1 Jets bossed the Ravens, thus the bump up. Wegert looked like he was back in college, and Paul Howell is still one of the most lopsided trade pieces in the history of the game. 4. Philadelphia Eagles -1 Got the win, but didn’t look super convincing doing it. The drop in spots is mostly due to the Jets looking REAL good, less the Eagles looking suspicious. But, it does highlight the lack of growth on the offensive end. 5. Detroit Lions à Not much more to say about the win over the hapless Vikes: LeCount was awesome throwing against 3rd graders. 6. Carolina Panthers +2 Holy Skaggs-to-Henry meatiness! Lined up against the Saints secondary, this was completely unfair from the jump. Skaggs don’t hurt ‘em. 7. Indianapolis Colts -1 Sorry to have to drop them at all. Went into the Black Hole and almost came out with a win. Colts are gonna be good, but will look over their shoulder all season at the… 8. Jacksonville Jaguars +2 Wow. Raheem the Dream does it all. Bonus points to Soluna for winning with Trick Plays. In the previous Power Rankings I highlighted Wade (INT) and Haywood (FF, FR, 6 tkls). 9. Los Angeles Rams à I’m gonna leave them here for playing San Fran really tough on the road without Murphy. Rams could have a really nice season. 10. Denver Broncos +3 The D looked super good, the offense less so. I’m giving us a bump for the road win, and the decent efficiency numbers in the revamped run game. Big game on Monday coming up… 11. Seattle Seahawks +2 Little bump for the Hawks despite the OT loss. That D is really good, but Jarius is going to need to get on the same page as his WRs soon. Running game isn’t gonna help much. 12. Miami Dolphins +7 Huge win for the Dolphins (even though the Bills are a mess). Smackems is gonna be an upgrade on the main headset, and Brian Brown looks like he wants some hardware back. 13. Kansas City Chiefs -6 This is actually being kind to the Chiefs after giving up 41 to the Jags. Rodgers didn’t look great, and the revamped DLine looked…outmatched. Long way back for the Arrowheads. 14. Green Bay Packers +6 Nice start for the Pack…JJ-to-Nom is unstoppable, and the D looks improved. NFC North is gonna be DET/GB, then the rest… 15. Washington Redskins* (not a real team name) à Keeping them at #15 due to playing the Eagles tough in Philly. Fields throwing 3 picks was bad, the Defense holding AT & Co. down is good. 16. Houston Texans +7 Pretty solid bump for the Texans for two main reasons: shutouts are awesome, and Leshoure’s first go was a success. He’s only gonna get better, and the Defense has some real horses. 17. New England Patriots -6 Not a good look losing to the Chargers—this should be a bigger drop. But it was on the road and perhaps they’re working out the game plan still. I KINDA have faith they’ll figure it out. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers +4 Should be higher after a big win. Davenport continues his unbelievable winning percentage as a starter, but the big surprise was the defense playing well. If Henson really gets going, watch out. Likely AFCN faves right now. 19. Dallas Cowboys +10 Very nice throwback win for the ‘Boys…watching Abraham go off for 120+ and a score is the real answer to the surprisingly bad 2019 effort. T-Rod looked like a solid starter in the NFLHC and that should be enough. 20. Cincinnati Bengals +8 Good road win for the KittyKats. Joel King played fine and the running game was passable. The defense definitely stepped up and finished off the game for Danger’s Dudes. Bengals have the talent, need consistency and chemistry to continue. 21. Los Angeles Chargers +11 Ayy! Way to go Chargers! The reason for the big bump: they’re resigned to a season of Will Thompson and that’s the right answer. Still a lot of holes, but hey, can’t argue with a season-opening win over a playoff team. 22. Tennessee Titans +4 Nice to have the monkey off the back, eh Titans? Congrats, even if it came on a missed Cleveland FG. Kevin Williams is the man, but they’ll need more from the run game to go with the defensive effort against the Browns. Titans could get torched by really good passing offenses, but if they control the ball, they should be a 7-9 win team, possibly more. 23. Atlanta Falcons -5 After all that bluster and hype in the off-season, that was sure a dud from the Falcons. The stat lines weren’t nearly as bad as the whole package, but when you lose at home to the Bengals, you drop hard. Pick it up, Atlanta. 24. New York Giants -10 Ugh, no other way to put it. Even the vaunted Defense from 2019 looked like a wet noodle, as Vaughan Abraham had a sweet day. Stanford is clearly not the answer, and OJ Carano (god bless thee, Golden Gopher) is another year older and step slower. Giants are looking at a 6 win ceiling unless they change things up in a hurry. 25. Chicago Bears -8 Speaking of yuck, getting shut out is one thing. Getting blanked by the Texans is an entirely different matter: it’s not like anyone is going to confuse Houston ’20 with the 2019 Giants. Chicago has no running game, putting it all on Brooksheer’s shoulders. And that proved to be a faulty strategy. 26. Baltimore Ravens -10 I couldn’t decide how to rate this performance for the Ravens because I think the Jets are actually just really good. But: the Ravens bread and butter is defense, and they gave up 31 points. Moussa Goode may prove to be a quality back, but he isn’t right now. Why not wave the white flag now and put Fisher in? 27. Cleveland Browns -6 Ryan Clark’s backups won all four preseason games. That’s about it. When the games mattered, Cleveland could only muster 17 points in Nashville. I still think the Browns could make it interesting in the North, because anybody can. But looking like another long season by Lake Erie. 28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1 Possibly the most disappointing performance of week 1. Yes, it was on the road, and yes the Steelers have some serious momentum. But the Bucs put up essentially no effort in a lazy 38-17 loss. 38!!! Frank Williams is not gonna be happy there forever. Heiden had a solid game, but not much on the scoreboard to show for it. 29. Arizona Cardinals -5 Still a long ways to go, Cards. If you had been ripped 38-13 by the, say, Raiders, I would have been more forgiving. But the Packers took you behind the woodshed and showed you what it really means to build a team in a hurry. Jarius didn’t play that well, but I bet Ted wished he were getting the play calls instead of Kareem. 30. New Orleans Saints -5 Yikes. Devereaux fought back gamely, but where the hell was Sean Jenkins? He gets the “El Stinko” of the week for not even making the stat sheet. We knew the D was gonna be bad, but 456 and 6 touches for Skaggs? P-U. 31. Buffalo Bills -1 I’m not really sure what to say to Bills fans today. There was a brief window last season where your poo didn’t stink and the D-Line was everything. Then you missed the playoffs, and had a rough off-season. Then the puke job in Miami. Oof. 32. Minnesota Vikings -1 Vikings have the talent to win 4 games this year. But won’t.
  7. Wow, great game! Indy really could have helped us out, but Hall is too good.
  8. Jarius Jones was harassed all day long by Denver's defense BRONCOS RIDE DEFENSE AND SARAHI IN OVERTIME THRILLER Charles Johnson's 3 sacks, safeties' INTs lead the way as rookie Blacknall gets the game-winning TD in OT.
  9. Good game, Hawks. Yeessss!! Go Broncos!
  10. Fantastic! Titans have a great advocate in the FO!
  11. Yeah, sorry. It was a little difficult to follow some of the storylines for you guys this off-season. Give me a couple things to watch for with the Titans in 2020:
  12. You know, now that I have distance from it, I agree with you about both. Losing Vollmagnet is big deal for KC, and the Pack maybe just needs a little luck.
  13. Jaguars head man Soluna has his team on the rise Here's where it all begins...the birth of another season. And with it, the first edition of the Power Rankings. How was your team's off-season? Preseason? Got an injury you're dealing with? It all applies here at Rankings HQ. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these better! (or don't be a dunce in the off-season)! 1. San Francisco 49ers Until someone knocks off the champs, they'll stay right here. Their off-season gave no indication of the fire-sale of previous Super Bowl champs, so here's guessing the talented trio out in the SF front office has some more good luck and another trick up their sleeves. 2. Oakland Raiders I'll bite and give the Raiders the AFC top spot (sorry, Jets) simply due to the growth of Manny Spears and keeping almost everyone else (save Marvin White) together. (Good gravy, please, someone knock off the Raiders.) 3. Philadelphia Eagles Last year's #2 out of the NFC only got stronger this off-season. They found a suitable back-up to Allan Taylor in case of injury, and they strengthened their team via the draft. Could be that the force that has been building for some time in Philly finally hits its apex this season. 4. New York Jets While the off-season has seen more turmoil in the Jets player room than they'd probably like, there is no doubting this team's past accomplishments, the stability in the FO, and the unique star power on both sides of the ball. The question remains: when will an aging defense catch up to them--this season? Next? 5. Detroit Lions Perennial preseason favorite Detroit looks like a team that can absolutely win a title. They improved in the off-season mostly by maintaining their nucleus and growing together. Is this finally the year for the Loins? 6. Indianapolis Colts Have they found an answer at running back? Does it matter with that offense? (Yes, it's nice to have Tony Peaks back.) More troubling for me, however, is how they got lit up by the Jets in the AFC Divisional round. They D-line is strong (Goodwin ), as are the safety positions. But those CBs may still get roughed up a bit. And the big question is an OT starting at C. 7. Kansas City Chiefs This may be a tad high for the Chiefs, but I'm gonna err on the side of Mimsy plugging all the holes...until I see that they don't work. Rodgers should be great at RB, and the two rookie DEs have good ceilings, if little experience. Their opening week tussle with the Jags will shed some light on where they are... 8. Carolina Panthers Seems kinda like another year of dominating in the regular season, only to flame out in the postseason. At least CadeRich5 has some coaching time under his belt now. Here's betting the Panthers get their first playoff win...if they get there! 9. Los Angeles Rams Big question here is if Jeremy Henry can keep them afloat for the first 3 weeks of the season. If so, I bet Murphy comes back well and leads this team to good things. They were on the path until his injury last year, and their off-season wasn't a disaster. 10. Jacksonville Jaguars This may be a bit premature, but here's guessing Soluna and UBL have some serious stank to put on teams. Whomever starts at QB will have weapons around them, and the talent on the lines is coming along, ditto the defense. Rich Moore/Haywood/Jay Wade is a pretty solid threesome on D. 11. New England Patriots Last season's surprise Playoff team returns basically everyone (who know what kind of slap on the wrist the Commish will apply for the KJ Richards fiasco) and that should be good enough for another Playoff run, if not more. I like almost every position on this team save WR (and OLB 2). Did they give Lawyer enough weapons? 12. Seattle Seahawks The League's biggest offensive makeover is about to launch in Seattle. New QB (Jarius Jones), new RB (Booker T.) could translate into hyper-drive for this previously defensive-minded team. Okonkwo at DT brings a needed upgrade there as well. #12 might end up being really low for these guys... 13. Denver Broncos Building slowly after another solid draft, the Broncos are looking to overcome a disappointing Playoff miss in year 2 of the Bingo/Descreto (and now Jieret) reign. How will Jennings mesh with veteran WRs? How will Blacknall and Rambo work together in the backfield? Can our secondary stop anybody? 14. New York Giants We all knew they had some big names on D, but no one could have predicted just how dominant that D was. And good thing, because the offense was putrid. That side of ball may not have improved much at all in the off-season, but the D stayed strong. They'll take a step back, but they'll still beat a few folks. 15. Washington Redskins* (not a real team name) 'Skins were just a few games away last year, and by most accounts they did just fine in the off-season. This is likely a tad high, but I believe in the coaching. Now, if they could fix the back half of the Defense, that'd be great. 16. Baltimore Ravens B'more takes a big slide in losing Booker T. It showed in the playoffs when he was gone. They didn't have a great off-season, but still have enough talent to notch a few wins. Big question: can the Ravens hold off the North any longer? 17. Chicago Bears I know this is too low for the Bears, but can't really make the justification for higher (could be swayed flopping them for the Skins). Brooksheer being out for a while doesn't help. But they got better in a number of places, especially maturity and talent on the D-line. 18. Atlanta Falcons Took a solid leap forward with another great draft. This team knows how to accumulate talent. Can they put it together for a nice run? Remains to be seen, but I'll feel like 9 wins would be a solid campaign. 19. Miami Dolphins Again, I could be tempted to put them a bit higher, but it didn't seem like the Off-season Gods were smiling on South Beach. They have talent, but some of the FO decisions leave me scratching my head. 20. Green Bay Packers Last season was a real disappointment for the Cheeseheads and their work at the draft was the perfect antidote. They had some proactive results in FA and looked really good in the preseason. Still work to be done, but I forsee a challenge to the Lions in the North. 21. Cleveland Browns Another worldbeater in the preseason, I think Browns can put it all together this season. They have talent on Offense, and solid players on D. They're a bit thin at all positions, but the top end is there, minus the secondary. Who knows...Ryan Clark to Tai Miller should be worth at least 7 wins. 22. Pittsburgh Steelers No, I don't love the WRs, and there are some defensive holes...but a full year of the Davenport Express (now featuring Chester Henson!) should mean a nice bump for the Steel Curtain. 23. Houston Texans I'll probably regret this later, but it's just difficult to see what the long-term strategy is in H-town. The Texans will probably love Leshoure in his debut season (the wait must have been so painful), and that could pay off big time in the end. But this season? I'm thinking a 7-9 campaign would be pretty good, actually. 24. Arizona Cardinals This team is lacking top-end talent on Defense, but the addition of two key pieces on O (Kareem Taylor and TE Emmanuelu Lesa...yep, calling it) will mean the Cards can put up some serious points this season. 25. New Orleans Saints Pains me to say it, but the awesome Aaron Devereaux-to-Sean Jenkins combo (with a side dish of Sterling) will simply not be enough to overcome the disappointment that is the secondary. 26. Tennessee Titans After the hospital ward that was the Titans in 2019 rolled the dice on Xander Williams at QB, anything is a possibility for this team. For now, this ranking is appropriate, but I can see it being way to low by week 10. Those Linebackers...Oh. My. God. 27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers I'd love to say I'm a believer in the movement in Central Florida, but I'm not sure I could truly identify what the strategy is there. I'm sure that Blakely will be good, but pick #4 good? Who knows. Here's hoping Taylor Heiden reverts to his 2017 awesomeness. 28. Cincinnati Bengals The logical progression for a team with this kind of talent is to pick up 2 wins--that would mean 6. Seems about right. 29. Dallas Cowboys Honestly, Dallas could go anywhere from 20-30, depending on how well the QBs play. But they went with the long-term solution during the draft, instead of the quick fix. So, I'm guessing they go somewhere between 6-10 to 9-7. 30. Buffalo Bills IF they get some decent play from the backfield, and IF the D-line dominates like it did last season, then this is criminally low. I'm just not banking on both of those circumstances to come true. 31. Minnesota Vikings The biggest tumblers in the rankings. They almost made the playoffs last season, but lost their best player and didn't do a ton to help improve the situation on Defense. I think 2020 will be a long, cold season in Minneapolis. 32. Los Angeles Chargers Happy to wrong about this for a franchise of nice FO folks, but I think they hitched their star to the wrong QB and haven't done a ton to build around the talent they did have. 5-11 would be amazing.
  14. This is great! And what a super preview for the Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings to come out... Thanks for picking DEN as well, I'm sure we'll find a way to make it interesting.
  15. Huge injury, wow that sucks. Pats, give O'Reilly time, he'll be useful.

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