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  1. Coach, Lucas Spurlock seems criminally underutilized. Is there a plan to get him more carries?
  2. It was more a commentary on how you’re flying somewhat under the radar despite being a title winner in 2020. In reality, I think you’ll have 3 losses by week 13.
  3. bingo415

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    C’mon Panthers! 17 pt 4th Quarter?!!?! When you have the Nick Hall down, you must stomp on its head to make sure that it is dead...
  4. 2021 was the year of Nick Hall and the Raiders. What does 2022 have in store? Welcome to a new season of Power Rankings! At the start of the new year, we'll break these down into three parts, focusing on 3 tiers of teams. Today is teams #1-12...featuring both of our Kickoff Game participants. Happy 2022, everyone! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better! Start of the Season Power Rankings, Part 1 of 3 1. Las Vegas Raiders Ugh, the damn Raiders occupy the top spot. And they will until they lose. Which doesn’t look likely at any point, really. One does have to wonder if their slightly underwhelming OLine will get Nick Hall hurt at some point this season. But, in all likelihood, the Raiders (puke) find yet another stud that will emerge. I’m guessing it will be Malcolm Davis. Great, another guy to hate…. 2. Philadelphia Eagles I like what the Eagles did this offseason—basically just focused on making their core better. I believe they were one Marlin Whiting injury away from winning the whole things last year, and they are my Super Bowl pick this year. I like the Eagles a lot. If they take a step back, it will be because they didn’t inject enough youth into the equation this season. 3. Miami Dolphins Miami is back in the mix, with a new selection of targets for Brian Brown to turn into demi-gods, and a new commitment to making everyone in the AFC look silly. If the Dolphins get to the Super Bowl—a distinct possibility—it’s because Coach Smackems has evolved as a schemer and Miami has evolved as a defensive force, too. I think it’s Very Likely the Dolphins make the AFCCG, what happens after is up to them… 4. Green Bay Packers Green Bay, amazingly, is flying under the radar a bit. Perhaps Inspiral is getting tired of winning trophies. Perhaps Jason Johnson looked down and realized he’s been around the sim as long as Soluna has. Perhaps everyone looking at the new shiny thing in Chicago means the Packers can continue to mash opponents—or rather, dance around them lithely—and no one will notice until we look up in Week 13 and they’ve only lost once. 5. Los Angeles Rams I debated putting the Rams this high. It appears as though Daveed Knox will be the ‘difference-maker’ the Rams have sought for sometime in the backfield, but way too early to tell. The Rams still have a stellar Defense, but if you look closely, you can see the cracks in the foundation beginning to get a little bigger. Gone is All-World Walt Peck, and in his place is O.K Walt Peck, plus a disgruntled Derrick Schwartz. Darrell Murphy is a year older, but is he a year better? Not sure. Says here the Rams MIGHT be the casualty in the NFC sandbox. 6. Tennessee Titans The Titans were THISCLOSE to a Top 5 spot…then they traded Charles Woods. It was a fantastic move them, over the long-term, but I think there will be ripples of regret about making that move this season, even if it means one more Tyler Jones double-team than planned. That is how close the Titans are to the AFC Favorite, as opposed to a team looking to contend… 7. Jacksonville Jaguars …and by “contend,” I mean contend with the other giant(s) of the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Again, there are a bunch of guesstimates about how the Jags will do this season—we GUESS that Taylor Rodriguez will be productive in this offense; we GUESS that Sowell will shake off the rust of his injury and return to curb-stomping fools; we GUESS that the DLine will be as dominant as it was last season; we GUESS that Shamar Ware was the Steal of the Draft at his position and now no one will be able to run on the Jags—but I think we can give Soluna the benefit of the doubt. 8. Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers are gonna be FUN to watch. Either they blow up the AFC North (and maybe the rest of the AFC as well), or their gonna completely buckle under the weight of Norris Brooksheer’s shattered ego. I’m betting on the former, but the latter is at least half as likely. First actual question, though: who’s going to defend the pass on this team? 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Last season was a revelation for the Bucs (also: called it in these pages ☺ )—their solid team chemistry was aided by good coaching and excellent production from the quarterback, DT, and CB positions. And it led to a playoff spot. This year sees the Bucs with one more piece of the puzzle, but also facing a potential sophomore slump from DeNorris Jackson. Really, I could see them winning the South, or finishing 3rd. That’s how deep and loco the NFCS is this season. 10. Detroit Lions Perhaps this is too high for a team that completely flamed out last year. BUT…this is the team that had the best draft in the League, and then went out and obliterated everyone in the preseason. I see two problems initially, that there MAY be a QB controversy in Detroit if LeCount doesn’t start well; and that an aging defense isn’t up to the task of shutting down the Bears/Packers four times this season. BUT…the heavy money is on Kenyon Randall making neither of the above much of a worry at all. 11. Carolina Panthers I think this ranking for Carolina is a nod to the consistently good position they find themselves in at the end of every freaking season. Because I don’t think the Panthstars did much of anything this offseason to get better, other than make sure that Christian Skaggs showed up for Training Camp. I think the Panthers have to take advantage of their schedule early: beat the Raiders on Thursday night, and get a game or two up on the rest of the NFCS to hold them off at the end of the season. And give Mike Latta the damn ball. 12. New York Jets The Jets have so many questions entering week 1 after an off-season of tough choices. How will the DLine play without big Bob Ballard? How will the secondary perform? How about the Linebackers? Granted, most of those questions had at least cursory answers in other talented players ready to step in. But it would be logical to assume a slight regression from the J-E-T-S. Let’s call 11 wins a disappointment. Parts 2 and 3 tomorrow and Saturday...cheers!
  5. bingo415

    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Broncos are down to 53!
  6. bingo415


    Thank you for your application to New Hampshire. You're Approved!! Congratulations! Please activate your new position by doing the following: * Go here to create your Depth Chart (noting redshirts currently in use). * Apply for Account Elevation for your new New Hampshire avatar here * Don't forget to request New Hampshire on the Interface, and CROOT, CROOT, CROOT! You will have some transfers to include in your roster. Add them please. Get that roster at FCS Teams, copy that directly into your Depth Chart. Max. 10 redshirts. If you have any questions, especially about recruiting, don't hesitate to ask. There is a great recruiting breakdown here: Recruiting starts this weekend, so get on it.
  7. Great game for neutrals. Unfortunately, the division hate of the Raiders is strong enough to be rooting heavily for the Panthstars. (But I've got LVR 27-21 CAR).
  8. Biggest surprises for me: Toledo 17-31 SDSU -- Wasn't Toledo a Top 15 team for basically all of last season? They lost SOME to the draft, but still have their dynamic DLine and Ciamo. SDSU just DUSTED them... Texas 13-10 Kansas -- I can't tell if this was two decent-to-good teams battling hard but sloppy, or if both these teams are just gonna have a hard time scoring. If it's the latter, Texas better watch out for UTSA in week 2... Michigan 20-23 Alabama -- Only surprise was how close it was. I thought Bama would more or less win going away...looks like Cade has some rethinking to do, and Jacbos proves yet again he's a great coach.
  9. I agree the Bears are on the upswing, but I've got the Cowboys putting up serious points on a still-mediocre Bears D in a shootout win. I think the 'Boys will have a good season, and the Bears will be a lot better.
  10. bingo415

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Night

    Yes, and EWU was without a 3.5 transfer, due to no coach. I think the Pac-12 favorites in each division opened their accounts with authority today. SC and Wazzu are gonna be damn good.
  11. bingo415

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Evening

    Jeezus, Wazzu. All the stars were out for this one. Alabama, i thought, would have played better at home, actually.
  12. I think this game came down to one number (actually a comparison of numbers): Luck 27/41; Black 23/33. Black’s obviously represented a more efficient performance, but also a balance that will make them tough to beat going forward. Luck’s represented an over-reliance on the passing game (arguably against Auburn’s strength as a defense) and Luck is just not a volume QB. I have concerns about TCU’s overall scheme on O and D going forward. If you want to have a shot against Auburn’s amazing balance, sit back and hope for a bend-don’t-break performance that might possibly capitalize on a turnover or two. In other words, good luck!
  13. Thanks for these, Klemm. You’ve got the AFC West decently looking like last season, and I think our division is in for much more upheaval. And, yes, broncos did make the playoffs las year, but it understandable you missed it, since we flamed our early...
  14. Love, LOve, LOVE this defense as a whole, especially the DLine helping out the Secondary with pressure, and vice versa. If Oregon had a better option at MLB, our ‘Backers would have been here, too. Blake Martin is gonna be the DPOY in the Conference...just wait.
  15. bingo415

    [2022] SBI 5 Stars Recruits

    I really DID think about Starring him and going all-in. But, thought better of it. Also, Carlos Ramirez would like a word about your list, here, @SageBow