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  1. Azul, to your last point: Sean O'Reilly (MINN '19) was a 4.0 player who played all four years at 4.0/4.0. His first two years were truly at a 3.5 or so level, but his last two years (especially SR) he played a 5.0 level. His stats and 1st team All-BIG confirmed that. It does happen, but not perhaps as much as irl.
  2. Thanks for the shout, and thanks for doing these. Hearing from the Godfather is always great.
  3. story

    Fantastic. I'm out of likes, but this is great!
  4. CHARGED UP Denver, ignited by another Ramirez return TD, overcomes early stumbles to beat L.A. J.B. Blacknall shook off a 1st quarter fumble to run for 127 yards and a touchdown in his best game as a pro
  5. He was still scared from the Pats game. Then he sat down, said "No More of this..." and went out and kicked ass. Ripped off a 29 yard TD and monster performance after that fumble. Didn't put it on the deck again... Good game, Chargers. Closer than I thought it would be. Artemio is the man...
  6. Seahawks-Raiders was a classic head-to-head between top teams with a classic finish After dropping a week with crazy busy-ness, Bingo is back with a Power Rankings that looks at where teams are now, and whether they'll eventually finish the season higher or lower than where they currently are ranked. Who's gonna rise, fall, or maintain? You be the judge...let us know in the comments. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these better! 1. Carolina Panthers End ranking (compared to now): Lower. Not many other places to go but down. Panthers are on an absolute, 2007 Patriots-level Eff the World tear right now, but the same old questions remain: can they win when it matters? 2. Green Bay Packers End ranking: Lower. I think the Packers have been the beneficiaries of some easy scheduling and some awkward defensive game plans. Those things will catch up with them. Jason Johnson is playing completely out of his mind right now, and there’s no way that will continue. Ultimately a playoff team, but not sure they’re a division champ. 3. Detroit Lions End ranking: slightly lower. The Lions have two Packer antidotes that others don’t: EJax and Keyshawn. Plus, Lecount has found his rhythm and isn’t turning the ball over. If the Defense stays decently consistent, they’ll win the North and be maybe a 2 seed in the NFC…but that’s big if. 4. San Francisco 49ers End ranking: Same. Yep, I figure the Niners luck had to run out some time, and it did bigly against the Cardinals. But I think they’ll snap back, if they keep on with their attack-oriented offense and rather stellar pass defense. I think they’ll finish in the Top 4 at the end of the season. 5. Los Angeles Rams End ranking: Higher. I think the Rams are, ultimately, the highest-ceiling team in the NFC, thus the League. Murphy will continue his stellar play back from injury, so the only real question in whether Coach Cricket will trust his gameplan enough to stick with what’s working. I think so, and I think the Rams will win the whole thing. 6. Seattle Seahawks End ranking: Slightly Lower. Seattle has played a lot of really tough games already, losing squeakers to the Broncos and Niners, while tripping up the Raiders this past weekend. I think they MAY be the odd-team out in the West, when all is said and done. But still one of the really good teams, if that’s any consolation. 7. Jacksonville Jaguars End ranking: Lower. I was surprised the Jags kept it up as long they did, but the dream start had to end at some point, and the OT monster jumped up and bit them. This team does, however, have some staying power, especially in the significantly weaker AFC. Can they hold off the Colts and Texans? I’m guessing one of those teams catches and overtakes Soluna’s men. 8. Dallas Cowboys End ranking: Lower. The game against the Eagles was interesting because it highlighted a slight turning point for both teams, in opposite directions. The ‘Boys started out so well, playing a host of lower-tier teams. They’ll come back to the middle a bit, but I think they can still possibly make the playoffs if they win the games they ‘should’ win. Will it be enough to hold off the Eagles? Not sure. 9. Miami Dolphins End ranking: Slightly Higher?? Just can’t figure these Dolphins out. The loss to the Texans illuminated a defensive flaw that I didn’t expect to see: a weakness in the short passing game. Miami outplayed the Houston in just about every respect, so that’s why they get the nod here over the Jets. I think the Dolphins are looking at an outside shot at the #1 seed, but probably a 2 or 4. 10. Oakland Raiders End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Raiders got bum-rushed by an opportunistic Seattle passing game in overtime in what turned out to be less a shock and more a realization that, largely due to some cap casualties, the Raiders just aren’t as dominant as the 2019 version. And that’s ok, they’re still playoff-good, with only a smaller margin for error than last year. 11. New York Jets End ranking: Same. Initially, I had the Jets at #9 and the Dolphins here (win versus loss on the weekend, ya know), but then I got to thinking about the things the Jets do well (passing game, pass rushing) and what the Dolphins do well (offense in general, creating turnovers). When you look at it like that, the Dolphins seem the safer pick. Throw in the losses for each time (really, the Bills???) and the Jets feel right at #11. 12. Atlanta Falcons End ranking: Lower. The Falcons get the two-win boost, despite that they’ve beaten very poor teams and their losses are to only slightly better teams. Atlanta needs to take down a boss, cause right now they are getting through the easy levels and that’s about it. We’ll see where that goes when they get into the rest of their NFC and division schedule. 13. Denver Broncos End ranking: Slightly Higher? I’m usually not much of a excuse-maker. If my team gets beat, it’s because either the other team played significantly better, or I blew it as a coach. In this case, however, I’m blaming our current standing on 1) a rookie RB with a case of the butterfingers in New England; and 2) a 50-yard kick that DOINKED off the cross-bar versus the defending Super Bowl champs. Broncos will be—barring injury—fine. 14. Houston Texans End ranking: Higher, slightly. Houston is such a boom or bust team, it’s kind of hilarious. One week, they’ll go out and look like a world-beater and knock off the previously-undefeated Dolphins. Just the week before, however, they get completely shut down by the Broncos. So, I’m guess that Rome, ol’ tinkerer, will eventually settle on a game plan and they’ll start to win consistently. The talent is there…can they catch the Jags and/or hold off the Colts? Maybe. Either way, looking like a #6 seed in the AFC. 15. Cleveland Browns End ranking: Higher. The Browns bye week hit at the worst time to enjoy their hype. They are starting to put things together, a little bit, and it’s getting pretty exciting in the Mistake by the Lake. Here’s a long shot: the Browns win every remaining division game and go .500 in every non-division game. That equals a playoff team, but how high a seed? I say a solid #3, much like last year’s Ravens. 16. New England Patriots End ranking: Higher. This team will compete in the East. They’re too talented NOT to. And they have the experience of the playoffs to rely upon down the stretch, but the bouts of inconsistency need to stop. They pounded J.B. Blacknall and the Broncos into submission on the weekend, so I’m guessing they make life interesting for the Dolphins/Jets. 17. Philadelphia Eagles End ranking: Much Higher. I expect the Eagles to win the East. Not a knock against Dallas, I just think the Eagles have the higher ceiling. It’s taken a small while for Philly to figure out all the game plan minutiae for Allan Taylor and Troy White, but I think they’ve got it now. That win over Dallas was BIG TIME. Says here the Eagles end up the #4 seed in the NFC. 18. Cincinnati Bengals End ranking: Same. I think the Bengals are properly ranked. They are a solid, if unspectacular team. Joel King has certainly improved, Ron Thomas is running well, and the up-and-down secondary is currently on a swell. So, nothing to loathe, nothing to love. Just a solid team. 19. Indianapolis Colts End ranking: Much Higher. I think the Colts will turn it around, but this weekend against the Texans is a GREAT litmus test. No one wants to play the Colts and Aaron Shea, so the F.O. needs to have patience that they pull a 180’ and get this ship pointed in the right direction. There’s a lot of football left, and I’ve got them down for the #4 AFC seed (yes, I think they’ll win the South, as it cannibalizes itself). 20. Arizona Cardinals End ranking: Slightly Lower. The Cards had a great day against the Niners. Everything went right, and the Niners’ usual luck did not shine for them in the valley of the Sun. But I think that was more outlier than trend. The Cardinals seem just one or two pieces away from a consistently winning outfit, and I think that’s on the offensive and defensive lines. Doesn’t help to play in the best division in football, where every matchup is in the other team’s favor. 21. Washington Redskins End ranking: Slightly Lower. I’m not really sure what to do with the Skins. They have SOME talent, and it was nice to Javier Fields back in action to get the win. But those wins are gonna be fewer and farther between, given their schedule and lack of depth. Hate to say it, but I think the Skins will fall to the bottom 10 at season’s end. 22. Tennessee Titans End ranking: Slightly Higher. These guys are playing with fire every time out. They have moments of quite good, and moments where I think LSU might be able to take them. But ultimately, their season hinges on the play of Xander Wiliams. Can he be the consistent QB they’ve desperately lacked? I think so, but playing in the South is just about the worst way to find out. I think the Titans are a 6-7 win club, and that’s good enough for low 20s/high teens. That’s about it. 23. Pittsburgh Steelers End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Steelers, after so much promise, now look like they’re searching for answers. The Chester Henson trade is looking less one-sided as the losses pile up (well, the Vikes aren’t any better, really) and Davenport is proving mortal. So, where do the Steelers go for answers? They need to reinvest in the a tricky, complex offense that gets Davenport and Henson on the move, utilizing their bevy of speedy ball-catchers. That could be enough to make the North a bit more interesting. Oh, and stop losing to the Ravens. 24. New York Giants End ranking: Same. Yeah, the Giants are a bit hosed. They needed to win this year, given the contracts they signed in the off-season, but that isn’t happening. And they need to play better defense, like last season. That isn’t happening. OJ Carano has been a battler for a long time, and he’s being completely wasted now. If I were the Giants, I would decide between making a push and finding an actual starting QB via trade, or exploring a complete rebuild by selling off some of their assets on D. Because I think we’re looking at a bottom 10 team at present. 25. Baltimore Ravens End ranking: Same. I think this Ravens team has the chance to get back into the top tier of the game, but it will take patience and lots of diligent moves by a F.O. that has not always showed the most cleverness. So, right now, I’ve got them finishing in the basement of the North, but not by much. I think the Ravens can win 5 games. That’s about it. 26. Buffalo Bills End ranking: Lower. Yeah, I think the Bills hit their SEASON PEAK against the Jets in week 2. Maybe I’m a jerk, maybe I’m a pessimist, but I try to call it like I see it. They have a tough schedule coming up (other than the Chiefs and Chargers) and they have very little prospects on Offense other than to give the ball to Dess and try to make Younger a game-manager. So, bottom of the East it is, maybe 3 wins. 27. Minnesota Vikings End ranking: Slightly Lower?? No idea. Someone posed this in the shoutbox: Vikings slightly above the Bears? But the Bears beat the Vikes. Yeah, and I think they are neck-and-neck for the bottom of the North, 27a and 27b. But the difference is: the Vikes have a chance to score once in a while, unlike the Bears. So what if the defense is rice paper, they at least have Vardell. I think that’s good enough for 3 more wins. 28. Kansas City Chiefs End ranking: Slightly Higher. Wow, what happened to the Chiefs? They can’t score, they can’t stop people from scoring. They can’t hold on to the ball, and Wheeler’s actually been kinda good. So, what’s going on? Well, it starts in the coaches box, and that change in leadership of the day-to-day has been tough. Now, the players need to gain chemistry and trust that the coach won’t trade them willy-nilly. Mimsy can do good things in time, I’m mostly sure. 29. Los Angeles Chargers End ranking: Same. Yeah, this seems right, mostly. The Chargers could pull some surprises throughout the season (hopefully not Thursday against the Broncos!!), but I don’t think they’ll win too many more. They knew it was gonna be a long slog, and they’re on track, more or less, for respectability in 2021. That’s gotta be good enough for now. 30. Chicago Bears End ranking: Slightly Higher. I’m very disappointed in the Bears. They worked their way down here first, so that’s why they’re below the Vikes for the time being. But I think they can pull back up a bit. I know that it’s a tough division with the #2 and #3 teams in this week’s Power Rankings, but the Bears have too good a F.O. to stay down here for the whole season. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers End ranking: Maybe Lower? Bucs have zero clue what to do now. They are trying to start over, but are getting no takers. They are trying the small fixes, but can’t pull the right strings. So, what to do? Push to the end. It isn’t gonna get easier, and they very well may end up on the bottom at season’s end, but they have the talent. Just keep on trying stuff. 32. New Orleans Saints End ranking: Slightly Higher. The Saints won’t go winless (unlike the Bucs, maybe…), they have three of the best players in the Conference, depending on the day. But…right now, they just can’t get out of their own way. I suppose I have them down for 3 wins. Probably better than the Bucs, but not much better.
  7. Some way to include variable elements like immediate playing time, playing style vs. fit, etc. These are pretty nit-picky, but would enhance the RP.
  9. Out of likes...awesome! Keep this coming!
  10. The University of Oregon welcomes OT Pita Kamu (Air Force) and OG Trevor York (Wisconsin) and will begrudgingly start both players to avoid playing true freshman at both spots.
  11. I tend to be with Alien and Emperor and almost never change my secondary looks. I tend to be a zone-friendly coach across the board. I do look at the skill of the offense to determine my aggressiveness with play-calling and physical aggression, but not as it pertains to my safeties. We've built the team so that safeties are essentially nickel and dime backs. We don't play a lot of press coverage anywhere, but I agree with Emperor that you should never use press on high-skill speed guys.
  12. Out of likes...these are great, Jacobs. Keep it up!
  13. Wow, these feel like, simultaneously, expected and totally bizzaro scores... Congrats, ARIZ...winning in San Fran is a bear.
  14. TURN YOUR HEAD AND... Broncos cough up four turnovers in listless loss in Beantown One of rookie J.B. Blacknall's 2 fumbles lost on the day
  15. Good game, Pats. Very upset with this team right now. Can't win with 4 turnovers and a sieve as rush defense.
  16. I'm fine with expectations being slightly low for the Ducks. We will surprise this season. Would like to have Okonkwo for his senior year, but it'll be ok. fwiw, CU and UCLA are way too low in this power ranking.
  17. Initially my thinking as well, but that's how the voting went. Impossible to ignore Scott's 2019 year of awesome.
  18. Welcome! Great first press conference! Good luck with all the moving parts of head coaching...don't hesitate to reach out with questions...
  19. This is freaking great!! Thanks for compiling! Here's a guess at a couple too highs: Illinois, SMU, Arizona. And here's who I think too low: Baylor, West Virginia, Colorado, and Arizona State.
  20. Welcome! Enjoy the're gonna have a tough go with ODU, but stay active, recruit intently, and build that bad boy up. Let us know if you have any questions...
  21. Coaching Clinics--"How To" Football With the raft of new coaches entering the sim, my assumptions about general football knowledge have been knocked a bit on the head. So, I thought maybe beginning a universal Tutorial of sorts for the how to do football (depth charts, philosophies, etc.) would be helpful, not as an "expert" but as an interested party in seeing this sim succeed with a community of great people and coaches who enjoy the sport. I encourage anyone to post in the comments about a subject they feel particularly passionate about, but would like to add that all statements of 'fact' be supported by some sort of backing evidence. I guess we'll get started with Special Teams, since that became the impetus of the discussion of in the shoutbox. Return Teams Let's start with the rostered position of Returner first. We all know what makes a great returner: speed to burn, elusiveness, good hand-eye coordination to bring in the ball. So, look for a speedy Running Back or Wide Reciever or Cornerback for this position. Further, this doesn't have to be your starter: I was very successful with a backup CB who had high potential (4.5) but low skill (2.0) for several years in CFBHC. However, be careful about physical attributes: if a giant wide receiver is returning kicks, chances are they may not be the most elusive player with the ball in their hands, and if a bulky power back is asked to return punts, he may not be able to hold onto the ball. Also, you may want to prioritize safety to explosiveness in the return game (especially Punt returns), which has plenty of value. In that case, consider a returner that is a Target receiver of decent build and look for them never to fumble a punt return. They may not score any TDs, but they'll always hold onto the ball. As for the rest of the return teams, these guys have to be able to run the length of the field in both directions, ideally while shielding the returner from tacklers. Not drive-blocking per se, but really just ushering their opposite man away from the returner. Here's where you want a mix of mobile, athletic guys that have some size: LBs, TEs, some leaner OLs, DEs, Safeties. I'd say an ideal Kickoff Return team has a wider body guy just before the returner to form the front of the wedge, then populated with athletic LBs and TEs primarily. On Punt returns, focus on bigger guys who can run AND tackle, in the event of a fake punt or a punt block. Consider LBs and DEs that can move, plus some safeties. Some good hints on a very fundamental return in the Super Bowl in 2015: Coverage Teams We don't really have the chance to roster these teams, but maybe fun to talk about anyway. The entire mission of coverage teams is to 1) contain the ball carrier; 2) bring down the ball carrier. For this you want disciplined players that can move well in a straight line AND get off blocks quickly. Outside-in for kickoff coverage teams, you want your fast, nimble guys: cornerbacks or receivers with attitude. Then, moving inside, your safeties, then LBs/TEs, and finally some really angry dudes like DEs that can move well flanking the kicker. Obviously, you want your kickoff specialist to be able to put the ball in the endzone, negating any return possible. Whether its a kicker or punter, put your biggest leg (read: Power) as your kickoff specialist. Here's a good article on Kickoff Coverage Teams: Generally, the same applies to Punt Return teams, but in particular its nice to have your absolute fastest guys serve as "gunners" on the outside that race down and are the first to meet the punt returner. Again, large fast people should populate the punt return team, and you may want to leave one particularly salty gentleman as the punter's personal protector: maybe your starting ILB or something like that. As for Long Snappers: in this sim, you have Traditional or Specialized LS. Traditional means that they can also play as a Center on the Offensive Line. Specialized means that their sole job is as a LS. In CFBHC, I would think having a specialist would be ideal. In the NFLHC sim, however, a backup Center could be a viable option. Either way, best not to have a big 300 lb Long Snapper. You do want someone who can move a little bit: look for a 260 lbs guy. Some tips and recommendations for good Punt Teams: Speaking of kickers, it can be a bit confusing to see Accuracy or Power as a style for Kickers and Punters. Here's where experience can play a big role: I've had success with Punters that care about Power first--love the big leg. I find it more valuable in CFB to have a Power punter. In NFL, however, an accurate punter will help with field position much more. Why? Well, the game is play much more between the 20 yard lines in the Pros as opposed to the lower-skilled College kids that tend to play with more of the field. Here's an interesting article about teams starting drives inside their own 20 yard line in the 2016 NFL ( and then the opposite for college teams ( These are great indicators of what may be valuable for field position in each sim. As for kickers, I'm not entirely sure Accuracy or Power are great style indicators--the real value is their skill. But, all being equal, I suppose I'd rather have a 5/5 Power guy than a 5/5 Accuracy guy. "Hands" Team This is the team that lines up to DEFEND an onside kick. They are called the "hands" team because they ought to have the best hands on the team, and should ONLY be used on special teams for this purpose. That means, you want guys that catch or handle the ball for a living: WRs, RBs, CBs, TEs. Take literally all of your WRs and put them on the hands team. Don't put an Offensive Lineman on your will end badly. Again: skill position players for your "Hands" team. Redshirts and general Depth Chart Insights In general, your Redshirts provide growth for under-developed players that can and should be helpful in future seasons. So, first some basics: you can redshirt up to 10 players every season, but only once in their college careers. Redshirts develop at random, either +.5, +1.0, or + 1.5 (if ya lucky), so if a 1/4.5 player is redshirted, he'll either be a 1.5/4.5, 2/4.5, or 2.5/4.5 player next year without burning a year of eligibility--GIGANTICALLY helpful year on year. Playing time is almost always a more direct way to develop your players: higher chance for a +1 or +1.5 growth as a starter, but you lose a year of eligibility. It's enormously advantageous to redshirt a 1.5/4.5 freshman QB, and play the 3/4 Junior QB than the other way around: not only will the junior turn into a 4/4 (highly likely) Senior, but the freshman will be a RS Fr at (decently likely) 2.5/4.5, and ready to take over as a RS So at 3/4.5. That's called continuity. Skill (first number) is valuable in this sim, immensely. But potential (second number) is also extremely important. What do I mean? Well, in determining your starter, I'd play the guy with vastly higher potential if the skill is about the same. I'd rather have a 2.5/4.5 LT start over a 3/3.5 LT, to put a point on it. Really, any player 3.5 or better is a decent player in the CFB sim. Where you see real deficiencies is in players 3.0 and under. So, let's do a little game--- Assuming style and physical traits don't matter (in this case), Who to start at QB? Or better yet, what does your QB depth chart look like in 2024? FR 1.5/4.5 (SR) 4/4 -- this means he's taken a redshirt season already SO 2/4.5 (JR) 3/3.5 (SR) 2/2 First, the obvious: both Juniors make the depth chart. They've already redshirted. Then, I'd redshirt BOTH the FR and the SO, and then go: (SR) 4/4 (JR) 3/3.5 (SR) 2/2 What does this look like in 2025? Well, there you have some choices to make, and that's both the fun part, and where coaches make the big bucks. The Seniors would be gone, and assuming somewhat standard progression of +1 for RS, your team page for QBs would be: (FR) 2.5/4.5 (SO) 3/4.5 (SR) 3.5/3.5 I think clearly the SO would start, the SR could back-up, and the FR would be left for later seasons. This is good depth. That's why Redshirts are important. I believe that, barring one great recruit or an initially poor stable of QBs especially, your entire QB depth chart should have parentheses for Redshirts. Other Depth Chart thoughts: If you're a team that is clearly building for a near-term future success year (i.e. have a number of talented Sophomores and Juniors, and you feel like you're 1-2 years away from a solid team), go ahead a Redshirt that unbelievably awesome SR Defensive Tackle that you just signed from the JUCO ranks. Just because they may be your best player doesn't mean that they also won't be amazing next season. IF you can stomach a "rebuilding year," go for it. I also think it's much more valuable to consider depth charts and class numbers (# of Sophomores, Juniors, etc) as they MAIN spreadsheet in your recruiting efforts. I think it's vastly more important to have a balanced team of solid contributors than to have one or two special studs that require so much recruiting effort and money, and then trot out a poor supporting cast. Football is a team game, and this broad-based plan works. What else about depth charts would be helpful? It for now, much more to come...
  22. I would say yes, it is that effective, especially in college where most kickers can't pull off a ridiculous onside kick. Grab the ball, go down, game over.
  23. Added a discussion on Redshirts and initial Depth Chart thoughts...this would be ideal for discussion all around.
  24. 2013 was a hilarious year for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. We had three 5.0 players, OJ Carano, Enoch Dickinson, and sophomore Mark Bassett, though our only All-American that year was LT R.W. Pittman. Carano was the workhorse, we ran Smashmouth because we had a terrible Alan Watts (3.5) at QB and a mediocre WR corps. The Defense featured Kwazi Robb and Taz Tomlinson, and it wasn't the best unit. We had some tricky games in Conference, and a really disappointing out of Conference game with Texas. It wasn't the greatest year, but it certainly taught me a lot about the sim.
  25. Welcome to the CFBHC world! Houston's had a bunch of success in their history, good luck! If questions arise, don't hesitate to reach out...someone will help out.

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