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  1. Big shoutout to @smckenz3 for writing up my crappy rankings last week...he poured a ton of time into that and it is much appreciated. Just another of the great guys on this site...thanks! Some serious movement in the top half of the rankings this week, and a bit toward the bottom as well. While we're certainly seeing a clearing of top-tier teams from the herd, the great middle is muddled as ever. This week, I'm gonna provide one stat per team that points to why I have them ranked as such. Enjoy! Remember, if you don't like where you are in these better! CCG Favorites--Pick Range: #29-32 1. Los Angeles Rams Why: The Rams lead the League in 15 statistical categories, but we'll go with Best DYPP defense in the League (22.03), 3 points clear of 2nd place (19.51), where 3rd place is 18.67. Wow. Good luck, everyone else. 2. Carolina Panthers Why: Best 3rd Down % in the League (39.84%). Skaggs won't let them punt. And the 2nd best scoring team in the League. 3. Indianapolis Colts Why: 7 straight wins, is ridiculous, but par for the course for the team with League's highest rated QB (minimum 150 passes): 117.28, 25-4 TD-INT ratio. 4. New York Jets Why: Discipline and efficient balance. 2nd fewest penalties in the League, #4 in OYPP, #8 in DYPP. Those numbers equate to good coaching. Playoff-caliber Teams, One Could Get Hot and Win It All--Pick Range: #21-29 5. Detroit Lions Why: League's best YPCA (3.77) and YPGA (72.7) means you can't run on the Lions. If you have to pass, that's when Keyshawn and Cam Jones smile. 6. Dallas Cowboys Why: League's best OLine rating (8.32) and fewest sacks allowed (11) plus 3rd best DYPP means that Dallas wins both sides of the line of scrimmage. 7. Green Bay Packers Why: Offensive Efficiency. The Pack are only team in the League under 11 OYPP (10.5). In this League, offense usually wins. 8. San Francisco 49ers Why: 2nd best YPG/YPGA ratio in the League. Coach Duncan knows that field position wins games in the Playoffs. 9. Jacksonville Jaguars Why: Fewest Turnovers in the League. Barkley & Co. have turned it over only 5 times (all INTs). 10. Atlanta Falcons Why: Stingiest 3rd Down % Defense in the League (22.14%) plus 2nd most sacks in the League. RIP QBs on 3rd down. 11. Philadelphia Eagles Why: Best YPGA (218.6) and Most defensive TDs means the Eagles have playmakers all over the D. Combine that with the League's 2nd best 3rd Down % on O. 12. Denver Broncos Why: 2nd best YPAA in the League (7.1) in the pass-happy AFC West is solid. 13. Seattle Seahawks Why: By many measures, the Hawks have the League's 2nd best defense, highlighted by their insane 6.43 YPAA. Edge of the Playoffs--Pick Range: #14-20 14. Oakland Raiders Why: Most safeties in the League (2) is mitigated by giving up as many points as they score (0 score differential, 238 each way). 15. Miami Dolphins Why: Excellent trench warfare. Dolphins have given up only 13 sacks, and are #4 in the League with 27 sacks in their own right. 16. Houston Texans Why: Offensive efficient is good (6th in OYPP, 4th in 3rd%), but overall YPG is 30th. Get those guys playing a little faster, eh? 17. Cleveland Browns Why: Top yardage defense in the League (302.5 YPGA) and solid YPCA is balanced 5th worst YPC. Apparently, a game against CLE is a giant stalemate. 18. Cincinnati Bengals Why: The number 15 is rough for the Cincy offense: 15 INTs ties for 2nd worst in the League, and 15 drops IS the worst. 9.49 YPAA is also the worst mark in the League. 19. Kansas City Chiefs Why: Chiefs can't get to the QB. Fewest sacks in the League (9) leaves lots of time for opposing QBs to pick apart their secondary (-20 YPGD). Economy Seats on the Airplane of NFLHC--Pick Range: #5-13 20. New Orleans Saints Why: Worst pass yardage and overall yardage defense in the League outweighs being tied for 6th in offensive yardage (366.1 yards per game). 21. Baltimore Ravens Why: Ravens can stop the run (2nd best YPCA in the League) but not the pass (2nd worst YPAA). Opposing coaches, you know what to do. 22. Pittsburgh Steelers Why: Causality. PIT can't get to the QB (4th fewest sacks), which means QBs pick them apart (4th worst YPAA). 23. Arizona Cardinals Why: Offensive efficiency starts up front. Cards have 3rd worst OLine rating (7.43) and the 3rd worst OYPP and 3rd Down %. 24. Tennessee Titans Why: The Titans are almost the League's most average team, except for their point differential (-59, with 18 TDs scored and 27 allowed). 25. New York Giants Why: Giants see the fewest plays on defense in the League, but need to stay on the field during 3rd downs on offense (5th worst 3rd down %). 26. New England Patriots Why: Pats are a sieve in run defense. Worst rush yardage team by a mile (115 per game, 5.4 per rush) kills a good pass defense (225 yards pass per game). 27. Chicago Bears Why: Most sacks in the League (34) matches the number of TDs given up (34, tied for 5th worst). 2nd worst rushing offense (60 ypg) doesn't help. Possibly Picking #1 Overall-- 28. Buffalo Bills Why: Buffalo's 3rd down offense is atrocious (only team under 20%) and their passing offensive is 2nd worst in the League (#31 in YPG and YPA). 29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Why: Points are hard to come by for the Bucs. League's lowest scoring team per game (14.4) with the 2nd worst point differential means it doesn't get better when the Bucs move to D. 30. Minnesota Vikings Why: Worst rushing yardage offense in the League means that Vikes can't get into the end zone (4th lowest scoring per game). 31. Los Angeles Chargers Why: The ball is precious and the Chargers don't like the ball. Most turnovers in the League (15 INT, 10 FL) combines with 2nd worst YPC (3.46). 32. Washington Redskins Why: All the reasons. Worst yardage offense per game, fewest total TDs, most penalties. There are areas in which the Skins aren't terrible, but they are rare.
  2. Yep. i proiritize by skill and body type. I always prefer a #1 with speed designation, but have played a target guy there. I usually like to mix my Speed-Target types among the top two WRs. For slot, I prefer a guy with elusiveness, even if skill may be lower, to a big target type. As for "creative" solutions, I've often had to play TEs and RBs at WR and those choices have usually worked out. If body type was a good fit, I've had a tall speed RB and a lighter receiving TE both play WR3 or WR4, if my depth wasn't where it needed to be. And you can list them on the depth chart at their natural positions too, providing a cross-training aspect for younger players. Get your skill on the field, I say. I have yet to go the route of an OT at TE2, but wouldn't hesitate if my offense really needed to focus exclusively on the run.
  3. Bingo: "Time for a scheme change..." Coach looks for Ducks to head back to the drawing board after losing to UNC Trevon Yeldon has been the lone bright spot over three games for the Ducks
  4. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Fresh off bye week, Broncos 'complete team effort' provides needed boost to stretch run Artemio Ramirez darts through Chargers defense for a 1st quarter TD
  5. Oooh, for real? Soluna...halp!
  6. Sorry to be pedantic, but I believe one of DEN defenders needs at TD added to his stat line. 3 TDs from Jennings + 3 TDs from Blacknall would only 42. No FGs, so either of the INTs or FRs went for TDs. Thanks much!
  7. To be fair, the NFC also has 4 of the worst 6 teams in the League. But your list is completely insane...NFC is just so dominant.
  8. So satisfying. Sorry, and good game, Chargers. Also, thanks Niners and Cardinals!
  9. Nico Kaufman will be the Heisman winner. That is all.
  10. Sorry these are one day late: the asterisk means I know that Week 4 TNF games have already been posted. I'll note further with other *... It's only been 3 weeks of games and we are already seeing the strengths and weaknesses of teams as exposed by Out-Of-Conference opponents good, bad, and ugly. For now, Wazzu hangs onto the top spot...where will YOUR team fall? If you don't like where you are in these (and recruit) better!! 1. Washington State Cougars (2-0) Uff-da! The Cougs had week 3 off after barely breaking a sweat against NC State. Oakes & Co. look good, real good. Ape has a good one brewin'... 2. Arizona Wildcats (3-0)* The Wildcats absolutely ran riot over the Buffaloes in week 3. Their defense is stellar, the offensive line looks good, and the backfield is getting it done. Can they keep it up against the big boys down south? 3. Stanford Cardinal (3-0) Why am I dropping Stanford behind Arizona despite two fantastic wins, including a beatdown of ASU? No idea. Maybe I just don't like Nicholas Garland as much as Notorious does... 4. Cal Bears (2-0) Two games, two giant wins for the Bears. This reporter thinks Cal, not Wazzu or Stanford, will be the winner of the North in the end. But for now, gotta knock off the King. 5. USC Trojans (2-1) Holy cats did the Trojans take out some frustrations on hapless SJSU after the surprise loss to Notre Dame in week 2. 66 points on the board is not a game, it's toying with someone. Unfair. Here's guessing the Men of Troy go on quite a run to the South title. 6. UCLA Bruins (2-1) * A week 4 TNF smackdwon of MTSU allowed Steven Gore and his cluster to flex some muscles after notching a PAC-12 win over U-Dub. Almost makes up for the near-loss in OT to the Baylor Bears, but not quite. 7. Arizona State Sun Devils (1-1) Maybe should be higher after putting a hurting on Ohio State (that's TWO losses to Copper State schools for the LOLhio State Buckeyes), but the stinker versus Cal really stings. This team can make some noise, if they and their coach are operating at full speed. 8. Colorado Buffaloes (1-2)* Truthfully, only ahead of the next two because of the 1 in the W column, albeit against NDSU. Buffaloes have been whooped by SC and 'Zona. 9. Oregon State Beavers (1-2) Truthfully, the Beavs should be lower, but hey, they have a win--the next teams don't! It's a thing. Beavers remain the only school in Oregon with a W, but that won't last long... 10. Oregon Ducks (0-2) Stupid kickers. A 3 pt OT loss to the Azul Longhorns leaves the Ducks as one of the top winless programs in the country. Is that too bold a statement? Maybe, but you'll see a much better effort from the Webfoots in week 4. 11. Utah Utes (0-2) Donald Culver deserves better than this. Illinois just curb stomped the Utes in Salt Lake City in week 3. Question is: will the Utes find a win this year? Likely, but not exactly sure where that will come... 12. Washington Huskies (0-3) Jake Davis doesn't exactly know what he got himself into. There is talent on this team, but the system doesn't seem to match the talent. I'm guessing the Dawgs figure it out a bit into the season for a couple wins. That's about it.
  11. Damn these are good. Great work, Commish!
  12. Great work Smackems!!! These write-ups are exactly spot-on. thanks!
  13. I think FluteFlakes is an excellent coach, and Illinois has a very strong team playing very well... But if you voted them #1, there ain't nothin' I can do to help ya...that just ain't right.
  14. Great write-up, great player. A true champion. Great coaching, too.
  15. Great game! Damn, Seattle, you guys are on a roll...
  16. GROWTH, BUT NO CIGAR Ducks Fall to Longhorns in OT Thriller, Defense and Kicking Still an Issue Trevon Yeldon found scant running room against the Longhorns, but was let down by the defense and kicking game
  17. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT First-year starters put in work, grow together during bye week Todd Jennings and J.B. Blacknall spent the free week getting in some extra work on fundamentals -- and developing a mutual respect
  18. Damn. Good game, Azul. I'm not sure if my late game plan change-of-heart got in or not, but this is an improvement on Week 1. we'll figure it out...Go Ducks!
  19. The Denver Broncos and Owner/Head Coach Bingo415 are appreciative that our fans feel the coaching this season has been solid-if-unspectacular. We aim to be the best in on-field results and in fan opinion, but we also recognize the potential for our Colorado fan base to have been toxicologically "altered" while participating in this survey. As such, we take this news with an appropriate eye toward improvement.
  20. Excellent interviews! Kaufman is a special player and Dailey is a wrecking ball.
  21. Excellent! Moving, as always, in a fun direction! "Get to practice, you a-holes!" Just gettin' ready...
  22. Nice turn around, Tampa.
  23. Yeah, maybe you're right, and I was referring to the expectations heaped upon PIT following the revelatory success at the tail end of last season plus the Off-season moves. So, your point about improvement across the board is spot on, and appreciated. As for being behind Cincy and TEN, valid point, but you did just give NO their first win, so I think that alone justifies being behind those, and other, teams.
  24. Jason Johnson and Aaron Shea are rewriting record books in 2020 and have their teams on the path to greatness After a slight lapse in Power Rankings (sorry, work has been terrible lately), we're back with an all new and improved Tiered System that is guaranteed to last...for probably just this week. Here's my thoughts about who's in, who's needs to play better, and who's probably been looking a little too intently at college players... Remember, if you don't like where you are in the better! Tier One -- True Title Contenders 1. Los Angeles Rams 2. Carolina Panthers 3. New York Jets 4. Green Bay Packers 5. Detroit Lions 6. Indianapolis Colts Tier Two -- Playoff Bound, Not Quite Ready for the Crown 7. Dallas Cowboys 8. Seattle Seahawks 9. Jacksonville Jaguars 10. San Francisco 49ers Tier Three -- Work to Do to Make the Playoffs 11. Denver Broncos 12. Oakland Raiders 13. Atlanta Falcons 14. Miami Dolphins 15. Philadelphia Eagles 16. Houston Texans Tier Four -- Improved, But Drafting in the Teens 17. Cleveland Browns 18. Cincinnati Bengals 19. Tennessee Titans Tier Five -- 2019? That was HOW Long Ago? 20. New England Patriots 21. New York Giants 22. Kansas City Chiefs 23. Pittsburgh Steelers 24. Baltimore Ravens Tier Six -- Serious Scouting Started in Weeks Ago 25. Arizona Cardinals 26. Chicago Bears 27. Minnesota Vikings 28. Washington Redskins 29. Buffalo Bills 30. Los Angeles Chargers 31. New Orleans Saints 32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  25. I love discussion points...thanks! I'll respond to the three that are most interesting for me: The Colts have won 5 in a row. At present, they are playing like one of the best teams in the league, even if their previous 3 losses were to teams over .500. That is my 'hot take' for this Power Rankings: Colts over, say, Seattle or Dallas. I think with their track record, they should absolutely be considered among the favorites for the AFC title, if not the Super Bowl. The AFCN is a cluster. I veered more toward the overall Tier for these teams, mostly to prove a point: Baltimore (and New England) and Pittsburgh have all regressed since last season, while Cleveland and (sort of ) Cincy are playing better. And, if we talk about recency bias, the Steelers being the Saints first win last week was not convincing. Yes, I agree with you I fumbled the Ravens/Patriots rankings. That was my bad. While the Pats have better wins that the Ravens (I'd argue...), the Ravens have a better profile on the season, even if they do play in a worse division. Thanks for the discussion!