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  1. The King is dead. Long Live the King. congrats, Pack.
  2. Congrats, Ravens!
  3. Still pissed the rest of the AFCW only has 3 Pro Bowlers COMBINED?
  4. DENVER--On the eve of the franchise's return to the NFLHC playoffs, against the detestable and underdog Raiders, the Denver Broncos organization hosted a party to honor the five players selected to the AFC Pro Bowl team. A 5-course meal catered by Owner/Head Coach Bingo415's famous barbecue restaurant was followed by introductory videos highlighting each Pro Bowlers' season. General Manager DescretoBurrito and Head Coach-in-Waiting Jieret were also honored for their roles in helping to return the Broncos to the AFC West title. The Broncos selected to the Pro Bowl following the 2020 season are: Left Tackle Gary Tomlinson Tomlinson, in his 4th year in the League out of Wisconsin, is making his first Pro Bowl appearance. He helped the Broncos offense tie for 5th in fewest sacks allowed. Center John Zatkoff Zatkoff, in his 5th year out of Alabama, returned from a devastating injury to finish the 2019 season to regain his Pro Bowl form and lead the Broncos to the playoffs as offensive captain. Running Back J.B. Blacknall Blacknall, a rookie out of Alabama-Birmingham, rushed for 1,345 yards, a League-leading (tie) 16 touchdowns, and averaged a Jim Brown-like 4.8 yards per carry. Defensive Tackle Michael Carroll Carroll, a lithe 2nd year pro out of Hawai'i, recorded 22 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles to lead the League among DTs, recovering one. Middle Linebacker Cameron Jonah Jonah, the frontrunner for the Defensive Player of the Year award, is in his 5th year out of junior college. His 82 tackles led the League, as did his 9 forced turnovers (tied)--4 INTS and 5 FFs.
  5. NFC OLine should just read "Dallas".
  6. The Denver Broncos heartily congratulate the five members of our organization recognized as members of the AFC Pro Bowl team. J.B., John, Gary, Michael, and Cameron--you all played marvelously this season and we hope that continues into the playoffs. We couldn't be more proud of your selections to the Pro Bowl! The Broncos would like to point out the relative tragedy of not selecting KR/PR/WR Artemio Ramirez to represent the AFC on Special Teams, despite his (likely) League-high 4 return touchdowns this season. While we believe Marvin Washington to be a solid player and gifted return man, we feel that the League erred significantly in its choice. Go Broncos!
  7. Bubada, you're a genie with great hair. Thanks for these!
  8. ONE KICK, FOR THE PLAYOFFS Broncos jump into the #3 seed on Sarahi's Overtime Winner
  9. Bingo Bongo, Minneapolis Star Tribune: i'd like to first say that it is rare when the media sees such assured self-awareness in managers to know that they aren't well-suited for a particular role. But my question is: why are you, Llamas, sure that you are not the right coach for this team, as well as owner? Your current work as coach at Iowa would lead one to think you may understand the coach's role better than an incoming option holding a clipboard... p.s. shout out to Paul Allen 9-12noon on the Fan!
  10. Go back and look at the preseason community predictions. I believe Miami was picked to finish last in the East. Obviously, THAT was a giant mistake. Rome, for DEN (and not that this makes it any better), but our REALLY BAD LOSS was to the Pats, not ARI.
  11. Bingo Bongo, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Coach, what is your offensive philosophy in detail? I noticed that you're starting the 3/3 Scrambler at QB instead of the 3/4 Pocket's a bold strategy, and hints at your desired offensive style. Care to elaborate?
  12. Agree. Though, it's basically the same team, so does that make it more impressive or less than some of those breaking in new pieces...?
  13. Good game, Chiefs! Playoffs here we come!
  14. Classy article by a classy guy. Glad you'll still be around, hope the change makes it a bit easier on your time.
  15. Great article! And way to keep up the momentum, Lucas!!! Go Gophers!
  16. Welcome! Glad you made it over. Guys who have some FM time and like college/pro football usually do just fine here. A commish will be by shortly. Good luck!
  17. I'm sorry...did Tyler Jones just go +5??!?!!!?!!?? damn, Titans...with Jones and Ramsey and Harris and Kevin Williams...that's a lot of elite young talent. Now, get a QB and RB and you'll be set.
  18. ONE MORE, FOR THE DIVISION Broncos beat hated Raiders on a crisp afternoon; take lead in West A fully-healthy J.B. Blacknall returned to rush for 86 yards and a score against Oakland
  19. Is it gonna be worse when I remind you OAK poached Fisk from our practice squad? Goiod game, Alien. Best rivalry in the League...we just had to win one.
  20. Colorado's Latavious Murray gets sandwiched by WSU defenders in Week 8 Starting to see the writing on the wall for most teams now, though there's a couple surprises in the early week 9 TNF games. I'll note those below. The road to the Conference Championship Game is visible for a trio of teams...can you guess which ones? Remember, if you don't like where you are in these (and recruit) better! 1. USC Trojans 5-1 The Men of Troy have feasted on weak competition since their startling defeat to Notre Dame in week 2. Luke Trickett is already closing in on the OPOY award in the Conference of Champions, he's that good. SC still has three (well, three and a half) serious road bumps left: Wazzu, @Cal, @Arizona. All three are capable of pulling off a 'luck of the Irish' type game to catch Coach Dream's men napping. 2. Washington State Cougars 5-1 The Cougars are playing good football, but still need help as it sits in the North. The loss to Oregon has been mitigated slightly by knocking off Cal and breezing past inferior talent elsewhere. But it gets real this weekend with the Arizona Wildcats coming to town for a one-loss showdown. Says here the Cougs inch past the Cats, 24-23. 3. Arizona Wildcats 5-1 Another team that got sniped by the Ducks, but has won everything else. Shane Strong is playing very well, but it's the cumulative effect for this bunch of no-namers with game. Arizona has the talent and cohesion (not to mention solid coaching by WrigleyFan) to win the South, if they get two breaks versus Wazzu and SC. Of course, they need to beat currently undefeated Hawaii in week 14 to cash in on a prime bowl spot. 4. Oregon Ducks 3-3 Yes, this team lost it's first 3 games. But three straight wins against top-tier PAC-12 opponents (two undefeateds + Cal) put the Ducks squarely in the driver's seat in the North. Stanford was potentially a push-over without head man Notorious, but he's now back and the Cardinal may give the Ducks trouble. The UCLA Bruins and ASU Sparkies have also had moments this season, but both have fatal flaws. Barring a complete breakdown against winless Utah, and crummy little brothers Washington and Oregon State, the Ducks could navigate to the CCG...could. Who would have guessed that after 0-3?!? 5. California Golden Bears 4-2 With the Big Game coming up this weekend, the Bears are looking to regroup a bit following two straight losses that have (likely) knocked them out of contention in the North. But the Cardinal is wounded, their coach bloodied. Leonard Norris is having a very solid year and will continue to find Hakeem Black in the endzone for scores, which means the Bears could beat anyone left on their schedule on the right day. But the next three games in that remaining schedule are brutal: @Stanford, @Arizona, USC. I've got the Bears finishing at 8-4. You can guess where those two extra losses will come. 6. Stanford Cardinal 4-2 The big story here is the booting, and subsequent return, of Head Coach NotoriousBigej for recruiting violations. The Cardinal were pitiful in his week-long absence, getting blown out at home. Stanford doesn't have a lot of room for error, but has a chance at redemption--vile, unjustified redemption--both this week in the Big Game and next week at Oregon. Can the Big Red Menace throw the North on its head? (Don't really think so, but we'll see...) 7. Arizona State Sun Devils 3-3 I have no idea what to make of Sparky week to week. I know that NDunkelbarger game plans pretty well...when he game plans. And I know the Sun Devils HAVE talent, just not enough to make much of a difference in the top half of the PAC. Here's guessing the Devils will pull an upset in the final two weeks of the season (Oregon and Arizona, both in Tempe). Will it matter? Who knows? 8. UCLA Bruins 3-4* I really wanted to move the Bruins down for their suck job versus Buffalo (BUFFALO?!??!?!) in week 9 TNF. But I'm thinking that JBax forgot to game plan, given the 2-3 day delay in games. Still though, the Bruins have been Steven Gore...and that's about it. He's a hell of a QB, but where's the Defense? Where's the pride at the line of scrimmage? UCLA is sim aTm. Week 13 versus Colorado will answer my question over the #8 team in the PAC-12 Power Rankings, but that (plus Utah, duh) may be the only wins remaining for the wombats from Westwood. 9. Colorado Buffaloes 3-3 The Buffs don't really have a good win on their resume yet this season. Two crap OOC wins plus a beatdown of Oregon State doesn't really count. They've had moments, but the Buffs don't do any one thing particularly well, and that's a problem. Even Latavious Murray has taken a small step backward. The remaining schedule is a mixed bag, too: @UW, ASU, a tricky in-state battle with Colorado State, @UCLA, @Cal, and finishing with Utah. That's no bye weeks after week 9. Let's put the Buffs at 6-6 and tell them to be happy. 10. Washington Huskies 3-4* A week 9 TNF win over Utah give the Dawgs an ounce of momentum heading into the ugly part of their schedule. Colorado will be a good matchup, but Oregon, @Cal, Stanford, and Washington State in the Apple Cup all look like L's for Dean's men. Rebuilding year (or two) in Seattle. #bringonDDDyson 11. Oregon State Beavers 1-5 All is currently right in the state of Oregon, with the Ducks seemingly on the rise and the Beaver stuck in neutral. Bmlig has done some work on the croot trail, so this won't always be the case. But right now, the Beavers are leaning on Lloyd Samuel because he's really the only player they've got. And it doesn't get easier: Arizona State, USC, Stanford, @Wazzu, BYU, and Oregon all are two-touchdown favorites over Bennie's buddies. Goo... 12. Utah Utes 0-6* Arizona State nips the Utes on Thursday night in week 9, and that leaves the Utes with only three outside chances to sneak a win: Washington next week, @ Colorado, and the closer versus BYU. Donald Culver is rolling over in his very small pocket-sized coffin right now, because he's playing as though he were dead, and his OLine can't block a thing. It's ugly in Salt Lake City, and won't get better anytime soon.
  21. Cougs reppin' the North. Nice. Good games!
  22. Damn, Cal got whupt. The Furd is scary when motivated. Kansas with a nice win, and OSU with the Texas takedown. Nico Kaufman, everybody. Nico Kaufman.
  23. Don't think I'm taking this lying down...
  24. Wow, congrats FAU. What the hell, Colorado State?
  25. Jeez, UCLA...Buffalo?!?!??! C'mon, man!