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    1. Congrats. You'll do great!
    2. CBBHC Gameday 32 Games to Watch

    3. CBBHC Bracketology: 3/13/18

      Pretty simple: beat UCLA and Stanford, win remaining games we should (Arizona in Eugene?), get into Tournament.
    4. CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

      I think Oregon's deserving of a being "in", but also can see why we'd be First Four Out at this point...
    5. Mid-Season PAC-12 Awards Leaders

      Thanks for doing some mid-season media, @wrigleyfan. Culver vs. Yeldon is on point, and will likely come down to the game in SLC week 14.
    6. Ultimate CFBHC Bracket Round of 64

      This is fabulous. I'd quibble with some of your seedings (#4 Tunch Richardson....?) but you created some great matchups. In the NFL bracket, I agree with @SlinkyJr that Sanders got hosed, and that Dan Marino is the best #12 seed ever. No real arguments with the CFB, CFBHC, or NFLHC stuff, really. Great work!
    7. Smackems, come to Minneapolis, I'll give you some voice lessons. Raw talent is there, need some technic honing
    8. Stepping in for a traveling Jumbo, here's this week's Power Rankings in the Conference of Champions!! 12. Stanford Cardinal (0-5, 0-4 PAC) It’s going to get worse before it gets better, Cardinal fans. This team has nothing going for it, except a solid recruiting class coming in. But even that pushes wins off for at least another season, and Coach Stinsy has not shown the acumen yet to devise a winning game plan. Hell of a recruiter, though. Stanford will walk into Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday morning and walk out bruised and battered and 0-6. Next: @ Notre Dame, Saturday Morning 11. California Golden Bears (0-5, 0-3 PAC) Honestly a team with Leonard Norris and BLT should be winning at least SOME games. Cal went into Seattle and lost to a team that was playing with no confidence, and no real emotion. Didn’t matter, still lost. Good thing Quasar is hitting the croot trail pretty hard, because the Bears need parts up and down both lines, and in the linebacking corps for sure. Zachary McFadden has been OK, but Naquon Barner should come in and start right away. Why am I already talking about next season? Because this one, save for the least exciting The Game in the history of the sim, is already over for the Bears. Look for UCLA to put up 40+ on Cal on Thursday night. Next: vs. UCLA, Thursday 10. USC Trojans (1-4, 1-2 PAC) I’m putting USC down here because the Marc Lockwood injury is the most significant injury in the Conference to date. Oregon got up 24-0 in the Coliseum before giving up two late touchdowns. Bernard Shook ain’t too shabby, and Nate Garrett is clearly a monster (a true freshman monster at that...) but right now, the Trojan trenches are being swallowed up by opposing linemen. Both sides. I’m next exactly sure where SC’s next win is going to come from, but I think they can get to 3 wins on the season, which would be disappointing given Jumbo’s rep, but understandable with injuries turned back on. Next week—not going to be pretty: Trojan’s will get Barack’d by Holmes at the Cowboys. Next: @ Oklahoma State, Saturday Evening 9. Colorado Buffaloes (3-2, 1-2 PAC) Yikes, the Buffaloes got buffaloed by Arizona in the Saturday afternoon slot, 45-10. Murray couldn’t get going, Evan Torres couldn’t take care of the ball, and the defense decided to sit this one out, mostly. The Buffs have a tricky remaining slate and a lack of top-line talent. Most baffling: what happened to Seth Scott? The reigning DPOY in the Conference of Champions has been essentially AWOL this season. Have opposing coaches learned to not throw is his direction? Says here the Buffs struggle to .500 the rest of the season, but could make a bowl game with a couple upsets. Next: @ Oregon State, Saturday Evening 8. Washington State Cougars (3-2, 2-1 PAC) What a win for the Cougs! Maybe the best non-conference win of the season for the PAC-12 saw Wazzu walk into Death Valley and proceed to treat Clemson like the crap orange-clad meatball that they are. Coach Ape got the better of his Indianapolis Colts FO colleague Emperor_of_Orange, with freshman QB Bradley Hassan leading his squad to a solid performance with 280 yards and 2 TDs. TE Eduardo Cantu was stellar: 8 catches for 105 and a score. Wazzu started so poorly, but with Ape’s coaching, they are turning it around quickly. Back-to-back OOC contests in the middle of the season are strange, but the Cougars will be happy to return to the Palouse and host an Army team that is only so-so. Says here the Cougs might actually challenge for the PAC-12 North title after all… Next: Army, Saturday Afternoon 7. Washington Huskies (3-3, 2-3 PAC) One week after an UGLY loss to the surprise Beavers, DeanDean and the Hooskies bounced back against the Golden Bears. The Cal Curse struck the Huskies, as WR Charles Kemp went down with a season-ending ACL tear, the 3rd time Cal has taken out an opposing wideout. It was essentially the only setback for Washington on the day. Jake Davis was Good Jake Davis, throwing for 302 and 3 TDs with a pick. The offense was 50% on 3rd down, and got some help from the defense that came up with a pick and 2 sacks. Washington jumps over Colorado on the strength of their even season record. In fact, there’s not a ton to say about the Huskies, because they are the most average team in the league. The coaching staff should spend the bye week recruiting like crazy. Next: BYE 6. Arizona State Sun Devils (3-2, 2-1 PAC) News Flash: the Devils are good. Israel Carson is a stud, and Parker Townsend is getting it done running and throwing. The defense is not too shabby either. The Sun Devils held Northern Illinois (yeah, but still...) to 6 points, secured 2 INTs, and were in QB Charlie Stanford’s pocket all day long with 3 sacks. ASU could play the role of spoiler—next week (vs. Utah) and all season. They need to get a bit more creative on 3rd down, but their OLine continues to play at a high level, opening holes for Carson. Against the Utes, ASU will have to play extremely well in the back 7, but more importantly need to counter-punch against that Utah defense, and try to keep Culver and Co. off the field. I think this is a barometer game: if the Devils win, they’re shoo-ins for a decent bowl game. If they can’t conquer the Utes, Sparky might be staying home after the Territorial Cup. After Utah, they go to Westwood and duel with Steven Gore, then host Damian Dailey and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Yikes. Next: vs. Utah, Saturday Evening 5. Oregon Ducks (4-1, 3-1 PAC) The Ducks walked into the Coliseum and walked out with 1) a victory (hooray!); and 2) no injuries for the first time this season. Trevon Yeldon was his usual heroic self, gaining 150 yards on 25 carries for 2 TDs, but the game ball actually went to (SR) QB Michael Coe for the first 250+ yard passing game in two seasons (special shoutout to wideout Kristian Hope for 101 receiving yards). Up next for the Ducks is a visit from the surprisingly inept Houston Cougars in a weird mid-season OOC game. Houston has tons of talent, but coaching thus far has been suspect and the Cougs are 1-4 on the year. Oregon will be hard-pressed to win this one, I fear. After that, a trip to Pullman could be tricky. Next: Houston. Saturday Afternoon 4. UCLA Bruins (3-2, 1-2 PAC) What is UCLA doing playing UTSA in the middle of the season? Good question, but it’s just one a handful of odd PAC-12 OOC matchups in the next few weeks. Steven Gore, his arm in bubble wrap while not directly on the field of play, lit up the Roadrunners for almost 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. Please never play that game again, CFBHC schedule-masters. The Bruins travel to Berkeley for a matchup with the Golden Bears that could prove dangerous: Cal has severely injured 3 (!!!) opposing WRs this season. If Jay Arreola were to sustain a major injury, Steven Gore might not know what to do with himself. Next: @ California, Thursday 3. Oregon State Beavers (5-0, 3-0 PAC) The Beavers, nature’s most ridiculous mascot, spent the bye week (I assume) congratulating themselves on beating the Fuskies to run their sterling record to 5-0. The schedule continues to look favorable before turning down right ugly: after hosting the Buffs this week, then a trip to Berkeley and the winless Bears, the Barkrats get a visit from the hapless UMASS Minutemen. If OSU runs it up to 8-0, which is completely plausible, its get REAL real quick: Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and what will be a bitter Civil War with Oregon is an absolutely nasty finish to the season. Still, the faithful cowherds in Corn-vallis are erecting statues to quarterback Ralph Julian, running back Lloyd Samuels and new coach Joopear. We’ll see how long this charade is allowed to play out. But hey, they're ranked, so whatever... Next: vs Colorado, Saturday Evening 2. Arizona Wildcats (5-1, 4-1 PAC) Wildcats looked beastly in shutting down the Buffs in Boulder. Shane Strong sat this one out and promptly watched his backup, Jonah Mobley, rip off big run after big run to the tune of 126 yards and 2 TDs. Sam Parrish also showed up big-time, as did the defense, in limiting Latavious Murray to 3.72 YPC and forcing two Evan Torres picks. Arizona is perhaps the most complete team in the league, and the loss to Utah is still a bit baffling. They’ve also been relatively healthy, and should be at close to full-strength following the Bye week. Next: BYE 1. Utah Utes (5-0, 4-0 PAC) The Fighting Donald Culvers (yum, Culver’s...) had to fight back from a slight deficit against the wretched Cardinal. But Culver’s 4 TD (to 4 different pass –catchers, no big deal) would provide the right boost for the Utes. A little problem on the horizon, however, is the loss of top wideout Graham Adam to a severe concussion. It could prove a little more than even Donald Culver can handle in a classic trap game before the emotional matchup @ BYU in the Holy War. Looking ahead at the Utes schedule, (ASU, @BYU, UTEP, Oregon State, @Cal, @Oregon, Colorado), only the trip Eugene could stand in the way of undefeated season for the Utes, IF ASU doesn’t get the job done this week. Who would have seen that coming at the start of the 2021 season? Next: at Arizona State, Saturday Evening
    9. [2021] Brian Brown Throws 200th Career TD

      Great accomplishment for the best player in the sim. Well done, Coach Smackems and Coach Soluna!
    10. [2021] Week 7 Headlines

      PRODUCTION + EXECUTION = EVISCERATION Offense explodes in new scheme, Defense bolts down the Chargers Wide Receiver Darrell Mack hauls in a 3rd quarter touchdown from Todd Jennings
    11. [2021] Week #7 - 4 PM

      Beat your crummy ass...
    12. [2021] Week #7 - 4 PM

      That scheme change worked like a charm. Way to go, Jieret! You get an extra 6-pack of Coors for this victory...now, about those injuries... Go Broncos!!
    13. [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Evening

      Have we seen Damian Dailey on a stat sheet this season? (Vandy OLB)
    14. [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Afternoon

      Good game, Jumbo. This makes losing multiple croots to you a little easier to take. Bernard had a game... Go Ducks! Heart of the schedule around the corner...
    15. [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Morning

      Here's hoping!
    16. [2021] Week #7 - TNF

      Is that a 3RD Cal Bear-caused WR severe ACL hatchet job? Oh well, it was against the Fuskies...more the merrier.
    17. [2021] Week 6 Headlines

      Texas-Sized Trouble Broncos manage just 6 points in pasting at the Cowboys Denver's Ken Peelle gets dumped by Dallas' Travis Chatman
    18. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

      Way to go Beavers!! If you have a coach, congrats. If not, AI is a hell of a drug.
    19. [2022+] Prestige Changes

      Oregon = 666 That's right, bros, I'm your worst nightmare. (Thanks for doing these, Rome. Next time, I guess I'll have to slip you more than a $20...)
    20. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

      I looked at this before driving. I saw the PSU box score, and literally laughed out loud, the entire way home, at Ricky Vega's line.
    21. [2021] NFLHC Franchise Interview #3

      I really enjoy this series. Giants might not be seeing success right now, but they have three committed and enterprising guys on staff. Maybe they can turn it around.
    22. Hello fellow CFBHC and NFLHC coaches and community members! February 4th is Super Bowl Sunday--when we all enjoy the game with friends, liters/litres of beer/cola, more chicken wings than Jumbo can shake a stick at, and so much chip dip... February 4th is also the kickoff date for our Annual CFBHC Donation Drive. This Donation Drive is your chance to give back to the community that has given YOU so much. What do YOU get when you donate? * Consistent content, game reports, updates and media! * Soluna will be rolling out some new features when different benchmarks are hit in the Donation Drive--MORE INFO COMING SOON! * Peace of mind that you are contributing to an endeavor on which you spend a solid chunk of your precious entertainment time! * A way to say Thank You for the work that Soluna, Inspiral, and others put in to giving you the things you love! So that we can appropriately determine benchmarks and goals for the Donation Drive, please fill out this ANONYMOUS 6-question survey about your time, capacity, and intent: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4105530/CFBHC-Survey The Donation Drive will kick off Super Bowl Sunday, and last through February. What a great time to give!
    23. 2021 Donation Drive -- A Call to Action

      Bump for visibility. (If you've already filled out the survey, PLEASE DO NOT submit again.)
    24. Week 6 PAC-12 Preview

      Speak for yourself. For this game, I'm a fan of the tsunami that will inevitably come and wipe out both teams ...
    25. All smiles in Jacksonville after the win over the Chiefs Week 5 is just about when the real ceilings of team become apparent--early season coaching missteps are usually corrected by now for main contenders, injuries are beginning to pile up, but not so significant that teams with a real chance are lost to the training table, and defenses are either figuring out how to defend bad offenses or they aren't. Call it the first REAL weekend of football. At least that's what I'm going with this week. Remember, if you don't like where you are in these Rankings...play better! Their Toughest Opponents Might be the Injury Report 1. Green Bay Packers 2. Miami Dolphins 3. New York Jets 4. Las Vegas Raiders The Jets were primed for an upset: scrambling QB vs. Grv, tons of injuries, no WRs to throw to besides Paul Howell…and the Jets pulled it out. Three more injuries to defensive starters put them seriously behind the 8-ball this week at the Dolphins, who look very much like a Ferrari approaching 6th gear, but with an injury question of their own in Marcus Barry. Green Bay is finding new and exciting ways to get emotionally invested in games each week, and the Raiders look like their singular mission is to get back to the Super Bowl (and maybe get Nick Hall an MVP along the way). Clearly in the Playoff Hunt, These Teams are One Injury Away from the Top Tier 5. Philadelphia Eagles 6. Tennessee Titans 7. Jacksonville Jaguars 8. Kansas City Chiefs 9. Chicago Bears The Eagles handling of the Saints in New Orleans was impressive on a couple counts, but it was no coincidence that it came with a healthy backfield. The Titans made minced meat of the Chargers, but yet another ding, this time to Tyler Jones, leaves the Training Staff as the MVP of the Tennessee sideline. The Jaguars, no strangers to exotic offenses, abruptly quieted the Kansas City cheers. Christian Barkley has not been asked to do much more than make a few throws and not turn the ball over, but he put the team on his back and threw darts. The Chiefs fell back to earth a bit, but they still have a solid cushion and a run-based offense that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Bears beat the Vikings again, but three of there 4 wins are against Minnesota and San Fran—not the caliber wins of the teams just ahead of them. The NFC South is the Terry Crews Version of the AFC North 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11. New Orleans Saints 12. Carolina Panthers 13. Atlanta Falcons 14. Dallas Cowboys Yes, I know that Dallas is not in the NFC South…but they really should be. They are the team that completes the South: run-oriented beasties that counter the slick-passing Panthers, edge-rushing Falcons, dual-threat Bucs, and airing it out Saints. So, for the purposes of this list, Dallas is in the South. Now…at this point, the South is a toss up, just like AFC North. Unlike the AFC North, all of these teams have legit playoff aspirations, and all would be favored by 10 points over any AFC North team. I give a slight edge to the Bucs and Saints, but only because their wins have been in-division and I think they have a bit more consistency (which is crazy to say) at QB than the Panthers and Falcons. If Dallas loses to the Broncos this weekend, they’ll be sent back to the mostly-pathetic NFC East. Slightly Above-Average Teams that Play Brutally-Tough Schedules 15. Houston Texans 16. New England Patriots The Pats are the best 2-3 team in the League, but they aren’t gonna win many more, because they have 6 more games against teams ranked higher than they are here. That, rightly, sucks for the Pats and Reggie Watkins. The Texans have shown some muscle at times, but couldn’t put it together for a home win against the struggling Broncos. And THEY play 7 more games against teams ranked above them here. That sucks for Leshoure and the Houston faithful as well. The other thing these two teams have in common: defend the pass and they have no answers. Who Freaking Knows?…5-11 or 9-7 is in the realm of possibility 17. Washington Redskins 18. Los Angeles Rams 19. Denver Broncos 20. Arizona Cardinals 21. Buffalo Bills The Rams, Cardinals, and Bills all had a bye in Week 5, which was probably good, considering what happened to the Redskins. The blasting at the hands of the Cowboys indicates that Tanner Bowman, as one would expect of a rookie, is going to have some terrible games. Accordingly, Washington is going to have an up-and-down season. I lean slightly toward more ‘up’ than ‘down’ for the Skins, but who knows. The Rams, clearly one of the more talented teams in the League, just hasn’t had a season they are used to, but have the ability to turn it on. The Bills and Cardinals appear to be identical entities: bright spots in a cloudy sky. But the Broncos are coming off a win at Houston that felt less like an aberration and more like a team (and a coach) that have shaken off 4 weeks of rust and are starting to play like division winners again. I know it’s only one week, but says here Denver walks into Dallas and beats the Cowboys for two in a row. ABSOLUTELY Should be in the Top Half of these Rankings 22. Indianapolis Colts 23. Pittsburgh Steelers These two teams are too talented not to be ranked higher. Yes, the Colts have the rest of the AFC South to contend with, and just lost to the Raiders. The schedule can be uncompromising at times. But, c’mon Colts—you have Aaron Shea in his prime. This is getting awkward. (DISCLOSURE: Colts beat the Broncos in week 1) And the Steelers should have walked away with the AFC North this season. They stole Chester Henson and had it all on a platter. Losing to the Patriots in London is only Example D of why this has been a massive disappointment in the Steel City. The Power Rankings are officially angry at both franchises for not being better right now. It’s Up to the Coaches to Makes Some Adjustments 24. Detroit Lions 25. San Francisco 49ers 26. Baltimore Ravens 27. Cleveland Browns 28. Minnesota Vikings 29. Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore, in their close Monday night loss to the Jets, showed some underrated coaching prowess, moving their secondary offense to the wishbone. That move gave them a real chance against the Jets, and opened Brett Fisher to have the best game of his career, albeit against a Gravy-coached team. That type of coaching innovation/adaptation/exploration will be necessary for all these teams, if they hope to be drafting outside the Top 5…let alone make a push for the playoffs. Kudos to Blake Shell and the Lions for getting win #1…boo to the Niners for not realizing they were playing Blake Shell and blitzing accordingly. The Best BAD Team in the League 30. Seattle Seahawks I’ll say it: the Seahawks are bad. Like, almost-lose-to-the-Giants-then-score-3-points-against-the-Packers BAD. And they deserve to be ranked here at present. But…I would wager on the Seahawks to beat the two teams below them, and half the teams ranked #24-29, so…I’m calling them the Best BAD Team in the League. And that makes them kinda fun or funny, in a way. Not Funny Ha-Ha, but Funny Uh-Oh. Who’s Getting a Win First? Answer: Neither 31. Los Angeles Chargers 32. New York Giants I now believe that, given their talent and schedules, neither of these teams will win a game this season. And then in week 7, when the Chargers beat the Broncos, I will bury my face in snow until March.