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  1. Good news that he’s okay, but it’s just rotten that this young talent is not going to have the off-season to develop. We in Denver wish Miller a speedy recovery.
  2. bingo415

    [2022] Week #15 - 4 PM

    This is the best answer...
  3. bingo415

    [2022] Week #15 - 4 PM

    Well, good game, Chargers. I have no ideas. The drawing board feels like the right place to be.
  4. bingo415

    [2022] Week #15 - 1 PM

    Jeezus Dolphins, Jags, Texans...be nice to those little guys!
  5. bingo415

    [2022] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

    Colorado with the nice Week 15 OOC flex for the Conference of Champions. We all severely under-rated that Michigan-Alabama game in week 0. Both are sooooo good.
  6. bingo415

    [2022] Week #15 - Saturday Morning

    Wow! AW3 leapfrogged Thompson in the mythical Heisman standings.
  7. bingo415

    Class of 2022: Noteworthy QB/RB Final Commits

    Yeah, good list, thought 3/4.5 Luke Cleary might sneak in here. We’re pumped to have him, but now I have to game plan against Leonard, Sharp, and Trenaine Clemons... ugh.
  8. Yes! Love these, @noodlz2! Keep ‘em coming. Important game to see if either team can get to 6 wins...gotta love PAC-12 action!
  9. bingo415

    [2022] Week #14 - 4 PM

    What the hell happened I this time slot?!?!?!
  10. bingo415

    [2022] Week #14 - Saturday Evening

    Alright, let’s take it down a notch, Not-Gonna-Win-Your -Division... Great game, @paperllamasunited...you’ve got CU playing really well, offense and defense. Barkley is incredible, so is Naylor. This game likely hinged on a late drive in the 4th where Baum threw a pick and CU went and scored. Tough to win on the road in the PAC. Every team I’ve lost to this year is 8-3. I’m 8-3. Balls.
  11. bingo415

    [2022] Week #14 - Saturday Morning

    Really close from Indiana and Iowa, but the Michigan schools (including Western) are too good. Special shout out to DeSean Madison... AW3 is really good, turns out. Isaac Tyson and Dillon Sneed are gonna be really fun to watch as they mature, too. What a time to be a young, talented scrambling QB.
  12. Well deserved, Trojans. I would argue that Jake Davis excelled NOT against Lacey or Terry as much as exploited D.D. Dyson’s matchup with 1.5/4.5 freshman Chance Muse in the WR3 place. But, it was a great game by the Washington offense, for sure.
  13. bingo415

    [2022] BOFA Boulder: Waterboys

    Fabulous! THIS is the kind of media you get from amazing PAC-12 coaches!!! Keep it up, man! (But lose this weekend, k?)
  14. bingo415

    [2022] BOFA Awards Announcement

    I think you have to take a look at @mahrowkeen and @SolutionA for the Imposter Causter New Member Award; and @cultur3 and @gigemags11 for the DangerZoneh Recruiter Award. Not that crooting LA is too tough, but the complete mastery of Cali by UCLA is impressive. Ditto the fortress put up by Hawaii...
  15. bingo415

    [2022] BOFA Awards Announcement

  16. bingo415

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    Welcome to Bowl-eligibility Akron, ODU, Toledo, and Coastal Carolina!
  17. bingo415

    [2023] Recruiting Master List

    Soon, Soluna...soon...
  18. bingo415

    [2023] Recruiting Master List

    So interesting, the sim-generated croot rankings. I know it's snowing out (in MN), but I didn't realize it was CROOTMAS!!!
  19. bingo415

    Impact of CFBHC Research Survey

    Done and done. What a fascinating survey...I was unsure how CFBHC could be used for sociological research, but I get it now.
  20. UTSA has been a pleasant surprise in C-USA all season...seems like the 'Runners are a small handful of talented players away from challenging for the Conference. Keep it up, @mahrowkeen!!
  21. bingo415

    CFBHC v1.6

    I have the same question...I love National Exposure this year, so want to see if that could be the same for next...Thanks!
  22. bingo415

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 13

    All of these games would be great, especially Duke/UGA. Great work, @ImposterCauster...I know that's a ton of work, but much appreciated.
  23. Honestly, I'm baffled at how the ORE-WASH game played out. But kudos to @Jieret on a big win.
  24. bingo415

    [2022] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

    Good game, @Jieret. dammit.
  25. bingo415

    [2022] Week #13 - Saturday Morning

    Come on, Gophers!