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  1. Love the candid thoughts from coach @mahrowkeen ! meep meep
  2. Denver Broncos offer the following contract: OT Gary Tomlinson 6-6 304 6 Wisconsin [Run Blocking] [+1] 92 3 years // 32.0 million // 85.94% Guaranteed G//10.75//10.75//6.0//Total:27.5 $//0.0//0.0//4.5//Total:4.5 Total//10.75//10.75//10.5//Total:32.0 Value//20.879614502215656
  3. If this needs to be asked elsewhere, let me know.... but is this a re-negotiation of current contracts? Tomlinson is already under contract for 2023 and 2024 - would this replace his current deal or be a negotiation for his new contract that would start in 2025? @alienufo @Soluna
  4. that's fantastic to hear - and congrats the new job! always rewarding to see hard work pay off!, Uncle Ahven! awesome to hear about the job - is music something you'd like to pursue long term?
  5. Denver Broncos place the following players on Injured Reserve: RB Jeffrey Flowers 6-0 204 R Ohio [Speed] [-3] 74 - Severe ACL Rupture during Rookie Minicamp DT Micheal Black 6-5 281 4 UCLA [2-Gap] [0/C] 80 - Severe Hamstring Rupture during Training Camp
  6. @Rome What do you feel are the Bengals' biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses heading into the 2023 season?
  7. Can you freeze the first row and/or first couple columns so we can scroll and see all the info? thanks for doing all this
  8. Great article! Looking forward to the series.
  9. Welcome to the first episode of Kafka Confidential, where you get the inside scoop on hot takes, analysis, rumors, and all the things you want to hear about CFBHC and NFLHC. The best part? It's all anonymous. Do not even ask me who said what...I will take these sources to my grave. 2023 NFLHC Draft - Who had a bad draft? "The Browns will go 2-14, had a F tier draft." "Ravens had the worst." "Cowboys have to be near the bottom. I was not big on either of their first two picks." "Carolina, Carolina, and Carolina." "Not so hot of a take, but the Panthers wait forever to pick, take an anonymous RB, and with only 5 picks in the entire draft, one was a punter?" "Cowboys quietly had a very poor draft. I don't like the players they took, and don't think they were anywhere near the top of the board where they picked them." "Falcons draft was a D+." "Ravens had the worst draft...way more holes than QB. Black will die behind that OL and he has no weapons" "Four worst drafts were Carolina, Indianapolis, Saints, then Atlanta" "With drafts like this, the Raiders will fall apart at the seams. Their draft was awful and nobody will talk about it because he has a good team" "I think the Steelers draft has gone under the radar as poor due to some of the other decisions made within their division. While it does fill a need, I'm not a fan of McKinney at all, he'll need to hope every team focuses completely on Carlos Washington to get some stats. After that they had two more notable picks in Rafael Vitale and Kyle Jefferson, neither of which I think will ever be more than a low end starter. " "Atlanta's draft wasn't nearly as good as they think it was." Who had a good draft? "Jets had a superb first 2 rounds. We'll see them back in contention very soon." "I think the Jags had a killer underrated draft" "I think the 49ers had the best overall draft." "I think the Patriots had one of the better drafts and it isn't being talked about as much. They traded up for Deontre Graham, a huge need and an almost sure fire guarantee for their team. Josh Beckett was definitely worth a second round pick and I think he has the capability to be a quality starter, and even if he's average it didn't cost them a ton. I also like their James Munnerlyn pick a lot, he may not have been getting a lot of hype but I wouldn't be surprised to see him as a good starting FS in a few years. Their last pick in the third round was Roman Blackmon, who I don't think is great but a late third for an 80 corner is worth a shot" "Cardinals had the best draft, Sample was their guy and they had patience to wait for him" "Bears had an A+ draft" "Miami had a very underrated draft overall" "Redskins had one of the best drafts" "Lions had a great, if not unsexy, draft. Filled all of their needs." "The Ravens had very good value at all of their picks. There was a time when Marcus Black was talked about as a potential #1 overall" "Falcons drafted guys who were very high on our board at their positions including the #1 DT. I think they got some Pro Bowlers" Good picks, bad picks? "Worst pick of the first round was Cole Fay to the Raiders. Didn't like his value there, and, I think the Raiders could've picked someone better, that would fit another of their needs, at the same spot." "Bengals had the best pick of the first round, got possibly the best CB at 21" "Best pick of the first round was Shane McCord to the Vikings. I kept looking at the first round picks, trying to find some reason to not say this was the best pick, and I couldn't. An absolute steal from the Vikings. Had they taken him at #3, I don't think anyone would argue his value, what about taking him at #10, and adding a first next year? Absolute steal" "Denver got way too much heat for the Faulk pick that pretty much everybody agreed was the best WR in the draft at every point other than when talking about you guys picking him?" "Congratulations to the Chargers for drafting the heir to Matty Swift in the 5th round. It's as good of a gamble as any I've ever seen, and worth the price." "Antonio Jackson was a strong pick at 30, but the next two picks have huge upside and fit their scheme beautifully. Jermaine Jennings is a speedster who gives Brian Brown a vertical weapon and a likely weapon on special teams, and Gabe Ciamo is good value and a perfect fit as a RB in a heavy pass system." "It's gotta be McCord. He would've been a good pick at 3 and they got him at 10." On Ron Thomas being traded for a pair of 5th round picks "Bengals wtf are you doing with that Ron Thomas grade have you lost your minds" The worst trade was Ron Thomas to the Bills for two 5th rounders." "I would've paid way more for Ron Thomas if I knew he was on the block." On the Colts' trade to #3 for Dominique Dawkins "That Colts trade makes no sense" "My first reaction to the [Colts'] trade was 'woah that's a huge move.'" "The most shocking trade in the 1st round was the Colts moving up to #3. I liked Dawkins a lot, but I wasn't expecting the Colts to move up for him. That I thought was a big surprise." "Colts giving up so much to move up to get Dawkins is the final straw in them bottoming out. He'll be pretty good, but that team was more than defensive back away from getting over the top, and now, that's 2 of the last 3 drafts where they've made a big, splashy trade, and it's going to hurt them in the long run" Miscellaneous and predictions "Kyle Jefferson might end up the best QB in the draft sitting behind Brooksheer" "Devin Frazier is easily the most overrated player this draft. Tackles aren't everything and even then he got them all in the MAC" "Garrett Taylor won’t fit into the SF offense well at all." "Childs will end up the best WR in the draft." "Chargers rebuild will take longer than the Giants, and the Chiefs will fall apart and sell off." "The Cards are about to go 0-16" "Panthers win 4 games this season as Skaggs finally gives out carrying his old squad. No youth will make them break down, and constantly going all in will never work." "Jieret trades himself right out of impactful players. I feel like he traded down every time he was on the clock and has a ton of mediocre talent to show for it" "I thought the Giants-49ers trade was pretty fair and balanced. Giants got the player they wanted. 49ers got the value in trading down. I really liked for both parties" "The Jets should rebuild entirely, sell off everything. Their core just isn’t there anymore" "The best RB and CB were not taken in the first round. I think it was Jamal Trufant and either Zaire Hooker or D'Onta Neely. "As for the WRs... Childs out of MSU is too thin to really succeed and Tampa is going to mismanage AJ Edwards." "I expect to be the 2nd most successful QB from this draft to be Akiem Williams III" "Kyle Jefferson will win more games over the next five years than any other QB in the draft." "I think the Bucs took a few boom or bust players. Could end up working out really well or blowing up in their face."
  10. Welcome to another episode of Did You Know? Here, we'll look at some interesting facts, tidbits, and other information about the 2023 NFLHC Draft Did you know... The SEC led all conferences with 45 selections The Big Ten had as many selections (39) as the MWC, Conference USA, Independents, Missouri Valley, Sun Belt, Big Sky, and Ivy League combined The Power Five conference ranked SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC 45 39 31 31 30 There were more CBs* taken in the first round than any other position 3 - Dominique Dawkins 16 - Khalil Harrell 21 - Zion Evans 23 - DeSean Barkley 26 - Jordan Westbrook 29 - Blaine Lewis-Thompson Six schools had multiple first round picks and none had more than two The SEC had twice as many first round picks as any other conference 10 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 Only two top 12 picks were not traded 7 - 9 - More than half of the first round picks were traded 17/32 There were 16 selections where the first letter of a teams' location was the same as their pick's first name Cincinnati - WR Caleb Woody 6-3 205 R Air Force [Target] [+2] 76 Dallas - WR DeAndre Felder 6-5 216 R Vanderbilt [Target] [0] 80 Dallas - DE Donte Floyd 6-1 253 R Oregon [Contain] [+2] 76 Denver - OLB D'Andre Newton 6-3 224 R UTSA [Coverage] [+1/C] 71 Detroit - TE Dwayne Lawton 6-1 227 R NC State [Blocking] [0] 79 Los Angeles Chargers - C Leonard Duckworth 6-2 295 R Navy [Pass Blocking] [+1] 77 Los Angeles Rams - RB Lloyd Samuels 5-10 199 R Oregon State [Speed] [+1] 71 Minnesota - C Miles Best 6-1 252 R North Dakota [Pass Blocking] [+1] 76 New York Giants - DE Nathaniel Woodson 5-11 243 R Army [Blitz] [0/C] 76 New York Giants - WR Nicholas Spence Jr. 6-3 181 R Massachusetts [Target] [0] 75 Pittsburgh - WR Patrick Reardon 5-9 188 R Colorado [Speed] [-2] 72 San Francisco - RB Solomon McLaughlin 5-10 235 R Texas Tech [Power] [+1] 83 San Francisco - OT Sam Walsh III 6-6 286 R Wisconsin [Run Blocking] [0] 76 San Francisco - CB Shawn Burden 6-1 168 R Cincinnati [Man Coverage] [0] 75 Seattle - WR Samuel Gulla 6-3 189 R USC [Target] [-2] 80 Tampa Bay - OG Terrell Oliver 6-7 337 R Georgia State [Run Blocking] [0] 76 There was only one instance of back-to-back selections from the same school 7-254 - SS Henry Krause 7-255 - SS Isiah Poole The longest streak of consecutive picks in the same conference was three 1-13 - WR A.J. Edwards SEC 1-14 - QB Marcus Black SEC 1-15 - WR Ryan Childs SEC - 1-18 - OG Charlie Cooper SEC 1-19 - OLB Ryan Bailey SEC 1-20 - DE Tyrone Rivers SEC - 5-147 - DE Dwayne Briggs MAC 5-148 - CB Shawn Tillman MAC 5-149 - CB Samuel Echols MAC - 7-226 - OG Max Painter B1G 7-227 - TE Israel Ellis B1G 7-228 - CB Ahmed Holman B1G There were more SEC 1st round picks from #13-#20 than any other conference in the entire round There were eight times the same position was selected back-to-back 37 - ILB Alexander Hutton 38 - ILB Devin Frazier 39 - ILB Andres Arriaga 60 - DE Jerraud Blount 61 - DE Blake Tipton 75 - ILB Calvin Tucker 76 - ILB Devin Ruff 117 - OLB Tavarius Hicks 118 - OLB Cameron Faulk 148 - CB Shawn Tillman 149 - CB Samuel Echols 237 - QB Jordan Godwin 238 - QB Zack Cera 254 - SS Henry Krause 255 - SS Isiah Poole No team had more than 14 picks 14 14 Five teams had five or fewer selections 4 4 4 5 5 44.6% of all picks were traded 113/253 18 1st round picks were offensive players OT - 4 WR - 4 OG - 3 RB - 3 QB - 2 C - 1 TE - 1 And 14 defensive picks in the opening round CB - 6 DE - 4 ILB - 1 OLB - 1 FS - 1 SS - 1 The first kicker was drafted 69th overall That was the earliest since the 2019 NFLHC Draft #67 Alejandro Aguirre, K - Jacksonville Of the first 15 picks, 11 were on offense RB - 3 WR - 3 QB - 2 OG - 1 OT - 1 TE - 1 This was the third straight draft where a quarterback went in the top two 2023 - #1 Eric McLean 2022 - #1 Matt Jones 2021 - #2 Tanner Bowman And the first time QBs went #1 overall in back-to-back drafts since 2017-2018 2018 - Aaron Shea 2017 - Norris Brooksheer Five teams had a top 10 pick in the last two drafts Los Angeles Chargers - #4, #5 - #6 Arizona Cardinals - #6 - #8 Minnesota Vikings - #9 - #10 New York Giants - #2 - #1 San Francisco 49ers - #10 - #2 Four teams did not have a first round pick this year Bills, Panthers, Browns, Saints An offensive guard went in the top five for the second straight draft Before 2022, there were five straight drafts without a guard drafted before #15. For the first time since 2020, neither of the Super Bowl participants traded their first round picks. For the first time since 2017, both of the first two picks were by NFC teams #1 QB Norris Brooksheer, CHI #2 QB A.J. Jefferson, ATL There have been 10 NFLHC Drafts - these seven teams have had a top five pick in at least three of them New York Giants - 5 Atlanta Falcons - 4 Buffalo Bills - 3 Chicago Bears - 3 Indianapolis Colts - 3 Jacksonville Jaguars - 3 Los Angeles Chargers - 3 There have only been three positions taken #1 overall QB - 6 DE - 2 OLB - 2 This is the first time CBs have gone top five in back-to-back drafts since 2018-2019 2018 - #3 CB Teddy Walker, KC 2019 - #3 CB Troy Marshall, BAL This was the first time two RBs went in the top 10 This was only the second time in history that players from the same collegiate state went #1 and #2 2021 - #1 OLB Shane Easley, Penn State 2021 - #2 QB Tanner Bowman, Penn State Four teams had consecutive picks Bears (39-40), Chargers (134-135), Giants (178-179), Raiders (208-209) Five teams had multiple first round picks SF - #2, #12 LAC - #6, #20 DEN - #7, #26 NYJ - #16, #24 SEA - #17, #29 Of those multiple first rounders, only one team selected two offensive players SF - RB, TE LAC - ILB, DE DEN - WR, CB NYJ - CB, OT SEA - OT, CB Silolo Siula (5th) was the highest drafted Pac-12 player since 2018 2018 - FS Darius Jones #4 Eric McLean (1st) was only the 2nd C-USA player to be drafted in the top 15 2017 - WR Sean Jenkins #4 The last six #1 overall picks all have either four or five letters in their first name 2023 - Eric McLean 2022 - Matt Jones 2021 - Shane Easley 2020 - Tyler Jones 2019 - Early Davis 2018 - Aaron Shea
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