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  1. 1. Rams 9-1 2. Packers 9-1 3. Panthers 9-1 4. Cowboys 7-2 5. Falcons 7-3 6. Loins 7-3 7. Seahawks 7-3 8. 49ers 7-3 9. Eagles 6-4 NFC pls
  2. Saints want in on they NFC playoff chaos.
  3. You've been visited by Chaos Buffalo. Like this post 25 times to appease Chaos Buffalo. You could be next.
  4. Go Buffs! We just needed the friendly confines of Folsom Field to right the ship
  5. BUFFALOES BEAT BISON IN BOULDER Quarterback Evan Torres celebrates after a touchdown
  6. PLAYERS OF THE WEEK 2020 WEEK 3 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Luke Trickett, QB, USC 29 of 36 for 370 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT; 8 carries, 63 yards, 2 TD Trickett was on fire against the Spartans of San Jose State. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Eli McCrary, CB, Stanford INT, TD, 4 tackles McCrary and company shut down the Sun Devil offense all night. SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Giuseppe Bernstein, P, USC 47.1 avg. USC was firing on all cylinders against San Jose State - they dominated on offense, defense, and special teams. ---- Congrats to all the winners! Previous POTW: Week 2: David Oates - Blaine Lewis-Thompson - Sam Walsh Week 1: Luke Trickett - Alex Bush - Isaac Shoemaker
  7. 2020 WEEK 3 RECAP Stanford 35 (3-0) Arizona State 6 (1-1) It was over when... The Cardinal stormed out to a 28-3 halftime lead Game ball goes to... Nicholas Garland, QB, Stanford - 27 of 47 for 303 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT Garland led the Stanford offense in a big way for their third straight win. Stat of the game... 6/26 - the two teams converted only six of third downs on the night. -------------------------- UCLA 48 (1-1) Washington 24 (0-3) It was over when... UCLA scored a touchdown on their first second-half possession, killing any comeback hopes. Game ball goes to... Steven Gore, QB, UCLA - 39 of 62 for 400 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT Unreal performance for Gore and the Bruin offense. Stat of the game... 5 - that's how many different Bruins caught a touchdown pass on the night. -------------------------- #19 Arizona 41 (2-0) Colorado 7 (0-2) It was over when... Arizona's third quarter score put the game out of reach. Game ball goes to... Sam Parish, QB, Arizona - 17 of 24 for 230 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT Parish had no trouble picking apart the Buffalo defense on Friday Stat of the game... 0 - Colorado had zero impact plays on defense -------------------------- Texas 27 (2-0) Oregon 24 (0-2) It was over when... Will Ladd made a short field goal in the second overtime period. Game ball goes to... Simeon Wells, RB, Texas - 21 for 110 yards, 1 TD Wells hammered the Duck defensive line all night, forcing them to crack late in the game. Stat of the game... 2 - Oregon turned the ball over twice on the afternoon -------------------------- Illinois 37 (3-0) Utah 7 (0-2) It was over when... The Illini raced out to a 24-0 halftime lead. Game ball goes to... Javier Davenport and Marcus Terrell, DEs, Illinois - 3 sacks, 8 tackles The Sack Siblings terrorized Utah's offensive line all night. Stat of the game... 2/15 - Utah converted just two third downs. -------------------------- #16 USC 66 (2-1) San Jose State 6 (1-2) It was over when... The Trojan team bus made it to the stadium. Game ball goes to... Luke Trickett, QB, USC - 29 of 36 for 370 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT; 8 carries, 63 yards, 2 TD Trickett took out his frustration from last week's loss Stat of the game... The final score was the Number of the Beast. -------------------------- California 31 (2-0) UAB 13 (0-2) It was over when... Cal scored 14 fourth quarter points, sealing the victory. Game ball goes to... Leonard Norris, QB, California - 19 of 26 for 288 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT Two of Norris' touchdowns came on clutch throws in the second half - another strong performance for the Golden Bear signal caller. Stat of the game... 3.5 - UAB's offensive line rating was a paltry 3.5 --------------------------
  8. SHEA SHINES, LECOUNT LAPSES Rob LeCount's two interceptions were the difference against the red-hot Aaron Shea-led Colts
  9. Episode fifteen of Kafka's All-Time Team A note on selections: Statistics, team accomplishments, individual awards, and gut instinct were all used to determine the best all-time team in CFBHC history. Because this is only CFBHC, I tried not to let NFLHC performance sway me one way or another. Perhaps the hardest part of this list was comparing players who only played for one or two seasons as opposed to four-year veteran starters. I did my best. Enjoy. K Gino Chiaverini, Texas 2013-2016 Stats 2016 - 26/26 field goals, 16 from 40+ 2015 - 16/16 field goals, eight from 40+ 2014 - 10/10 field goals, seven from 40+ 2013 - 9/10 field goals, five from 40+ CAREER - 61/62 field goals, 36 from 40+ Accomplishments Team 2x Big-12 Championship (2013, 2016) CFBHC Playoff Quarterfinalist Cotton Bowl Champions (2013) Peach Bowl berth (2016) New Era Pinstripe Bowl berth (2015) Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl berth (2014) Individual Lou Groza Award (2016) All-American (2016) Miscellaneous Made a CFBHC record 59 consecutive field goals to end his career. Only miss was 2013, Week 5 Led nation in field goals from 40+ yards (2016) Only kicker with 3+ perfect seasons Highest field goal percentage in history (min. 40 attempts) Gino Chiaverini was almost perfect for the Texas Longhorns for his entire career. After beginning 2/3 in 2013, he went on to make an incredible 59 consecutive field goals. 60% of his makes were from beyond 40 yards, a figure which led the nation in 2016. That same season, the Texas Longhorns won their second conference title in four years and Chiaverini was named an All-American and took home the Lou Groza Award. A true testament to consistency. Other contenders: Alejandro Aguirre (Oklahoma), Brad Weathersby (Georgia Tech), Matt Fisk (Penn State), Dennis Scott (Florida State) Next episode: P
  10. Hope all is well, GK. Sad to see you go
  11. NFC pls stahp
  12. ROCKY MOUNTAIN LOW Colorado opens 2020 with back-to-back road losses