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  1. Sam Armour was my QB at Georgia in 2013 and 2014. Since leaving Athens, he's had the greatest job in the universe: backup NFLHC QB. Career NFLHC numbers: 42/78 for 464 yards, 2 TD, 6 INT 2015-2016: Baltimore Ravens 2017-2019: Arizona Cardinals 2020-present: Free Agency
  2. Agree. Starting KR/PR, to boot
  3. Exciting game...three lead changes, a fourth quarter comeback to tie, and a bomb in OT
  4. Skip Gibson, 47 yd FG - 3:28 (10-10) Skip Gibson, 33 yd FG - 0:00 (10-13) Skip Gibson, 39 yd FG - 7:44 (10-16) Skip Gibson, 38 yd FG - 3:09 (17-26) GATA, Skip
  5. My favorite players from 2013 were Spec Davidson and Skip Gibson. Both were standouts at UGA and continue to have strong NFLHC careers. The 2013 season felt a lot like an IRL UGA season - close to breaking through, but too many close losses to win the SEC East
  6. Nice games from former Dawgs! Spec Davidson, KC, 9 for 135 yards, 1 TD, 1 DRP, 0/0 F/L Benjamin Blankenship, MIA, 1 Sack, 1 FF, 1 FR, 4 Tackles
  7. Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Jason Johnson, QB 20 of 29 for 289 yards, 3 TD - 135.5 rating Johnson carved up the Colts in convincing fasion. Joaquin Younger, QB 16 of 20 for 270 yards, TD, INT 7 carries for 84 yards, TD Joaquin came up bigly for the Bills against Brumm & Co. Carolina's defensive line 5.5 sacks, 12 tackles, 2 FF, 2 FR Allan Taylor will be having night terrors about the Panther DL for quite a while. Jarius Jones, QB 17 of 21 for 296 yards, 3 TD - 158.3 rating Perfection. Sonny Beckett, WR 11 catches for 118 yards, 2 TD Beckett led the passing attack early and often for the Vikes over the Bucs. Anthony Ortiz, DE 2.5 sacks, 5 tackles Ortiz was a major key in the win over the high-flying Jets Artemio Ramirez, PR Two punt return TDs (48, 81) Ramirez almost single-handedly won the game for the Broncos Vaughn Abraham, RB 22 carries for 119 yards, 2 TD Vaughn was oaughn against Washington. DUDS Lawyer Johnson, QB 15 of 29 for 148 yards, TD, 2 INT - 49.2 rating Patriots fans will be filing an appeal for ineffective assistance of quarterback. Will Thompson, QB 24 of 40 for 222 yards, TD, 2 INT - 62.7 rating Thompson mustered a sub 65 rating and the offense was only 1-14 on third down. Chicago's offense 0 offensive TD, 0 points in the second half Yikes. San Francisco's punt coverage The Broncos ripped off two punt return TDs and dominated special teams field position. Toby Madden, LT Allan Taylor was sacked three times, lost two fumbles, and failed to get the offense going. Madden was a revolving door at left tackle. New Orleans' defense After getting out to a 10-0 lead, the Browns went on a 23-10 run, aided by a total lack of impact plays by the Saints' defense. No interceptions, sacks, or fumbles.
  8. Franz Kafka, Existentialist Gazette Charles and Bingo - what were the biggest reasons for the defense's overall success last Sunday?
  9. 3rd Down Efficiency 5-17 3-17
  10. Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Christian Skaggs, QB, 32 of 50 for 457 yards, 6 TD - 133.1 QBR Arrest warrant has been filed for what Skaggs did to the Saints' defense on Sunday. E.J. McQuarters, DE, 2 sacks, FF, FR, 3 tackles EJM came up big for the Bengal defense in their impressive week one showing. Raheem Robinson, WR, 4 catches for 75 yards 3 carries for 45 yards, TD 2 of 2 for 27 yards, TD Robinson did it all in Jacksonville's big win over Kansas City. Charles Johnson, DE, 3 sacks, 4 tackles Johnson helped the Broncos' D flex their muscles in a dominant week one performance. Daleroy Smart, ILB, 2 FF, FR, 8 tackles Smart picked up where he left off last season - wreaking constant havoc for opposing offenses. Curtis Henry, TE, 12 catches, 160 yards, 2 TD It was a long day for the Saints. Nick Hall, QB, 25 of 34 for 329 yards, 3 TD, 133.1 QBR Hall was nearly flawless against a stout Indianapolis defense. DUDS Sean Jenkins, WR, Not on statsheet Jenkins was nowhere to be seen in the Saints' disappointing season opener Jarius Jones, QB, 15 of 25 for 137 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 41.6 QBR Jones laid an egg in his Seahawks' debut. Quincy Honeycutt, RB, 11 carries for 14 yards Ew. Shawn Cole, RB, 10 carries for 16 yards Cole went to the Honeycutt School for Running Backs Javier Fields, QB, 17 of 30 for 195 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT, 36.8 QBR Fields' completed 66.7% of his passes to a human being on Sunday. Norris Brooksheer, QB, 29 of 46 for 241 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 58.3 QBR Never good when you've got a pair of duds on the same team.
  11. Raheem Robinson to Asante Sowell, 8 yd TD pass - 11:56 (14-37)

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