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  1. Mrs. Kafka has not-so-subtly hinted to the Colorado administration that she'd like to make some roots in Boulder.
  2. You made us a Pac-12 stat book?
  3. 2014 SEC Championship Game vs. randye4. #10 Georgia (10-2) vs. #3 Alabama (11-1) Dawgs lost 13-10 and I tweaked my gameplan right before submitting...went with more of a passing attack. Alabama went on to the first of two national titles. Georgia won the Sugar Bowl and then the SEC title in 2015. Do I ever lay awake at night and think about how I should've ridden my tailback to the first of two straight conference titles and cemented one of the great SEC dynasties? Yes. It haunts me.
  4. Episode four of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: OT Grey Brown, Florida State 2013-2016 Stats 2016 - 14 starts at left tackle 2015 - 15 starts at left tackle 2014 - 15 starts at right tackle 2013 - 14 starts at left tackle CAREER - 58 starts (43 left tackle, 15 right tackle) Accomplishments Team 3x ACC Champions (2013-2015) 4x ACC Atlantic Champions (2013-2016) NCAA Championship Runner-up (2014) Rose Bowl Champions (2015) Orange Bowl Champions (2014) Russell Athletic Bowl Champions (2016) Sugar Bowl berth (2013) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2015) Individual Outland Trophy (2016) 2x All-American (2015-2016) Miscellaneous Only two-time All-American among all offensive linemen Most starts in CFBHC history Protected CFBHC legends Christian Skaggs, Thomas Wheeler, and Dick Cook Blocked for CFBHC legends Tony Peaks, Akili Wallace, and Mike Latta Blocked for Doak Walker Award and All-American (Mike Latta) 191 offensive touchdowns scored while anchoring the offensive line The only two-time All-American offensive lineman in CFBHC history, Grey Brown was the clear choice for the left tackle spot. He opened lanes for some of CFBHC's all-time greats and led the Seminole dynasty from 2013-2016. He won three ACC Championships and played in back-to-back-to-back national semifinals. He left college as the most experienced player in CFBHC history. OT Brandon Reamon, Texas 2014-2017 Stats 2017 - 16 starts at left tackle 2016 - 14 starts at left tackle 2015 - 13 starts at left tackle 2014 - 13 starts at right tackle CAREER - 56 starts (56 left tackle) Accomplishments Team National Championship (2017) Big-12 Champions (2017) 2x Big-12 South Champions (2016-2017) Fiesta Bowl Champions (2017) Rose Bowl Champions (2017) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2016) New Era Pinstripe Bowl berth (2015) Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl berth (2014) Individual Outland Trophy (2017) All-American (2017) Miscellaneous Blocked for CFBHC legend and 2x Doak Walker Award winner Sterling Brown Protected Brad Davis' blindside during his freshman season (won National Championship) 190 offensive touchdowns scored while anchoring the offensive line Reamon started all four years for Texas, taking the field in 56 consecutive games. He ended his career on a high note as he helped the Longhorns win the 2017 National Championship. He blocked for the only two-time Doak Walker Award winner (Sterling Brown) and routinely kept his quarterback's jersey clean. Like Grey Brown, Reamon goes down in CFBHC history as an all-time great. Other contenders: John Eaton (Penn State), Blake Pile (USC), Gene Miller (Ohio State) Next episode: OG
  5. Episode four of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: TE Danny Patrick, North Carolina/Penn State 2013-2015 Stats 2015 - 92 catches, 1131 yards, 12 TD 2014 - 95 catches, 993 yards, 12 TD 2013 - 2 catches, 17 yards CAREER - 189 catches, 2141 yards, 24 TD Accomplishments Team 2x ACC Coastal Champions (2014-2015*) Rose Bowl berth (2013) Chick-Fil-A Bowl berth (2014) Individual John Mackey Award (2015) All-American (2015) 2x All-ACC (2014-2015) Miscellaneous Only tight end with multiple 900+ yard seasons Only tight end with multiple 10+ touchdown seasons Both 2nd and 3rd in single-season receiving yards by a tight end 100+ yards or touchdown in 21 of 24 games Touchdown in 11 straight games (Week 5 2014 - Week 1 2015) 125+ yards in six games 10th in ypg (2015) Best statistical game: 2015 vs. Virginia - 10 catches, 188 yards, 3 TD This was a much easier decision than wide receiver. Danny Patrick has two of the best single-seasons by a tight end in CFBHC history and was the definition of difference-maker in Chapel Hill. His 6'5" 223 lbs frame made him A.J. Jefferson's favorite target and one of the greatest players in Tar Heel history. His 11-game touchdown streak may never again be replicated by a tight end. Other contenders: Matt Thomas (Hawaii), Gary Hill (USC), Floyd Arnold (Colorado State) Next episode: OT
  6. Episode three of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: WR Raheem Robinson, Oklahoma State 2016-2019 Stats 2019 - 117 catches, 1620 yards, 17 TD 2018 - 77 catches, 1010 yards, 7 TD 2017 - 85 catches, 1124 yards, 9 TD 2016 - 52 catches, 763 yards, 9 TD CAREER - 331 catches, 4517 yards, 42 TD CAREER - 24 carries, 365 yards, 3 TD CAREER - 1/5, 35 yards, TD CAREER - 4 career return TD Accomplishments Team New Era Pinstripe Bowl Champions (2016) Sugar Bowl berth (2019) Individual Fred Biletnikoff Award (2019) All-American (2019) 2x Heisman Finalist (2018-2019) 1st in receiving touchdowns (2019) Miscellaneous Most receiving yards by any player with 3+ rushing touchdowns Only player with 300+ rushing yards and 3000+ receiving yards Only wide receiver to be a two-time Heisman finalist 4th all-time in receptions 5th all-time in receiving yards 5th all-time in receiving touchdowns Best statistical game: 2019 Sugar Bowl vs. LSU - 13 catches, 236 yards, 4 TD Wide receiver was not an easy task with so many legends having graced the field in CFBHC history. Raheem isn't atop the all-time list in receptions, yards, or touchdowns, but his raw ability is second to none. His 2019 season is among the best individual seasons in history and was capped off with 236 yards and 4 TD against a stout LSU squad. Despite having only decent quarterback for most of his career, Robinson was able to take over games in one of the toughest conferences in the country. Over his final 41 games, he racked up 4,618 yards from scrimmage with 44 TD. If' I'm drafting a CFBHC WR, he's my first selection. WR Walt Peck, Penn State 2013 Stats 2013 - 102 catches, 1321 yards, 13 TD CAREER - 102 catches, 1321 yards, 13 TD Accomplishments Team Rose Bowl berth (2013) Individual All-American (2013) 1st team All-B1G (2013) Miscellaneous Final 10 games of 2013: 85 catches, 1,129 yards, 13 TD 2013 against teams who finished above .500: 7 games, 65 catches, 866 yards, 10 TD 2013 against teams who finished ranked in the top 15: 5 games, 43 catches, 581 yards, 7 TD Best statistical game: 2013 vs. Arizona State - 16 catches, 242 yards, 3 TD Perhaps the most controversial pick of the All-Time CFBHC Team, Walt Peck is the first player on the list to play only one season. In a year of padded stats and unreal numbers, Peck didn't lead the country in any category. Unlike Jake Bates, Rex Walsh, and Riddick Smith, Peck didn't have an elite quarterback throwing him the football. Derek Keys (3.0/4.0) ran a balanced offense and still managed to find Peck over 100 times. Names like Jankowski, Scarborough, Miller, and Jenkins could've been in the slot, but Peck's performance against elite competition is hard to overlook. Imagine the records Peck would've broken with Jason Johnson, Christian Skaggs, Norris Brooksheer or Alexander Williams at quarterback. More importantly, imagine Peck in a pass-happy offense. In the end, Tai Miller and Adrian Jankowski were the first runners-up in this list. While they had longer and more statistically impressive careers, Peck had seven 100+ yard/TD games at Penn State - Miller and Jankowski only had five their best seasons. Other contenders: Adrian Jankowski (Texas A&M), Tai Miller (Oklahoma), Jeremy Scarborough (Colorado State), Sean Jenkins (North Texas). Next episode: TE
  7. Episode two of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: RB Sterling Brown, Texas 2013-2015 Stats 2015 - 355 carries, 2047 yards, 26 TD, 5.77 ypc 2014 - 224 carries, 1195 yards, 27 TD, 5.33 ypc 2013 - 365 carries, 1997 yards, 22 TD, 5.47 ypc CAREER - 944 carries, 5,239 yards, 75 TD, 5.55 ypc Accomplishments Team Big-12 Championship (2013) Cotton Bowl Champions (2013) New Era Pinstripe Bowl berth (2015) Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl berth (2014) Individual 2x Doak Walker Award (2013, 2015) 2x All-American (2013, 2015) Heisman Trophy finalist (2013) Miscellaneous Only player to win the Doak Walker Award more than once Only RB to be named All-America more than once Only RB with multiple 1900+ yard seasons Only one fumble in his career (final game of his senior season) Rushed for 100+ yards OR scored a TD in 37 of 40 games in his career (one was 98 yards and 0 TD) Scored a TD in 24 straight games. 2013 Week 11 - 2015 Week 8 Five postseason games: 539 yards, 8 TD Best statistical game - 2015 vs. TCU - 27 carries, 294 yards, 4 TD, 10.9 ypc Sterling Brown was one of the easiest decisions on this team. He combined longevity with an extremely high-level of play for one of the best overall offensive careers in CFBHC history. He was never injured, only fumbled once, and either rushed for 100 yards or scored a touchdown in an incredible 37 of 40 career games. Despite being one of the major workhorses in CFBHC history, he still ended his career with a 5.55 ypc average. We may never see another Sterling Brown. RB Asante Sowell, Wisconsin 2016-2018 Stats 2018 - 338 carries, 2184 yards, 22 TD, 6.46 ypc 2017 - 306 carries, 1738 yards, 21 TD, 5.68 ypc 2016 - 256 carries, 1277 yards, 18 TD, 4.98 ypc CAREER - 900 carries, 5,199 yards, 61 TD, 5.77 ypc CAREER - 25 catches, 324 yards, 6 TD Accomplishments Team Rose Bowl berth (2016) Outback Bowl Champions (2018) Navy National Bowl Champions (2016) Bahamas Bowl Champions (2017) Individual All-American (2018) Heisman Trophy finalist (2018) B1G Offensive Player of the Year (2018) Miscellaneous 24 straight 100+ yard games 100+ yards OR TD in 37 of 40 career games. Four postseason games: 562 yards, 5.98 ypc, 8 TD Career against teams who finished .500+ (23 games) - 3,046 total yards, 40 TD, 5.64 yards/touch This was a razor-thin decision among many worthy candidates. 2018 was the Year of the Running Back and Jaz Durant certainly made a strong push for this spot. Sowell averaged more yards per carry and more yards per game against teams who finished above .500 than Durant, which helped give him the nod. He did his best work at crunch time and against the best opponents. Case in point? 2018 vs. then #2 Boston College: 30 touches, 353 yards, 4 TD. Wallace, Latta, and Reed could've easily been here, but Sowell's consistency and receiving ability make him the choice. Other contenders: Jaz Durant (Auburn), Akili Wallace (Florida State), Mike Latta (Florida State), Ricardo Reed (Connecticut) Next episode: WR
  8. Those fourth quarter TD passes were brutal
  9. Agree. Brown was #2 for me. Brooksheer's national title gave him the slightest of nods.
  10. Episode one of Kafka's All-Time CFBHC Team A note on selections: QB Norris Brooksheer, Oklahoma 2014-2016 Stats 2016 - 252/362 (69.6%), 3683 yards, 32 TD, 6 INT, 180.9 QBR 2015 - 277/409 (67.7%), 3851 yards, 33 TD, 6 INT, 170.5 QBR 2014 - 73/106 (68.8%), 766 yards, 7 TD, 2 INT, 147.6 QBR CAREER - 602/877 (68.6%), 8,300 yards, 72 TD, 14 INT, 172.04 QBR 30-3 record, 14-2 in conference Accomplishments Team National Championship (2015) Big-12 Championship (2015) Cotton Bowl Champions (2015) Chick-Fil-A Bowl Champions (2015) 2x Big-12 North Champions (2015-2016) Alamo Bowl Champions (2016) Bourbon Bowl Champions (2014) Individual Heisman Trophy (2016) Davey O'Brien Award (2016) All-American (2016) 2x Big-12 Offensive Player of the Year (2015-2016) Miscellaneous Only player to win the Heisman Trophy and National Championship Only All-American QB to win a National Championship 2nd all-time in QBR 2nd all-time in completion percentage 30 straight games with fewer than 2 INT Only five games with more than 30 pass attempts 6-1 postseason record Best statistical game: 2015 vs. ISU - 25/30 for 415 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT, 254.3 rating Norris Brooksheer's 2+ year run at Oklahoma is the best for any quarterback in CFBHC history. In addition to putting up eye-popping stats and taking home the Heisman, Brooksheer led his Sooners to the 2015 National Championship. His efficiency was his best attribute, as he finished second all-time in QBR and completion percentage. Despite only five games with more than 30 pass attempts, he ended his career averaging over 250 yards per game. He remains the only player to win the Heisman Trophy and a national championship. Other contenders: Brian Brown (Boise State), Aaron Shea (Missouri), Todd Jennings (Penn State) Next episode: RB
  11. A more expansive WR depth chart. A lot of coaches put their "slot" WR 3rd or 4th in the depth chart, which would make that WR the slot man when everyone is starting and playing their normal role. But if my WR1 needs to rest for a play, I've now got my 5'9" "slot WR" bumped up to WR2 (which is presumably more of an outside role) TL;DR: denote slot WRs, outside WRs, etc, similar to 3rd down back.
  12. ayy, covering the spread
  13. Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Thomas Wheeler, QB 31/49, 347 yards, 6 TD Wheeler channeled his inner Christian Skaggs against the Broncos. Quincy Honeycutt, RB 14 carries, 86 yards, 3 TD 3 catches, 30 yards, TD QTrain 2.0 brought his cheese grater to Soldier Field. Toby Madden, OT Allowed zero sacks against the Bills. Madden shutdown Ortiz, Galbreath, & Co. - no simple feat. Austin Medina, WR 4 catches, 108 yards, TD Funky Cold Medina torched the Titan secondary. The Entire Seahawks' roster during the 2nd quarter Brian Glenn, fumble recovery - 12:07 Chris Ritter, 46 yd FG - 9:56 (3-0) Jarius Jones to Gary Faneca, 7 yd TD pass - 5:44 (10-0) Christian Okonkwo, fumble recovery - 5:01 Booker T. Washington, 2 yd TD run - 4:30 (17-0) Antonio Oliver, INT return for 14 yards - 3:57 Booker T. Washington, 11 yd TD run - 3:01 (24-0) Chris Ritter, 53 yd FG - 0:00 (27-0) Morris Millen, OLB INT, 1.5 sacks, FF, 6 tackles Jason Johnson will be having Morris Millen nightmares for days. Allan Taylor, QB 29/44, 370 yards, TD 5 carries, 13 yards, TD Allan Taylor prefers both wings and flats. DUDS Ronald Daniel, K 1/3 FG (made 20; missed 44 and 56) Ronald "Noodle Leg" Daniel missed a 44 yarder short. Yes, you read that correctly. Todd Lester, QB 19/32, 237 yards, TD, 2 INT, 66.8 rating 3 carries, 6 yards, fumble lost Lester was shutdown by a smothering Loin defense Alexander Williams, QB 16/30, 208 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 47.6 rating Nine offensive points and two turnovers. Ew. David Hughes, OT Offensive line allowed five sacks Hughes could've been mistaken for a turnstile on the L last week. Nick Hall, QB 26/48, 280 yards, TD, 2 INT, 61.1 rating Hall scored as many points for the Raiders as he did the Rams. Cameron Newhouse, CB Demetrius Still, CB Allowed 13 catches, 199 yards, 3 TD to the Bengals' top two WRs Ew. Long live the Jankowski Revenge Tour.
  14. Go Dawgs! @LaserCats
  15. Have we decided on how we're doing the front seven? I see some people have three DL and four LB for a 3-4 and some have four and four.

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