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  1. "I think the 49ers win tonight" -me, about an hour ago
  2. Similar to the recruiting prestige sheet Please include a different line for each school you've coached, if more than one (see my entry) And each school is responsible for including the data from previous coaches who have since quit the site for good.
  3. PLAYERS OF THE WEEK 2020 WEEK 7 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Steven Gore, QB, UCLA 44 of 65 for 438 yards, 6 TD, 2 INT Gore led the Bruins in their 100 point shootout against Arizona State. He tossed six touchdowns and only two interceptions on an incredible 65 pass attempts. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Nigel Strong, CB, Arizona State 2 INT, 4 tackles Strong was the only thing standing between Steven Gore and a perfect evening. He had a pair of picks and nearly kept the Sun Devils on top. SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Isaac Shoemaker, K, Washington 3/3 FG (24, 39-GW, 41), 4/4 PAT Shoemaker was perfect for the Huskies and nailed a game-winning 39 yarder in overtime. ---- Congrats to all the winners! Previous POTW: offense - defense - special teams Week 6: Trevon Yeldon - Louis Landry - Patrick Wolff Week 5: Latavious Murray - DeSean Barkley - Sam Walsh Week 4: Steven Gore - Jaylen Jordan - Sam Walsh Week 3: Luke Trickett - Eli McCrary - Giuseppe Bernstein Week 2: David Oates - Blaine Lewis-Thompson - Sam Walsh Week 1: Luke Trickett - Alex Bush - Isaac Shoemaker
  4. Go Dawgs!
  5. only include record by coach. if there was a vacancy, don't include it on the sheet. if you're not sure when a former coach came/left, just estimate
  6. just overall record
  7. Who were this week's studs and duds? STUDS Darrell Murphy, QB 29/33, 478 yards, 5 TD Perhaps the greatest statline for a QB in NFLHC history. Detroit's secondary 0 TD allowed, 2 INT, held A.J. Jefferson to 38.8 QBR Ronyell Buchanon and Keith Farr tallied INTs to help stymie the Falcons. Paul Davenport, QB 15/20, 249 yards, 3 TD 6 carries, 51 yards, TD Davenport was Mr. Everything in Pittsburgh's rout of Cincinnati. Christian Skaggs, QB 30/40, 370 yards, 5 TD, INT This kills the Saints. Raheem Robinson, WR 7 catches, 108 yards, TD 3 carries, 41 yards, TD Raheem continues to put the Jaguars on his back. Spec Davidson, TE 10 catches, 122 yards, 2 TD Spec was all over the field for Kansas City in their big win over Seattle. Taylor Heiden, QB 26/42, 309 yards, 4 TD, INT 4 carries, 19 yards Heiden turned back the clock with this stellar performance against the Pack. Skip Gibson, K 3/3 FG (41, 54, 56) In a game decided by six points, the Skipper was the difference. Forest Garrett, P 52.3 yards/punt Garrett helped Tampa Bay control field position all afternoon. Daleroy Smart, ILB FF, 10 tackles The league's top inside linebacker proved his worth yet again. DUDS Defensive players on and 72 points, 852 yards, 0 takeaways, 2 sacks. Ew. Willie Gaffney, K 1/3 FG (43 -- 38, 46) In the "kicker switch" game, Gaffney was on the wrong end. He's been more than a liability for New Orleans. Los Angeles Chargers Offense: 218 yards, 10 points, 2 turnovers Defense: 645 yards allowed, 55 points allowed, 0 impact plays I literally can't even describe this performance. A.J. Jefferson, QB 16/34, 180 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT - 38.8 QBR TDJudas was in full effect. Washington's offensive line 7.0 OL rating With a measly 7.0 rating, it's no wonder their offensive line couldn't get any push. Denver's rushing attack 25 carries, 73 yards, TD The Broncos need Blacknall back in a hurry. Ryan Clark, QB 21/33, 240 yards, TD, 2 INT 4 carries, 14 yards, fumble lost Three turnovers and almost nothing on the ground. Chicago's (lack of) clutch plays 4/16 on third downs 9 penalties for 78 yards Missed 36 yard FG Chicago was close, but made too many mistakes at crucial times against Tennessee
  8. And he's got the highest YPC of any player with 150+ carries. Not bad for the 145th overall pick
  9. NFC can you not
  10. ROAD WARRIORS Detroit's offense celebrates a Brent Hankton field goal. The Lions are now 5-2 on the road this season.
  11. Pac-12 - Week 7 Welcome to Buy, Sell, Hold a weekly piece where we examine the current stock of a handful of Pac-12 programs. On the rise? Tanking hard? steady as she goes? Use this handy investment guide to get the optimal return on your CFBHCdollar. You wouldn't want to leave you and your loved ones in the cold come retirement season. This week's BEST BUY is the OREGON STATE BEAVERS. After a brief uptick in price following week one, the price of ORST has fallen recently. While we don't anticipate a huge gain in real price, the relative potential is astronomical. Low risk, high reward in Corvallis. This week's BUY NOW is the OREGON DUCKS. Shares were cheap to begin this season and tanked early. But confidence has been high in Eugene the last few weeks and these shares are set to skyrocket. Get in now before it's too late! This week's HOLD FAST is the COLORADO BUFFALOES. We don't anticipate a big fluctuation in the price of BUFF in the near future. If you already purchased a few shares, hold on to them. If not, maybe stay on the sidelines until a buying opportunity comes along. This week's SELL NOW is the ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS. While the price hasn't been incredibly high of late, we don't see any increase in price on the horizon. If there's any price change in the coming weeks, it's going to be negative in a big way. Get out. This week's ABANDON SHIP is the STANFORD CARDINAL. With potential recruiting violations on the horizon and more than a touch of coaching uncertainty, it's time to abandon ship of STAN stock. Get out before you lose everything you own.
  12. NO LET UP Despite three straight wins, the Buffs had longer-than-normal practices this week to stay focused.
  13. The Kafka All-Time CFBHC Team has been finalized. Below are the results. OFFENSE QB - Norris Brooksheer, Oklahoma RB - Sterling Brown, Texas RB - Asante Sowell, Wisconsin WR - Raheem Robinson, Oklahoma State WR - Tai Miller, Oklahoma TE - Danny Patrick, North Carolina OT - Grey Brown, Florida State OT - Brandon Reamon, Texas OG - Jace Brown, Florida OG - Doug Aska, Miami C - Enoch Dickinson, Minnesota DEFENSE DE - Tyler Jones, Mississippi State DE - Anthony Miller, Tennessee DT - Jeremy Miller, Texas Tech OLB - Tyrone Jones, LSU OLB - Brian Hernandez, Maryland ILB - Tunch Richardson, Alabama ILB - Phillip Moore, Houston CB - Keyshawn Thompson, Michigan State CB - Mike Gradishar, Alabama FS - Aaron Blakely, Wisconsin SS - David Pennington, Vanderbilt SPECIAL TEAMS K - Gino Chiaverini, Texas P - Steve Noonan, LSU (each post is linked above) ------- Breakdown by team: Texas - 3 Alabama - 2 LSU - 2 Oklahoma - 2 Wisconsin - 2 Florida - 1 Florida State - 1 Houston - 1 Maryland - 1 Miami - 1 Michigan State - 1 Minnesota - 1 Mississippi State - 1 North Carolina - 1 Oklahoma State - 1 Tennessee - 1 Texas Tech - 1 Vanderbilt - 1 ------- What did you think of the team? Wrong picks? Right picks? Overall thoughts?
  14. Not sure if it'll matters for stats, but Calvin Jones' first name has an extra letter in his rushing stats.
  15. The five programs with multiple players on the list won five of the first six national championships on the site. Penn State and Notre Dame are the only national champions to not have a player on this list.
  16. Episode sixteen of Kafka's All-Time Team A note on selections: Statistics, team accomplishments, individual awards, and gut instinct were all used to determine the best all-time team in CFBHC history. Because this is only CFBHC, I tried not to let NFLHC performance sway me one way or another. Perhaps the hardest part of this list was comparing players who only played for one or two seasons as opposed to four-year veteran starters. I did my best. Enjoy. P Steve Noonan, LSU 2013-2014 Accomplishments Team National Championship (2013) Sugar Bowl Champions (2013) SEC Championship (2013) Capital One Bowl berth (2014) Individual 2x Ray Guy Award (2013-2014) 2x All-American (2013-2014) Miscellaneous Only 2x Ray Guy Award winner Only 2x All-American punter Only punter to declare early for NFLHC Draft Boomin' Noonan was a force to be reckoned with during his two years in Baton Rouge. He constantly flipped the field on opponents and was an integral piece to LSU's 2013 National Championship. While he was nationally known for his cannon-like left leg, he also excelled at killing short punts inside the 10 yard line. Other contenders: Gary Levels (Michigan State), Jason Sochia (Notre Dame), John Maslowski (USC)
  17. Utah was initially filled by a coach, but it appears that coach has left the site. There are a number of applicants for other jobs, but I want to make sure the Utes get filled. If you're interested in joining the premier conference in the land, PM me.
  18. This guy.
  19. Go Dawgs!!!
  20. Browns pls
  21. I'll miss your CFBHCing, but glad to hear you're staying on with the Bengals. Come back full time when you can!
  22. PLAYERS OF THE WEEK 2020 WEEK 6 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Trevon Yeldon, RB, Oregon 25 carries, 105 yards, 3 TD Yeldon was the bellcow for Oregon in their major upset of Washington State. He's got the Ducks rolling in recent weeks. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Louis Landry, ILB, USC INT, 9 tackles Landry was all over the field for USC Saturday afternoon. Nine tackles, a pick, and total defensive domination. SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Patrick Wolff, P, Oregon State 45.5 yard avg Wolff helped Oregon State win the field position battle in their close loss to Colorado ---- Congrats to all the winners! Previous POTW: Week 5: Latavious Murray - DeSean Barkley - Sam Walsh Week 4: Steven Gore - Jaylen Jordan - Sam Walsh Week 3: Luke Trickett - Eli McCrary - Giuseppe Bernstein Week 2: David Oates - Blaine Lewis-Thompson - Sam Walsh Week 1: Luke Trickett - Alex Bush - Isaac Shoemaker
  23. PLAYERS OF THE WEEK 2020 WEEK 5 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Latavious Murray, RB, Colorado 26 carries, 145 yards, 3 TD Murray continued his strong season, putting up nearly 150 yards and three touchdowns. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK DeSean Barkley, CB, Colorado 2 INT, 6 tackles Sophomore phenom DeSean Barkley hauled in a pair of picks in Colorado's big Week 5 victory SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK Sam Walsh, K, Cal 4/4 FG (22, 24, 35, 43) Sam Walsh has another flawless night for the Golden Bears in Week 5 ---- Congrats to all the winners! Previous POTW: Week 4: Steven Gore - Jaylen Jordan - Sam Walsh Week 3: Luke Trickett - Eli McCrary - Giuseppe Bernstein Week 2: David Oates - Blaine Lewis-Thompson - Sam Walsh Week 1: Luke Trickett - Alex Bush - Isaac Shoemaker