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    1. Joopear

      Joopear applied ~4 hours before cultur3
    2. Joopear

      You are approved for Oregon State. Welcome to the Pac-12! Post your depth chart here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/344-depth-chart-2021/ Here is a link to the interface: http://cfbhc.herokuapp.com
    3. Welcome to Preseason Week 1 of Franz's Facts! Your home for tidbits, nuggets, leaders, factoids, and all of the above. WEEKLY STAT LEADERS Passing yards Aaron Devereaux, NO - 404 Tanner Bowman, WAS - 327 Jarius Jones, SEA - 327 Rushing yards Fred Tindale, ARI - 135 Ricardo Reed, WAS - 109 Receiving yards Sean Jenkins, NO - 194 Derrick Schwartz, LAR - 135 Tackles Randy Humphreys, TEN - 10 Bennie Richardson, CLE - 9 Eric Jones, MIN - 8 Sacks Brian Glenn, SEA - 2.5 Carlos Washington, PIT - 2.0 Adam Williams, OAK - 1.5 Penalty yards Minnesota Vikings - 109 Seattle Seahawks - 106 New York Giants - 94 WEEKLY FACTOIDS Only four teams did not suffer an injury Two teams suffered at least three injuries Only one player had 10+ receptions Sean Jenkins How did the two first round QBs fare? Mohammed Foster 16/29, 209 yards, TD; 42 rushing yards Tanner Bowman 26/37, 327 yards, 3 TD, INT Fourteen kickers weren't perfect this week Only one game featured teams who both scored 28+ points 33 31 Three players suffered season-ending injuries Steve Alexander Danny Patrick Dillon Abbrederis The NFLHC All-Time Temperature Record was set this week vs. Las Vegas, NV - 106 F It only rained during one game this week vs. Santa Clara, CA - 82 F Five QBs threw 2+ TD and 0 INT Alex Bridgewater 3 TD, 0INT Elijah Moffett 3 TD, 0 INT Thomas Wheeler 2 TD, 0 INT Taylor Rodriguez 2 TD, 0 INT Alex Leshoure 2 TD, 0 INT Only one team had an OL rating below 7.0 6.9 Four games featured teams who both failed to score 21 points vs. vs. vs. vs. Only five players appeared in the rushing and receiving statlines Bradley Cooley 17 carries, 57 yards, TD; 4 catches, 51 yards, TD Adrian Robinson 22 carries, 94 yards, 2 TD; 2 catches, 65 yards Daniel Curtis 19 carries, 50 yards, 2 TD; 2 catches, 34 yards Terrell Holland 12 carries, 55 yards; 2 catches, 24 yards Kevin McMullen 2 carries, 18 yards; 2 catches, 31 yards For the first time, a preseason game was cancelled vs.
    4. [2021] Audit results

      Looks like we put Trestman's salary under 2020 and not 2021. Fixed.
    5. Crootsmas Carols and Stories

      We wish you a Merry Crootsmas We wish you a Merry Crootsmas We wish you a Merry Crootsmas And a happy new team.
    6. [2021] 5* Film Breakdown - Trevon Yeldon, RB

      I believe it was called back for offensive holding.
    7. Motion to Modify Sentence has been withdrawn. Thank you! Hopefully the 2021 season will show how serious the Pac-12 takes media integrity! You will also see marked improvements to our wiki and other aspects of this community. We hope our 2021 effort will impress all members of the site and show how much we value CFBHC.
    8. TL;DR: Post 1 at 8:09 PM Post 2 at 8:46 PM Warning issued at 9:53 PM Recruiting point deduction at 11:27 AM the next day. Nothing happened after warning. Pls have mercy...it was an honest mistake.
    9. [2021] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

      It hasn't, and won't, happen again.
    10. IN THE COURT OF CONFERENCE COMISSIONERS STATE OF CFBHC PACIFIC 12, PETITIONER V. CIVIL ACTION No.: 2021CFBHC-309 CFBHC.COM, RESPONDENT MOTION TO MODIFY SENTENCE The Pacific 12 Conference, by and through below named counsel, hereby moved the Court of Appeals to modify the sentence handed down on the issue of Pacific 12 conference account misuse. 1. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:09 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet responded to a game report. 2. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:31 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet posted an article conerning Pacific 12 recruiting. 3. On or about November 9, 2017 at 8:46 PM, Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet responded to a free agency signing. 4. At no time did Pacific 12 News Outlet intend to post from that account, as the commissioner of said conference was in the middle of typing a news article (paragraph 2 above) 5. Commissioner of CFBHC.COM responded to the game report (cited in paragraph 2 above) on or about November 9, 2017 at 9:53 PM warning the Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet of the mistake. 6. At no time after the warning did the Pacific 12 Conference News Outlet post any improper items on the site. THEREFORE, based on no postings after the warning and the clear accidental use of the account, based on the above mentioned timeline, the Pacific 12 Conference, by and through counsel, requests a hearing to determine the validity of the recruiting point reduction. This hearing is to be scheduled before the Conference Commissioners at the earliest possible convenience to show good cause why this sentence should not be modified. This is the 10th day of November, 2017. Respectfully submitted, Franz Kafka, Esq. Attorney for Petititoner State Bar No. 24601
    11. [2020] Pac-12 Recruiting Recap

    12. Looks like the only difference is that I collapsed the injury and contract boxes (so they don't bleed off the edge). Is that NFLHC defensive player box right? In the CFBHC and NFLHC stats wiki and CFBHC player pages, it's always tackles-INT-sacks-FF-FR-TD-safety. The NFLHC player page is the only time it's tackles-sacks-FF-FR-INT-TD-safety. And I don't believe we have access to "long" stats for receivers or seasonal "long"s for RBs I'd be more than happy to edit the default boxes and/or do an audit of wiki player pages. @alienufo @Soluna
    13. what do you pick? Pls no jokes. There was some talk in the shoutbox of folks who wished they could change their name
    14. Team Pages and Cap Sheet Audits

      Broncos will be doing a complete cap sheet overhaul tonight. Pardon our construction
    15. [2021] Welcome to Denver!

    16. 1. Los Angeles Chargers - OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 2. Washington Redskins - QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 R Penn State [Pocket] 82 3. Buffalo Bills - QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 R West Virginia [Scrambling] 82 4. New England Patriots - WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 R Florida State [Speed] 81 5. Chicago Bears - OT/OG Beckett Miller 6-1 300 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] 82 6. Minnesota Vikings - DE Josiah Harden 6-3 249 R North Carolina [Blitz] 82 7. Arizona Cardinals - OLB Caleb McNamara 6-2 217 R Vanderbilt [Coverage] 81 8. Tennessee Titans - C Dean Strauss 6-3 284 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] 82 9. New Orleans Saints - CB Kevin McQueen 5-11 176 R UCF [Man Coverage] 80 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR J.C. Weldon 6-2 183 R West Virginia [Target] 82
    17. Jumbo

      Approved. Welcome to the PAC-12!
    18. Allen Park, MI The Detroit Lions announce that Franz Kafka has stepped down as general manager of the organization, effective immediately. Franz Kafka read a prepared statement from the podium: "I'd like to thank jmjacobs, SlinkyJr, and the entire Detroit Lions family for allowing me to be general manager of such a fantastic organization. I feel like we have grown close as a staff and I will dearly miss the personnel meetings, scouting sessions, and day-to-day interactions with both of them. I truly hope to see the Lions hoist the Lombardi Trophy in the near future and wish them nothing but the best of luck." The floor is now open for questions.
    19. [2021] Detroit Lions announce front office change

      This decision was not based on my unavailability for the draft, although it made the timing more palatable. I'll be evaluating all options going forward.
    20. [2020] Awards

      First National Award winner and first All-American in school history!