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  1. [2020] Week #8 - FNF

    Aw yisssss
  2. You bet your ass I will.
  3. [2020] Week #7 - FNF

    Wow, gross ass game. And we're right back on the L wagon.
  4. [2020] Week #4 - FNF

    Good game FS. I played pass all out and made some adjustments but it still wasn't enough to handle your offensive attack Thanks for giving me film against an elite offense! Anyways, as usual, #FireDacder.
  5. CFBHC White Theme

    I like the square avatars better than the circles. I'd gladly stay with this as compensation for the twitter update (circle avatars, outline icons)
  6. [2020] Wake Forest Week 2 Post-Game Press Conference

    Thank you for your question- The focus this week will differ on different sides of the ball. On offense, we went out there and executed our game plan for the first half, but felt a drop off in the second, which means our guys are tired, which means conditioning for the offensive unit. Our defense impressed all game, clinching it late. I would like to get more physical with their wideouts in the red zone however, which you better believe we will be drilling this week. I think we as a team can pull out more than a few more wins this season. To cite one of my previous press conferences I believe in this team's ability to make it to a bowl game this year, and it seems as though my belief may in fact be more deeply rooted in reality than many pundits give it credit for. Under this administration at Wake, winning isn't anything to obsess over, it's simply the expectation.
  7. Obviously I'm happy with the result this week, seeing as it disperses any rumblings of a perpetual losing streak; but more than that, I'm really proud of our guys for going out there and giving it 100%. At times it wasn't pretty, and we can definitely gameplan better as coaches, but a win is a win. Now, I'm sure many of you have questions, so I'll leave the floor mostly open for discussion this week.
  8. [2020] Week #3 - TNF

    W. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Game Report Change (Please Vote!)

    I personally like- as Franz said- scrolling down and kind of "watching" the game play out, so I'm proponent to the old way. But if the new way is easier/quicker to crank out, by all means go with that.
  10. When you are making the 9th most yearly and 10th most overall in D1 but you've never had a winning season.
  11. Final Score: East Carolina 27, Wake Forest 20 I'd like to start this by saying that as much as I'd have liked to start the season with a win, I'm proud of the way we fought out there, we just couldn't finish it out down the stretch. Oscar Sanderson looked good out there, averaging more than 4 and a half per carry and getting into the endzone for us both through the air and on the ground. Our young receiving corps performed admirably against a solid secondary, although I would like to see them getting open more in the red zone, as none of them managed a touchdown. Hemana Toma didn't put up dazzling numbers at the quarterback spot, but generally he made good reads and timed his release well. His footwork is still a work in progress, which may have contributed to his 52% completion rate, but that's something that we'll continue to work in practice. Our offensive line allowed 6 and a half sacks, which in itself is bad, but they also allowed an admittedly mediocre-at-best defensive line to disrupt the pocket and effect our QBs delivery, so that needs to be addressed in practice this week. Converting a third of our third downs isn't the worst, but we need it to be much better by next week. On the defensive side, we kept the bend-don't break attitude going until the tail end of the third into the fourth quarter. I applaud Alexander Glenn on getting pick number one on the season, but overall our secondary has to be better. ECU has an average wideout corps that absolutely torched us this week. Our guys looked rusty out there when it came to flipping their hips and running with their man, which is hopefully something that will be rectified by next week. On a positive note, we did a good job of stepping up and getting in front of our guy in the red zone, allowing only 1 TD, at the end of the game. Our front seven also needs to get on their horses when it comes to pursuing the ball carrier, as we simply let up too much on the ground. Overall, I think a lot of these late-game failures are a result of poor conditioning, which is on me as the coach. You better believe that I'll do my part to fix that in practice this week. All that being said, you can doubt my players' talent all you want, but you can't doubt their hustle. They worked their tails off today- we just came up short. I'm looking forward to Week 2 at North Texas. The floor is now open for questions.
  12. [2020] Demons of the Fall

    It's actually a one hour and forty five minute commute, and I find it invigorating. I watch film, sip coffee, and play NCAA 12 in the back seat of my wife's SUV until she drops me off at the stadium gates around 5:30 AM, where I wait for Terry the janitor to unlock the stadium and from there begin my day. (I don't have the facility keys for undisclosed personal reasons.)
  13. Spotlight Tuesday #2

    My first ever starting QB was Raoul Gomez. A 3/4 redshirt freshman, and a certifiable piece of shit. I had him in the Heisman running after the first two weeks of the season, and then he started sucking butt. He was throwing hella picks, and not enough touchdowns to what was a decently ok receiving corps. This resulted in me changing my gameplan multiple times thinking there was a big problem on my end, but this only perpetuated things. Then the media picked up on it and started running headlines about Head Coach Kendrick and his propensity for ruining quarterbacks, which still bites at me to this day. Anyway, he ended up being a 68 OVR after his Senior year. Don't imagine he got drafted. F that guy.
  14. [2020] Chicago Tribune National Preseason Projections

    HAHA NOT IN THE BOTTOM 15 SUCK IT! #WokeForest #StayWake #RowTheForest #WFcroots #GBWF #HailToTheForest