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    1. [2021] Week #7 - FNF

      wehn u been claimin that ur the best team in the ACC but u drop 2 straight https://imgur.com/VuGXEmI gg Imposter
    2. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

      *Me reading score left to right* GG joedchi!
    3. Independents Preview: Week 6

      wait whut i dont even...
    4. [2021] Week 6 Fun Facts

      1. - 36.3 2. - 52.1 3. - 55.1 4. - 55.7 5. - 60.6 6. - 64.9 7. - 70.3 8. - 80.8 9. - 90.7 10. - 92.5 THE (5th) BEST DAMN CONFERENCE IN THE LAND!
    5. [2021] Week #5 - TNF

      This FSU win once again cements the ACC as the best damn conference in the land.
    6. [2021] ACC Stat Leaders: Week 4

      Wake is THE school for elite skill position talent #TakeNotesCroots #WakeTheForest
    7. Wake Forest Week 4 Postgame Press Conference

      We are happy with who we have out there, but there are no "safe jobs". If you want to start for us you have to show out in practice each and every day.
    8. Wake Forest Week 4 Postgame Press Conference

      Sure our defense struggled at times, but we are very confident that our guys will continue to solidify as the season progresses. We were actually happier with the defense's performance this week than last, as we finally managed to bring the second half scoring down after an abysmal first two weeks in that category. We as coaches firmly beleive that if we give our guys a little time, they'll give us a lot of dubs. #WakeyWakey #StayWake #WokeForest My favorite flavor of ice cream is bunny tracks, as #them #shits #is #clean.
    9. Wake Forest Week 4 Postgame Press Conference

      The Woke Forest is as woke as ever right now, but if we keep this winning up, it has potential to be even more woker. #StayWake #WokeForest #WakeNBake #WakeThePeopleWhomRowTheBoat #WakeyWakey
    10. Winston-Salem NC Thanks for being here everybody *wipes forehead sweat with already soaked towel, netting zero sweat removal*, I know all you media members are really burning the midnight oil staying through two whole overtimes, so I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'm extremely proud of this unit we've got here. From the coaches, to the players, to the practice squad, even down to the equipment managers; we have all been absolutely locked in since the first day of fall camp, and it's showed in three really terrific games so far this season. Probably the most exciting thing aside from the winning is the improvement we're seeing week to week. We as coaches have been identifying areas the we struggle in, and really making wholesale changes in many areas during practice, and the kids have responded incredibly. We've got a great group of guys here, and I wouldn't trade them for a thing. As far as the game goes, it was quite the slug fest. Hats off to Pitt for one helluva game. We could tell as soon as we came onto the field for warm-ups that they came to play. We, as coaches could hear their pads popping from all the way across the field as they were going through their tackling drill circuit. Before we went into the locker room for the pre-game speech I told the guys: "be ready for a fight", and boy did they deliver. The first half played out largely as we expected it to, although some of our defensive schemes weren't as effective as we would've liked; but we felt good going into the locker room at halftime. It was at that point that we really challenged our guys on defense, and they came through when it mattered, getting a huge stop in the final quarter with under two minutes to play. We were in a perfect position to drive the length of the field and score, but some missed assignments and poor execution, which had a large part to do with us coaches, took us into overtime. As soon as the first OT ended in a tie, the players had already made up their minds. They were going to score a touchdown and they were going to go for two, it was just up to us coaches to pick out the play, which our guys executed to perfection, and gave us the win. Again, hats off to Pitt- a very formidable team, although their record might not reflect that because of their tough schedule to this point. We wish them all the best throughout the rest of their season. As far as your Deacs go, we still have a lot of room for improvement, but at this rate i'd tell the Pollsters and the national media not to be surprised when Wake crashes the postseason party. #WakeyWakey I'll now take any questions. -Go Deacs!
    11. Final Score: East Carolina 27, Wake Forest 20 I'd like to start this by saying that as much as I'd have liked to start the season with a win, I'm proud of the way we fought out there, we just couldn't finish it out down the stretch. Oscar Sanderson looked good out there, averaging more than 4 and a half per carry and getting into the endzone for us both through the air and on the ground. Our young receiving corps performed admirably against a solid secondary, although I would like to see them getting open more in the red zone, as none of them managed a touchdown. Hemana Toma didn't put up dazzling numbers at the quarterback spot, but generally he made good reads and timed his release well. His footwork is still a work in progress, which may have contributed to his 52% completion rate, but that's something that we'll continue to work in practice. Our offensive line allowed 6 and a half sacks, which in itself is bad, but they also allowed an admittedly mediocre-at-best defensive line to disrupt the pocket and effect our QBs delivery, so that needs to be addressed in practice this week. Converting a third of our third downs isn't the worst, but we need it to be much better by next week. On the defensive side, we kept the bend-don't break attitude going until the tail end of the third into the fourth quarter. I applaud Alexander Glenn on getting pick number one on the season, but overall our secondary has to be better. ECU has an average wideout corps that absolutely torched us this week. Our guys looked rusty out there when it came to flipping their hips and running with their man, which is hopefully something that will be rectified by next week. On a positive note, we did a good job of stepping up and getting in front of our guy in the red zone, allowing only 1 TD, at the end of the game. Our front seven also needs to get on their horses when it comes to pursuing the ball carrier, as we simply let up too much on the ground. Overall, I think a lot of these late-game failures are a result of poor conditioning, which is on me as the coach. You better believe that I'll do my part to fix that in practice this week. All that being said, you can doubt my players' talent all you want, but you can't doubt their hustle. They worked their tails off today- we just came up short. I'm looking forward to Week 2 at North Texas. The floor is now open for questions.