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  1. New Jersey Devils looking for a new GM, message me if interested.

  2. [2020] Week #5 - FNF

  3. Just got a Gamecube emulator working on my computer, it's summer time, any gamecube games you'd like to see a BaP of?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Isaac829


      Super Smash Bros. Melee BaP

    3. Minnowsotan


      MLB Power Pros


    4. Minnowsotan


      Nevermind it was just for Ps2 and Wii


  4. Album Suggestions

    Drown in Designer - Ski Mask the Slump God We need this one
  5. Pet Picture Thread

    im sorry for your loss, Trey.
  6. Album Suggestions

    oh shit i forgot. I only recently listened to it so I got it mixed.
  7. Old school games

    HOW HAS NO ONE MENTIONED NFL STREET. EA Big was so dope back in the PS2 era. The burnout franchise is really fun. MX vs. ATV was cool too Smuggler's Run was one of the most fun games of all time
  8. Album Suggestions

    Phoenix - Ti Amo if you're feeling disco-y Blink-182 - California if you're looking for a mediocre time Gorillaz - Humanz if you're looking for an electronic mediocre time Childish Gambino - "Awaken, My Love" is a fantastic listen (even if it came out in late '16) !!! - Shake the Shudder if you're feeling disco-wave-y
  9. Spotlight Tuesday #8

    For me, I'd love to coach Rutgers or Army. Two close schools to where I am irl and have always been a Rutgers fan. Army would be cool because I like to schedule and I get to croot in NY/NJ
  10. PM me if interested in an NHLHC position.

    1. taffyowner


      I gave you a name before.. beggars cant be choosers :P 

    2. Monda


      @taffyownerno one said he wasn't still in contention... we just want more options

  11. What do you look like?

    if the shoe fits
  12. What do you look like?

    This is what I picture N'Sync looked like
  13. [2020] Conference USA Statsheet

    If someone could help me for this week it'd be appreciated, have a lot of schoolwork to do with finals coming. Shoot me a pm.
  14. C-USA Week 1 Round-Up, Part I

    every C-USA team lost this week