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  1. The Colts. I was really excited to join NFLHC but I was still new and didn't know what I was doing. I wasn't active for a couple days and the (i think) depth chart/cuts were due and I completely fucked the Colts. I get angry at myself for it every time I see NFLHC. Also killed my chances to play a really cool part of the site.
  2. If anyone is interested in a NHLHC Head Coaching gig, give me a PM

    1. taffyowner


      YoloSwaggins was looking for something to make him more accountable for logging in... maybe try him?

    2. Monda


      @taffyowner maybe but I'd prefer someone with a better track record

    3. taffyowner


      Gotta start somewhere, he's dedicated it seems just needs some accountability 

  3. Does anyone need a home game for 2022?

  4. I don't entirely remember, but I think I remember Bingo telling me some things. Most likely some others but I deleted all my PMs after I returned to Marshall.
  5. because a hot dog is a sandwich
  6. would anyone mind filling out a survey for my school project (about sports logos) ill put a link in the replies

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Monda


      pls tell me if works thanks

    3. Monda


      Also please take it seriously because this is for like 50% of my grade

    4. Time


      I too it

  7. Is a 29 on the ACT good

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. npklemm


      I don't know about ACT, but for the SAT that would be impossibly bad

    3. Wonderbread


      I got a 22 on ACT. I don't understand brains .Years later got A's in calculus, physics, biochemistry. D in composition 1 and 2. Priorities lol Yay college. Eat em up Kats SHSU c/o '12 lol 


    4. paperllamasunited


      I got a 28, which was the second highest in my class of 32 (I think the average was 17). I think that says more about my school than about me though.

  8. Done:
  9. My first ever game was a against a ranked (I believe) Bingo and his Gophers. I had a small idea of what I was doing, as I spent maybe 2-3 hours gameplanning that week. I found this community intimidating as hell and still do.
  10. I am so erect DE Thierno Hayes 6-2 250 (Sr) Bourbon County (Paris KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] from Kansas to Marshall Updated Depth Chart
  11. Andrei Kerzhakov: Braden Colbert: Eric Mason: (I tried making my own goalie navbox. I'll change it when an official one comes out). Did Matt Forbes too because I love him:
  12. Marshall's QB navbox is up to date ( ) Wiki page for Cayden Gipson, Marshall's new starting RB: ( ) The high school page has already been made.
  13. Welcome to the C-USA! Looking forward for the competition.
  14. WElcome to C-USA! Great to have you
  15. I'd like to throw out there that 1/2 the teams are from the C-USA

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