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  1. zoinks...
  2. Just got a Gamecube emulator working on my computer, it's summer time, any gamecube games you'd like to see a BaP of?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Isaac829


      Super Smash Bros. Melee BaP

    3. Minnowsotan


      MLB Power Pros


    4. Minnowsotan


      Nevermind it was just for Ps2 and Wii


  3. For me, I'd love to coach Rutgers or Army. Two close schools to where I am irl and have always been a Rutgers fan. Army would be cool because I like to schedule and I get to croot in NY/NJ
  4. PM me if interested in an NHLHC position.

    1. taffyowner


      I gave you a name before.. beggars cant be choosers :P 

    2. Monda


      @taffyownerno one said he wasn't still in contention... we just want more options

  5. If someone could help me for this week it'd be appreciated, have a lot of schoolwork to do with finals coming. Shoot me a pm.
  6. every C-USA team lost this week
  7. If anyone would like to help, shoot me a PM. Week 1 finished.
  8. I love the quarter-by-quarter scoring
  9. Will try to bump after every week.
  10. The Colts. I was really excited to join NFLHC but I was still new and didn't know what I was doing. I wasn't active for a couple days and the (i think) depth chart/cuts were due and I completely fucked the Colts. I get angry at myself for it every time I see NFLHC. Also killed my chances to play a really cool part of the site.
  11. If anyone is interested in a NHLHC Head Coaching gig, give me a PM

    1. taffyowner


      YoloSwaggins was looking for something to make him more accountable for logging in... maybe try him?

    2. Monda


      @taffyowner maybe but I'd prefer someone with a better track record

    3. taffyowner


      Gotta start somewhere, he's dedicated it seems just needs some accountability 

  12. Does anyone need a home game for 2022?

  13. I don't entirely remember, but I think I remember Bingo telling me some things. Most likely some others but I deleted all my PMs after I returned to Marshall.
  14. because a hot dog is a sandwich