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  1. Lots of close games here boys. I didn't like my matchup with Memphis. Glad to get away with a win.
  2. I love you, Solomon. You make my life so much easier. gg Cards. That will be a scary group soon.
  3. I appreciate the absurdity of the computer trying to figure things out with a small amount of data. +84 for Michigan is hilarious
  4. Close one, but a win is a win.
  5. What the Eagles are doing without their starting QB is impressive. The Chiefs are way better so far than I was expecting.
  6. I was expecting a little more than a 1 spot increase for the 49ers but that's okay. We still have a lot to prove.
  7. You don't even regret changing your name to an unpronounceable mess? Oh, right... Never mind.
  8. Polls are weird when most teams have only played 1 game. Things will settle out in a few weeks.
  9. Kansas City has collected some of my favorite Bulldogs and they're looking good
  10. The 49ers are looking good! gg Bucs.
  11. I had you ranked too but I still had Michigan ahead a few spots.
  12. I love this media series! Thanks Franz.
  13. Huh, I'm way out of step with the other pollsters.
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