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  1. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #1 CFBHC Takeaways

    USM is a pretty highly rated team
  2. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

    Yeah same here. 500 yards? Jeez
  3. Can't really argue with the rank. We're a basement dweller until proven otherwise.
  4. It is with a heavy heart that the 49ers organization waves goodbye to beloved Owner/GM Jumanji. Jumanji came back to the team after an extended sabbatical last season, but he has now opted to retire. Jumanji started the 49ers as an expansion team and eventually led them to a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl VI. Jumanji and former GM LaserCats will be inducted into the 49ers Ring of Honor later this season.
  5. PM me if you want to scrimmage the 49ers

  6. PM me if you want to scrimmage the 49ers

  7. Duncan345

    [2022] Rookie Mini-Camps

    San Francisco 49ers: RB Rod Fulton 5-11 180 R Kansas [Speed] [-1] 74 WR Joshua Freeman 6-2 233 R Stanford [Target] [0] 76 TE DeNorris Talbert 6-3 200 R Penn State [Blocking] [-1] 75 TE Frank Cuellar 6-4 205 R Mississippi State [Receiving] [0] 70 OT Ryan Rodrigues 6-1 256 R Michigan [Run Blocking] [-2] 79 OG Fletcher Joyner 6-6 261 R Utah [Pass Blocking] [0] 80 DE Parker Holmes 6-3 247 R Tennessee [Contain] [0] 81 DT Devon Brantley 6-3 315 R Nebraska [2-Gap] [0] 76 OLB Timothy Greer 6-3 231 R Arizona State [Blitz] [0] 74 SS Xavien Smith 5-10 183 R Murray State [Man Coverage] [0] 76
  8. Duncan345


    soliunA DONT REAT THIS
  9. Duncan345

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    CLANGA is life
  10. Duncan345

    [2022] 2024 High School Players

    Kid from my high school on here. That's pretty cool.
  11. Duncan345

    [Feedback] Recruiting Additions

    I was thinking about this earlier today. It would be cool if we had brief statements about some of the high end recruits, similar to pro days but maybe more simplified. I envision it as being statements from high school/JuCo coaches when you call them up for information on the recruits from their schools. They could be tied to recruiting visits or maybe we could add phone calls as a new recruiting tool. Commissioners and other long standing members could write these for players in other states that they are unlikely to recruit in.
  12. Duncan345


    Good choice. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with a fresh start.
  13. Coach Freeze, would it be fair to say that you are full of "it?"
  14. Duncan345

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #9

    gg @tprochnow. Your team is going to be scary next season. Farewell, Ryder Shipman. I hope you get a chance to play on Sundays.