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  1. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    I had a bad feeling about this one based on the match ups. gg @TazerMan
  2. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #6 - TNF

    I hate to say it, but Ole Miss is on the rise with their new head coach.
  3. Duncan345

    [2022] Week 5 Coaches Poll

    The Iron Bowl is going to be wild this year
  4. Duncan345

    2018 NFLHC Draft Class Review Discussion

    I can't remember what our original pick was in this draft but we traded up to 10 in an effort to draft Ron Thomas. Cincy surprised us by taking him that early. In the 10 minutes or so between Cincy's pick and our JSD pick, Jumanji and I decided to embrace the freak athletes and build the fastest offense possible. JSD has been pretty good when healthy, but I look back fondly on this pick because it defined the 49ers' philosophy.
  5. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #5 - MNF

    Orly came back last week, but I tend to agree with your observation. This is still a pretty good team and we've historically started slow even when our top 2 QBs weren't hurt. gg Loins. This one turned out about how I thought it would.
  6. Oh boy. We looked a lot better today with Orly back but these stats are ominous.
  7. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #4 - 4 PM

    Guess who's back Back again Orly's back Spread option
  8. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    I was obviously hoping for the win against Clemson, but the silver lining here is that this Mississippi State team looks legit. Clemson is a playoff caliber team and we were neck and neck. If Maleek had a slightly better day this one could have gone the other way.
  9. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    gg @Emperor_of_Orange
  10. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #3 - 4 PM

    Hey, 1st place in the NFC West!
  11. Duncan345

    [2022] SEC Network: Week 2 Awards

    We only recruit 4.0 QBs here in Starkvegas
  12. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #2 - Saturday Afternoon

    gg bud. Maybe I need to work on special teams.
  13. Duncan345

    Ole Miss Punishment

    Typical Ole Miss shenanigans
  14. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #1 CFBHC Takeaways

    USM is a pretty highly rated team
  15. Duncan345

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

    Yeah same here. 500 yards? Jeez