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  1. Raheem does it all!
  2. Does this take rushing yards and TDs into account?
  3. Miles Collins is not making any friends in the Meadowlands.
  4. OT Jon Monk 6-5 326 5 Wisconsin [Pass Blocking] 82 Move to Guard please
  5. #6? Kiss the ring
  6. Duncan345, Head Coach of the Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers. (Option B) With your GM in the war room at your facility. Small interviews throughout the day.
  7. For what it's worth I ranked LSU ahead of Mississippi State
  8. Farewell Tyler Jones and Terrence Rodgers. You will be missed.
  9. Congrats to Todd Lester for winning the first annual Pac-12 Pro of the Year award! Thank you Quasar for cultivating his talent and convincing us to draft him.
  10. This is a slippery slope. I had a much tougher OOC schedule than either of you and the 3 teams I lost to are better than 5 of the 6 teams that you guys lost to, so clearly I deserve the #8 playoff spot.
  11. That was a weird Egg Bowl. It's a kicker year.
  12. Could've had Super Bowl winning quarterback Todd Lester
  13. Aww, thanks boss. GG Jets and congrats on back to back AFC Championships.
  14. Holy shit. GG Iggles

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