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  1. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    $800 on Mississippi State beating Iowa (even)
  2. HughFreeze$$

    Barnett's Beavers? Like Ross Barnett? That might be taking the self-hating Ole Miss fan thing a bit too far. I am going to learn so much about you from this site.
  3. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    $400 - CFP Quarterfinal: Virginia (+9) $200 - CFP Quarterfinal: Western Michigan (+11.5)
  4. How about providing a pipeline bonus for the less populated states going into their nearest "big" state? The middle of nowhere Western teams could get bonuses going into California or Texas and the Eastern teams could get bonuses in Florida or Georgia, for example. Those bonuses shouldn't be available to all states, though.
  5. Seriously though I love this addition. The storyline makes the game result that much more interesting.
  6. Yes, that Arkansas. Also that Bama and that Georgia. I was comiserating with you, not attacking you. But if we're going there... Who have you beaten? Any ranked teams?
  7. My losses are to #1, #4, #9 and unranked Arkansas. I'm only one spot ahead of you and I beat Bama and Georgia.
  8. Mississippi State 2021 OOC schedule: Week 1: Iowa at Mississippi State Week 5: Mississippi State at Boston College Week 6: Memphis at Mississippi State Week 11: Mississippi State at Stanford (Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO)
  9. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

    So close. gg cmcgill
  10. [2021] Progressions

    That Tyler Jones is a talented young man with a good attitude.
  11. [2020] Week #8 - Saturday Evening

    Wasn't expecting that. gg Cade. Also, there's something weird about the receiving stats in my game. The same player appears twice.
  12. [2020] Week #14 - MNF

    We're on to Los Angeles
  13. Recruiting v2.1

    This system makes a lot of sense and looks like fun. It's still very important to pay attention to your home state croots but it's not quite as difficult to recruit in the neighboring states compared to the last version. There will probably be more variety in recruiting strategies with this system. Thanks Soluna (and everyone else involved with the development of this).
  14. [2020] Chicago Tribune National Preseason Projections

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but Mississippi State at 12 is too high. That's around where we finished last year and we lost 2 top 10 draft picks (among others). Hopefully you're right though.
  15. Gameplan Monday #1

    I've never tried a 2RB set. A scrambling QB seems like a more reliable way of keeping 2 running threats on the field. We've never had 2 RBs that I would want to feature anyway. If I were building a 2RB team from scratch I'd roll with Todd Lester, Asante Sowell, and Jaz Durant. I don't think there's a defense in the sim that could stop that group. Sowell can pick up yards up the middle even when everyone knows he's getting the ball. Durant has great agility and is probably the best pass catching RB ever in the sim. Picture this: play action fake to Sowell up the middle. Durant slips out into the flat behind a WR streak as Lester rolls out underneath. Who do you cover? Touchdown.