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  1. Bumping this for teams that may have missed it
  2. To streamline the NFLHC progression process for @Soluna post in this thread if your team is ready to be progressed. also take this as a notice to update them now if you have not done so already. If soluna comes to progress your team and it isn’t updated you are liable to a fine/loss of pick.
  3. Thanks everyone. Excited to get started.
  4. … because we are promoting Dacder to GM, where I will remain as owner. Slinky and I before the season even started were on the lookout for a scout to then takeover after the season was finished, we were thrilled to be able to hire someone with previous GM and coaching experience in Dacder with this plan already in mind. Despite the change in structure expect not much to change. Any decisions we make already, we already do as a team between the three of us so while Dacder was a scout and Slinky the coach, any trade, re-signing etc. was already discussed as a team before being finalized. After Slinky and I almost missed the last 2 drafts and missing rounds 5-7 completely last year, we knew it was time to bring in a 3rd member of the staff to see how we think and operate to then take over the following off-season. I want to congratulate Dacder on his new role and the low-pressure opportunity he got himself into taking over for the defending Super Bowl Champs Fib Ur Go Loins #PromoteDacder P.S. If anyone looked at my coaching skills update post closely, they would have caught on to this a couple weeks ago, I think only Jieret noticed
  5. Allen Park, MI Thanks everyone for coming, fresh off our super bowl win over Kansas City, spirits are high in the Lions organization. I would like to take the time to thank Slinky for all his hard work coaching and coaching the best defense in NFLHC history and Dacder for his scouting, opinions, and media writing throughout the course of the season. After years of being close and not being able to get to, let alone win the Super Bowl, we are thrilled to live up to our preseason super bowl prediction and go out and do it. We are excited to bring home the trophy to our fans in Detroit and start working on getting ready for the draft and the 2024 season and the opportunity to defend our crown. With that being said, we have some staff changes to announce, we are letting the scout contract of Dacder expire. #FireDacder
  6. Ilan Kuhn was the 153rd pick in the 2021 draft
  7. Also nfc north >> all 4/10 Super Bowls
  8. Congrats to @Nmize0 for getting this far. He’s got a good team and great QB. The chiefs will stick around. congrats to slinky and dacder. Dacder picked a good year to join the loins after us being a meme for so long I’m so glad that slinky’s defense was able to lead us to the title. I can’t help but laugh that Tom branch someone that slinky and I loved for years on our team ended up being our best WR in the super bowl and ilan Kuhn being mvp. fib ur go loins.
  9. Ehh hi sjdhdjdjdbdjdjdjdjd fib ur
  10. Loins pls fib ur lecount these wins lecount these rings (pls)
  11. appreciate all that you've done alien, sad to see you go. Even though I'm not a mod anymore, I'm always willing to help in some capacity to the new commish
  12. I was told that smoo was poo congrats @Time
  13. I’m honestly surprised we won this game. I figured chacko would need to play really well for us to have a chance. GG redskins
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