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    1. Was getting questions about short term IR, so wanted to add this clarification. intent of the rule is to free up a spot for players not normally IR eligible. If a player is out 4 weeks and Q 4 weeks, intent is not to let them stay on short term IR for 8 weeks to circumvent long term IR.
    2. mfw when we lose to a team with their top performer being a punter
    3. The Bills, Raiders, and Packers at 0-3 as we all predicted
    4. 55-48 is 7. So not sure I understand lol
    5. 49ers have not addressed the issues on their team page / active roster. team page shows 54/55 and players on their PS that were never waived. SF will lose their 2026 4th round pick. If they do not resolve this issue in a timely fashion, the pick loss will increase up to their 1st round pick. @Duncan @randye4
    6. you need to have some semblance of a running game. Even the Skaggs realized this by trading for Dess
    7. @Duncan @randye4 I sent you a DM a few days ago... but again, you never waived anyone to the PS, your team page is not correct
    8. No JJ for SF, WFT, CHI Q for DET and KC yikes
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