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  1. GG. Hopefully a playoff preview . kenyon is so good, hard to believe he wasn’t our top choice going into the draft, but the QB on the other side of the field. Happy to see Tolbert make a stat sheet for the broncos.
  2. Also Rowland reminds me of Ron Thomas, he's gonna be good in the pros
  3. maybe playing the run wasn't the best idea GG
  4. That was not what I expected. GG Cade. loins pls
  5. A selfish re-rank Michigan you cowards. GG vandy making that win look even better
  6. Iowa! trophy is where it belongs @bingo415
  7. Well at least Michigan was able to beat Wisconsin here
  8. teams trying to run on us
  9. Rank Michigan you cowards (because Notre Dame is good)
  10. Have Michigan receive votes you cowards.
  11. love the way we've played thru the first 3 weeks, our run D
  12. GG. Thought I was gonna lose tbh
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