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  1. Exciting game for us. Artemio with the revenge game with 2 touchdowns. Feel sorry for the Broncos with all the injuries they’ve had. Hard to win a game when Jaheim lemons is your leading receiver.
  2. Probably to combine week 0 and week 1 rather than having 2 different posts
  3. Phase 1 showed I had 3 players and now this shows only 2. Seems to be missing the center
  4. Maryland is the only B1G East team ranked? wut
  5. Big Ten: 49 (+5)FCS: 114MWC: 81 (-5)
  6. OROY: It'll probably be Solomon, but if the Ravens offense does anything this season then I think Black should win. DROY: (Marquise pls ) I'll go with Devin Frazier, I think he's gonna be good and people will be shocked he fell where he did when we look back at this draft
  7. Nick Rowland and Tyler sterling are getting like 0 hype and they had really good seasons for me last year and now they should be better
  8. Big Ten: 79 (+5) FCS: 104 (-5) MWC: 61
  9. could also include basically the Loins entire existence as preseason super bowl champ and yet we still haven't even made a super bowl at this point. This year's the year for sure, for real this time, definitely
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