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  1. @Soluna wanted to bump this, plus the injury to Mark Hebert on the Giants, moderate hamstring strain isn't on the injury list, assume it's moderate hamstring pull?
  2. is nemo smart enough to fend off suspicion of another with his jamzz vote or does that basically make him town
  3. Allen Park, MI The Detroit Lions are excited to announce the hiring of our new head scout, @Wahoo. After the promotion of Dacder from Scout to GM, we have been looking for another scout to join the organization. Wahoo has been on the site for a short period of time, but has already shown that he has the potential to be a smart mind within the Lions Front Office as he starts to learn about the NFL side of the site and we look forward to working with him throughout the season as we try and defend our Super Bowl Title. The Lions and Wahoo are open to questions. Fib Ur, Loins pls
  4. Unless we have a Hagan like day 1 no one will be suspicious
  5. I mean it’s day 1 no one has done anything suspicious
  6. No lynch isn’t an option Nemo so someone has to get lynched FYI
  7. I’ll at least let him post lol. But those in survivor know what I said I was gonna do lol
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