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    1. [2021] Week 8 Headlines

      Changes Coming? GM jmjacobs working the phones during the bye week, trying to make last minute moves before NFL Trade Deadline
    2. [2021] B1G Stats

    3. [2021] B1G Stats

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AYKL68vM9oHZNRdQheJXYyhUFAU914VJ5pOAG68k_ss/edit?usp=sharing updated through week 0
    4. NFLHC Check in

      i'm here
    5. wrigleyfan

      Apologies on formatting, etc. I'm on mobile: You are approved for Iowa. Please post in the account elevation thread and apply on the interface for Iowa. Please also post a depth chart and be sure not to change the redshirts, etc. as the season is currently ongoing. Welcome back to the . Clarification on mid-season move: This is was something I was concerned with doing with the rules we currently have in place. I asked other commissioners and soluna on how to handle this job, Oklahoma (not sure if ted is getting it back), and Tennessee. In my opinion these types of jobs shouldn’t sit open all year when there is major interest and the majority of recruiting has finished already just because of the rule. I think the no move rule applied much more when we had tons of openings, now that there are only 3 or so jobs open at a time I don’t think this is as much of an issue as it was in the past. With no current new applicants, wrigley being an irl Iowa fan, I feel as commish it’s in my best interest to fill the role with the best choice possible, rather than having AI for the foreseeable future. Given the unusual season currently and the long break, now is the best time for the change to occur. We view this as a case by case basis. No one is jumping ship for UTEP, etc. (no offense) but if a job like Michigan was to open up, that should be viewed differently. As I believe this, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are in that same boat of a big role opening mid-season.
    6. Fantasy Baseball

    7. Iowa opening

      Please PM me if interested in the role. Thanks
    8. Fantasy Baseball

    9. [2021] B1G Stats

    10. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14E7i96KOBxVlTaY95MY4ChXLUroWGREIFBCfvDcg9uE/edit?usp=sharing Reminder to Commissioners/stat-keepers for each conference, please match the formatting I used in this file
    11. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      I’m gonna be out of the country so stats update will be delayed. Games are delayed anyway so won’t really be an issue.
    12. [2021] B1G Stats

    13. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      everything should be fixed... but when every conference template uses something slightly different the chance of error increases. I've asked for every conference to follow my template, a lot still aren't
    14. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      This is why everyone should match the template I gave... won't be mistakes that way
    15. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      at a minimum you should have position, skill, potential, and attribute
    16. [2021] CFBHC Stats

    17. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      updated for week 5 no Punting names for Big 12 @stormstopper Sun Belt missing player lines for a lot of positions @bmlig95
    18. [2021] B1G Stats

    19. [2021] Week #5 - SNF

    20. [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Evening

      was scared of this game.
    21. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      updated for week 4: still no AAC @Rome no Punting names for Big 12 @stormstopper Sun Belt missing player lines for a lot of positions @bmlig95 MWC missing info and doesn't match template @bellwoodbomb611
    22. [2021] B1G Stats

    23. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      no worries, I was as well, just got back yesterday, just providing an update for everyone
    24. [2021] CFBHC Stats