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    1. jmjacobs

      Daily Discussion: Talk about Dynamic Duos

      I think Alien and Slinky would make a good combo of offense and defense. I'd like to see what Inspiral could do with Brian Brown. Taffy with Akili in the NFL to see if he could pull off what he does in college. Bubada and Rome I think would make a good combo. I think me and Jumbo as an organization would be interesting as well
    2. jmjacobs

      The Detroit Free Press

      Cookin' Jeremy Cook continues to impress as he breaks 1000 yards on the season in victory over Bengals
    3. jmjacobs

      [2021] CFBHC Stats

      Updated for the season Issues AAC not up to date, will add when corrected ACC not up to date, will add when corrected Sun Belt, missing players line for Receivers and Defensive players @Darman@TheTodd15@bmlig95
    4. jmjacobs

      [2021] CFBHC Stats

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14E7i96KOBxVlTaY95MY4ChXLUroWGREIFBCfvDcg9uE/edit?usp=sharing Reminder to Commissioners/stat-keepers for each conference, please match the formatting I used in this file
    5. jmjacobs

      B1G All-Time Stats

      updated, again using stats only available since the beginning so things like PD, TFL, are not on here at the moment
    6. jmjacobs

      B1G All-Time Stats

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E8uZg9dhbu511lQEOqt2VH4_eyEcnpCsz3z7UNRrrug/edit?usp=sharing As of 2019, will add 2020 after the season is over Some stats were not tracked on the wiki for particular years so that data is missing
    7. Detroit Lions are interested in hiring a scout. PM me if interested

    8. jmjacobs

      2010s All-Decade CFBHC Team Nominations

      Iowa: QB Jarius Jones, OT Taylor Randolph Michigan: DE Ron Rice
    9. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

    10. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AYKL68vM9oHZNRdQheJXYyhUFAU914VJ5pOAG68k_ss/edit?usp=sharing updated through week 0
    11. jmjacobs

      [2021] CFBHC Stats

      updated sorry I was on vacation and then I was moving so I wasn't able to update. ACC missing except for Clemson since they are updated
    12. jmjacobs

      Achievements & Standings

      CFBHC: Win the Big Ten (2016 Iowa) Coach of the Year (2016 Iowa) ranked #1 (2021 Michigan)
    13. Not increasing our offer in the 2017 draft to move into the top 5 to draft either Brooksheer, AJJ or Jarius and instead trading with the Patriots for LeCount and trading for the Steelers pick instead to draft Grey Brown. Getting Elvis Williams for essentially nothing from Weis and the Chargers to give us a run game after Q-Train performed poorly. Those 2 moves led us to our most successful era along with Otero for a bit.
    14. jmjacobs

      [2021] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

      We know what's coming next now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYelSVmtzrI
    15. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

    16. jmjacobs

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1: Michigan @ Alabama Week 2: Notre Dame @ Michigan Week 7: Liberty @ Michigan
    17. Possibly looking for a week 7 game, let me know if you're interested


    18. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

      updated sorry for the delay in this and national stats, everything should be back to normal next week, just extremely busy
    19. jmjacobs

      Top Team Talents

      thank Sophos for 90% of it, not me lol, only my first year recruiting class was somewhat comparable to Sophos's
    20. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

    21. jmjacobs

      [2021] QB Success Rate of High Impact Throws

      It’s interesting that Moffett is better than Shell in both of these yet Shell has been so much better
    22. jmjacobs

      [2021] B1G Stats

      updated I'm gonna be out of town next week, so national stats will be behind
    23. jmjacobs

      [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Morning

      I agree, I was very nervous for this game
    24. jmjacobs

      [2021] CFBHC Stats

      @TheTodd15 Can you please move sacks between TFL and INT to match the template
    25. jmjacobs

      [2021] CFBHC Stats

      updated @Darman @ImposterCauster something needs to be done with ACC stats, excluded since they haven't been updated post site return