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  1. Special teams is super important and having Sam Walsh and Gino Chiaverini really helps my chances of winning
  2. welp I gotta change the gameplan a lot
  3. need better doctors i guess
  4. We're going to miss out on the playoffs while some shit AFC team gets in
  5. Penn state vs Oklahoma was top 5 for sure. My best one was probably the bowl game versus Purdue where Lester almost came back and got himself drafted or the pac-12 championship game versus Arizona
  6. well at least i still have votes
  7. The weight on Rome's shoulders increases
  8. At least I'm not under Sell Now
  9. injury is really affecting him i guess. blake shell prob in
  10. Aw man
  11. Hard to have good PAC history when we only had a few good teams and not really any elite ones
  12. NFC South OP
  13. I liked Vontae's stats, glad I picked him up in the draft. He's been decent for us
  14. Saints might need a better kicker, or just better luck