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  1. Cmon I deserve some votes for beating Colorado. Also Virginia not being #1 is a fucking disgrace
  2. [2020] Week #14 - Saturday Evening

    GO BEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!! no tds allowed and a decent grind it out game against a good opponent, gg Franz
  3. [2020] Early Declarations

    Waller makes sense I guess. Good luck to him
  4. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 13)

    Getting a bowl with storm would be great for the media, though if we could go somewhere that isn't Phoenix that'd be nice
  5. [2020] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

  6. [2020] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

    told you sorry in advance, i need the fuckin bowl game also Sam Walsh is a god and McFadden is getting better and better
  7. [2020] Top Recruits and Their Commitments

    Consider the distribution tho
  8. [2020] NFC Championship Game

    I hate the Packers and like the Raiders IRL, but in the sim I'd rather have the Pack win the Super Bowl
  9. [2020] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

    Damn I was close, good stuff
  10. [2020] Week #12 - Saturday Afternoon

    UCLA running the Cade Panthers gameplan from a couple seasons ago
  11. [2020] Week #11 - Saturday Afternoon

    nice i won
  12. Falcons are looking to hire a GM, pm Ace if you're interested

  13. Official CFBHC Fantasy Football League #2

  14. [2020] Week #10 - Saturday Evening

    Oregon gonna win the PAC-12