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  1. Big Ten: 49 (+5)FCS: 104 (-5)MWC: 91
  2. Big Ten: 79 (+5)FCS: 104 (-5)MWC: 61
  3. I think one of the Falcons players is missing a TD unless I'm missing something (which I probably am)
  4. Gonna take some time, I have a bunch of ravenous sharks just outside my borders
  5. That's some pretty good shit! What're you looking to collect next? Any chance of going after some Power? Also if you're ever interested in selling or handing stuff off, I don't have much money right now but maybe I might in the future
  6. Also sort of a homer pick but I think Cal has a decent chance, got some good guys in key positions and they're all coming of age at the same time
  7. Boardgames and Magic: The Gathering cards to an extent, but I'm selling a large portion of my MTG collection since I'd much rather have cards I'm actually going to use in decks (I'm looking to get back into Standard and have a couple Commander decks, and eventually into Modern) than just have boxes of stuff that just sits around. As for the board games, I don't have too many at the moment because I don't have a consistent play group, but the games I do have are fun and cover a decent ranges of complexity and mechanics so I can usually fit the situation. @Jieret any notable cards that you already know you have?
  8. Big Ten: 89 (+5) FCS: 99 MWC: 54 PAC-12: 2 (-5)
  9. The Lions losing to us? Spicy
  10. Culver holds the future of the division in his hands. Only he can control the fate of the four teams... I hate to say it but I think the Panthers will somehow squeeze it out over the rest of us by a game or two with the last of the SkaggsMagic
  11. New Orleannnnnns... Come out to playyyyyayyyyyy
  12. Great article! Yeah I'm super excited for Frazier, and we're working on some good things for Culver
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