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  1. 2 in the top ten! Second only to the dolphins
  2. Damn lots of penalties
  3. AJJ :/ Also damn penalties murdered us
  4. Nice! Chargers also suck
  5. start kolodziej he was dec
  6. not bad considering. kevin white gets his first TD and another one for cooley, plus an INT for burnett!
  7. Another list I'm glad to miss
  8. Also we got the Hochmeister as our first ref
  9. Ruff ruff and away!
  10. One list I'm glad we aren't on
  11. Looks like you can also call it the NFC South, none of us are on the list
  12. rip the rest of us
  13. Awesome! When I'm not at college, I live like 5 minutes from Pebble Beach

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