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  1. niiiiiice PAC-12 in the top 10
  2. Special teams is super important and having Sam Walsh and Gino Chiaverini really helps my chances of winning
  3. welp I gotta change the gameplan a lot
  4. need better doctors i guess
  5. We're going to miss out on the playoffs while some shit AFC team gets in
  6. Penn state vs Oklahoma was top 5 for sure. My best one was probably the bowl game versus Purdue where Lester almost came back and got himself drafted or the pac-12 championship game versus Arizona
  7. well at least i still have votes
  8. The weight on Rome's shoulders increases
  9. At least I'm not under Sell Now
  10. injury is really affecting him i guess. blake shell prob in
  11. Aw man
  12. Hard to have good PAC history when we only had a few good teams and not really any elite ones
  13. NFC South OP
  14. I liked Vontae's stats, glad I picked him up in the draft. He's been decent for us
  15. Saints might need a better kicker, or just better luck
  16. Bowman, Jones, and DNJ I think are most likely
  17. gg ape, quite a close game. Leonard Norris was shut down but Zachary McFadden had his first great game! I'm not happy of course, but considering it was an away game I'm ok with a 1 point loss. Gotta make it up elsewhere now
  18. T O D D L E S T E R also bobby kolodziej and Marvin Washington were earlier guys that I really liked
  19. Thanks Mr Shelltal and bobby yeeeeeee
  20. Shit sucks man, maybe in a couple months you'll have more time and interest and get a new team
  21. Sam Walsh dominating for special teams
  22. Southern Miss isn't amazing, but they have some good players on their depth chart
  23. Kolodziej niiiiiice
  24. GG Southern Miss, was suuuuper close