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  1. I recall Miami was only predicted to win 5 games, sooooo....
  2. Yeah we have a similar problem. I was worried you were going to sneak up on me in this one...I'm dangerously close to missing out on bowl eligibility.
  3. Anyone playing Albion?

    1. smokingcricket


      I'm not but I know a lot of people who are. It sounds interesting.

  4. I have no dog in this fight, but wanted to provide information for the decision makers who were not online last night. This is apparently what he means by "being a trash talker": Those were largely without provocation, though we did make fun of him for not wanting to read the coaching course and called him a troll after he posted these comments:
  5. A Bad Start Lockerroom Unrest in Columbia COLUMBIA, MO - Things haven’t gone quite according to plan on Faurot Field this season. After making a bowl game for 4 straight seasons, including a playoff appearance, SEC championship game appearance, and producing a Heisman winner, the Missouri Tigers have started with a 2-4 record. It’s the worst starting record since the team operated without a coach in 2015. Coach vtgorilla is noticeably upset when discussing the team’s lack of success this season. “We’re just not meeting our goals for the season. The team was supposed to be trending up.” He’s of course referring to the team’s record the past 2 seasons. The Tigers went 6-6 in 2018, following the graduation of Heisman winner Aaron Shea. Then in 2019, they produced a 7-5 regular season record. “It’s not from lack of leadership. Tucker Dowden has been spectacular this season, but clearly he can’t do it himself,” said Coach vtgorilla. Tucker Dowden is currently leading SEC Quarterbacks in total yards and total touchdowns. However, the defense has struggled this season, and Tucker's spectacular performance can't seem to outpace the number of points the defense is giving up. Coach had some things to say about the defense as well. “Well, we knew we were missing some key pieces going into this season, but we were hoping our skill positions could compensate. We’ve definitely been forced to test some unconventional strategies on the d-line. The problems really stem from poor recruiting when there wasn’t a coach and while I got to know all the high school coaches in our recruiting ground 3-4 seasons ago.” Tucker Dowden spoke to the media about the team’s performance as well, though he was unavailable to answer followup questions. “We set our sights on competing for the SEC East this season. It really seemed like a possibility. It’s a tough division, but we thought we’d be right in there. It’s a real wake up call to be 2-4 halfway through our season. We’re going to have to fight real hard just to make a bowl game.” Looking at Missouri’s remaining schedule, it’s tough to pick out 4 obvious games that the Tigers will win to become bowl eligible. The brutal remainder of the schedule is filled with SEC opponents: @ Kentucky Vs. South Carolina @ Vanderbilt Vs. Tennessee @ Georgia @ Arkansas
  6. I give up.
  7. Gamz be deelaid...buh crouts still bae #PlayerTweets

  8. Mason Lehman, UCONN, 1/2 (28 -- 45) This is the best wedding gift I've gotten so far!
  9. Reminder: Sunday is Mother's Day.

  10. Immediate Impact Catching Up with David Triplett COLUMBIA MO - There’s a lot of hype surrounding the 2020 Missouri Tigers Football team. With strong pieces coming back at all of the offensive skill positions, it looks like we’re in for a year of shootouts. However, the defense, for all its glaring faults, has some key talent as well. And they’re trying to turn those shootouts into blowouts. I recently caught up with one pivotal member of the defense, David Triplett. Triplett is slated as the #1 Cornerback and is only a True Freshman. Despite being thrust into such an important role, he seems to be keeping his cool confidence. “I’m ready for things to get going. I can’t wait for that first hit so I know it’s football season again. Coach has put a lot of trust in me and I plan to reward that trust with winning plays,” David commented. Landing at Missouri was never a sure bet. Triplett’s recruitment was pretty straightforward, until he changed his mind last second and committed to Missouri. “Yeah, I had given Memphis the strong verbal early in the process. It was close to home and seemed like a good fit, but when an SEC school starts calling, you start answering the phone again. On signing day, Coach vtgorilla called me and asked, ‘Do you wanna be a Tiger with AAC stripes or do you want your stripes to be from the best football conference in the country?’” The YouTube video of his announcement has over 175,000 views, probably all from furious Memphis fans. He teased his announcement with a brutal, “I’m gonna be a Tiger,” before putting on that Mizzou hat. Coach vtgorilla said he was always on the list of targets, but they didn’t chase him 100% until they saw him play in the Tennessee State Championship Game. “It really cemented how bad we needed him. To know he could come in and start this year changed everything. We threw the house at him and I don’t think Memphis saw it coming.” The plan was for him to start this year all along, but he really locked it up in summer camp. Like all freshmen, Coach vtgorilla started him last on the depth chart. But it was obvious he was the best talent from the first practice. “He was outworking the other players in the position drills, even the upperclassmen. Then, obviously, he was the star of our first scrimmage, with two interceptions, a sack, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.” Most freshmen don’t get a chance to start at Missouri, or anywhere in the country. But it happened here last year as well. Nathan Coleman stepped into the locker room as the starting running back in 2019 and had a pretty successful year. I asked David if he’s spoken to Nathan Coleman at all about the experience. “Yeah coach had us sit down on day one. We just talked about the speed of the game and what to expect from college ball. We play each other in Madden a lot...he uses it to teach me some of the more complex offensive formations and strategies.” Article by James Barley, Missouri Junior, Sports Marketing Major
  11. Go Tigers