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  1. vtgorilla

    [2022] Week #3 - Saturday Morning

    Happy to escape Miami with a win, but felt like it shouldn't have been this close and losing my starting OG will definitely hurt. Although it does look like we played in a hurricane with those QB performances, a fumble from both teams, and 26 total penalties.
  2. vtgorilla

    How are you doing?

    It relieves my anxiety so much seeing that everyone is going through things and that it's a natural part of life, even if it sucks sometimes. Thank you for sharing everyone, and thanks for the post Soluna. I've been hyper-stressed lately due to work. The vendor software we've been installing at work is deploying live over the next week across all of my employer's website (>5 million users per day). We have really hustled to get to this point, but there's still a huge chance that something breaks because of the volume. Not everything in the architecture has been stress tested for saturation. I'm now somehow in charge of an architecture of 28 high capacity servers running software for one of the top 50 websites in the world. Just writing that out hits my anxiety button like you wouldn't believe...it should sound good on my resume though. Home life has been less stressful now, but busy. We bought a house in September and that comes with a bunch of things to do that I've never had to do before. The house has since gone through 2 former hurricanes (tropical storm/depression by the time they got here) with gigantic trees looming overhead. The dishwasher stopped working and it was like pulling teeth getting home warranty info from the realtor. It ended up that the dishwasher's power is on a fucking light switch and somehow we had turned it off - so it works fine but was then full of mold from sitting dirty for 3 weeks...one day I'm sure I'll laugh at that, but right now I'm simultaneously angry and relieved...but not dropping an unexpected $500 on a dishwasher is pretty nice. To ignore/process the stress of work I've been throwing myself into the setup of a new 75 gallon aquarium...it's been a 2 month process to plan and acquire all the pieces and I finally got water in it the other day! It looks really awesome and it's super rewarding to look at a striking visualization of my hardwork and planning. But no fish yet.... To glimpse what anxiety looks like, just know that I bought a used aquarium to save money, but then felt like I needed to reseal it to be sure it would hold water long term. Then after cleaning and resealing it over the course of two weeks, I was still afraid of it so I bought a new one anyway. So now I have a second freaking 4 foot long tank in my house that I need to sell but I'm afraid no one will buy it since I resealed it. Smackems and I have also been playing some Stardew Valley multiplayer, which is a nice relaxing after work activity. We've made some good progress and should soon be able to get started on our plans to run a high production 2d brewery. In essence, this is me right now: But naturally the pit of despair will hit when I relax for Thanksgiving. I'm going to be a mess and will bottle it up while my in-laws are here and then my life will explode on November 26.
  3. vtgorilla

    2018 CFBHC Midterm Special Election

    Why do people hate collusion so much? Legalizing collusion allows you to take control of your own destiny, instead of being a victim of behind closed doors crootlusion. Making collusion illegal doesn't stop it from happening, it just keeps the good guys from doing it!
  4. Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, it's CROOTIN TIME!

  5. vtgorilla

    [2018] Week 8 IRL Discussion

    Now that's a game to watch...should determine who rises from the Atlantic to crush whichever poor fool is unlucky enough to win the coastal. Prompt: I think it's silly to dismiss Bama losing a game at this point. They still have to play LSU, Miss St., Tenn, and Auburn. They've started slow a couple times and all those teams except Tennessee have the talent to take advantage. I wouldn't put money on it, but I expect them to lose a regular season game.
  6. vtgorilla

    Halloween 2018

    It's hard to take pictures of night halloween decorations. I have some other things in the trees that show better as daytime decorations but the pics didn't come out. Not this year, but one day soon...we will be the house that distributes full size candy bars. Besides, what's spookier than a security system?
  7. vtgorilla

    [2022] Pre-Season Computer Poll

  8. vtgorilla

    [2022] Miami Dolphins hire scout

    I'm very excited to join the Dolphins organization and hope to make a significant impact, unlike @HAFFnHAFF. I have very big shoes to fill, but luckily I wear the exact same size shoes I used to. If I find I'm unsuccessful at the Dolphins, at least I know that by simply attaching the organization to my resume I'm instantly qualified to buy my own franchise. My first move as scout will be to demote our internal rankings of all players from Kansas and UVA. I have no plans to pursue an advanced position with the Dolphins in the future, but am always open to discussions with @smckenz3 on how we can move the organization forward - especially if involves resigning to allow someone to use Miami as a stepping stone.
  9. PM me if you don't want to scrimmage the 49ers 

  10. vtgorilla


    @TheTodd15 I hear you might be able to give yaboi a job?
  11. vtgorilla


    Only 150 hours in OOTP? Pshhhh, amateur hour over here.
  12. vtgorilla

    Hokies Land vtgorilla as New Head Coach

    UVA is a bunch of Zima drinking, pansy sniffing, chubby boys. I plan on playing real football and shutting them up like someone in the ACC should have done a long time ago.
  13. Virginia Tech Welcomes New Head Coach vtgorilla Monday, September 3, 2018 AD White Babcock: Virginia Tech football takes a pivotal turn for the 2022 season as Coach brightfalls turned in his whistle and in a stunning move, Coach vtgorilla from Missouri accepted the job within minutes. Coach vtgorilla is coming off of a National Championship Runner-Up season and has the coaching pedigree that Hokie fans expect. He also just landed the program it's second Heisman trophy in 5 years. He will look to bring his winning ways at his Alma Mater. We have a few questions lined up from our credentialed press members and then we'll open up the floor. Now, help us welcome new Head Coach, vtgorilla! [Enter Sandman Intro] Coach vtgorilla: Hey everyone, I'm absolutely giddy to be here today. Virginia Tech's a great program with a rich history and I was really impressed with the facilities in my walkthrough this morning. I think we'll be able to do some great things recruiting in this talent rich state and have some fun seasons together. Obviously it's great to be back in Blacksburg...great college town with amazing fans. There's no place I'd rather be. Andy Bitter, TheAtlantic.com: Do you have a plan in place to make the transition run smoothly and what's your first action as head coach? Coach vtgorilla: Coach brightfalls had a real good handle on things, so there's not a lot to do other than get ready for 2022. He was a great program builder and the roster's in decent shape. Of course I'm gonna bring in some of my guys to run my system, but if things are working we're going to just keep them working. First thing is to post a pre-season depth chart so the players can see where they stand. A lot of positions will be written in pencil until I see some practices, but I think it will help get some guys going as we near fall camp. Chris Coleman, Techsideline.com: How hard was it to leave Missouri after the tremendous amount of success you had there? Coach vtgorilla: It was an easy decision to come coach Virginia Tech - it's my dream job. But while the decision was easy, leaving Missouri was not. I had real good relationships there and the players really felt like family. However, I trust the AD there will make a good hiring decision and they'll continue with their high level of success. Joe Lanza, TheKeyPlay.com: What are your expectations for year 1 and down the road? Coach vtgorilla: I think we're going to do real well. I really like that pieces that are already in place here...but I'm not about to guess how many wins we'll have. I don't know the conference that well yet and haven't had time to watch a lot of tape. I don't think there's any reason we'd miss a bowl game this year, and hopefully we can build up and compete nationally here within a few years. We all know what really matters though, and it's beating that school up the road. Just know it's top on my priority list and the schemes we run on both sides of the ball will be implemented for the sole reason of embarrassing them on national television. AD Whit Babcock: Well that seems like a great point to open up the microphone for any other questions!
  14. vtgorilla

    Account Elevation Requests

    Virginia Tech ACC Thanks!