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    1. vtgorilla

      [2021] Heisman Trophy

      WOOOOOOO!!!! Great job, Tucker! I am the QB whisperer.
    2. Now I know why the PAC sucks
    3. vtgorilla

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #10

    4. vtgorilla

      [2021] Divisional Sunday - 1 PM

    5. vtgorilla

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #8

    6. I'm excited to see how he does playing for the Dolphins
    7. vtgorilla

      [Jumbro Post] Top 10 QB Prospects, 2017-2022

      Aaron Shea correction post: Missouri did not play in the 2017 SECCG, just 2016. They received an at-large bid to the playoffs. Missouri was not under-talented and playing in the playoffs. Here is Mizzou 2017 and Michigan 2017 for comparison. Weaker in spots (secondary especially), sure. But it's not like the roster was devoid of talent altogether. He did not win a bowl, but only had opportunities against back to back 10-win Michigan teams...not 3-4 tries like the other players on the list. Missouri was coachless for the first 7 games of 2015, but clearly had the talent to get to a bowl if acewulf hadn't abandoned them. 3-0 against Kansas, which is the only reason needed to be called the GOAT.
    8. vtgorilla

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #1

    9. vtgorilla

      [2021] SEC Season Awards

      Not sure who Junie belongs to, but it's not Mizzou.
    10. Two top 10 players! Missouri uses this to claim the national championship.
    11. Reminder to vote for Tucker Dowden in the CFB Open Voting Awards