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  1. I feel like this might be my only opportunity to shout: ACC! ACC! ACC!
  2. The Unranked Hokies Take On #3 Sooners The Hokies started the season 1-0 after pulling an upset against WVU. Fans are hopeful they have one more rabbit in their cap this weekend as they face the number three team in the country, the Oklahoma Sooners, in Norma. The Sooners also started the season 1-0, beating up on little brother Tulsa by 34 points. The offense put up points sure, but the defense gave Tulsa QB, Charles Palmer, fits. Palmer gave away 2 INTs and lost a fumble to the ferocious Oklahoma defense. QB Beckett Morrison vs the Oklahoma Defense Morrison will look to avoid the same fate as Palmer on Saturday night. The swarming Oklahoma Defense will likely cause fits, but the Hokies have to avoid turnovers to have a chance. Beckett is primed for the challenge as a fifth year senior who only threw 6 picks last season, while racking up 29 TD tosses. He did give one away to WVU last week though. The Sooner defensive line might the best the Hokies face all season, but the CBs look just as scary. Being a fifth year senior means Morrison isn’t scared, but expect Elijah Williams, RS Sr 5.0/5.0 CB to take some chances and try to take one to the house. CB Trevor McKinney vs Nick Brohm Speaking of taking one to the house, Trevor McKinney was the hero of Blacksburg in Week 0 after grabbing a pick six against rival WVU. That touchdown created the point difference in the game. Although it’s miraculous and rare, it’s exactly this type of play that the Hokies need to have a chance against Oklahoma. Brohm is a solid passer, and also has some wheels if you leave a lane open. He’s dangerous and talented, but also on the young side. McKinney and crew need to take advantage of Brohm, by disguising schemes and causing chaos in the backfield. The Hokies Keys to Winning: Limit turnovers Take advantage of big play opportunities Manage the clock If the Hokies can lean on their defense and get some momentum early, look for this game to be a real battle. Otherwise, look for the game to reflect the Vegas line of Oklahoma (-20.5).
  3. vtgorilla

    [2023] Week #2 - MNF

    Damn mofo lookin good out there
  4. vtgorilla


    I didn't realize the strava group came back to life! I started training for a work sponsored 5k at the end of September, so I'm fat-guy-shuffling through the C25K plan. Feeling good so far...I was worried about my knee which is why I stopped running last November. Hopefully it holds up.
  5. Finally a media company that can compete with the quality of The Clorox Bleach Report. I look forward to reading the new series.
  6. McKinney's TD just provided the game winning margin in a stunning upset against a better team on prime time TV, no need to vote him. That's clearly not a better performance than getting blown out by Tennessee or scoring a TD against a nobody, so it's definitely understandable why you'd vote for those two instead.
  7. They shut out #3 so it was difficult to add them this week. They'll be back, don't worry.
  8. The BOFA Week 1 Bottom 10 Presented By The Bleach Report Sponsored By Bank of America Weeks 0 and 1 are in the books and there's a lot of teams with problems. Embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss have sent teams tumbling from the Coaches Poll and rocketing into the Bottom 10. Deciding which teams are the worst is no small task when teams have only played one game, because so many of you are terrible coaches. However, being included in the list doesn't mean you're a bad coach, since some circumstances are beyond your control. Unless you're @Rome. DumbWrestlingMove.gif While the preseason Bottom 10 only included P5 teams, the week 1 list is up to the task and includes all FBS teams as contestants. So G5 teams can now rejoice, as they now represent a major portion of the Bottom 10. There's still a category of sim teams missing though - FCS. But all the FCS teams suck, so the conference standings list (still not updated) is basically their Bottom 10 list..no need to rewrite it again here. If you haven't caught on, my intros will be a low quality roast of whoever the wheel of destiny lands on and probably UVA. With apologies to @ImposterCauster, here is your bottom ten... 10. Boko the Bobcat Congratulations Texas State on another poorly named mascot and making the bottom ten. There are so many bad teams right now that getting blown out by INDIANA only landed you in the #10 spot. 9. Wake Snorefest It's pretty standard for Wake to be terrible, so no one is surprised to see them here. UCF fans are probably feeling like playoff contenders again after crushing the poor Demon Deacons. Restrain your hopes Knights, beating Wake doesn't earn you respect. 8. Ourcansaw After celebrating because they didn't make the preseason bottom 10, Arkansas promptly lost to OHIO to cement a spot in the annals of loserville. Congratulations, you took Ole Miss's spot as the worst team in the SEC. 7. Helluva Wreck Georgia Tech slides into the list by losing to FAU. Not to say that FAU is the easiest team GT will play this season, since they also have to play half of the ACC, but it's a game they needed to win to maintain some self respect. No wonder UGA dominates in state recruiting. 6. New Mexico State Naggies Oregon State has consistently been one of the worst teams in CFBHC, but THEY ARE NOT IN THE BOTTOM TEN because they somehow beat New Mexico State by 3 TDs. The Aggies season is looking rough if they can't even compete with the angry beavers. 5. AuBURN You ever start the season as reigning champions and then lose in week 1? One heck of a dynasty you got goin there, I tell ya what... 4. Trojan Horses People generally forget Troy even exists, but it's very hard to keep them out of your mind when they lose their first game of the season to a Preseason Bottom 10 team - the Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebs might have a rough time in conference, but they're building up that non-bottom ten resume already. 3. USA Men's Soccer Wait, that's not right...I mean the University of South Alabama. Nothing gets you on the bottom ten faster with this reporter than losing to UVA, especially when the Hoos were in the bottom ten last week. Alabama rejection letter kids, you got shut the f out by UVA...what are you even doin. The amount of Zima consumed in Charlottesville must have been off the charts. 2. Appa-LAY-shun State You can get your LATCH back when you win a game. You had the worst losing margin of any team in Week 1. Losing to SMU isn't the most embarrassing thing you can do, but losing to them by 59 points is. 1. Nebraska Cornholios After going 11-3 last season, Nebraska is the only 0-2 team in the country. This fully qualifies as Bottom 1 criteria. Waiting List The Entire ACC San Jose State Miami (OH) Stanford Booo, your team is bad and you should feel bad. I googled Naggies to make sure it wasn't a slur
  9. The front office communication was rocky this week
  10. Solomon was a system running back
  11. Ummm what? Is this something we're supposed to do?
  12. Are they? As the only team with a winning record in the conference, it's quite a slight not to have VT as #1.
  13. There was a downstairs mixup with some poll data. Pretend we were trying to RP reality where coaches just have a grad assistant fill it out without watching games.
  14. It wasn't a joke that Nebraska was in the bottom ten. Rome is bragging about punching a defenseless child and taking their lunch money...classic Rome.
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