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  1. UNC with the OT missed kick! I really had hoped this game wouldn't be close. I thought I had figured out the offense...but then they got shutout in the first half. Backup RB came in and saved me too.
  2. I shoot for 20%, rounded to the nearest dollar for standard or good service. If I'm especially pleased with a server or see they're trying their best, despite being overwhelmed or having too many tables, I'm willing to go up further. But unlike several people have said, I'm willing to go down too. If you do a shit job, and clearly don't care, then you don't deserve more money. I'll generally go down to about 10% as a floor. I think it sends the message that I'm unhappy - whether it does or not is certainly debatable, but it makes sense in my mind. I've tipped 0 twice in my life for disastrous service, like never bringing food.
  3. It would have hurt them more if the UVA depth chart wasn't already packed with young linebackers.
  4. Jamyron Brooks Rebukes Brother, Commits to Hokies You might know the name Soldier Brooks. He was a 5 star 2020 recruit who ended up playing for the University of Virginia. He plays as the centerpiece of the UVA defense and is currently playing in his Senior season. He’s projected as one of the top, if not the best, inside linebacker in the upcoming NFLHC draft. There will be a big hole in that Cavalier defense next season, but luckily Soldier’s younger brother, Jamyron Brooks, plays the same position and is currently finishing his Senior year at Westfield High School. All early media attention rightfully assumed he’d accept the Wahoos’ offer and fill his brother’s shoes. “Well, I’m not my brother,” Jamyron retorted. “My brother is a White Claw drinkin pansy. You know he only plays defense because he’s afraid to take a hit? I play defense because I want to bring the boom. There’s no better place to lay a hammer to a bunch of vapid, UVA saps than Virginia Tech.” When we saw Jayron didn’t consider UVA’s offer, we expected he looked elsewhere because of the stack of talent the Wahoos already have lined up at linebacker. They already have two 4.5* players waited to take a starting spot. But he insists that wasn’t the issue at all. “I looked at UVA. I don’t care about who I have to compete with; I know I’ll win the spot. I’m not going there because they’re soft. I watched that rivalry game last season. UVA was supposed to win that game and VT won by like 25 points or something. I committed in my mind that night...I’ve just been waiting for my offer to join the Hokies.”
  5. Where is choo choo santa with his bag of disappointments?

  6. I don't personally think my team is as good as that, but appreciate the sentiment. I'm a pollster and VT didn't quite crack my top 25, however my current methodology really likes MoV and that is not a statistical strong point for the team. However, if we're as good as people think, that should sort itself out as I get into conference play.
  7. Trevor McKinney is looking like a first rounder with all these INTs leading to wins. The dude has grabbed 3 INTs in 4 games. I'm anticipating an 82 rating and a lot of PMs from NFL scouts.
  8. Can we stop ranking Auburn now?
  9. Q U A L I T Y L O S S U A L I T Y L O S S
  10. I didn't even vote for myself. I think the win discredited Ohio State more than it means VT is good. A defensive struggle in windy conditions should not definitively lock in the winner as 'better'. Also, most of the other turmoil in the thread is definitely my fault. I changed my methodology to value MoV more, this means UCLA, Texas Tech, and Washington State, for example, got some large bumps. It should settle down more as the season progresses. I think prior to this week I was unfairly giving some teams the nod for MoV, but not others. VT was the only team on my list with a negative MoV, for the official record. Unrelated rant, I still don't understand why the other pollsters think TCU is good.
  11. The current list of available schools is here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/1368-cfbhcnflhc-available-teams/&do=findComment&comment=288524 It does look like Liberty is available. The application instructions can be found here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/11622-application-guidelines/
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