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  1. Mason Lehman, UCONN, 1/2 (28 -- 45) This is the best wedding gift I've gotten so far!
  2. Reminder: Sunday is Mother's Day.

  3. Immediate Impact Catching Up with David Triplett COLUMBIA MO - There’s a lot of hype surrounding the 2020 Missouri Tigers Football team. With strong pieces coming back at all of the offensive skill positions, it looks like we’re in for a year of shootouts. However, the defense, for all its glaring faults, has some key talent as well. And they’re trying to turn those shootouts into blowouts. I recently caught up with one pivotal member of the defense, David Triplett. Triplett is slated as the #1 Cornerback and is only a True Freshman. Despite being thrust into such an important role, he seems to be keeping his cool confidence. “I’m ready for things to get going. I can’t wait for that first hit so I know it’s football season again. Coach has put a lot of trust in me and I plan to reward that trust with winning plays,” David commented. Landing at Missouri was never a sure bet. Triplett’s recruitment was pretty straightforward, until he changed his mind last second and committed to Missouri. “Yeah, I had given Memphis the strong verbal early in the process. It was close to home and seemed like a good fit, but when an SEC school starts calling, you start answering the phone again. On signing day, Coach vtgorilla called me and asked, ‘Do you wanna be a Tiger with AAC stripes or do you want your stripes to be from the best football conference in the country?’” The YouTube video of his announcement has over 175,000 views, probably all from furious Memphis fans. He teased his announcement with a brutal, “I’m gonna be a Tiger,” before putting on that Mizzou hat. Coach vtgorilla said he was always on the list of targets, but they didn’t chase him 100% until they saw him play in the Tennessee State Championship Game. “It really cemented how bad we needed him. To know he could come in and start this year changed everything. We threw the house at him and I don’t think Memphis saw it coming.” The plan was for him to start this year all along, but he really locked it up in summer camp. Like all freshmen, Coach vtgorilla started him last on the depth chart. But it was obvious he was the best talent from the first practice. “He was outworking the other players in the position drills, even the upperclassmen. Then, obviously, he was the star of our first scrimmage, with two interceptions, a sack, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.” Most freshmen don’t get a chance to start at Missouri, or anywhere in the country. But it happened here last year as well. Nathan Coleman stepped into the locker room as the starting running back in 2019 and had a pretty successful year. I asked David if he’s spoken to Nathan Coleman at all about the experience. “Yeah coach had us sit down on day one. We just talked about the speed of the game and what to expect from college ball. We play each other in Madden a lot...he uses it to teach me some of the more complex offensive formations and strategies.” Article by James Barley, Missouri Junior, Sports Marketing Major
  4. Go Tigers
  5. How bracket is your busted?

  6. QB Aiden Higgins 6-1 231 Sr West Central (Hartford, SD) 3.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling]QB Julius Minnow 6-2 226 Jr Quinter (Quinter, KS) 3.0 of 4.0 [Pocket]QB Rahim Murrell 6-2 220 (Jr) Moberly Area Community College (Moberly MO) 3.5 of 4.5 [Pocket] They all look like viable starters. Rahim with the most talent and polish, but Higgins and Minnow already have knowledge of the system and familiarity with the receiving corps. It sounds like there's a QB battle brewing in Manhattan. How is coach Haff planning to split reps in summer camp?
  7. vtgorilla confirms
  8. Couldn't stand the challenge of the SEC?
  9. SEC! SEC! SEC! But really I'm angry I'll have to play Soluna now.
  10. The two JUCO TEs I crooted last year are the only TEs to win SEC awards. Fuck you, Dillon Scott.
  11. Having lost to all 3 of LSU, Tenn, and Illinois, I can assure you all that they are all qualified.
  12. Spurlock with the clutch move of the day. Stealing that game winning drive away. GG as always storm, prepare to eat shit in 2020.
  13. Missouri got an award! Pretty sure we almost went the entire season without a selection. Glad to sneak one in to boost morale so we can annihilate Kansas this week.
  14. "a win over Mizzou" This is how you identify low quality media pieces.
  15. Usually alien's only full of salt when he wins. You must have really gotten to him this time.
  16. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  SOLUNA TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 

  17. #8 Tennessee @ Missouri Game Preview There's a storm a-brewin' in Columbia, MO. The #8 Tennessee Vols are rolling into town on Saturday night and you couldn't find a more riled up fanbase. Consistently ignored by pollsters throughout the season, the Tigers have played with a chip on their shoulders and are undefeated at home. With their two losses coming against two top 25 opponents on the road by a combined 7 points, the fans are acutely aware that this is a very good squad. But the weight of the game is larger than playing a top ten team at home; the winner of this game will take a solid lead in the race for the SEC East. Missouri has already locked down their match against division competitor Vanderbilt and would have a strong chance to carry their lead to the SEC Championship game - lining up as rematch against #4 LSU - a rematch that QB Tucker Dowden would love to have a shot at. "It was a really competitive game, but early in the season. I made some mental errors against a very good secondary that just can't happen. We're a lot better now and I think we can take them." Missouri seems to be focused on the task at hand, however. Coach vtgorilla knows all to well the feeling of losing to Tennessee, having lost to the division rival in both of the previous two seasons. He's called for extra team meetings this week to keep everyone on task, especially because the team is coming off of a bye and Thanksgiving is potentially a huge distraction. Coach vtgorilla confirmed, "We've been playing well, but this is a damn good team coming into town. They outmatch us physically at almost every position, but I've got a few still left in the playbook." Tennessee has certainly won games this season. Their offense is firing on all cylinders, scoring an average of 39 points in their last two games. QB Julius Thomas and WR1 Eli Austin make one of the most dynamic set of playmakers in the country. Missouri's secondary has been good, but this is the toughest test they've faced all season and the Tennessee players know it. We spoke with Julius Thomas this morning, "Their secondary is decent, but I've been doing this a long time. We beat the same players last season, so it's not like they're going to show us something we haven't seen before." Let's take a look at who is holding the advantages: There's a lot of info there and some of it could be misleading, so let's break it down a bit. Best Win Missouri: W @Vanderbilt 34-17 (currently ranked #18 in coaches poll) Tennessee: W vs Air Force 44-35 (currently unranked with 15 votes in the coaches poll)* *Tennessee beat two teams that were ranked at the time of playing (#21 Arizona, now 5-3, and #24 Georgia, now 3-5) Worst loss Missouri: L @ Illinois 13-17 (currently ranked #16 in coaches poll) Also L @ LSU 14-17 (currently ranked #4 in coaches poll) Tennessee: L @ Auburn 17-38 (currently 4-4 and unranked, but with a very strong SOS, having played 3 other top 15 teams) Positions We used the currently skill level of players for this comparison. Both teams have some highly recruited players who are early in their careers starting, but we only want to grade them on their current ability, even if they do occasionally show flashes of brilliance. Tennessee appears to hold the overall talent advantage on both offense and defense, with Missouri taking the special teams battle. Too Long; Didn't Read Eat shit; read the article.
  18. Am I doing it right?
  19. A chemistry hit vs potentially losing your star QB is not a hard decision in my mind. But you gotta do you.
  20. Considering you could have benched your starters with no repercussions...must be hard pill to swallow.