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    1. Make West Virginia Great Again!
    2. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

      After going 0-fer against Tennessee for, I think, 6 seasons..it took Mizzou's best team to achieve it. Helluva game tazer. When you're ranked at #3 and looking at the end of the regular season...Just win baby!
    3. Pulling this topic from the shouter... Do you take a croot's height and weight into consideration for cfbhc? What about for draft prospecting in nflhc? I completely ignore height and weight. In my mind, any benefit or detriment from height or weight would already have been incorporated into the player's skill rating. I don't have any idea if that reflects the reality of the sim, but it makes sense to me.
    4. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      GG Soluna. Was dead even just as I expected, but lady luck happened to blow the winds of favor in my direction.
    5. SumoHC Signup Thread

      Hakuho Dowden
    6. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Wendy's: 3 (+1) Five Guys: 35 (-1) Whataburger: 26 In-N-Out: 32
    7. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Wendy's: 4 (+1) Five Guys: 34 (-1) Whataburger: 28 In-N-Out: 31 I haven't eaten a burger in 14 years, but you gotta respect the square patty.
    8. [Shitbox Poll] Favorite Soda

      Coke Zero, obvi
    9. [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Evening

      South Carolina has at least as good of a shot as Mizzou to beat Florida...plus they're two games up on me with the head to head victory.
    10. CThor

      SEC! SEC! SEC!
    11. CThor

      @SageBow is Arkansas available to a new member? Thor is anxious to get started. Also, for the record, he hasn't actually read the Coaching Course since the wiki was down when he applied, but I'll walk him through everything.