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  1. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Welcome to the Inaugural Bowl Betting Bonanza! The goal is to wager your money on bowl games and have the highest balance after the national championship. The winner will be crowned meta-cfbhc-bowl-champion, which is entirely meaningless...but probably means you're smarter than everyone else or something. Basic Rules Each player starts with $1000. Players place bets *against the spread* for chosen games. Players do not have to bet on every game, just the games/lines they like. This is a bonanza, not a pick-em. Player rankings/balances will be released after each set of games (or as vtgorilla’s schedule allows). Betting Rules If a player wins a bet, the amount they wagered is doubled and returned to their balance. Money won is immediately available for wagering on the next set of games. Players may only place 1 wager per game. You can’t bet on both sides or add additional money to a bet once posted. This is just to keep things simple for me. Players can place a bet for any game in the future (with a line posted), not just the next day’s games. It immediately deducts from the player’s balance to hold the wager. Wagers can be placed in the comments below or PM’d to vtgorilla. All posted/PM’d wagers are final at the time vtgorilla records them. Your wager must be posted and recorded by vtgorilla before a game occurs. Since posts can be edited, a PM is a more secure way to place a bet near a deadline - since I can review the message in my timestamped email to ensure that the wager wasn't edited after viewing the game results. Wagers should be posted in the following format for easy processing: $100 Bowl name, Selected team +3 $70 Bowl name, Selected team -14.5 Penalties Wagering money you don’t have in your account, results in an automatic loss of your wager, regardless of game outcome. Anyone editing wagers *in an attempt to scam the game* will be branded a loser and I will target all of your croots next season. Immediate edits for typos or whatever are fine, just know that I'm going to record it as I see it, so try to be right the first time. Game Lines (updated 10/22 10:15am) (provided by Vegas @stormstopper) Prop Bets (updated 10/20 11:31pm)
  2. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Yeah its fine since you're just increasing the wager.
  3. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! There's a pretty distinct pecking order at the moment. But the big money lines on the Heisman winner could really shake up the final standings. So get your Heisman bets in now! Heisman is the last wager available in the Bonanza.
  4. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    ATTENTION: THE GAME LINE HAS MOVED (again) Penn State vs. UCF (+5)
  5. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Last chance to get in your National Championship bets! (I mean, maybe. Depends when the game is posted.) ATTENTION: THE GAME LINE HAS MOVED Penn State vs. UCF (+3.5) The account balance below is the amount you still have available to wager. This is the last wager available, except for the Heisman props. The Bonanza will end promptly with the announcement of the Heisman winner in the next couple days, when the winning order of gamblers will be announced. Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers And if you're left wondering "how do I move past RANDOMUSERNAME?" Then perhaps you should consider the national championship prop bets. There are no current wagers placed on the props, so you can sneak up on some mofos. Also the Heisman moneylines provide several times your wager if you are correct.
  6. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Betting Trends LIVE! 100% of the action is on Clemson +6 in the Orange Bowl vs Notre Dame! The Rose Bowl (Oregon vs Purdue -7.5) has 5x more money riding on it than Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl! Fear The Line: Only 1 wager has been placed on the Sugar Bowl (TCU vs. UGA -9)! National Championship Trends Early money heavily favors UCF, but more wagers have been placed on PSU!
  7. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Current Bonanza Leaders (balance + future wagers): 1. vxmonarkxv $13,400 2. caesari $10500 3. bellwoodbomb611 $6890 4. bingo415 $6500 5. cmcgill $4000 Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers
  8. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Line Update! The national championship game line has moved to Penn State vs. UCF (+3)
  9. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    National Championship Wagers Announcement! National Championship Betting Line Penn State vs. UCF (+5)* *ATTENTION: While previous game lines were fixed, this line will move higher or lower at vegasgorilla’s discretion based on bets placed. Updates will be posted in this thread and the original post will always reflect the current line. Any bet placed remains dependent on the line it was wagered against. You may place multiple bets on this game to take advantage of the moving line, if you wish. National Championship Props Betting Total Turnovers - Over/Under 1.5 Total Rushing Yards - Over/Under 147.5 Total Rushing Touchdowns - Over/Under 3
  10. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! It's a good thing we're almost at the end of bowl season, because I'm running out of spreadsheet energy. And, well, my casino is bankrupt. Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers
  11. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Even with the UCF vs. Pittsburgh (+4) game ending in a push/no action, the field still made some moves to catch up with caesari. monark and bellwood rounded out the top 3, while caesari just sat on his cash today. Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers
  12. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Do you guys even caesari? Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers
  13. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Current leaders in balance plus future wagers: 1. caesari, $4000 2. vxmonarkxv, $3900 3. bingo, $3700 4. stinsy, $2500 5. bellwoodbomb, $2445 Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers
  14. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #8

    Hell of a game, panther. You put up more points on me than anyone else all season.
  15. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Betting Trends LIVE! Wagers have yet to be placed on... Southern Miss (+4) in the Heart of Dallas Bowl! OR Florida (-5) in the Music City Bowl! The money is coming in at 2-to-1 favoring Missouri in the Texas Bowl! News Alert: vegasgorilla denies canceling accounts of bettors who have wagered on Oklahoma State. "Don't buy into the rumors, I'll take anyone's money," he declared.
  16. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! caesari sits on his cash while everyone else tanks. The house was a leaky cauldron before yesterday's games with a balance of $-11580. But after a couple of underdog surprises, the house is only down $-3895. Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers* *Does not include wagers placed after yesterday's games yet.
  17. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Betting Trends LIVE! No bettors have wagered on Texas (+2.5) in the Armed Forces Bowl! $3500 will currently be paid out if SMU covers the spread! The largest single wager of the season was placed on Mississippi State (+0) in the Gator Bowl! 60% of the action is on Army (+13.5) in the Military Bowl! Don't Miss Out on Your... $100 FREE MATCH BET Review the rules before wagering
  18. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Yes. @Jumbo your line on SMU is backwards. I assume you typo'd it. I'm going to take it as SMU -2.5 unless you tell me otherwise.
  19. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Yes, except there's a limit to $100 on the match bet. So in this case ($500 prop bet) your free match bet would still only be $100 on LSU. Does that make sense? You definitely *can* do it this way...but you're risking more than you're potentially gaining if you bet more than the $100 max match. I'll wait for your response before locking it down.
  20. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    FREE $100 MATCH BET! Bet on any blind national championship prop, and receive a match bet on either of the semi-final games. Free match bet is for the same amount wagered on the prop, up to $100. For example, if you wager: $69 Blind Underdog +2.5 You receive a match bet of $69 to place on either UCF vs. Pitt or LSU vs Penn State. A winning match bet pays out the value into your account. A losing match bet has no impact on your account. It is essentially a free wager. Bets must be placed by Thursday, October 19 at 11:59pm to be eligible. Prop bet and match bet should be placed simultaneously for easy record keeping. You must have the appropriate amount in your account for the bet placed, obviously. Props are listed in the OP
  21. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! bingo failed to wager on Sunday's games, allowing the plebs to creep closer. caesari and ajyoungmark both got their second $1000 payoff on today's games, but we all know continuous, giant bets don't pay off in the long run. It will be interesting to see how long they keep their momentum! Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers Fun Fact: The house is currently at $-11580 not even including the free thousand handed to all participants. Whoever made these games lines should be stripped of their head coaching job at whatever terrible basketball school they coach for.
  22. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Account Balance Update! Bingo is smarter than you. Seriously, he's 9/10 on picks ATS with only loss landing on his second lowest wager. He has quadrupled his starting money after 4 days of betting. Lots of people lingering near the $2000 mark with Stinsy is still in the #2 spot overall...he just has already placed his wagers for Sunday's game so it doesn't show in the chart. Pre-Sunday wagers, he's at 2100. Account balance is equivalent to: $1000 + winning wagers - losing wagers - future wagers New Game Line! CFP Semifinal: LSU vs. Penn State (-11)
  23. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    Betting Trends LIVE! >95% of the action is on Penn State (-4.5) in today's CFP Quarterfinal! More bettors have selected favorite Ole Miss (-3.5) in the Birmingham Bowl, but there's more money wagered on Houston! 92% of the action was on Vanderbilt (-4.5) in the Liberty Bowl until a late wager pushed Texas Tech to the lead with 62% of the action! Running Low on Cash? The 10:1 Cash Reload Bonus has been extended until 10pm eastern tonight! For a limited time only, Donate to CFBHC.com and receive an account balance addition worth 10x your donation!* *Not endorsed by site leadership. Reload donation program will terminate immediately if instructed. A donation is real money that helps run the site, but the Bowl Betting Bonanza only operates with worthless virtual currency. Virtual currency is not redeemable for cash. There is no actual gambling with real money. Screenshot or other verification of donation required to receive your reload bonus. Reload bonus will be available for wagering immediately.
  24. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

    You do not have this much money. Unless I've calculated wrong/missed something, you have 2400 total with 1700 already allocated to bets on Friday and Saturday. This leaves 700 for further wagers until Friday and/or Saturday's bets are resolved.