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  1. I don't like the idea that we have to tip to give a server a livable wage, but it is what it is. Usually I give a minimum of about 20% and then go up from there if they don't suck, but I'm probably weird in that regard.
  2. grv413

    IRL Football

    I'm sure I can dig some up when I get home or from Facebook. Probably have more pictures of me playing lacrosse actually. Not sure if I can find any of me in college though
  3. Gotcha gotcha, just wanted to clarify, thanks for the response!
  4. grv413

    IRL Football

    I didn't play football because "it was too dangerous" then proceeded to get like six concussions in ice hockey, so we see how that worked out for me
  5. Hey at least we have an excuse for why we miss the playoffs this year
  6. How do you guys think we'll do Saturday? I'm afraid of some Kinnick voodoo, but Franklin has a pretty good record against Iowa (3-0). I think our defense should completely shut Iowa down, I'm just afraid our young offense can't do anything against a solid Iowa defense. I think this will be a 3 point game in whoever's direction that wins the turnover battle
  7. Shenault has been one of the most frustrating CFF picks I've ever made. I thought he was a lock to go off this year, but Turner changed their philosophy a bit and Montez just isn't good. I do think Shenault when healthy can be a top 5 WR talent in CFB though. His versatility is insane.
  8. I started Adrian Rodriguez as a 1/5 Kicker and he's done pretty well for me. I was expecting some speed bumps, but haven't really seen too many of them yet. I think Jackson absolutely could start this year if a team needed him to
  9. It’s about what I’ve expected so far. Definitely thought we were gonna beat Pitt worse than we did, but they shockingly look like a decent team somehow. The Maryland game was only a surprise because they looked lifeless. Special teams wise nothing to complain about. Jordan Stout is worth the scholarship. Lorig looks to be a good hire so far. Defensively we’ve played really really well. The DTs are surprising. Thought they’d be a point of weakness, but they’ve been strong so far. Safeties need to pick it up or Fields is going to destroy us. Offensively, we have to work on some things. Clifford has been shaky so far, but he’s in his first year starting, so I’m not really worried yet. They have to do something about the running back rotation, 4 throughout the year isn’t going to work I don’t think. OLine is better than expected. Overall I still think we’re in the 9-10 win range, but if we can get through MSU, 10-11 is still on the table. I don’t think there’s a world in which we can beat OSU right now (they still haven’t really been challenged yet though) but I think we have the horses to beat anyone else in the B1G. We’re just a really young team, so we’ll drop one or two we’re not supposed to.
  10. UConn 2023 <<< Viva Los Lobos @alienufo Good game, I was worried about this game because of your NFLHC record against me.
  11. He's an absolute animal, I love him. Started him as a true freshman 1/5 last year and he's just automatic
  12. I’ll stay optimistic and go Cape Hatteras, but I’m really worried for the Central Florida Coast
  13. grv413

    CFBHCVision XX

    The Traveling Wilburys - Runaway
  14. What are we doing for roster size?
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