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  1. Good game @jmjacobs Hoping I can take this team to the next level next year. Disappointed by my results so far
  2. Just saw he’s more than likely not coming back. Apparently has been talking to LSU already.
  3. Really hope he comes back. He has underperformed like crazy and needs to build up his confidence, but he has a ton of potential. Not really sure where he's going to go, anywhere he goes he'll have to sit a year, and I don't see that being an advantage for him.
  4. I actually planned a little bit too. Was tricky though, but I really liked it.
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It'll be okay, we're still a young team and I really didn't expect to be 8-1 at this point. We also still control our own destiny in the East, which is good (although I don't think we beat OSU). We just can't MSU this IU game next weekend.
  6. So, I'm surprisingly optimistic about this game. I think Franklin got the Michigan State monkey off the teams back and now they're hungry and have a focus. I'm slightly afraid they're looking ahead to the OSU game in a couple weeks, but I think this team has bought into Franklin's message and should be ready to play. Minnesota is a good team. They have some studs on offense and a pretty stout defense. Fleck is a pretty good coach and their team has definitely bought into the row the boat mantra. Their fans should be up for it as well. That being said, Minneapolis at 11 am is nowhere near as threatening as Kinnick at night. We're the best team they've seen all season and it's not even close. And we can out athlete them in every facet of the game. I think it'll be close, it's still an away game and we still have a young QB, but I think we can pull out the win
  7. For the record, I basically just had you guys flipped in my poll. I think your guys resumes are basically the same, so to me head to head trumps that. Not indicative of your team being bad, you guys are both top ten teams, head to head just has to mean something in my opinion
  8. Who is voting Florida over Tennessee? Tennessee beat Florida a couple weeks ago. Smh

  10. Happy with my gameplan changes this week. I know it’s just Northwestern but I’m happy with the result.
  11. I don't like the idea that we have to tip to give a server a livable wage, but it is what it is. Usually I give a minimum of about 20% and then go up from there if they don't suck, but I'm probably weird in that regard.
  12. grv413

    IRL Football

    I'm sure I can dig some up when I get home or from Facebook. Probably have more pictures of me playing lacrosse actually. Not sure if I can find any of me in college though
  13. Gotcha gotcha, just wanted to clarify, thanks for the response!
  14. grv413

    IRL Football

    I didn't play football because "it was too dangerous" then proceeded to get like six concussions in ice hockey, so we see how that worked out for me
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