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  1. Are we sure you forced it or Honeycutt sucks so bad that he made Brooksheer even worse than he normally is?
  2. It's nice being hated.
  3. One of those does not surprise me
  4. MFW we're the best run franchise but no one thinks we'll make it/win the super bowl Also how the hell could you hate Wegert?
  5. grv413, coach of the New York Jets. Option C: I will be with my GM helping him identify and select the players we view as the best for our team. It's crucial for the GM and the head coach to be on the same page when it comes to putting a team together. That being said, the fans and public should understand our mentality behind our pick, so I will not be leaving them in the dark. After our pick, I will be completing one interview in length about our pick, where we are headed the rest of the offseason, and an outlook on the future. Go Jets!
  6. Thanks guys. Great game EoO. I was really really worried about this one. Thought you could shut down Bowman for sure. I'm glad I could carry your team Soluna. Hopefully I can do this on my own down the line. Finally:
  7. NDSU converting on 3 of 11 third downs, yet still scoring 36 is quite impressive. Although, 5/6 FGs make sense
  8. If Randolph falls to 31 and we get another left tackle like Sohn, I might actually cry
  9. Medina turned out to be really good too (just kidding, he's a fucken scrub)
  10. It wasn't 50, but good game Sage. Thought the game would be a little closer. Now to figure out how to beat Clemson...
  11. The Illinois game was quite hilarious.
  12. Dylan Bishop is not the best scrambler ever. That is simply not true.

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