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  1. Yurcich was my number one replacement for Moorhead, but I think he stayed at OK State and we went with Rahne (or he went to OSU, I forget his timeline). But to say I'm excited is an understatement. I mean, Franklin basically was given the opportunity to hire him and he jumped on it before he even told his staff. That should tell you how excited Jimmy is for this. The writing I've seen since the hire is that KC takes some time to get his offenses into gear, and that's kinda the issue we saw early on in the season. Yurcich comes in and is just an out and out baller. And I don't think Jimmy could waste another year trying to get the offense going.
  2. Love the performance from Marvin Washington. He's still got it.
  3. The New York Jets would like to create a ST coordinator: 64 years old (3 points) Special Teams Chemistry Level 2 (30 points) Special Teams Fitness Level 2 (30 points) Kicker Skill Level 1 (10 points) 73 points total @Soluna
  4. The New York Jets would like to create an OC: 62 years old (9 points) Quarterback Skill Level 3 (50 points) Offensive Line Progression Level 2 (30 points) Passing Game Chemistry Level 1 (10 points) 99 points total @Soluna
  5. The New York Jets pass with their third round pick to promote from within. The Los Angeles Rams are on the clock. @taffyowner
  6. Round 1, Pick 15 OC Todd Haley (Age 57) Descended from Ken Whisenhunt WR/TE Skill Level 4; Offensive Fitness Level 3 Todd Haley will be the head coach of the New York Jets. Los Angeles Rams are on the clock @taffyowner
  7. #Darmanisoverparty

    1. anonemuss



    2. grv413
    3. nemolee.exe


      Wha- what did he do? 

  8. I don’t have much more to add. I understand why I’m suspicious, but I’m not a werewolf
  9. I didn’t really think he’d bring down wolves, I figured he just made a slip of the tongue because he’s a new player and didn’t play last game impressively
  10. I jumped onto Jamzz because the Nemo encounter was weird and I thought there was a legitimate chance he was a wolf. I don’t have much of an explanation for why Jambo died. He called me out and frankly my actions were strange, so I don’t really fault him. But I didn’t kill him and I wouldn’t have pushed to have him killed if I was a wolf because it would have turned everything around on me. I’m not really sure I have any leads now. I’m suspicious of some people, but it’s just based off of what they’ve said.
  11. I’m sorry I was on the beach
  12. I am the best mafia player on the site. Like Nemo but on steroids. only for the mafia though
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