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    1. grv413

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

      Huh weird, I don’t see Geno Harris on this list. I was assured he was as good as JC Weldon.
    2. Yea if the sim has this info sitting around it would just come down to producing the formula. I do agree it would be cool to see a general measure of a players athleticism, just not sure what information Soluna has/what he'd have to create.
    3. You can't really have sparq ratings without combine information though. Like to get a sparq rating, Soluna would have to produce weight, 40 yard dash, shuttle, vertical jump, and powerball toss. Why go through all the trouble of producing that information just to not post it (unless the sim gives it to him already)? It's possible the sim has some measure of athleticism we could use instead, but I'm not sure producing a sparq score is possible without producing the rest of the information and why bother making all of that other info if it's not even going to be pubic
    4. Sparq ratings come from how people test in their combine drills in respect to their height and weight. The Opening gives them Sparq ratings, but you have to test in all 5 tests or you don't get one (you can see it in this link: https://www.theopening.com/2018-ohio-results). The exact formula for ratings isn't known. It would be a really cool addition if we could get some measure of their athleticism, but this would basically just require the combine info + some kind of rating system. Unless the sim generates something similar, it would be pretty difficult to implement I think.
    5. grv413

      Admin Newsletter: August, 2018

    6. So the Opening will post combine information on high school players, but players have to be invited to that, so it's not all players. Here are the results from the Ohio opening regional this year. https://www.theopening.com/2018-ohio-results If you really wanted to add that, I would only add it for a specific top x amount of players. It would be silly to do the full list. If you really wanted to do something like this, I would suggest doing it by region or something after the list is posted (to keep it like the opening). It breaks up the work a bit more. However, I really don't think combine like info would worth the time it's going to take you to accumulate all of the info and put it together. I'm personally not a fan of that idea. How long does it take to gather the athlete recruit attributes? If it doesn't take that long, something like that for players would be interesting. But would probably get really redundant after a while. I'm not really sure there's anything that you could add to the recruiting list that would give us more substantial info on the players that doesn't make producing the list way harder for you. I'd rather just keep it the way it is than add that much more time to producing the list.
    7. Just wait until Wegert hits FA
    8. grv413

      The Great Starburst Debate

    9. grv413

      The Great Starburst Debate

      Red > pink >>>> yellow > orange
    10. Can my feedback be that I want a new feedback mod that doesn't threaten to fire me? Jokes aside, I think this is a good development. Will help to consolidate feedback so Soluna isn't reading the same thing over and over and should help with some productive changes for the site.
    11. grv413

      [2021] AFCE: QB Spotlight

      How dare you! Rauol Gomez is a Jets preseason LEGEND.
    12. grv413

      Watkins QB Camp

      Love this event. I really hope we can see more NFL players doing events like this. Also, Joey Wolfe... come on down
    13. grv413

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      Good luck gentlemen! If you told me before the season I'd have two early declarations, these were not the two I'd expect. Both were solid players for me and I see bright pro careers for both!