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    2. You're forced to change your username...

      grv413 is like my go to username for everything. So probably just gravy. That or my xbox username
    3. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      New York Jets send: QB Tyson Chadwick 6-3 218 R North Dakota [Hybrid] 75 FB Eli Tuitama 6-1 240 R ECU [Run Blocking] 79 WR Adam Coles 6-0 198 R Pittsburgh [Speed] 81 WR Phillip Fuller 5-9 185 R North Dakota State [Speed] 68 TE Dillon Abbrederis 6-1 191 R Colorado State [Blocking] 78 OT Joel Snow 6-4 265 R Michigan State [Run Blocking] 81 OT K'aunté Moore 6-5 303 R Samford [Run Blocking] 70 OG Jayden Grove 6-7 299 R Ohio [Pass Blocking] 70 OG Edward Galloway 6-6 321 R Buffalo [Pass Blocking] 68 C Enele Malifa 6-4 261 R Colorado State [Pass Blocking] 68 DE Javier Davenport 6-2 258 R Illinois [Blitz] 75 DT Russel Brandt 6-1 257 R Northern Illinois [1-Gap] 75 DT Dwayne Montgomery 6-2 309 R Toledo [2-Gap] 73 OLB Jamison Mulholland 6-3 225 R Northern Iowa [Coverage] 67 ILB Omar Trotter 6-1 234 R Clemson [Mike] 76 ILB Zach Morrison 6-4 245 R Oklahoma State [Mike] 68 CB Zachary Waller 5-10 187 R California [Zone Coverage] 70 CB Khalil William 6-0 173 R Pittsburgh [Zone Coverage] 67 SS Dillon Gilliam 5-11 204 R ECU [Man Coverage] 71 SS Quinn Benson 6-0 191 R Kent State [Man Coverage] 65 K Tyler Oliva 6-4 158 R Kentucky [Accuracy] 72 P Steven Tomlinson 5-11 176 R Georgia Tech [Power] 74
    4. JustinQuan

      Bump for nephewjack
    5. 2020 Champions

    6. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #11

      Great Game McGill. I got really scared there. Glad to see us pull through though!
    7. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      Penn State -11 - $2000
    8. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

      I don’t think I can really answer this truthfully until I see how many points the people around me have (and how many points I have). In a perfect world, I know what I’d pick, but I really have no idea what I’m doing for next season. Also, the amount of people who like the juco route seems high. I guess with 8 wins it’s going to be hard for the top teams to poach your players, but that’s a possibility and I’d rather take coaching a player for four years and having him develop in my system than a stopgap. Plus you’re playing a risky game if it’s not a position you need or the players you get are both seniors. Just my thoughts on that though. Overall I’m hella excited to see this system in play. I’ve already begun planning my strategy for the year and it’s nowhere near close to being finished (especially because PA with me, Pitt, and WVU is going to be an absolute shit show).
    9. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Good game Jumanji. Auburn’s got a great team. I was really worried I wasn’t taking enough chances on my gameplan. Seemed to work though. We are!
    10. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $1000 CFP Quarterfinal: Penn State -4.5
    11. [Survey] Alumni Network

      Penn State Class of 2017
    12. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Evening

      Good game too! Honestly I was pretty terrified of this one. Surprised the result was as bad as is was.
    13. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 15)

      You seem much more confident in my chances this weekend than I am.
    14. [2020] Week #14 - Saturday Evening

      Close one. Good game Jacobs.
    15. Hurricane Irma Prediction Thread

      Charleston, South Carolina