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  1. https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7WTqo27pLRYxRtg4/giphy.gif
  2. How the hell is Georgia State a 4 star program?
  3. New reports look great!
  4. Want a good laugh? Ask Siri when Michael Jordan retired.

    1. Quasar
    2. TheTodd15


      It's even funnier if your ask the last time Penn State even came close to winning a national championship

    3. Weeze56m


      Never forget 

  5. Well that went about as well as I could have asked for. GG shibe.
  6. I'm not really sure about KC or Oakland's defensive scheme so I left that blank, The rest of the AFC should be good though. I gotta get to sleep or else I'd try and help do the NFC.
  7. If I pipeline a state and recruit a player with the positional bonus from that state, how are the percentages combined? Or are they not?
  8. So I'm also curious about bmlig's question. If I put 5 points down on a PA player, do Temple and Pitt immediately go +25 also (on top of the bordering states going +12)? Or does only the team that went +5 get the bonus? Also, is the commit threshold date still week 4?
  9. Could we call it "Cloudy" or something like 247 does with their crystal balls?
  10. Pretty sure my first game was against UConn. I won like 49-7 or something crazy. I think it's still the winningest game in Maryland history. The next week I also came out and beat a highly ranked Sophos led Michigan team. Honestly, I asked my roommate for his opinion on how to work the sim and that's what I went with. I asked him for a lot of Jets help starting out too. I don't think I asked anyone's opinion on here. As per the community? I found it amazing. It was super interesting, but at the same time it was super intimidating. There's so many inside jokes and stuff that I just never understood when I first joined.
  11. Believe my depth chart is updated.
  12. My first QB was Joshua Powers. I always thought he was decent at UMD. Put up some decent stats, won me some games. Really liked him actually. Then we signed him as an UDFA for the Jets. Wegert got injured so Powers had to play. Against this secondary (Which may have been one of the worst secondaries in NFLHC history after the first year): Cornerbacks: CB Joe Taylor 5-10 190 2 Clemson [ZoneCoverage] 64 CB Drew Jaynes 6-1 168 2 Virginia [ZoneCoverage] 63 CB Jarvis Banks 6-1 176 2 Iowa [ZoneCoverage] 63 Free Safeties: FS Rob Hamilton 5-11 188 R UCLA [Zone Coverage] 75 Strong Safety: SS Raymond Ponce 6-1 196 2 Kansas State [Zone Coverage] 77 SS Marcus Mili 6-2 217 3 Vanderbilt [Zone Coverage] 69 He put up this statline and we lost by 10 (The picks were to Taylor and Hamilton): Jeffrey Powers, NYJ, 15 of 35 for 149 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT So collegewise, I love Powers. Was a great QB for me at UMD. Professionally, not so much. Pretty sure he regressed 3 in that first year too. Think he's still a FA though, so he's got that going for him... which is nice.
  13. If you do nothing else today, watch this video:


    1. npklemm


      ur not by supervisor

  14. To all you new people, have you learned about our lord and savior Erik Wegert?

    1. Jumbo



    2. taffyowner


      I have heard about this Erik Wegert.... He went to a pretty good college and holds a ton of records there

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