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    1. Just a friendly reminder that the Pats gifted the Phins JC Weldon
    2. [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

      This sentence hurt my eyes
    3. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

      GG @jmjacobs. I'm finally starting to get this offense going a bit, just a day late and a dollar short.
    4. Change my View

    5. I try to redshirt everyone unless I absolutely have to play them or they’ll be backups their whole careers. It’s not working so well for my QB Ramey this season, but my 3/3.5 ILB seems pretty reliable. Made a stat sheet or two, but he’s surrounded by good players. I don’t think I ever did it at Maryland
    6. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Sandwiches

      Subway: 6 (-1) Jimmy Johns: 13 Quiznos: 11 Blimpie: 7 Jersey Mikes: 11 (+1) Firehouse Subs: 14 Potbelly: 14 Arbys: 4
    7. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      Cade doesn't want him coaching Ole Miss
    8. For me it depends on the position. Wide receiver size matters. I'm not sticking some 5'8" dude as my WR1 unless I absolutely have to. Corners, I like the ability to press, so I like bigger corners but it doesn't matter as much. I've given up trying to figure out the sizing of the DLines/OLine, a lot of them are wonky and don't make sense.
    9. [2021] Mid-Season O-Line Analysis Part III (AFCS/AFCW)

      Bears? Winners? Something doesn't compute
    10. [2021] Mid-Season O-Line Analysis Part III (AFCS/AFCW)

      For some reason, KC's line being entirely average is really surprising to me with the success their running game has had.
    11. Vasili please no I recruited like I expected you to leave but that doesn't mean I want you to.
    12. Sorry Inspiral. You dropped so many because I forgot to rank you You're number 7 in my book <3
    13. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      McDonald's: 8 Wendy's: 9 Burger King: 6 (-1) Sonic: 8 Jack in the Box: 11 Hardees/Carl's Jr.: 9 Five Guys: 12 Whataburger: 12 White Castle: 11 In-N-Out: 13 (+1)
    14. For me, OLine was the biggest thing that helped Wegert improve year after year (aside from the addition of Howell). Him being able to stay on his feet constantly really helped his development as a young player in the league. Without Farmer, Schlereth, and Sohn being able to hold down the line, I don't think he would be as good as he is now. That's why I was never upset when we had good OLinemen fall to us (Sohn, Snow last year, Schlereth a couple years back). I'm a big proponent of the idea that games are won and lost in the trenches. I think that's what's been Maryland's downfall. I got decent skill players to put around Marquise, but I never built up the OLine like I really wanted to because I thought him being a scrambler, he didn't need such a good OLine and there was a major shortage on OL in the Atlantic region when I was trying to recruit that class. I think Maryland would be much better if they were stronger on both lines. Which is what I'm trying to correct a bit at PSU in my recent recruiting. I've focused a lot more on the OLine and DLine than I did at Maryland. Well see how it works out for me. College you can probably get away with a little bit worse of an OLine since most college defenses aren't too strong, but an elite OLine in college will win you a lot of games. In the pros, a bad OLine will sink your offense completely. I don't have the stats in front of me, but I'd bet the bottom five offenses are in the bottom ten of OLine rankings. I guess I'm kinda countering my vote because an elite OLine doesn't mean automatic wins, but I think a good to great OLine is necessary for a team to be successful. The OLinemen also have to fit what scheme you're trying to do (a bit easier to find in the pros with the combine compared to college).
    15. [2021] Week #11 - 1 PM

      The Bengals were favored by 3.5 in this game? Wat.