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  1. Sorry I haven't been around much recently guys. I fucked up recruiting last week (didn't allot all of my points) and generally have been late with a lot of stuff. Work and my personal life have gotten in the way and I'm sorry it's detracted from my availability on the site. I'll be back to full gear soon and won't miss anything else. Love all you guys <3.

  2. apology for poor english

    when were you when fultz dies

    i was sat at home trusting process petting cat

    ‘Markelle is die’


    and you???

  3. Just an FYI: games may be delayed but recruiting is still due Saturday night at the normal time!

  4. @SageBow Will you now admit Brad Davis is hot garbage?
  5. Nice way to get back on track. Let's hope I can erase that little blip from last week.
  6. Trust the process 

    1. randye4


      Can Sam Hinkie be hired to rebuild the executive branch of our government?

    2. smokingcricket



    3. johnkirk


      Better question is what the Celts are getting/hoping to get to say "Ya, we can pass on Fultz."

  7. We already have one too many Pitt fans on here
  8. Rejected
  9. Reshad is baeshad
  10. I vote we pick a new instant classic picture.
  12. How the hell is Georgia State a 4 star program?
  13. New reports look great!