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  1. But also, wow my backup TE position is cursed, this will be like my 4th one on a long injury.
  2. Ryan Harris 30/50 385 5 0 0/0
  3. Changed my cap sheet to only take into account the top 51 contracts.
  4. Chiefs are at 53, cap sheet and team page up to date
  5. Isn't Fay going to start? And all the other guys are like 1 injury from playing and this was against depth on the DL side too
  6. My DL better feast on that LV offensive line, 4 sacks and 3 TFL
  7. Holy wow Fred Young, a 0.66 rating huh?
  8. Ageless wonder, Justin Buchanan
  9. LB Tunch Richardson 2023 - LAC SCORE - 17 points at the end of the game minus 3 for every other LAC card played by either player (cannot go below 0). WR Quintavius Pearson 2023 - IND  SCORE - 3 points at the end of the game for every IND card you've played, including this one. LB Sergio Miller 2023 - LV PLAY - This card is an exact copy of the card played prior to this if that card is a LB and has a Star value of 5 or less. Otherwise this card has no effect.
  10. LB Tunch Richardson - 2023 (B) (LAC) 6* SCORE - 17 points at the end of the game minus 3 for every other LAC card played by either player (cannot go below 0).
  11. Chiefs are open to hiring a scout. Message me here or on discord if you want to talk about it

  12. I'll take it. A missed (doinked) 50 yard field goal away from a win with Ryan Harris + 5 veterans sitting against all of Cincy's starters. Hobbs doing well in WR1 spot in first two weeks for a backup QB throwing to him, and run defense looks decent even if Cincy doesn't have much at RB. Byron Berry is filling the stat sheet with tackles too, so thats a nice surprise
  13. #15 WR Ryan Childs 5-11 150 R Mississippi State [Speed] [-2] 81 4 years // 22.0 million // 61.36% Guaranteed G//5.5//4.0//3.0//1.0//Total:13.5 $//0.0//1.5//2.5//4.5//Total:8.5 Total//5.5//5.5//5.5//5.5//Total:22.0 Value//10.801144293350845
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