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  1. damn,Harris with 3 TO makes it tough. But with that being said, only being down by 10 isn't too bad with that fact
  2. What a game. GG @Soluna knew it would be a close one
  3. Hell of a game man. Wish Spec could've gotten out uninjured, but we've been pretty lucky with injuries so far this year. edit: also, now that I think about it, we have just been a cursed roster for TE's this year. I think like 75% of our injuries have been to our TE's.
  4. @alienufo good game. It was close at your place too. Don't wan't to see you in the playoffs.
  5. Nevermind, I see it. Punt return TD. Sorry.
  6. @Solunado you know where my 7th TD came from? Harris had 4, Rodgers had 1, Walker had a pick six, but missing the 7th.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs place: TE C.J. Hickman 6-0 231 2 Washington [Blocking] [0] 79 On injured reserve. Suffered Moderate Foot Fracture in week 14 and is out for the remainder of the regular season.
  8. ~Mild concussion Damn football, you scary
  9. On the case of Childs vs Jennings: I would like to say that MIA has almost 60 more pass attempts on the season than us, which is pretty substantial (MIA is 5th in pass attempts, KC is 20th). He is also leading KC in reception yards and tied for 1st in receiving TD's
  10. Can't wait for Harris to be back tho
  11. Well that was close, glad tRod could shoulder the load, but can't believe he didn't score on 28 carries
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