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  1. The Streak Stops Here Chiefs offense struggles against the Niners in Streak-Breaking loss.
  2. Make that a Quad! Chiefs force 3 turnovers en route to their 4th win in as many weeks against the struggling Buffalo Bills.
  3. Hell fuckin yeah boi, got that 4 game win streak
  4. OHHH BABY A TRIPLE! Chiefs record 3rd win in a row after abysmal 0-5 start.
  5. Chiefs Linebackers Level Cardinals Stephens, Bendross, and LeClaire combine for 2 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 Sack, and 16 tackles to lead KC to second win in as many weeks.
  6. We had 2 INT and neither of them showed up on the stat sheet Nevertheless, Arlie had a great game, Hall got another half sack, Rodgers got some good yards in limited attempts, and Wheeler brought us to victory. Got a little win streak going! Gg Cards.
  7. I'm not even saying something like a standalone for all people to use rather than the site. But I'm sure there are many small pieces that could be automated to lighten the load on Soluna. It's not like there's only the two options of manual and 100% automated/standalone.
  8. Curiously, why is having the Sim run automatically dead? You can PM me if you want. Me and a couple of friends that are seniors in comp sci are looking for a project to work on over the summer while we do our internships. They don't partake in the Sim, but they may be interested in helping me.
  9. Terrific Thomas Wheeler puts the team on his back, throws 6 TD in win over Broncos
  10. Oh hey offense, glad you could stop by.
  11. A Much Needed Rest Chiefs can't lose again this week, take bye week to clear heads
  12. start my boy Minnow
  13. Uh-Oh Chiefs lose yet again, still winless after nearly 1/3 of the season
  14. I have a shiny, golden-legged Ryan Levcik.
  15. UMass Depth Chart updated.