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  1. start my boy Minnow
  2. Uh-Oh Chiefs lose yet again, still winless after nearly 1/3 of the season
  3. I have a shiny, golden-legged Ryan Levcik.
  4. UMass Depth Chart updated.
  5. Todd Lester has 2 rushing TD in the statlines, but only 1 in the game notes
  6. My interpretation: Forum-based: things like credits and new topics for discussion. Basically any change that just has to do with the site and not the actual sim. Or better ways to do things that we currently do. Program-based: sim changes. New gameplans/positions/etc. Not sure if things like franchise tagging and other contract stuff (restructuring, the new contract format, etc) counts as program based though.
  7. -20%, he is so immobile that he can't leave the bench. Sorry.
  8. Chiefs nearly scrape together their first win of the season in East Rutherford, come away short
  9. Okay. I will take that performance. Just need Mertens back in the lineup to give us another receiving threat (our leading receiver was the #3 who is a rookie UDFA). Defense needed some more, but they didn't break and held a lot of FG's. Rodgers fumbled again, but at least we kept it (and it was Brumm that hit him so I can deal with it).
  10. Chiefs Get "Barry'd" By Dolphins
  11. Fucking fuck. Rodgers hold on to the fucking football. 3 weeks, 3 fumbles, 2 lost. Somethings gotta give on 3rd downs too. Combined total for 3 weeks is 6/43 on 3rd down conversions. What the fuck guys. EDIT: Just saw Mertens fumbled two fucking times in this game and lost one. not going to win if you give the ball away 3 times and held to 3 field goals when inside the opponent's 25 yard line. God damn I'm salty.
  12. Missing Alert: Where'd The Chiefs Offense Go?
  13. Chiefs Get Tricked: Jacksonville's Rookie Star Raheem Robinson Dazzles in Multiple Dimensions
  14. Also, fwiw, I didn't fire Voll for anything other than the fact that he's not here. I still haven't heard from him and it has been weeks.
  15. Well fuck. 2/13 on 3rd down? Also, it says we had a sack but its not on the stat sheet anywhere. Seems like it should be, since Hamilton made the sheet with just 3 tackles. Got a little unlucky in some places I think. 2/13 on 3rd down seems fluky, shouldn't be that low. Wheeler had an efficient day just had that INT. Rodgers was over 4 ypc, but fumbled and lost it. JAX had a fumble but didn't lose it. Definitely have some tweaks to make, but I don't think this game was as bad as the score makes it look. Guess we will see.

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