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  1. Chiefs Get Tricked: Jacksonville's Rookie Star Raheem Robinson Dazzles in Multiple Dimensions
  2. Also, fwiw, I didn't fire Voll for anything other than the fact that he's not here. I still haven't heard from him and it has been weeks.
  3. Well fuck. 2/13 on 3rd down? Also, it says we had a sack but its not on the stat sheet anywhere. Seems like it should be, since Hamilton made the sheet with just 3 tackles. Got a little unlucky in some places I think. 2/13 on 3rd down seems fluky, shouldn't be that low. Wheeler had an efficient day just had that INT. Rodgers was over 4 ypc, but fumbled and lost it. JAX had a fumble but didn't lose it. Definitely have some tweaks to make, but I don't think this game was as bad as the score makes it look. Guess we will see.
  4. Chiefs depth chart should be updated now.
  5. Boy, if it's something we have in KC, it's good backups in skill positions...
  6. Kansas City Chiefs move: CB Donald Edwards 6-1 197 5 Mississippi State [Man Coverage] 82 to IR.
  7. Ben Offerdahl, KC, 18 for 23 yards, 0 TD in case anyone thought maybe he wasn't a terrible RB
  8. Not too shabby playing nearly all backups against WAS starters. 27-9 is a bad scoreline, and 100 yards of penalties is just too much. But 57.7% completion, 6.3 ypa and just 1 TD for Fields. Let Reed have 2 TD on the ground, but neither were long rushes. Definitely some positives to take here.
  9. I'm honestly not upset about it. After eating 50% of his contract, I'm still able to keep the coordinators we have and pay myself even more than Voll was getting originally, so it's whatever. I'm just trying to say that I think these rules need to be thought about and probably revised. If you want to have a realistic sim, the rules as they stand now aren't going to do that. It is just a FACT that it is asinine to give ANY head coach, regardless of their coaching ability/consistency up to this point, a contract longer than one year. Soluna was probably the pinnacle of a head coaching candidate (in both ability and consistency) and even he left the site in some capacity for a while. You never know when a coach is going to leave. Sometimes things happen and there isn't enough notice to prepare for it. Maybe you don't see this whole situation as an issue because you run OAK by yourself and don't have to worry about hiring a head coach. And I'm not talking down on that point of view, it's a fair argument (as evidenced by myself doing the same thing for the foreseeable future). BUT it's going to push more and more owners towards coaching themselves so they don't have to rely on anyone else to not fuck over the franchise's future (or even current season if eating part of the inactive HC's contract causes them to have to fire a coordinator and eat that contract as well, further hamstringing the franchise with cap penalties and shittier coordinators). You don't have to do anything by my account, I'm just trying to have constructive dialogue about this rule and the sim. I'm not one to try and shake things up or change rules all of the time. Anytime I've fucked up or something, I've been accepting whatever decision that was made. But I love this site and love spending time here, so when I see something that causes an issue or could cause issues down the line, I want to be proactive about it. Maybe you didn't think about some of the points I brought up and now you have them to think over. On the other hand, maybe you did and you are fine with the rules that are in place regardless of those points.
  10. Or, maybe, that's explicitly not happening. I'm pretty sure IRL, coaching contracts have some type of protection clause in them saying, "Hey, you have to actually DO your job here, otherwise we aren't paying you". We wouldn't know because this is unprecedented. But I'm quite sure that a coach can't just show up to the facility every few days (or maybe once a week or less; seems like that's the case) and expect to get the money owed in their contract.
  11. Does logging in and not doing anything count as being active? He didn't reply to anything, post anything, and missed gameplans. I guess it depends on your definition of active, but if a coach doesn't do any portion of his job, but does log in once(?), wouldn't that make him inactive? If a coach IRL ever just stopped responding to the org, and didn't do any coaching or game planning... I think that's a different situation.
  12. He hasn't responded to any PM's since Feb 17, hasn't read our PM talks since Feb 20, was late on preseason week 1 and week 2 gameplans even after reminders in the days leading up, and was going to miss week 3 gameplan (He still hasn't responded about the gameplan, and I fired him before the deadline for week 3 so I could submit a gameplan).
  13. Kansas City Chiefs HC: HC Nmize0 1 Year // $3,250,000 $3,250,000 per year
  14. Kansas City Chiefs fire HC Vollmagnet. Contract: 1 year/3m 1.5m towards cap in 2020
  15. Not accepting any applications. With the rules in place as they are, it seems smart to act as head coach myself. Luckily, we have a coordinator making only $1.5m per season, so I will be able to take the remainder of our coaching cap and not have to fire a coordinator (which would then cause 50% of that contract to be dead money as well) to comply with the coordinator pay rule.

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