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  1. gg, although big asterisk with Harris out
  2. If I'm being honest, with how McCready performed coming in cold last week, I wanted to see what he looked like here
  3. if you arent changing anything in your gameplan, yes. you'll have a thread for the year, and each game is a new post within that thread.
  4. @cultur3 Packet 1: 4 Personal Wealth, 4 influence funds (8 total funds) Packet 2: 2 Stadium Upgrade Funds, 1 practice fund, 1 Medical fund, 3 Media funds (7 total funds)
  5. @alienufo split: Packet 1: 1 Personal Wealth, 4 Influence, 1 Medical Fund, 2 Media Funds (8 total funds) Packet 2: 5 Practice Funds, 1 Stadium Upgrade Fund, 1 Media Fund (7 total funds)
  6. I've responded to everyone up to this point, check your site chatbox for keys
  7. got beat by a PM on the plague inc, but I'll send you the skylines DLC
  8. Please only request games you plan to play!
  9. I have had Humble Bundle for a long long time and I honestly don't claim many games anymore from it (but keep on paying for it for some reason). So i figured I would put a list of unredeemed games on here so somebody could get some enjoyment out of them. I don't think this includes games in the monthly humble Choice thing they started a year or two ago. But feel free to go through humble's website and if there is a game you want on one of the past months, I can claim it for you if I haven't already and I have choices remaining for that month. I put the list on a google doc since it is pretty long and didn't want to overload a forum thread. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YfmP2raLtANicUnNjX4RcF4IsyT_2aLJVmVGJnW-L3E/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to message me on discord or chatbox on here or something else as well. I will try to keep the google doc semi up-to-date (but no promises lol) I'm gonna have to go first come, first serve on stuff just to make it fair and remove me from the situation lmao
  10. @Duncan gg man, gave us all we could handle
  11. Owner Nmize0 of the Kansas City Chiefs thinks that GM Nmize0 and HC Nmize0 have done amazingly the past couple seasons and is super impressed.
  12. Oh, i see. so it becomes automatic, and no scouting plan is submitted, it is done by the AI Head Coach. Thanks.
  13. If this is done by the HC for now, do we change the line on the scouting plan to say Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach - Nmize0? Because I haven't had anybody contact me with interest in a scout position.
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