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  1. I don't think he is nearly as bad as these stats suggest, but I do think he's going downhill. Considering that our pass defense was pretty decent, and Walker/Baker stepped up admirably, I'll take the 2nd and a high 4th this year.
  2. Not a bad trade for me, now that the results are shown.
  3. Chiefs' 2017 Campaign Ends on a Low Note in Arrowhead Broncos nail a 40+ yard field goal in OT to close Chiefs' season .
  4. Chiefs confirm.
  5. This is dank AF. What are the numbers next to the OL names? Is my reading comprehension bad or is that not specified?
  6. Chiefs might be looking for a head coach, PM me if interested or if you want to talk about it!

  7. Owner/GM Nmize0 announced today via a very simple tweet, "The Chiefs are looking into options at the head coaching position". He followed by tweeting, "If you are interested in talking to me about said position, please send me an email". Definitely an unorthodox method of announcing such an important undertaking. Owner/GM Nmize0 did not return any attempts to contact him for an official statement.
  8. Offensive Shootout in Inglewood leaves McCready standing 3 TD from McCready and an efficient 11 touches from Rodgers leads to a win at San Diego .
  9. Playoff Hopes Are Dead Chiefs chances to advance to playoffs dies in Oakland in a turnover-fest. .
  10. McCread-y Leads the Chiefs to Victor-y! Backup Quarterback, Erasmus McCready, sparkles in impromptu start. .
  11. The Streak Stops Here Chiefs offense struggles against the Niners in Streak-Breaking loss.
  12. Make that a Quad! Chiefs force 3 turnovers en route to their 4th win in as many weeks against the struggling Buffalo Bills.
  13. Hell fuckin yeah boi, got that 4 game win streak
  14. OHHH BABY A TRIPLE! Chiefs record 3rd win in a row after abysmal 0-5 start.
  15. Chiefs Linebackers Level Cardinals Stephens, Bendross, and LeClaire combine for 2 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 Sack, and 16 tackles to lead KC to second win in as many weeks.
  16. We had 2 INT and neither of them showed up on the stat sheet Nevertheless, Arlie had a great game, Hall got another half sack, Rodgers got some good yards in limited attempts, and Wheeler brought us to victory. Got a little win streak going! Gg Cards.
  17. I'm not even saying something like a standalone for all people to use rather than the site. But I'm sure there are many small pieces that could be automated to lighten the load on Soluna. It's not like there's only the two options of manual and 100% automated/standalone.
  18. Curiously, why is having the Sim run automatically dead? You can PM me if you want. Me and a couple of friends that are seniors in comp sci are looking for a project to work on over the summer while we do our internships. They don't partake in the Sim, but they may be interested in helping me.
  19. Terrific Thomas Wheeler puts the team on his back, throws 6 TD in win over Broncos
  20. Oh hey offense, glad you could stop by.
  21. A Much Needed Rest Chiefs can't lose again this week, take bye week to clear heads
  22. start my boy Minnow
  23. Uh-Oh Chiefs lose yet again, still winless after nearly 1/3 of the season
  24. I have a shiny, golden-legged Ryan Levcik.
  25. UMass Depth Chart updated.