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  1. Congrats on the hire, @Jordanozenne is a motivated young coach!
  2. The New Orleans Saints activate OG Virgil Madison 6-6 293 6 NC State [Pass Blocking] [0] 85TE Chris Gano 6-4 235 4 Stanford [Receiving] [0] 85 off the IR
  3. Welp, I really imagined this season would go differently. RIP. Congrats @wrigleyfan though, that was a thourough beatdown.
  4. Friggin" Illini are my Kryptonite. Never beat them since I'm coaching Rutgers. Good game Flutie, you really have my number in cfbhc.
  5. Bears run D is unreal, but Devy is, too! GG @Darman, @stormstopper you nearly got us. Yeah those CB injuries (and now our starting SS) are... not ideal.
  6. @jmjacobs GG man! There were more than 200 penalty yards combined, must have been a damn battle.
  7. Oh snap, didn't even know we had an Austrian International recruit! Hope he'll get a chance to start for Nebraska at some point
  8. Also I'm really not used to see Wake Forest do things, but I'm glad they do! Former Rutgers coach, too. And way to represent the B1G in this slate, 4-0! Congrats @Jamzz, @wrigleyfan and @robcarlson77
  9. Damn that was close! gg @Wonderbread! You kept my Defense on the toes! Glad the offense survived the scheme change to the Wildcat, but I don't think we're going to see that again. Marcel Clinton is one heck of a RB, but throw the ball he can not.
  10. Grand Theft Devereautox strikes again. He likes America. He is happy! Hard to find anything I don't like about that game...
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2GMcjNyAyI
  12. Me too. edit: Just now saw that we were asked to provide as much info as possible, so: I also have 2 guys I should have 65+ points on (in-state, put 15 plus a scholarship on them week 1). To me it looks like everything else calculated, including the percent bonuses, but they are missing either the point doubling or the in-state bonuses. Also, putting only a scholarship on a player didn't trigger any bonuses anymore. I know it's not supposed to take effect on anything that's % but last year it DEFINITELY triggered the in-state or neighboring state "free points". If this was intended to not work this way this season I feel like this should have been communicated. IMO this is not the same situation for all players (even then, a memo before the fact would have been nice) since someone with more points per week can get these points way easier now than someone who has to rely on schollys more. If it's the plan to keep it that way, any official post on this would be helpful. I definitely try to keep up with everything on the forum even in stressful weeks but I can't re-read the whole week of shoutbox every weekend to know what's happening. Thanks to @mahrowkeen for putting the status update up about this, in related matters.
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