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    1. [2021] Week #1 - FNF

      That was exactly the result I feared for. GG Haff, congrats! Also, press F for the Rutgers TE position, please.
    2. [2021] MAC Preview: Kent State

      Coming to this series mostly for the beer reviews, but the rest is good stuff, too!
    3. [2021] Week #1 - TNF

      Oregon State is better than most people give them credit for. Bmlig pulled off 2 solid crooting classes there. They have nothing to do anymore with the team they were 2-3 years ago.
    4. Well, firstly I expect our fans to see a new Rutgers team out there. We want to make last season forgotten as soon as possible and I'm confident we can. Kansas State isn't going to be a cake walk and I expect a close game that could go either way. The keys to this game for us will be in the trenches: Can we pressure QB Rahim Murrell and will we be good enough in coverage to enable our front Seven to do so? Can our talented but young o-line and our new running game keep the pressure off QB Sullivan on our side? Since we're playing away and I have respect for the KSU coaching staff I'd say they have a slight edge tonight - but if we manage to pull off our game plan, we could be able to eat a W there that we very much need this season.
    5. Well a long term replacement for Blair Sullivan who will be a senior next year is a must. Apart from that I'd say mostly Defense because that's where we lack Big Ten competitivity right now. We're not in need to sign a big class for the first time since I've been here, so I gave my team the go to pursue some hopefully impact recruits this year, though. Thankfully we have a high functioning organisation at the Saints so I can concentrate on coaching and managing the team, which I clearly prefer. Being part of two teams takes time if you do it right, in my opinion.
    6. Account Elevation Requests

      I need access to the Saints forum, too. Please!
    7. Piscataway, NJ Rutgers AD press room Coach vollmagnet when asked about Rutgers' last season on and off field. Athletic Director: "Dear media representatives, it gives me joy to finally be able to officially re-introduce our new, old head coach vollmagnet. Anyone who knows a thing about Rutgers should be familiar with this name after he led the team to a 18-8 record through two seasons. We've had a turbulent year after the coach departed but we're confident to right the ship once more and in vollmagnet to bring some stability to this football team. I'll let the coach take over now." Coach vollmagnet: "Thank you, Mr. Director. Normally I don't like to talk for too long in front of the press, but this time around we have a few things to say. So, bear with me, please. Firstly I want to talk about the elephant in the room: my disappearance from the US which left both teams I was involved with in a bit of a pickle. I'm sorry that that happened, but the reason was a family situation back home that required my presence. I wanna emphasize I feel like I let Rutgers down and feel sorry for that. I will be working hard to regain the trust of this university, the team and our fans. You're free to ask about anything but I won't get deeper into what happened back home. This is a private matter, thank you. Secondly, I want to talk recruiting a bit. We've had up and down classes in my time here, but as I get a firmer grasp on the system and its intricacies, I want to promise our fans, that from here on out, it's going to be uphill for a while. This year we've already practically come to an agreement with two major in-state talents, a QB to follow the footsteps of Blair Sullivan and a defensive line talent that will be the first cornerstone to a stronger, B1G worthy defense. We're also doing everything in our might to ensure that Rutgers stays THE power in New Jersey and I dare say we're looking good on that part. Lastly but I'd say probably most importantly, I finally have had the time to re-evaluate our rivalry situation. We're a football school with ancient tradition and I want us to celebrate that and bring it into our fans' minds more often. For those reasons and simply to add more excitement, we have some rivalry news! 1) I'm happy to be able to say that we managed to come to an agreement with the Army FO to slate a OoC game between our schools next year. This game, the "Joust for the Big Apple" will hopefully become a regular feature and fierce fight for prestige from 2022 on out. 2) There's obviously our existing conference rivalry with Maryland. I know this rivalry doesn't mean as much to the public yet as some of the more historic love-hate relationships that are out there, but it's produced some very entertaining football over the last 3 seasons and we intend to keep it that way. 3) And this is the one I'm most excited about: I have a message from my team to the public. This does concern the National Champs and their coach grv413. I'll just read it in full. "We're angry. We feel slighted. We feel disrespected. We know we're no match for the reigning National Champ, but if they run the scores up on us, if they're going to play us extra hard - they will have to expect us biting back. This might not be the best team in the country but this is a proud team. From this day on out, every snap against Penn State will be a fight for supremacy and we WILL come and get our revenge. Watch out, Lions." So, just to make this clear, we're throwing down the gauntlet and making this a rivalry game. We don't care if Penn State agrees to this, for us it is a fact. Thank you for your time. Any questions?"
    8. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      New Orleans Saints Inactives OG Herschel Howard 6-4 271 3 California [Pass Blocking] 71 OT Paul Scott 6-0 301 4 Kansas State [Run Blocking] 78 DT Barry Monk 6-3 287 1 Purdue [2-Gap] 73 DT Felix Welch 6-6 304 3 Oklahoma State [2-Gap] 71 ILB Gregory Kellogg 6-3 235 3 Ohio State [Will] 75 ILB Brad Hood 6-1 219 4 Michigan State [Mike] 77 FS Amadou Coley 5-10 200 2 Henry Ford Community College [Man Coverage] 74
    9. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      It's both new and existing users with seniority and other criteria at the discretion of the conference commissioner deciding who will finally get the job. New coaches with a team will very probably not get another before they've not spent the better part of a season at their initial team. Being active and contributing on the forum helps!
    10. "Freida Convict" Also, poor Ravens!
    11. Luigi Magneto from the Gazzetto dell'American Football Coach xkl, you said your goal is to finish the season without a loss. Rumor has it you've already circled the date of the CCG on your locker room calendar for the team, even. Who, in-conference, do you think will be that one team that you'll have to be most careful about?

      One steak package, please!
    13. FRIENDLY REMINDER: "Recruiting starts a week before [preseason week 0]. The first recruiting deadline is 11/25 [...]."


      Get your shit done, fellow coaches.

      1. Time


        Most helpful post ever you saved my ass

      2. vollmagnet


        I think you're also still missing the dc in the non-transfer forum, but I could be wrong on that. btw, Smoo is poo!

    14. Coach Jamarquan, Luigi Magneto for the Gazzetto dell'American Football: Firstly, according to league scouts, your offensive line is the unit to watch most closely in talent terms. Apart from the obvious candidates in there, OG Reilly and OT Hardison, who do you think will be the players that will make the difference between a good and a bad year for you? Who really has to show up on the field with leadership this year? Secondly, a bit of a mean question: Do you see yourself at the Aggies as a long term commitment or would you consider a P5 conference job offer if you make a name for yourself in the seasons to come?
    15. Wolfgang Magnet, European Football Chronicle Coach jared, have you already met with the team and discussed season expectations? Where do you see this squad at the end of the 2021 season?