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    1. I forgot that HOU was rated so low before the season. Seriously overperforming and a shame they got taken out by the injury bug...
    2. Thoughts on New Anthem Rule

      Do NFL players have some kind of union/association that represents them and their rights opposite the league?
    3. The Michigan drop seems a bit harsh to me, considering they had their close wins already "priced in" when they dropped to 2 last week.
    4. Calling All Writers

      Don't be so hard on yourself, man. I bet you look great in a Bikini.
    5. CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (3 Games) East Carolina (5-5) at Texas State (5-5) Nebraska (4-6) at Wisconsin (6-4)* Southern Miss (6-3) at UAB (4-6)* Friday Night (1 Game) Central Michigan (7-3) at Eastern Michigan (5-5)* Saturday Morning (4 Games) Temple (7-3) at UCF (5-4)* Louisville (8-2) at Syracuse (5-4)* Virginia Tech (6-3) at Pittsburgh (4-6)* Penn State (7-3) at Indiana (5-4)* Saturday Afternoon (3 Games) UCLA (6-3) at Washington (5-5)* USC (5-5) at Washington State (5-4)* Mississippi State (6-4) at Alabama (6-4)* Saturday Evening (9 Games) Navy (7-3) at SMU (9-1)* Boston College (8-2) at Wake Forest (6-4)* Baylor (6-3) at Arizona (8-1) Texas Tech (7-3) at Oklahoma State (7-2)* Ohio State (9-1) at Maryland (6-3)* Rice (10-0) at Texas A&M (5-4) Nevada (8-1) at Hawaii (8-2)* Oregon State (7-2) at Arizona State (6-4)* Georgia (7-3) at South Carolina (8-1)*
    6. [2021] Week #13 - SNF

      The Panthers trying to go for a more balanced offense. Will be intriguing to see how that works out for them!
    7. [2021] Week #13 - 4 PM

      Oooo yea! I know Georgy Brady probably won't get any HoF attention and lifetime awards, but that dude did some good things for me since I've joined the league. By now, he's earned himself a lifesize statue in my Piscataway Villa Pool Area tbh
    8. W13 in the books. I didn't get around to update with last weeks' coaches poll, will do this asap this week.
    9. [2021] Week #13 - FNF

      Damn, rekt. gg slinky, looks like I'm taking the B1G East trophy for worst team
    10. Change my View

      Well, let me specify that: Positions where I also consider tags crucial/really important pointers on how to TRY to use guys first are QB, RB. I mean if you're going to have a teams full of "misfits" (hee hee), you're going to have a hard time stringing together a game, but I feel like if you don't misuse either QB or RB, you have to have poor gameplanning/make a bad DC to really suffer because of the styles. Also, there's no position where the tag is just decoration obviously, still, on college level: too much value atm. Also, second HOT TAKE: Team chemistry is still heavily underrated, especially since it has hardly been a topic of discussion in the last months.
    11. Change my View

      I feel like you've done a good job with State. Might've been more true in the past, but not anymore? Change my view: Play Style tags are heavily overrated in CFBHC right now
    12. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Saints activcate TE Patrick Glass 6-6 203 1 Mississippi State [Receiving] 79 from IR.
    13. [2021] QB Failure Rate of Low Impact Throws

      Very interesting to see him "middle of the pack" for both. Could it be that he's just less often in situations where he has to throw under pressure? Don't know about your line and running game over the years, but that would maybe explain why he didn't especially develop those two traits. Also, he shares those spots with some undisputedly good other QBs, Heiden for example.
    14. [2021] QB Success Rate of High Impact Throws

      My guess is Moffett learned handling pocket pressure pretty well while playing at Rutgers. Our oline wasn't good back then and he had to face some crazy defensive fronts, some twice in tOSU, PSU, Illinois et. al.; I'm guessing his real weaknesses just lie somewhere else. As do Blake Shells' strengths. Still, this makes me hopeful that if he lands in the right spot, he might still have a chance to become servicable.
    15. [X11] Gameday 3

      Salt makes the food taste good! Also, while I didn't expect to take the lead, I fully intend to defend it agains @tsweezy This is going to be the away sector in Maryland: (no need for anyone to know that's a home game, right?)