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    1. Devereaux, Jenkins, Sterling Brown and the NO oline Can't really beat the scenarios storm came up with in the friggin first post but I'll plug in a semi-homer concept that would be beastly. An all-NFCS offense would be neat, based on recent performances: Skaggs and/or Heiden - because of bigger synergy effects with the run game - throwing to Jenkins, Richard Wilson, Monte Jackson and Curtis Henry. Akili Wallace at RB with DNJ for 3rd or relief duty. The line would consist of monsters of all (jersey) colors, too - mostly gold/black and red/black though.
    2. Will you let me use the Big Ten logo throughout the series? Because 1) Branding is everything and 2) it's the one trick I have Thanks, though, glad you enjoyed it! When I'm done with the B1G the plan was to do some national 2022 prep media too, but first there's like 2 or 3 more teams to write about in my own conference.
    3. vollmagnet

      [2022] 2023 High School Players

      If he was a foot taller I'd tend to agree but, you know, with the six degrees of separation and all, you're technically still right
    4. Honestly this is one of the nicest media pieces I've seen on the site. Glad I didn't overlook it because of being basically afk for a few weeks!
    5. NEWS NETWORK Slowly but surely the 2022 season is advancing on all of us and for the returning players in the ranks of the 2021 CFBHC National Champs, Purdue, this probably means one thing first: Wrapping up the excessive partying that surely followed what many fans and players perceived an overdue big year for this program. And what a big year it was! With QB phenom Matt Jones leaving for the NFLHC, hopes among B1G fans rooting against the Choo Choos are probably running high that 2021 was a one hit wonder and Purdue will return to their wallflower status of the past soon enough. To answer that, let me paraphrase said National Champion QB: You won't like what we have to say about this. You. Won't. Like. That. THE CHANGES There are rays of sunshine for those who want Purdue to fall into the abyss again and causes for concern for their fans, don't get me wrong. The impressive 2021 offense lost a good deal of starters to the NFL, some of them stars in their own right. RB Brendan Milton and TE Ajani Winston, both coming off of 1000+ yard seasons, WR1 Frederick Bartlett and starting FB Dennis Chapman are the more prominent Seniors behind QB Matt Jones that won't be returning in 2022. But also, that's about it on bad news. People who watched a lot of B1G football will argue, that the Receiving Corps that coach inspiral fielded only got better behind Bartlett and while the skill positions surely lost some talent, the line hasn't. ESPN metrics ranked the 2021 OLine right behind the top units in the Big Ten and with all of the players that were starting - after some rotation in the first half of the Boilermakers' season - returning and the addition of JuCo OG Bryce Wallace, this will probably only get better. THE D The picture changes entirely when you look at Purdues Defense. On this side of the ball there was only one starter graduating after the Championship season. FS Zahir Cason, though, failed to make a lasting impression in his Senior season and buzz on the campus is that both his short term replacement JuCo FS Gabriel Allen and Freshman FS Tristan Landry are looking like they will make the name Carson - or whatever it was - be forgotten even earlier. What definitely hurt was DE Derrick Dawkins declaring early for the draft, coming off a 10.5 sack season and forfeiting his Senior year to test draft waters. This catapulted Senior 3.5 star recruit Jasiah Graham into an unexpected starting spot but also will give Sophomore DE Landon Crowder a chance to shine even more brightly. Crowder was a highly praised croot out of Texas, had a spectacular Freshman season - and he also came up big in the playoffs, making two statsheets, a couple of sacks and 3 TFLs. He has reportedly made big strides in the offseason, too. Generally, it was the Defense that came up big in the playoffs for coach inspiral and made them from Championship contender into Champ. And on that side of the ball, the Choo Choos definitely got better. In conclusion, West Lafayette could already boast about a big D last year and it looks like it just got a little bigger. THE QUESTION MARK Of course, there's the QB position. Nobody can just replace a player of Matt Jones's caliber, but again, "dat Purdue guy" was able to land a big JuCo transfer and secure the services of QB Kyle Jefferson, younger brother to Atlanta Falcons signal caller AJ. He is inheriting a well-formed team that looks ready for another year of dominating and will certainly want to prove a point to the nation. But can he? After a very mixed bag of a 2019 Freshman season, Jefferson lost the starting position to QB Bryce Thompson at Duke and coach Darman never looked back. Being frustrated after not seeing the field once in 2020, Jefferson took the initiative and transfered to gain starting experience in Chattahoochee Technical College, GA. While he certainly has the skills, there are doubts about his mental fitness for a position of such high pressure. After all, many pundits claimed that feeling Bryce Thompson breathing down his neck was the it-factor in KJ never settling in at Duke. THE CONCLUSION Says here that Purdue once again will be a bane in the Big Ten. Anything below a two-digit win count would probably be a disappointment to the coach who ignored desperate calls and big paychecks from his Alma Mater Syracuse and several other big prestige programs to stay with his boys. Says here, too, that while Purdue won't get bad again anytime soon, they also won't replicate this seasons' success. Kyle Jefferson will be able clean his name of perceived stains but won't live up to his predecessor, another Big Ten title is in reach but another National? Not very likely. So, after all, both the fans and the haters should have something to cheer about in 2022. Purdue Depth Chart for 2022 Purdue Schedule:
    6. vollmagnet

      [2022] 2023 High School Players

      That info could change crooting for me this year by a significant amount. I'd be stoked to sign this guy up for Rutgers. Best New Jersey croot since 2020!
    7. vollmagnet

      [2022] Minnesota Vikings Announcement

      Enjoy it mate, and don't forget to come back!
    8. vollmagnet

      CFBHCVision Volume XIV

      @Kirby, @Soluna, @paperllamasunited, @TazerMan, @Darman, @Dr_Novella, @Jieret, @Minnowsotan, @deandean1998, @TazerMan, consider yourselves poked with the pointy end of my walking cane!
    9. vollmagnet

      Podcast recommendations

      I'm just getting started with finding podcasts to listen to, via falling in love with Audio Books over the last years. I've already found some good stuff but that's German so it wouldn't make a lot of sense recommending it to you guys. If I find some gems in English, I'll make sure to post them. I'm mainly interested in sports, politics, history, good interviews, music, good sciency stuff but also always try to look to expand my horizon, so I'll gladly take anything else you feel is just too good to not recommend. One thing I don't like are just spotlight things. Like, I'll gladly listen to a 100 part series on modern war, I rarely enjoy TED talks and simple "did you know" 5 minute videos on YouTube. Anything that is able to set things into a broader context is normally something I thoroughly enjoy. But I also think there's others that would enjoy those recommendations, so just post them anyway
    10. vollmagnet

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Running Backs

      Ouch, rough day for Sterling. I feel happy we got what we did out of him when I look at that - but can't help wondering if this ranking reflects me underusing him (since there were people claiming that)...
    11. vollmagnet

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Quarterbacks

      Looks like Bowman is the real deal, too. Toe to toe with Murphy in his rookie season, Washington have something to look forward to!
    12. vollmagnet

      CFBHCVision Volume XIV

      I remembered way too late that I should have mentioned that in the rules... you should not be voting for your own songs
    13. New Orleans Saints should be fine, couldn't find an error
    14. Rutgers Scarlet Knights DT Shawn Marshall 6-1 327 Fr Hanov er Park (East Hanover NJ) 1.0 of 5.0 [2-Gap] FS Anquan Huggins 6-2 190 Fr Roscoe (Roscoe TX) 2.5 of 3.0 [Zo ne Coverage] I still have a few players with ( , NJ) and two with ( NJ) but those guys' lines have been like this for years. Should I still post them?
    15. vollmagnet

      CFBHCVision Volume XIV

      As a little treat to all participants here's a popular Austrian contribution, a less known one. This song came in 6th and was one of the bookies' favorites [!] in 2003. First time in ages we didn't finish among the last places. Once again, you definitely miss nothing by not understanding the lyrics. Alf Poier - Weil der Mensch zählt (Because the human counts?)