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  1. I mean, in my opinion this was more of a make-or-break season for us before this deal than now, really. Before the trade we had a hard time coming up with a scenario where we would be able to resign our key expiring players and keep all pieces we like about this team. We're in way less of a cap bind now for after 2022 than we were before the trade, we had one of our defensive stars being unhappy with our roster (deservedly, but we realllly tried getting a DE worth his money for several drafts now, never had a chance) and we have a way better chance to not land in the winning-record-not-in-the-playoffs limbo this season again. We got a still cheap - in terms of contract - really good DE for the next 2 seasons and we gave away a WR that's decent but drops balls like crazy. Sure, we paid a lot but we also had to convince a team that really didn't want to make this move to give in. I will let the next seasons judge this move. I'm loving it.
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    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    Nice execution from my guys. Also, they executed the game plan well. It's not surprising we win this, but I'm happy that we could really differentiate ourselves from NMSU.
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    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    On neutral grounds this is a Panthers win I'd say! But what a game!
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    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: Clemson FCS National Champion: Illinois State Heisman Winner: Jamal Trufant NFL Super Bowl Champion: Eagles Most Surprising Team: Nebraska for CFBHC and Washington Football Team for NFLHC
  5. I'm sure Khairi Bryant and Matt Jones will have all eyes on them from Day 1, there's also CB Kenyon Justice, a pair of RBs in Yeldon and Randall who are expected to make an impact from the very first game on. T-Rod has basically been a meme since he chose to reject the Cards' offer and was let go subsequently so obviously most people - except the Cardinals themselves - would have a lot of fun seeing him succeed with the Jags. There's a couple of exciting QB stories: Who will be the Lions' starter and if they immediately replace LeCount, will that elevate them? Will Joel King and/or Matty Swift finally break though, or will they finally be benched? Decision time for both! One of the teams outside of the perennial candidates for a deep playoff run that I'm watching closely is Washington. They look like a prime candidate for me to surprise some people this year. So could the Seahawks, though.
  6. In my first crooting season - old system - I decided to go after very few 4+ potential guys and instead spread out my points pretty evenly among 3, 3.5 star players for depth. Iirc putting several points on one croot instead of one gave me NO benefit at all in recruiting them and having way less points to put on my good targets resulted in getting none of them. Got a shallow class of low talent players, had to scramble to fill them up with depth in the second round. Leaving the site before the 2020 season, I thought I had good reasons back then but looking back all I did was put my NFLHC owner in a bad spot bc of my coaching contract and lose a year of crooting and a ton of points to do so at Rutgers.
  7. Players of the Week OFFENSE: QB Isaac Tyson 6-4 215 (So) Kenmare (Kenmare ND) 3.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] 20/30 for 319, 3 TD 6 rushes for 51 and 1 TD DEFENSE: DE Joshua Holmes 6-6 261 (So) Hickman (Columbia MO) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] 1 Fumble forced and recovered, 1.5 Sacks, 2 TFL, 3 Tackles SPECIAL TEAMS: K Billy O'Neill 6-1 221 (Sr) Chadron (Chadron, NE) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Made 2 FGs (46, 49) and all of his 4 XPs
  8. I agree and will add that I think that the team that can field an existing running game for their QB will have better chances. I'm sure Latta can do it, but Carolina has been pretty stalwart relying only on Skaggs to win them games; if Major Morris can keep up what he did in 2021 and gets more carries in this matchup, I see LV winning it in a close one.
  9. The Bears' offense is a huge question mark for me. I like a lot of the moves they made this offseason to help their transition to Mohammed Foster, but I can see them sputter off the mark as easily as going off behind Abraham. Dallas is kind of the same, though, with their O. Probably transitioning schemes, retooling their play balance and relying on two promising but unproven guys.
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    [2022] FCS Week #0 Discussion

    No need to schedule anyone right now, we always do scheduling for the season that's coming up in the offseason before. Also, you'll only be able to fill you Out of Conference slots, your conference slate is done by the league.
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    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 0 Recap

    I can relate!
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    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 0 Recap

    That guy... first puts in an entire disclaimer apologizing in advance for the article to come then posts a huge article that's optically enticing, has a lot of stats (we guys love stats!) and is generally well written. Can't wait to see what your second article is going to look like but I sure hope you'll find time to do this every week!
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    [2022] Recruiting Info

    It's supposed to be 5 - I have 3, too
  14. NEWS NETWORK Tonight the new season finally starts and with the Nebraska Cornhuskers being the first team to see on-field action in the Big Ten, we will be looking at the next former giant in this series that has a few years on the downswing under its belt. Five seasons ago the Lincoln based university made it to the national stage and only had to bow out in the Championship game, losing 19-34 to the Longhorns of Texas. After that the Huskers finished 9-4 and ranked two years in a row, still respectable. The 20s haven't been kind to them so far, though. 2020 was a complete letdown and Nebraska went 4-8 - last year they managed 6-6 and made a bowl game, but going into the season as the #7 in the inofficial team strength rankings, hardly anyone could find a cheer for that in them. Also, they lost there and had another season with a negative record to write into their history books. Will 2022 be the year they turn it around? LOSSES - HOPES While Nebraska lost a slew of uperclassmen to the draft and dropped in the overall rankings, the Big Ten as a whole lost ground and relative to other teams, the Cornhuskers find themselves in a promising spot - once more. Their solid but not really eye-popping attack duo of QB Sean Connell (2096yds, 59% completed, 14/6 TD/INT ratio) and RB Franklin Riggins (4,97ypc for 1248 and 17 TDs) both return for their Senior year and will have to step up their game a bit if they want to take some glory to the draft with them. This will not be easy, though. With TE Sebastian Babb (PHI), FB Zahir Willis (MIN), OT Ned Eller (IND) - declaring early - and C Leon Moran (undrafted) they lost four of their blocking staples to the Pros. They still have a solid line though and will look to add shifty Halfback Hakeem Nixon into the mix. Local media expects the Huskers to go more run-heavy this year and we heard that QB Connell had to come in for extra ball security training in the offseason to reduce his fumbling issues. He had 5 last year, amounting to nearly one every ten carries! GER CHANGES THAN THEY HOPED FOR While last year it was a - frankly - underperforming offense that hamstrung Nebraska, this year the Defense is the bigger question mark. With their pair of star DTs, Maxwell Quezada (ARI) and Devon Brantley (SF), running out of eligibility the proclaimed plan of the AD was that the Secondary, led by Ballhawk CB Jonathan McAfee was going to be this years' safety net. McAfee didn't agree and, after a great Junior season with 7 INTs, declared early (LAR). For the careful reader a pattern emerges: way too many brackets with NFLHC team abbreviations in them. In the back of the defense the whole responsibility now lasts on Safety duo Jadon Holmes and Bryce Moore, who will probably have to iron out more than a few CB mistakes - and also will have to collect a lot more turnovers than they did last year, combining for one INT. DE Tyler Ruff (9 sacks) and his counterpart Mario Browne (4.5) reliably pressured opposing passing attacks and outplayed their 3.5 rating, but this won't nearly be as easy without Quezada/Brantley basically sieging the whole o-line. Hope is at home in the NEB Linebacker corps, where JR ILB Nicholas Quinn already played a good season and matured to a vocal leader last year. WHAT IF WE WANT TO GO ANYWAYS With their new coach @caesari the Cornhuskers have found new hope though and as we said in the beginning, while there's a lot of signs pointing towards a rocky season in Lincoln, on paper they lead the second tier of Big Ten teams, following close behind Michigan and Purdue. Their matchup against Tennessee tonight will give a first insight into the competitiveness. If the offense manages to overcome the leaving stars, the run game holds its promises and QB/WR play gels just a little better then look for the defense to rally together and give this team a chance in every one of their games, be it at Auburn or Purdue. That's a lot of ifs though and while a big part of the Nebraska faithful think with the new staff there is a new atmosphere and work ethic to be found in this program that could take them back to the top, there's also the Cassandras. They think that not having a back-up plan for a struggling QB will backfire and another season is about to be lost in the ocean that is CFBHC mediocrity. We here at Gazzetto dell'American Football tend to see the glass half full and that Nebraska will profit from their ADs "optimistic" scheduling, giving all B1G teams a run for their money and staying in contention for the division championship until Purdue closely beats them to it. That doesn't sound too bad, right? 2022 Nebraska Cornhuskers Depth Chart 2022 Schedule: PS: Minnesota out of favor QB Robbie Koehler got the memo from our last issue and transfered to North Dakota from Minny. We wish him luck!
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    [2022] Recruits on Interface

    AFAIK we're already working with the 21 recruits max class size this year, is there something implemented in the interface already that will prohibit me to bid if I have 21 signed players?
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    [2022] Big XII Network Season Preview

    Holyyyy cow.
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    [2022] AFCS, NFCS Preview + Projected Records

    Love that you're doing this stuff, but honestly most of the Saints' subsection is going directly and verbatim on our Defenses' locker room wall. Apart from feeling disrespected, nice work! It's only missing beer reviews.
  18. NEWS NETWORK Welcome back to the second edition of the Big Ten Season Preview Series! After covering the reigning Champ last time around, this time we'll turn our gaze for about 160 degrees and look nearly towards the other end of the spectrum. In contrast to Purdue the Minnesota Golden Gophers probably also did their share of drinking, but it originated in a wholly different motivation. Coming off one of the programs' worse seasons - going 4-8 (3-6 in conference play), and looking at a three season slippery slope since they last won the B1G West in 2019 - if there was drinking, it was out of frustration. It's already a trend, let's have a hard look if this could even become a theme in the Land Of 10.000 Lakes! THE DISAPPOINTMENT ...that was the 2021 season. There were no realistic hopes of hitting a homerun season at this time last year in Minneapolis, but surely no one expected to miss the postseason for the first time since 2016. Success is standard of living here. So, what gave in? The offense probably wasn't the problem. We'll get to that later. Special teams were not great but measured middle of the pack overall, with P Devin McGinnis ranking among the top specialists as a Sophomore while his counterpart K Greg Reilly, also true SO, managed to balance that with a bottom 3 FG percentage. That leaves the Defense. And here we see a classic case of inexperience trumping talent. NOT ENOUGH BOYS The defensive side of the ball had two big problems: Too many underclassmen (7/11 starters) and then the Seniors they trusted with leading their Kindergarten mostly failed in setting an example. Consequently, all three defensive players declaring for the NFLHC failed to get drafted. The one bright spot among upperclassmen was ILB Stephen Stauffer, the only defender besides (SO) OLB Anthony Steen able to appear on more than 4 stat sheets. Generally, the defense was stingy on big plays or turnovers. No single player recorded more than 5 sacks, 7 combined TFLs, 2 INTs or 4 broken up pass plays combined. FUTURES? What was a major factor in leading to woe last season for the Gophers last year could well be their strength going forward. Losing no big contributor to the Pros outside of Stauffer and equipped with an incredibly talented corps that was baptized by fire last year, look for the Minny D to be a whole different animal in 2022. On Offense, QB Robbie Koehler did a solid job (58,9%, 29/10) with the nearly 38 throws per game he was slinging - topped in-conference only by Northwestern - but according to pundits is likely still losing his starting gig to JuCo Transfer Robert Lynch who seems to have won over coach @lucas95 in practice sessions. He'll be throwing to designated star receiver Allen Lara-Cruz III who was outplayed by a hair by his #2 last year, Dillon "Unicorn" Little. They combined for nearly 2000 yards and 20 TDs on only 3 dropped passes. The O-line last year was solid but a bit motley with players lining up out of position at times. Minnesotas star center Tate Gilbert went to get drafted by the Bears, but even without him, the line looks more sorted and at least as talented in 2022 - same with the defensive line, by the way. EXPECTATIONS! If the offensive backfield, there's big responsibilities resting on young shoulders. (FR) RB Tredaveon Jennings comes with high praise but will have to elevate Minnys anemic running game from day 1 - and not many observers trust true freshman FB Angelo Layton to really be able to help with that. But, 2022 will be a reconciliation season for frustrated fans of the Golden Gophers. Not a title season- probably - but a bowl game should at least be on the Minny menu. And, looking at the talent they redshirted, there might be a real trend reversal on the horizon in Minneapolis. Minnesota Depth Chart for 2022 Schedule:
  19. Solidly on pace to do this for 2,5 teams before the season starts I hope I'll have more time for this before the season starts though, maybe I'll even get most of the teams done!
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    [2022] Pre-Season Week #2 - MNF

    RB Keisel on the other hand doesn't really look like the backup I hoped we had in him. But yeah, Miller has us excited!
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    [2022] Injury Report

    Ohhh, there's the tabs for the seasons at the bottom... I could have seen that myself. Didn't realise I was opening the same document when my browser took me to the actual 2021 tab
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    [2022] Injury Report

    Can you rename the google doc to have the correct season tag? atm it says 2021
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    [2022] The Biggest Upsets* in CFBHC History

    Sweet article! Glad we got a game on that list, sad that it was one I didn't coach ^^ At least I think I re-entered later in the season... What I wonder about is my first ever game with on here, 2018 W1 against #1 Bama who went on to become National Champs but had to score a FG with 2 seconds on the clock to take us to overtime and won via TD after we managed to score again, but only a field goal. We weren't bad that season (praise Moffett the Prophet) but the spread can't have been good.
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    [2022] Chicago Tribune Outlook Ratings

    In theory Rutgers should be better than last year - I really hope we can capitalize on most of our division seemingly in decline. Rivalry week vs. Maryland is going to be an exciting game once again, I'd wager. But I'm looking forward to the whole number article, I'd like to see the reasons for us being classified as "steady". Last but not least, go to hell PSU!
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    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

    That's not the offense I had expected and especially not the one I had planned... But DAMN I'm glad we're back in business!