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  1. Congrats on the hire, @Jordanozenne is a motivated young coach!
  2. The New Orleans Saints activate OG Virgil Madison 6-6 293 6 NC State [Pass Blocking] [0] 85TE Chris Gano 6-4 235 4 Stanford [Receiving] [0] 85 off the IR
  3. Welp, I really imagined this season would go differently. RIP. Congrats @wrigleyfan though, that was a thourough beatdown.
  4. Friggin" Illini are my Kryptonite. Never beat them since I'm coaching Rutgers. Good game Flutie, you really have my number in cfbhc.
  5. Bears run D is unreal, but Devy is, too! GG @Darman, @stormstopper you nearly got us. Yeah those CB injuries (and now our starting SS) are... not ideal.
  6. @jmjacobs GG man! There were more than 200 penalty yards combined, must have been a damn battle.
  7. Oh snap, didn't even know we had an Austrian International recruit! Hope he'll get a chance to start for Nebraska at some point
  8. Also I'm really not used to see Wake Forest do things, but I'm glad they do! Former Rutgers coach, too. And way to represent the B1G in this slate, 4-0! Congrats @Jamzz, @wrigleyfan and @robcarlson77
  9. Damn that was close! gg @Wonderbread! You kept my Defense on the toes! Glad the offense survived the scheme change to the Wildcat, but I don't think we're going to see that again. Marcel Clinton is one heck of a RB, but throw the ball he can not.
  10. Grand Theft Devereautox strikes again. He likes America. He is happy! Hard to find anything I don't like about that game...
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2GMcjNyAyI
  12. Me too. edit: Just now saw that we were asked to provide as much info as possible, so: I also have 2 guys I should have 65+ points on (in-state, put 15 plus a scholarship on them week 1). To me it looks like everything else calculated, including the percent bonuses, but they are missing either the point doubling or the in-state bonuses. Also, putting only a scholarship on a player didn't trigger any bonuses anymore. I know it's not supposed to take effect on anything that's % but last year it DEFINITELY triggered the in-state or neighboring state "free points". If this was intended to not work this way this season I feel like this should have been communicated. IMO this is not the same situation for all players (even then, a memo before the fact would have been nice) since someone with more points per week can get these points way easier now than someone who has to rely on schollys more. If it's the plan to keep it that way, any official post on this would be helpful. I definitely try to keep up with everything on the forum even in stressful weeks but I can't re-read the whole week of shoutbox every weekend to know what's happening. Thanks to @mahrowkeen for putting the status update up about this, in related matters.
  13. I still haven't had time to look at it in depth and maybe this was already answered in the shoutbox, but to me it looks like putting a scholarship on a croot is what made the bonuses not calculate. There's croots I got my (or some?) bonuses on, but definitely not on my top guys. Hope that helps with solving this and I'll gladly provide more info via pm and take a detailed look on what happened on my board. I don't want to give away too much info publicly though, for obvious reasons.
  14. Even considering that most of this slate was pretty unbalanced, having one team put up 49 or more points in 5 out of 7 games is pretty crazy. Best win goes to... BC? Also, the FO with the chance for a perfect Week 0/1 with a win tomorrow!
  15. I mean, in my opinion this was more of a make-or-break season for us before this deal than now, really. Before the trade we had a hard time coming up with a scenario where we would be able to resign our key expiring players and keep all pieces we like about this team. We're in way less of a cap bind now for after 2022 than we were before the trade, we had one of our defensive stars being unhappy with our roster (deservedly, but we realllly tried getting a DE worth his money for several drafts now, never had a chance) and we have a way better chance to not land in the winning-record-not-in-the-playoffs limbo this season again. We got a still cheap - in terms of contract - really good DE for the next 2 seasons and we gave away a WR that's decent but drops balls like crazy. Sure, we paid a lot but we also had to convince a team that really didn't want to make this move to give in. I will let the next seasons judge this move. I'm loving it.
  16. Nice execution from my guys. Also, they executed the game plan well. It's not surprising we win this, but I'm happy that we could really differentiate ourselves from NMSU.
  17. On neutral grounds this is a Panthers win I'd say! But what a game!
  18. FBS National Champion: Clemson FCS National Champion: Illinois State Heisman Winner: Jamal Trufant NFL Super Bowl Champion: Eagles Most Surprising Team: Nebraska for CFBHC and Washington Football Team for NFLHC
  19. I'm sure Khairi Bryant and Matt Jones will have all eyes on them from Day 1, there's also CB Kenyon Justice, a pair of RBs in Yeldon and Randall who are expected to make an impact from the very first game on. T-Rod has basically been a meme since he chose to reject the Cards' offer and was let go subsequently so obviously most people - except the Cardinals themselves - would have a lot of fun seeing him succeed with the Jags. There's a couple of exciting QB stories: Who will be the Lions' starter and if they immediately replace LeCount, will that elevate them? Will Joel King and/or Matty Swift finally break though, or will they finally be benched? Decision time for both! One of the teams outside of the perennial candidates for a deep playoff run that I'm watching closely is Washington. They look like a prime candidate for me to surprise some people this year. So could the Seahawks, though.
  20. In my first crooting season - old system - I decided to go after very few 4+ potential guys and instead spread out my points pretty evenly among 3, 3.5 star players for depth. Iirc putting several points on one croot instead of one gave me NO benefit at all in recruiting them and having way less points to put on my good targets resulted in getting none of them. Got a shallow class of low talent players, had to scramble to fill them up with depth in the second round. Leaving the site before the 2020 season, I thought I had good reasons back then but looking back all I did was put my NFLHC owner in a bad spot bc of my coaching contract and lose a year of crooting and a ton of points to do so at Rutgers.
  21. Players of the Week OFFENSE: QB Isaac Tyson 6-4 215 (So) Kenmare (Kenmare ND) 3.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] 20/30 for 319, 3 TD 6 rushes for 51 and 1 TD DEFENSE: DE Joshua Holmes 6-6 261 (So) Hickman (Columbia MO) 3.5 of 3.5 [Contain] 1 Fumble forced and recovered, 1.5 Sacks, 2 TFL, 3 Tackles SPECIAL TEAMS: K Billy O'Neill 6-1 221 (Sr) Chadron (Chadron, NE) 4.0 of 4.0 [Power] Made 2 FGs (46, 49) and all of his 4 XPs
  22. I agree and will add that I think that the team that can field an existing running game for their QB will have better chances. I'm sure Latta can do it, but Carolina has been pretty stalwart relying only on Skaggs to win them games; if Major Morris can keep up what he did in 2021 and gets more carries in this matchup, I see LV winning it in a close one.
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