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  1. Ah so that makes you.. human. How very interesting
  2. Yeah tough one either way but I was really impressed by Costa. I thought decision originally because i figure if they make it the first two minutes theyd both be too winded to go for a finish
  3. I don't have as much confidence in DC as I have in the past, but my money would still be on him. I think Pettis gets a round 2 KO on Diaz, dude is washed Yoel unanimous decision v Costa but I want BLOOD Benitez is a tough matchup for Yusuff, so I'd go unanimous decision there I favor Brunson in this matchup because of vet poise
  4. LOVE the Sports Bar photo for some reason. Really neat
  5. Players from P5 conferences: ACC: 8 B1G: 12 BIG 12: 8 SEC: 12 PAC: 1 bruh
  6. 10th is really brutal, wow. I mean I get it, the conference is definitely super talented this year but dang man. Great work @Jieret!
  7. C Dennis Timmons 6-2 257 (So) Marshall Prep (Duluth MN) 2.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Lit, I'll finally have a real center next year
  8. Cleveland Browns place: WR Kevin McMullen 6-1 153 4 Mississippi State [Speed] [0] 78 On IR. McMullen suffered a severe Achilles Rupture in Pre-Season Week 3 He is out for the season
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