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  1. good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar probably ensured that I was going to be a fan of rap music and is the album I think about most often in day to day life. It's truly a coming of age album lyrically, and it came out at a pivotal time in my own life (16-17 y/o) and I think helped me quite literally learn how to empathize in real time as I would listen to Kendrick's retelling of his own life and compare it to my sheltered, suburban, middle class experience. My own personal values developed in part due to this album as it made me go learn more about the type of life that Kendrick was describing. There's also a level of self-reflection in relationships that this album covers - songs like Real for example emphasis the importance of self-confidence and maturity. The song Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst is a masterpiece in my opinion and has only made me more reflective of life in general as I've gotten older.
  2. Wahoo for town LVP smh WHY SWAY
  3. Yeah I think Haff could very well be a wolf, but i'm gonna stick with the other Mason and go vote GK23
  4. I can get on board with this
  5. Syndakyt's been MIA completely almost whole game and hes taken no heat
  6. Would you like me to roleclaim?
  7. yes it is quite a shame i have been too busy to keep up with whats going on
  8. I mean there's literally been nothing to go on
  9. I didn't want to jump on the lynch cade train because I felt it was pretty obvious he was town. I would come back to my original suspicion of Mason. Feel like he's played rather neutral
  10. I fuck with Time’s logic for the most part about Wahoo but a part of me doubts a wolf would name drop inactives out the gate in an attempt to make a move. Seems VERY bold
  11. ive been busier with work then last game is really the only reason
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