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  1. Cleveland Browns SolutionA 1 year
  2. Cleveland Browns HC Kirby 2 years // 6 million 3 million per year
  3. Browns Offensive Coordinator – Dirk Koetter +14% RB fitness -18% RB scheme change penalty +3% RB skill +1% OT skill -10% RB durability Defensive Coordinator – Paul Guenther +8% total fitness +2% total aggressiveness +1% total progression
  4. Virginia Tech - I'd be pretty disappointed with anything less than Sweet 16. I'm okay losing to Duke. I'm not okay losing to freakin Miss. St.
  5. Dude I did my best a while back, I think i got through a bit of the second season before other shows got in the way. I've always meant to go back and finish it, especially since theres that follow up now but i just havent had the time. The Pacific Northwest is 100% my fetish though
  6. I was obsessed with the video game Alan Wake when I made my reddit account 7 years ago, so that's where i found my inspiration. Super nerdy but i kind of dig it now
  7. Hey at least you get the sweet feeling of knowing you ended Arizona's bowl eligibility streak
  8. Browns Cap sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z2C3dWTEQkO4KVWxjHE5ulvsPCTgaehyZWyQRmDLfsI/edit#gid=1471730880
  9. I'm scared of that Kayvon Harris / Taye Williams combo you're gonna have in a couple seasons. Nasty secondary. Great write up as always!
  10. Economic Left/Right: -5.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.18 I'm also confused by the free market questions. I think I need to have a serious conversation with someone who is whole heartedly down with an absolutely free market 'democracy' where Citizens United exist. I don't get the rationale.
  11. Bitch I'm a Sam C too, as in this dudes name is literally a letter away from mine I still oddly track old NC State players, so Donald Caldwell and my baby Jeff Collett (RIP).
  12. Revisiting this, Antonio Oliver did make the pro bowl, so Seattle gets the first correct?
  13. Not the Fred I was expecting but I love it
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