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  1. brightfalls

    Bye y'all!

    The seriousness and commitment of the game itself has got to be too much for me, and I haven't been able to invest as much time recently so i'll be off now - I've had lots of fun here though and I think the community is sooo much better than it used to be. Those older folks remember the qualms I used to have with toxicity and such, and I've noticed a much better change in the last year or two. So continue to keep it light y'all and remember this is just a game at the end of the day so have fun everyone!!
  2. brightfalls

    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    I don't draft a RB GB drafts a RB in the third that will go onto become All-Pro People will still be critical of 7th round picks even though they DONT MATTER AT ALL
  3. brightfalls

    [2022] ImposterMockster's Mock Draft (Pre-Combine)

    Again, simply not drafting a RB in the first there's no way I'm trusting another RB like that for a while. But i appreciate your effort on this post its really solid
  4. brightfalls

    serwendel's 2022 Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Straight up I aint usin a high round pick on a RB anymore. Too much of a crapshoot
  5. brightfalls

    [2022] Chicago Tribune: Bears Make Waves in Free Agency

    Jaylen Harris is a good signing. Bears quietly made some solid moves
  6. brightfalls

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    Put Towson in the FCS sim and I'm there But this is probably my dream job
  7. brightfalls

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    I'm in!
  8. brightfalls

    [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Tennessee & Washington

    Miles Gray is the truth
  9. brightfalls

    OC Jay Gruden

    OC Jay Gruden • $4,000,000 • 2 years
  10. brightfalls

    DC Dan Quinn

    DC Dan Quinn +5% DE/DT Skill  +6% DE/DT Progression -8% Defensive Adjustments  $3,000,000 per year / 2 years
  11. brightfalls

    OC Jay Gruden

    OC Jay Gruden • $3,050,000 • 3 years
  12. brightfalls

    [2022] Coaching Contract Extensions

    HC brightfalls 2 years // $4 million $2 million per year
  13. brightfalls

    DC Rex Ryan

    DC Rex Ryan  +4% DT/DE skill +9% DE/DT progression -9% defensive adjustments $3,000,000 per year 2 years
  14. brightfalls

    [2022] Head Coaching Contracts

    HC brightfalls 2 years // $4 million $2 million per year