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  1. This is so kind of you! I'd love Quantum Break, been meaning to snag it for a while now.
  2. I am genuinely ass at world heritage sites
  3. Nemo is always two steps ahead, a mortal human would not understand
  4. If you count driving down 81 as through my home county, then yes!
  5. I'm playin! My un is samchaplin2
  6. The new game report is finna make me bust
  7. This just in, Aaron Shea still a monster
  8. Wow this was a ride. Happy that our DinkDunk could come in the clutch.
  9. Thrumbo is worth, don't sell the lad
  10. ok mr. sleeps with a woman
  11. Dumph sleeps in the middle of the wall instead of a corner. He's a psychopath
  12. My boy is looking valuable. Fantastic origin story. I can tell he already wants to wreck Dumph
  13. Name: Glizzy Gladiator Skills: Melee, Plants, Mining Traits: Bloodlust, Tough, Masochist
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