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  1. Nail in the coffin; Redskins lose close battle to Miami to fall to 1-8-1
  2. Thanks for doing these Klemm!
  3. Fields fails again as Redskins falter at home
  4. This is the darkest timeline
  5. Just Short; Redskins fall to the Giants by 3 despite Reed's great performance
  6. Still Struggling; Redskins fall 35-21 to Philly at Home
  7. Hmm let me think
  8. I'm a big fan of Jumani darman and gravy off the top of my head, people i feel consistently bring a positive attitude to the site and whom i've interacted with a lot. But also people like storm, bubada, inspiral, and rome for their contributions
  9. how in the world did i get votes
  10. Another DUD Javier and the offensive line struggle again as the Seahawks trounce the Skins, 35-10
  11. Redskins finally nab a win Javier Fields and Co. play an efficient passing game to beat the Bills
  12. Yay!
  13. Damn, this is in depth. Thanks homie.
  14. Yikes
  15. The Redskins do not wish to restructure any deals.