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  1. Yikes
  2. The Redskins do not wish to restructure any deals.
  3. Another week, another disappointment Kicker Thomas McMahan misses short field goal in OT to force a tie against Arizona.
  4. D-Line busts out; Offense still a bust Redskins fall 27-10 to Rams in home matchup; Javier still can't get anything going
  5. Skins plowed over by Cowboys tandem Redskins give up 3 TDs on the ground en route to 28-6 loss
  6. Welp, this makes sense
  7. Damn Carolina, u scary
  8. The Redskins decide on option 2. We'll get a second opinion.
  9. CITY OF SMOTHERLY LOVE Quarterback Javier Fields throws 3 INT's in opening game to lose close, defensive battle to Philadelphia.
  10. Astounded that our defense/special teams kept us in this one this week
  11. Sam Hiller-Weeden, take me home baby
  12. Redskins vs IND vs KC @ BUF @ SEA
  13. Washington Redskins Head Coach: nephewjack 2 years // $8,000,000 $4,000,000 per year
  14. DC Greg Schiano $3,500,000 2 years
  15. DC Greg Schiano $2,100,000 a year 2 years
  16. signed
  17. OC Chan Gailey $2,400,000 a year 2 years
  18. DC Greg Schiano $2,860,000 2 years
  19. skins
  20. DC Tony Dungy $3,660,250 per year 2 Years
  21. DC Tony Dungy $3,025,000 per year 2 Years
  22. I don't need a CB as much as I need a WR
  23. I traded for a fill-in CB this year, so i almost definitely won't be picking one
  24. For a single year... Just one............. but welcome to the site

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