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    1. I can throw my hat into the general apathy hat. I just got promoted to work with people I generally like and for a boss that has major political, military, and business conections who is a genuinely good guy and wants me to succeed. And all I want to do is take my ball home, go back to being a normal cog in the machine, and fade into obscurity. I much prefer being the sheep at times compared to the sheep dogs, particularly at work. I really have little opinion on most topics, I'm just conditioned to being forceful with a strong opinion to really make my presence matter. I basically don't exist socially otherwise. Despite how I come across here, my anxiety and depression manifest pretty rarely, but with extreme results. I still have some major anxiety about dark parking lots and strangers in hoodies. Depression usually drags me down about the apathy. About not really caring about shit. I have a lot of empathy socially, but I really struggle to maintain 5+ good friends. People just fade in and out, like flavours of the month for me. And I always feel like I'm using them to some end like a connection or prolonged booty call. Stuff like that gets me really depressed. Or how I tend to become disinterested in my relationships after a few months. Women themselves drive me nuts. I have a long standing depressive issue about not finding love because I burn through most relationships like revolving doors, but the few girls I've really taken a shine to are never reciprocated. Like there's just fundamentally something wrong with me as a person compared to what I seek out.
    2. Rome

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Okay, I'm going to finish the schedule now.
    3. UBL's finals run and then disappearance.
    4. Why did you grade a 5'11" 150 guy as a RB? The skinniest RB in the class is 170. Where as there is at least one 150lb WR.
    5. Rome

      Who are the 2022 Heisman favorites?

      It'll go to Bryce Thompson or a runningback like Solomon. I don't think Black runs enough for people to vote him in. He's a [Hybrid] that likes to keep plays alive and would rather check down for 4 yards than risk a deep pass for a lot more.
    6. Rome

      Who do you support?

      I probably should be a Buckeye fan first and foremost, but Auburn was the first team I ever watched play football.
    7. Rome

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    8. I'm not crying, you're crying. Please return when you feel like it.
    9. Rome

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #13

      At least the Orlando Bowl was fun?
    10. This team has recruited well in the past. I think a coach can definitely take over here and take them to at least a bowl.
    11. Rome

      [2022+] Prestige Changes

      If y'all could start updating what you can, that'd be dope as fuck.
    12. Rome

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Houston & Indianapolis

      Lmao, Hudson and Burnham opposite signs. I like our grades otherwise.
    13. Rome

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      I wish Maui'a and Burks all the best. I think they are both good depth players and future starters.
    14. He picked off both QBs we faced in the playoffs. Don't let his "low" numbers distract you from the talent of this kid. He played in man coverage as a Zone guy for most of the year due to the talent at the position besides him. I think he has a really bright future.