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  1. I appreciate the trust, but I can't imagine a top 15 offense and top 20 defense is good enough to make the playoffs in the AFC. The Wildcard is going to be looking at the losers of OAK/DEN, NYJ/MIA, and JAX/TEN I feel like. I 100% have to finish in the 2nd spot on the AFCS to make the playoffs, IMO. I expect Week 3 Leshoure and not Week 1 Leshoure (I do think CHI's going to be pretty good this year, the way they just absolutely demolished my run game played a lot into his bad Leshoure was) for most of the season. How do we make the playoffs? Get Leshoure to the Pro Bowl and manage a 4.0 YPC over the course of the year. Coaching Auburn and Houston will not cause any issues for me.
  2. Nick Hall must have lapped the guy with the 2nd most comebacks, by now.
  3. Rome

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    He truly Skagged his hardest, but not even Skaggs can overcome the C L U T C H gene.
  4. Rome

    [2022] Week 0 Coaches Poll

    Also, personally,
  5. Oh and Linus Petty is a darkhorse Heisman candidate.
  6. USC and @Jumbo are my biggest/happiest surprise of the Week. They struggled a lot last season due to someone key injuries, so seeing them go out and make a statement win in a rivalry game bodes well for them this season. My biggest disappointment was seeing the Volunteers get cornshocked. I don't know yet if this is an indication of the talent Tennessee lost, the talent of the Nebraska squad, both, neither, or whatever. I definitely don't think Tazer needs to freak out and adjust his team quickly for Week 2, but he will definitely need better showings in the rest of his OOC games to become a realistic threat for the SEC East title. On the other side, a win should breed confidence and even more success for the Cornhuskers. I don't know if they're my B1G West favorite yet, but they're beyond a "dark horse" now. Shoutouts to @SageBow for a win in his return, even if it was only an FCS game.
  7. Rome

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Afternoon

    1.4 oline rating holy shit
  8. I'm not sold on TCU changing anything yet. They had an arms race with one of the most balanced offenses in the nation. Their defense was tasked with stopping one of the safest QBs we've ever seen, a runningback who I genuinely think is now the #2 RB without Yeldon this year, and we had a 1/5 freshman make a huge impact on offense with a TD and 80ish yards. What are they really suppose to do? Play perfect football for 60 minutes?
  9. It's not like Luck even had a bad game, unless those 2 tds were in the fourth down 31-10 or something. Auburn wins a "get out of jail free" card and will probably hold the #1 poll spot until they lose. They can afford a bump and still have a pretty strong argument. TCU doesn't lose much in the long run. An 11-2 TCU is still playoff worthy. They can't stumble and fumble over a weak game, but they should feel absolutely confident in controlling their own destiny. This game will certainly impact the season at the very end, but it seems hard to believe it will be more than seeding.
  10. Rome

    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

  11. He's from AR. I was about to flip a tit.
  12. Rome

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    I like to ride in truck. Georgia sucks.