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  1. Kyler Wilson trying to figure out why he bothered coming back to ECU. (SCAR is also pretty damn good)
  2. Week 2, 1pm, Jets at Bengals, Latavious Murray is listed twice on the receiving sheet.
  3. To give an example that doesn't try to be as deep, here's a concept of Pro Style, Air Raid, and Spread Option (which seems missing?): Pro Style: Fullback Focused; Singleback 1RB/2RB; Two Tight End Focused; Passing Focused Fullback Focused - This is your dad's pro style, with the fullback as a primary feature of the run game and the occasional pass play. Singleback - Pro Style that forgoes the fullback for a tight end or another wide receiver. More modern pro style. 2RB option to rotate backs. Two Tight End Focused - Tries to feature both tight ends in the offens
  4. It's because win percentage is a major factor an the only buckets are 1.000, 0.5000, and 0.000. Later in the season, when the numbers are less spread out, the other factors will become more influential and you won't see sheer drop offs like that.
  5. Okay, I wanna address a few things: 1) Should this become the whole gameplan overhaul discussion? It was suggested to me to bring expanded gameplan options up here for discussion as well, but I don't want to veer off-topic. 2) I like the distinction between Trick Plays the scheme and having some trick plays enabled. The latter feels more like "rainy day bag of tricks" while the scheme represents that these plays were baked into the gameplan all week. That being said, I'd like to see more options for trick plays, like onside kick attempts. 3) So I've spent al
  6. Before I post the rankings, I just want to clarify a few things: The only things considered are win-loss records and points for/allowed Your team is weighed very heavily in the pros because schedules are much more uniform and the real difference is injury timing which I cannot account for. SOS still plays a small (10% total) factor and is the deciding factor this early. As per always, when RNN refers to "your opponents", they specifically mean in games your opponents played against other teams. Your games are always factored out. Again we utilize the Pythagorean
  7. I've been kicking this idea around to others to get them to propose, so I'm all for it. I'd love to see the change from 3 to 4 if we stick with the current system. I would even support a total freeform system as long as Soluna can get it to work. If you think you have the personnel to run West Coast/Flexbone, screw it, why not let'em try? For the new suggestion, I am also strongly in favor. I like the idea of scheme subtypes or specializations. I'm just curious how it would apply to the ends of the spectrum, where the variations might be less interesting. Would a a more
  8. >Don't give up a single offensive TD >Still lose GG @Jumbo @grv413 I'm gonna be mad because you need to win the close games at home, but meh. Our pass rush and pass blocking still leaves a lot to be desired, but our running game just isn't working otherwise. Losing our starting center for a few weeks is going to make it even worse now. Once we get those things figured out, we should be okay. We're just not that talented of a roster. Despite basically being swiss cheese on defense, we still forced the Jets to settle for only field goals. The s
  9. Some poor school is gonna draw 11-1 LSU (assuming Auburn doesn't lose and LSU wins the division instead) in the opening round of the playoffs and get smacked in that 4-5 game.
  10. Huge game in what should be an intense Big 10 East race. Good W for Florida, that Tennessee squad is very talented.
  11. OG Gregory Bruno 6-3 268 Sr Vincennes University (Vincennes IN) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] -- Missing from the eligibles list although other Pitt players are on there OT Dashawn Stovall 6-1 283 Sr East Georgia College (Swainsboro GA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking]
  12. I would like to commend the voters for accurately replicating the reactions the IRL coaches poll gets.
  13. @cmcgill Match-up of the two premier SECW programs
  14. Choose your own adventure response Positive Neutral Negative
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