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  1. How many teams have never even made the playoffs? The perpetual hype is a serious testament to the team building prowess in Detroit.
  2. Should be Utah. This question arises every week lmao
  3. Confirmed. Oakland receives - 2020 2nd round pick (43rd overall pick) 2021 5th round pick Becomes a 2021 4th if White has 700 yards receiving AND 6 TDs during the 2020 regular season Becomes a 2021 3rd in White makes the Pro Bowl in 2020 Houston receives - WR Marvin White 6-4 184 4 Ohio State [Speed] 89 Marvin White did not make the Pro Bowl, but he surpassed 700 yards and 6 TDs. Oakland receives Houston's 4th round selection in 2021. Minnesota Receives SS Tyler Trent 5-10 210 2 Alabama [Man Coverage] 81 2021 conditional 4th Rd pick Becomes a 2021 3rd if Manning records 40+ tackles during the regular season OR records 3+ INT during the regular season OR is cut/traded before the 2021 Super Bowl Becomes a 2021 2nd if Manning records 55+ tackles AND 4+ INT If the Texans do not have the appropriate 4th or 3rd round pick due to the Marvin White trade, the Texans will provide a pick before the appropriate conditional pick Houston Receives SS Darren Manning 6-4 189 4 Tennessee [ZoneCoverage] 90 2 INTs, 24 known tackles -- Minnesota receives Houston's 3rd round selection in 2021 due to Houston's 4th going to Oakland.
  4. The Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, and Minnesota Vikings all missed last week. (29/32) Season violations so far: Cincinnati Bengals: 3 New England Patriots: 3 Jacksonville Jaguars: 2 Kansas City Chiefs: 2 New York Giants: 2 Arizona Cardinals: 1 New Orleans Saints: 1 L.A. Rams: 1 Pittsburgh Steelers: 1 San Francisco 49ers: 1 L.A. Chargers: 1 Washington Redskins: 1 Minnesota Vikings: 1
  5. Yeah, no way this gets added. I just wanted the thought experiment.
  6. If you made a trade that had conditions, please post the results here. Link to the original trade thread, post whether each condition was met, and what the final trade ends up being. All teams involved in a trade must post or confirm the results of each trade.
  7. The actual methodology of the drawing of the number is obviously up to date (also, nothing is every truly random when designed by a computer. There are only varying degrees of smokescreens.)
  8. This might be blasphemous, but I like the idea of a lottery draft for NFLHC. We joke about it, we shit on it, but tanking is definitely something that people at least hope for, if not active coach for. But instead of just talking about this in the shoutbox, I want to look at what could happen if we implemented this for the upcoming draft. So the following is that look. Given concerns about teams benching key players in the final weeks, making drastic changes like running trick plays, and other various methodologies that could be seen as tanking in disguise, NFLHC Commissioner Alienufo has decided that the NFLHC draft will have the top 3 picks determined by lottery like NHLHC is. While this will not stamp out tanking, it will help deter it by creating risk in the strategy. He has passed off the work to NFLHC assistant Rome, who's work is outlined here. Methodology The NFLHC Draft Lottery is a hybridization of the NBA and NHL lottery drafts. The spread of chances are ripped straight from the NBA draft lottery, but the actual process is lifted from the NHL. Given that the NFLHC has way more teams missing the playoffs than either of those two leagues, we had to adapt the numbers a bit. The NBA lottery split reduces in this trend line: y = 399.21e^(-0.332x) Now, given that we have more teams, I adapted the exponent to -0.222x, which I think provided a better spread of chances. Also, the order of the teams remain the same as in the NFL--record with strength of schedule being the tiebreaker. Given this, we end up with the following chart: As you can see, the bottom six teams don't even have a 1% chance of the top pick. I feel that this is a satisfying handicap as we have teams like ATL and PHI that just missed the playoffs, winning 10 out of 16 of their games. But it only gives the worst team--historically bad Los Angeles Chargers--only a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting that top pick. Picks 1, 2, and 3 will be selected in order. The first selection will be for the #1 overall pick. The team that wins this pick will be removed from the pool and pick #2 will be selected. Like wise for pick #3. Then the order will be set by the remaining teams in their default order (record and SOS as a tiebreaker), while rounds 2 thru 7 will be completely set by this order. This is a relatively simple set up and should be easy to follow for all those would-be conspiracy theorists. Selection Without further adieu, here is our number #1 overall selection, as picked by selects 768 -- The BUFFALO BILLS will have the #1 Overall Selection of the 2021 NFLHC Draft! selects 115 -- The LOS ANGELES CHARGERS will have the #2 Overall Selection of the 2021 NFLHC Draft! Random. org selects 453 -- The CHICAGO BEARS will have the #3 Overall Selection of the 2021 NFLHC Draft! Therefore, your NFLHC Draft Order for Round 1 will be: 1. BUF 2. LAC 3. CHI 4. WAS 5. NE 6. MIN 7. ARI 8. TEN 9. NO 10. TB 11. CIN 12. NYG 13. HOU 14. KC 15. CLE 16. MIA 17. SEA 18. PIT 19. ATL 20. PHI Tune in for the 2021 NFLHC Draft at 8pm EST, November 23rd, 2017!
  9. I mean, everyone was worried about his reaction to pressure. I think top 16 is fantastic for Leshoure.
  10. With the regular season in the books, we here at the Roman News NetworkTM have decided to look back at the individual seasons each AFC team had and examine it in detail. Without further adieu. The AFC North The AFCN is the perennial laughing stock of the league. This is due to a number of factors, mainly based on the vocal nature of three of the franchises housed in this division. With every other division wanting to draw them on their yearly slate and constant preseason wondering if their division winner will be sub .500, it's easy to see why the members of this division would be frustrated with how they're portrayed. Cleveland Browns Record: 8-8 SOS+: 28th Home Record: 3-5 Road Record: 5-3 Record vs sub .500: 6-2 Record vs .500+: 2-6 The Browns are a really odd team this year. First and foremost, they were way better on the road then they were at home. Having one of the worst strengths of schedule, it's not surprising that Cleveland dominated their sub .500 opponents. However, they were very poor against teams that were .500 or better this year, including 1-3 against their divisional opponents. This is why I'm rather concerned about Cleveland going into next year. However, as the 3rd team in the AFCN, they will draw the AFCE, NFCN, Houston, and Kansas City (I believe), which should not provide a tougher slate than it did this year. I expect a 9-7 or 10-6 record for them next year. Cincinnati Bengals Record: 5-11 SOS+: T-4th Home Record: 3-5 Road Record: 2-6 Record vs sub .500: 2-2 Record vs .500+: 3-9 Probably the #1 most shit upon team in the league, the Bengals had a rough year. With a very tough schedule, they did as well as you could probably expect them to. They were .500 against teams on their level and got mostly destroyed by teams above them. We know how happy the franchise is with Joel King's season, but their defense will either need retooling or will still be terrible with young draft picks. They do get the Los Angeles Chargers, but also the Tennessee Titans. Next season will be a mixed bag for Cincinnati, but barring some more blockbuster trading, I don't see them doing better than 7-9 next season. Baltimore Ravens Record: 10-6 SOS+: T-9th Home Record: 6-2 Road Record: 4-4 Record vs sub .500: 4-2 Record vs .500+: 6-4 Your AFCN Divisional Champions have had a somewhat surprising season. With a top 10 schedule in terms of difficulty, they actually managed to be two games up against both sub .500 and .500+ opponents on the year. With wins over Atlanta and Indianapolis, but losses to Cincinnati and Houston, there were both peaks and valleys on their road to the playoffs. They did hammer out 6 straight wins to end the season including 4 games against .500+ opponents in that stretch. There is a lot of concern about next year due to a worse pick compared to the rest of their division (considering how close the race was) and the fact they'll draw Jacksonville and Denver next year, but the Ravens should be celebrating this year until Week 1 next year. Pittsburgh Steelers Record: 9-7 SOS+: T-18th Home Record: 5-3 Road Record: 4-4 Record vs sub .500: 7-1 Record vs .500+: 2-6 If you want a team that coasted on their easy schedule, look no further than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Teams under the .500 mark accounted for 7 out of their 9 wins on the season. Their other two? Divisional rivals Baltimore and Cleveland. There is a lot to be worried about for the Steelers going into the offseason. Drawing Indianapolis and Oakland instead of Kansas City and New England will play a role in their season next year. Obviously I can be wrong, but their <.500/.500+ split looks terrible and screams "regression" next year. The AFC East The division Gravy built, the East was once a mighty group that boasted four teams with a winning record last year. This year, however, they saw a sharp decline in two of their teams while the other two stagnated a bit. This isn't bad for the top two teams as they weren't going to drastically improve on successful seasons last year, but the bottom dwellers will need a sudden, impactful turn around to avoid irrelevance next year. Miami Dolphins Record: 9-7 SOS+: 32nd Home Record: 5-3 Road Record: 4-4 Record vs sub .500: 8-2 Record vs .500+: 1-5 The easiest schedule of any team in the NFLHC landed with the Miami Dolphins. Their only victory against a team with a non-losing record? The Jets in Week 16. When you manage to get 10 games against teams that don't even touch .500, it's very surprising that the 'fins weren't any better than 9-7. If there isn't panic in Miami, the team is run by ostriches. With the Colts and Raiders on the slate next year, I don't think this level of coasting is possible again next year. Then again, they lost to the two teams they drew this year--Cincinnati and Houston. And neither of those teams were that good. New York Jets Record: 11-5 SOS+: T-29th Home Record: 6-2 Road Record: 5-3 Record vs sub .500: 7-1 Record vs .500+: 4-4 Another AFCE team with a terrible schedule (and this continues), the Jets fared significantly better against actual competition. A pretty solid follow-up season to a runner up season, the Jets are likely going to be looking to continue their dominance of the division. There seem to be some concerns about Wegert, but I'm not sure they're going to matter in the offseason. Look for them to land in the 9-11 win range again next year. And for people to mock them an offensive tackle. New England Patriots Record: 4-12 SOS+: 27th Home Record: 3-5 Road Record: 1-7 Record vs sub .500: 3-3 Record vs .500+: 1-9 What is it with the AFCE and pussy ass schedules? Providing the only win for the terrible Los Angeles Chargers, the Patriots had a very disappointing season. Their sweep of rival Buffalo provides the only bright spot at all for this season. With huge question marks at quarterback, I don't expect the Patriots to jump much next year. They get the AFCN, Houston, and Kansas City, which might provide an even tougher slate than this year. Seriously, you lost to LAC and WAS... Buffalo Bills Record: 3-13 SOS+: T-29th Home Record: 1-7 Road Record: 2-6 Record vs sub .500: 1-6 Record vs .500+: 2-7 When you have more wins against teams at .500 or better than you do sub .500, I think your season is rather strange. Getting swept by fellow all-toilet team Patriots, this was a very trying year for Buffalo. They managed to unload two veteran, expensive contracts for great picks in the next two drafts, so their future is definitely looking up. They grab LAC and TEN next year as opponents, but TEN will be a real challenge. Don't expect much as their new lynch pins will be very young. The AFC South Memes. Memes galore. Jacksonville managed to grab the #1 AFC seed running trick plays as their secondary scheme. Their core offensive weapons had 1 year of professional experience between them (Sowell and Raheem). If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about this division and the conference as a whole, I have nothing for you. Also, the Colts are pretty good, the Titans are super spooky next year, and the Texans are bad memes. Indianapolis Colts Record: 11-5 SOS+: T-9th Home Record: 6-2 Road Record: 5-3 Record vs sub .500: 6-1 Record vs .500+: 5-4 The Colts had a pretty tough schedule this year and played it well. They dominated the weak teams on their schedule and managed to go 1 game up on the good teams. Shea balled out, their running game is still awful, and I don't think their secondary is much of anything either. But they'll go 11-5 or 10-6 again next year, make the playoffs, beat whoever draws them as their opponent, and then lose to NYJ or JAX in the divisional round. Which might happen this year, too. Houston Texans Record: 6-10 SOS+: T-4th Home Record: 4-4 Road Record: 2-6 Record vs sub .500: 4-1 Record vs .500+: 2-9 Eleven games against teams over .500. While the Texans managed to do what was expected of them and beat their weaker opponents (splitting with TEN 1-1), the Texans just could not stay consistent against their good opponents. With an average margin of victory of +9 and a margin of loss of -10, good for 21st and 15th respectively, the Texans were constantly in the ball game, but could never punch it in. This would normally bode well for a team going into the next season, but their lack of draft capital is going to hamper this team hard. They will either need to splash in the free agency market or trade block to improve next year. Barring that, their ceiling next year looks to be 7-9. Jacksonville Jaguars Record: 12-4 SOS+: T-23rd Home Record: 4-4 Road Record: 8-0 Record vs sub .500: 9-0 Record vs .500+: 3-4 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jacksonville Memes. First off, they were perfect on the road. Perfect against all the shitty teams they played, but mediocre against the good teams. With a first team slate next year, we get JAX vs BAL and NYJ, which might regress their record a bit, but they're only going to get better with progressions and drafting. It's hard to write much about the good teams, guys. Why did we let this happen? Tennessee Titans Record: 5-11 SOS+: T-23rd Home Record: 3-5 Road Record: 2-6 Record vs sub .500: 4-3 Record vs .500+: 1-8 Racked by injuries, the Titans really struggled against good teams this year. Their only win against a team at .500 or better came week one vs 8-8 Cleveland, so they really did struggle. When they did win, however, they won by just short of two touchdowns. Their progressions were fantastic, they'll hopefully get a good QB this offseason, and they draw CIN and BUF as their standing opponents next year. I think an 8-8 season for this young team is very possible and they have a bright future right now. If they can stay on the field. The AFC West The wild, wild west had quite the interesting year. A divisional title by Denver, a wildcard appearance by Oakland, a bipolar Kansas City, and perhaps the worst team ever in LAC. Quite a wild ride that should be just as entertaining next year. Oakland Raiders Record: 9-7 SOS+: T-25th Home Record: 5-3 Road Record: 4-4 Record vs sub .500: 6-1 Record vs .500+: 3-6 The Raiders had a tough year. Having traded one of their star WRs in the offseason, they took a backstep against good opponents. They still dismantled their terrible opponents, but batting .333 against teams with a pulse could mean an early playoff exit for the Raiders. They did post wins over Indianapolis and Denver, but they have to travel to Denver where they just lost two weeks ago. Next year, with some solid drafting, we should see the Raiders back at 9-7 or 10-6. They'll draw a slightly easier schedule than Denver, which may be the difference. Los Angeles Chargers Record: 1-15 SOS+: T-25th Home Record: 1-7 Road Record: 0-8 Record vs sub .500: 1-5 Record vs .500+: 0-10 Man, what a god awful year. A weaker schedule and a stunning 15 losses on the season spells gloom and doom. With a lone win over fellow awful team New England, there's really nothing to praise about this team. They were terrible on offense, terrible on defense, and probably terrible in coaching. They're looking to sell a lot of players judging from their recent trade block post, so they're going to make changes. However, this isn't the type of season that gets erased in one offseason. 5-11 is their ceiling next year, in my opinion. Denver Broncos Record: 10-6 SOS+: 31st Home Record: 5-3 Road Record: 5-3 Record vs sub .500: 7-2 Record vs .500+: 3-4 Another AFC team with a porous schedule. They took care of business for the most part (that loss to ARI is really odd) and came up just short against their good opponents. But this was all they needed to do to make the playoffs and grab another division title. With one of the better Margins of Victory and Margins of Loss (5th and 10th respectively), this team should be set up pretty well for the future. They've got a solid core going and should be contenders for the next few years. Kansas City Chiefs Record: 7-9 SOS+: T-21st Home Record: 3-5 Road Record: 4-4 Record vs sub .500: 5-0 Record vs .500+: 2-9 They swept their bad opponents. They got demolished by their good opponents. Their 0-5 opening stretch were all against teams with winning records. Their 5-1 stretch immediately following was against 4 teams that won 4 games or less all season (ARI also tied) and two teams with 10+ wins. A very bipolar season for the Chiefs to go along with their bipolar schedule. They draw CLE and NE next year along with the AFCS, so they might be set up pretty good. However, it's going to require a strong showing in the draft and by coach Nmize0 if he wants to make the playoffs next year.
  11. AFC Playoffs: #1 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Record #2 - New York Jets - Record #3 - Denver Broncos - Common Opponents Record (3-2) #4 - Baltimore Ravens - Default (2-3 vs Com. Opp. w/DEN) #5 - Indianapolis Colts - Record #6 - Oakland Raiders - Conference Record over PIT and MIA NFC Playoffs: #1 - Carolina Panthers - Record #2 - Dallas Cowboys - H2H victories over both LAR and GB #3 - Green Bay Packers - Strength of Victory lead over LAR (0.4976 vs 0.4746) #4 - Los Angeles Rams - Default #5 - Detroit Lions - Record #6 - San Francisco - Record
  12. M'bad, it isn't perfect.
  13. Notes: Open to changes due to certain tiebreakers.
  14. Not Enough Texans play well, but the difference in talent shows clearly in loss to Jacksonville.
  15. Meh. Seems like we moved the ball a bit, but couldn't end it. Pacheco had another game over 4YPC. Leshoure had a 100ish Passer Rating with no INTs. Force two turnovers and gave up nothing. 40% third down conversion rate. Arturo Beckham had a great game. Our FCS Accuracy UDFA Kicker is making 50+ yard field goals. Sucks we lost, but there's really a lot I'm happy about with our performance. @Soluna Great game.