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    1. Most underachieving college bball coach

      I thought this was going to be about CBBHC and I was already defending myself in my head. "Have you seen this team? I'm starting a 1.5/3 as my BEST player, period."
    2. Mid-Season PAC-12 Awards Leaders

      COTY will go to someone that's not those two.
    3. This seems like the next logical step. Bubada has been around for awhile and is pretty well ingrained in site media. Hopefully he's not too burdened by the extra responsibility.
    4. Fantasy Baseball

      Feel free. I've set with 16 teams in a four division format for now, but we can change to whatever down the road. If we go with an odd number of users, it'll 100% be Roto or Points, but I've always preferred H2H more. If we end up with 14 somehow, we might still do Roto or Points as two 7-team divisions may lead to byes and those are booty.
    5. Fantasy Baseball

      I need emails to invite folks.
    6. Rome, Roman News, Rome, Ohio: What about Yellow Evan?
    7. [AU] Coach your least favorite school

      I don't really hate anyone outside of them, though.
    8. In an alternate universe, you're forced to coach your least favorite school. You can't intentionally sabotage the team without risking a ban. So, who were you forced to take? ACC Duke - DeanDean School that Pretends to Actually Be A School - Darman Virginia Tech - Vxmonarkxv Big Ten Michigan - Time Ohio State - Rocketcan Penn State - TheSam Big Twelve Texas - tprochnow Dumbpendents Noter Dame - Grv413 PAC-12 Utah - Bellwoodbomb SEC Alabama - Rome Texasm A&M - Taffyowner
    9. Fantasy Baseball

      Depends on how many people we get, etc. No.
    10. Fantasy Baseball

      Who's interested? Division 1. Rome 2. Jamzz 3. Carl345 4. stinsy 5. Darman Division 1. GK12303 2. ConstapatedApe 3. Jieret 4. jmjacobs 5. Oblivious_Lax 6. Darkage
    11. [2021] Week #7 - MNF

      Murphy took quite the beating tonight.
    12. I'm now glad I signed up
    13. Damn. That's infinity TDs for every win over Blake Shell he has.