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  1. Yeah, I always forget this is the case. We could theoretically redo the draft tiebreaker with a resolution tho.
  2. @fever_ful this is, what, a June day for Buffalo?
  3. In situations where teams finished the previous season with identical records, the determination of draft position is decided by strength of schedule — the aggregate winning percentage of a team’s opponents. The team that played the schedule with the lowest winning percentage will be awarded the higher pick. If the teams have the same strength of schedule, division or conference tiebreakers are applied. If the divisional or conference tiebreakers are not applicable, or ties still exist between teams of different conferences, ties will be broken the following tie-breaking method: He
  4. By any chance can you do the #1 overall pick? I think that's a race a lot of people will enjoy following.
  5. @believer @Bruno @GigemAgs GG boys! Both teams played their hearts out in what's functionally an elimination game. Negatives: Our defensive ends have both fractured their wrist in the last two games. I feel for Bailey and hope he returns next year. I don't want to see him end his career like that. 8 penalties is a lot. False starts and offsides are major issues, even if it's "only" 5 yards each time. Whelehan continuing his best impression of 2014 Chiefs WRs The offense still wasn't efficient enough. I would've liked to see a better day in yards and complet
  6. Rome

    World Building

    The age old method of reading someone else's writings and trying to figure it all out without additional help. I'm just bungling around with photoshop and g.projector. I work in a 3200x1600 equilateral that g.projector then models. I'm going to keep posting updates as I work. If you're inspired, feel free to post! If you have advice/criticism, please share! I welcome all expertise to help me! I've come to refer to this planet as Darwin in relation to the project it's for. Here's my quarter-assed before work attempt at plotting tropical climates. I've mostly
  7. Oof, that's a tough L. GG @smackemz
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