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  1. Not even his worst of the year. Should've traded for Werner.
  2. How do you feel about being towards the bottom of the AAC preseason rankings?
  3. Maybe he's implying they will be ranked simultaneously?
  4. I didn't vote because I don't know shit about this season yet.
  5. Obviously a focus on stopping the run. The pass defense is, surprisingly, the best part of our defense. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the game, so the half-time adjustment towards more men in the box really helped.
  6. We definitely look to get the ball into his hand at every chance we get. You can see in the game tape that we're definitely working him into the running game with sweeps and reverses, but it didn't work out well for us in this game. I feel that it might be a setting issue given that I'm running a Power back, but that didn't hurt Schaeffer, so I'm not necessarily sure. We're also using him as a returner on kickoffs, hoping to exploit any vertical speed he may have. On the obvious passing side, I'm worried about incorporating him because he only averaged 3.9 catches a game last year, suggesting some drop or separation issues. Combine that with Schaeffer's spotty accuracy (51% this game, roughly the same last year) and I'm not sure he's going to be a big star while running routes.
  7. Cincinnati 41, Utah State 14 Players of the Week RB Aaron Street - 20 Carries for 84 yards, 3 Rushing TDs Dominic Monk - 3 Tackles, 1 INT T.J. Bendbrook - 2 for 2 FGs (50, 42), 5/5 XPs After scraping by rival Miami (OH) last year to start the season, the Bearcats blew past Utah State to set the pace for 2020. In front of 36,797 fans (up from an average of 29,783 last season, but not quite the sellout against Miami), Cincinnati go into the half only up 20-14 after an explosive run by the Aggies' QB Love. A wonderful defensive performance in the second half would allow the Cats to hammer out the home victory. Coach Rome would unveil a new offensive attack, dubbed the "Bearcat Attack" by The News Record, but the wrinkles seemed to produced little yardage. Street would go 0-for-2 on pass attempts and various misdirection plays would fall flat. It would be the consistent power of Street's rushing that would bring about the 27 point victory. The floor is now open for questions.
  8. This is gonna be a fun ass season.
  9. Which is why I'm winning it.
  10. Also, tab goes right, enter goes down. You can start at QB, tab all the way the over, then enter back down to the next team's QB. Really useful with a lot of columns.
  11. Here is everything post week 5! Power Rankings Elo Elo Change (since season started) PF+ (Points For adjusted by opponents) PA+ (Points Against adjusted by opponents) SOS+ (SOS with games of the team in question removed) Remaining SOS Estimated Win Total (Current Wins + Probability of Win in Remaining Games) AY/A+ (Adjusted Yards Per Attempt. 100 Average, 15 Standard Deviation) Opponent's Average AY/A+ (Measuring strength of defenses faced; lower = tougher; Does not include game against QB in question) xAY/A+ (Same as QB's AY/A+, but adjusted for opponents)
  12. Just a few shoutouts @Emperor_of_Orange - So strange in the shoutbox, but we've chatted a lot since he got here. Been an entertaining friendship. First person to PM me after I got back. @bingo415 - Seems to actually enjoy listening to my weird ideas. Probably spent way too long listening to me waffle about my CFBHC direction. @cmcgill - <3 Row Leshoure <3 @neovenator250 - Probably the person I talk to the most after EoO.
  13. Kickers are the clear example that should be adjusted based on performance. As the most prominent and influential (in terms of what we see), it feels really important to keep on top of them and challenge them each year in the Preseason. For example, we at Houston decided to test out an UDFA out of the FCS--someone we had zero knowledge on--to try out in the preseason. Our original kicker doinked a PAT the first week, so we trotted the kid out for the last 3. In the end we kept the rookie and the vet has been one of the worst kickers in the entire league this year. So keeping on top of them is very important if you don't have a stud. Punters and returners are harder to quantify. I think you just get the best punter you can OVR wise and hope for the best. Over 16 games you might see he's drastically under-performing and replace him, but it's a lot harder to judge. Returners are even harder to judge negatively, but you can see the great ones. Denver has a truly electrifying return man. 13 teams have recorded a return TD, but that shows 19 have zero idea if their returner is any good. We only get the great results (TDs), but we don't see the bad results (lost yards, fumbles). We could probably see the fumbles if they're listed (just a small note after the fumble recovery event saying "Muffed Punt" or the like), but a guy who always takes it out 8 yards deep and gets stuffed at the 13 won't show on the stat line. Thus it's really up to each coach to decide when and where to experiment. I personally like guys with a great top speed for KR and great side-to-side agility for PR, but that's my own philosophy and it doesn't necessarily show well on the reports. What WILL help the return game is the position changes. Vaughn Gash, another Texan, changed to PR and saw a huge spike in his OVR. Clearly he's pretty good at it. But he had two returns last year and I only started him on a whim, so it's basically a crap shoot.
  14. Wish I could do this, but lolno. Updated to v1.1

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