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  1. @neovenator250 explain yourself
  2. Big Ten: 44 (-5)FCS: 114 (+5) MWC: 86
  3. Oh, I actually forgot someone. ATH Donte Delmas 5-11 150 Fr Walter Wellborn (Anniston AL) 3.0 of 5.0 [Speed] 6 Catches for 102 Yards, 2 TDs, and 0 drops in the spring game against my full first team defense. He'll be my slot WR and kick returner this season, so he'll have a lot of potential to flip games.
  4. No, I'm curious to know how Soluna thinks the coaching skills will impact our player evaluations. It applies to awards like this, but also true for drafting as well.
  5. Do you think the introduction of different coaching skills, ie the players who have really high offensive skills, will have a strong impact on the Heisman races going forward?
  6. For my own team, it's definitely returning national defensive player of the year Myles Wallace and running back phenom Sean Meade. QBs I like a lot this year include Bryce Thompson and Keith Jackson, who I think will get a lot of hype as a G5 team. RBs will likely have to rely on Madison or Meade to take it. If we're talking skywalkers, keep an eye on Cal's Spencer Sharpe and the two WRs for the cowbells. Defensively, there are a bunch of 5/5s that could threaten our first defensive Heisman, but I don't actually see it happening.
  7. Who are your preseason heisman favorites?
  8. I'm very happy to see players who won't see the field here get the time elsewhere. Schulz might struggle initially since we played in a 4-3 last year, but he'd be a good Jack linebacker for an FCS squad.
  9. I think Purdue got a 3/4 ATH Scrambling kid that would be perfect for Wildcat.
  10. The bolded section was my general theory behind it. All of our RBs took a big hit with one, even Wells in the one game I got to coach him. Maybe that means it's about the offensive line style like you suggest? Because that OL in Houston had solid chemistry, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Underestimating some of the schemes. I definitely think you can run a power RB and vertical routes in the Spread Option.
  12. Did he also start at DE? I'm curious if the sim would pull a starting DE for a secondary depth chart option like Jack.
  13. Is there anything in the sim you've never done but always wanted to? Could be team make-up, gameplan options, depth chart designations, etc. I'm really into the secondary depth chart positions right now, so I want to test out a lot of things with them. However, I'm very interested in trying out a Blitz DE at Jack Linebacker, but I have not have the talent and balls to actually try it. Has anyone tried it?
  14. Marcus Black played almost solely Pro Style (as far as Jumanji or I am aware). I suspect that Hybrid might be the most diverse of the three QB groups, but Pocket and Scrambling aren't easy to figure out either. My suggestions are Pistol or Spread Option, depending on your team make-up. You've tried the two I'd try first. On the pro side, there are a few settings I still feel like I have zero concept of how it works. I'm mostly talking about the route tree slider, which I've spent hours researching and still don't understand how to use. The other is man vs zone blocking, but I think I just never had the tools to run one there and always stuck with the other.
  15. Riley McNeil deserves a shot somewhere else. He isn't accurate long distance, but he can make them.
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