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  1. Serwendel's Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    This is bigoted against teams without a first.
  2. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #8

    I mean, technically, but...
  3. Resurgence Bright future of Bearcats finally has Cincinnati caring about football again.
  4. [2020] All AAC + Awards

    Oh shit, two first teamers? I give the best BJs.
  5. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    No, post it.
  6. Recruiting v1.4b Anonymous Survey

    Expansive Camps + Regional Power = 100% the choice for midwest schools. Ohio can add IL. Ohio State can now Camp IL AND get 18 points automatically on those recruits. Ohio State lands their star much faster. Same can be said for the MAC schools who can also camp IL. Penn's Woods would do well to do the same. I'd have to look at what border states Iowa, Wisconsin, and the rest get. But you want to stop Minnesota's "dominance"? Regional Power. It even debuffs the home state advantage a bit (yes the gap actually gets smaller if you both pick the bonus).
  7. CFBHC v1.4b

    With recruiting starting two weeks before the regular season, is that before Week 1 or before Week 0, the new fancy kickoff weekend we're starting this year?
  8. 2021 Recruiting Needs Your Help!

  9. Offensive Coordinator - Adam Gase -15% QB scheme change penalty +15% QB progression Under Contract through 2021 season Defensive Coordinator - Dennis Allen +12% DE/DT fitness +15% DE/DT aggressiveness Under Contract through 2021 season
  10. [Survey] Alumni Network

    University of Cincinnati (2010-2012) Ohio University (2012-2014)
  11. Also Tulane at WVU, Week 16 New Mexico State at BYU, Week 16 Liberty at UMass, Week 16 Best combination of games. Two Independent rivalries.
  12. Some games added: Texas State at Liberty, Week 11 (last two teams left) Liberty at Texas A&M, Week 7 Georgia Southern at BYU, Week 7 (only two games possible)