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  1. I'm sorry Ted. Depth chart updated.
  2. Willie Carr was my first QB. 3.0/3.0 Pocket kid at Colorado. He was not good what-so-ever. Just a terrible QB. Reggie Watkins was my first QB in NFLHC and taught me a lot about coaching to a QB's preferences/skill sets. He felt like a true game manager with a big arm.
  3. Here is everything post week 5! Power Rankings Elo Elo Change (since season started) PF+ (Points For adjusted by opponents) PA+ (Points Against adjusted by opponents) SOS+ (SOS with games of the team in question removed) Remaining SOS Estimated Win Total (Current Wins + Probability of Win in Remaining Games) AY/A+ (Adjusted Yards Per Attempt. 100 Average, 15 Standard Deviation) Opponent's Average AY/A+ (Measuring strength of defenses faced; lower = tougher; Does not include game against QB in question) xAY/A+ (Same as QB's AY/A+, but adjusted for opponents)
  4. I've always been a set and run guy. I've had double Zone, double Man, and split and I don't know if I really prefer any combination to another. I think they all have their uses and will thrive with the right gameplan and teammate support. I usually set them up to play to their listed type, so Zone for double Zone, split for split, or man for double man. If I had to pick, a Zone FS with a Man SS might be my preference since I expect different, but equally important roles out of those two positions. I can't outline anything specific about certain offenses as I've never been that good at surmising the opposition's schemes, but I have a feeling that Zone might be more vulnerable to a great receiving TE, but better at containing those explosive plays. Thus, Zone feels like the best option for trying to bend, but not break against a good offense, while Man feels more boom or bust particularly with turnovers. In the times I have tailored my defense to the opposition, I've always focused on the receivers instead of the QB. I feel like WRs are more likely to give away the opponent's strategy than QB. I tend to focus on location and style of the receivers, like a Speed guy #1 with a target at #2, or all Target, etc.
  5. He Runs, He Scores! Pacheco finds first rushing touchdown among bad day; Line, Defense find way not to blow the win.
  6. Fuck it, too excited to get a real gif. YEAH BITCHES!
  7. Collusion is garbage.

    1. vtgorilla


      Collusion is unnecessary.

    2. Vxmonarkxv


      tastes like rome salt, the most plentiful kind. 

  8. Same. "Lmao, why would you even bother recruiting less than a 4.0 Round 1???" People underestimate the depth and "average" baseline that having 3.5s can create. There's a lot to unpack and ponder about Soluna's answer to the Route Type question. Route Tree is mentioned to be a bigger threat to Zone, so is Group a bigger threat to Man? This could also be a solid litmus test for QBs in the sim. I've always been one to set and leave these option because I just did not understand it at all, so this gives me way more information to play with. Also, should we just request you give your thoughts on a division each week now? I feel like the discord Q&A channel is going to have them all posted within the next day anyway.
  9. Top 5 Draft Picks, right now, in no particular order: Tanner Bowman Khairi Bryant Too Young (Fuck the C-USA) Javier Grady Malachi Douglas Luke Cobb
  10. Hope Dallas enjoyed their pathetic SOS to start the season. Shit's already starting to catch up to them.
  11. Wow. Jumanji is wrong for once.
  12. Oh hell no, I am not lower than fucking Miami of Shitohio.
  13. This is an assumption I've made that has zero impact if the order doesn't matter. So I've been doing it anyway. Pascal's Wager of depth chart, I guess.
  14. Week 1, when Soluna posted each game as their own post without spoilers! Funnily enough, this is also the Week where my favorite non-NFLHC player went fucking nuts. Lenny Cartwright is a Colorado legend, despite being a 3.0/3.0 player. Week 1 was a game against Oklahoma State and future Rome RB in Booker T Washington! And what did Cartwright do? Lenny Cartwright, COL, 30 for 341 yards, 5 TD 80 Yards, 40 Yards, 11 Yards, 30 Yards, and 56 Yards for his 5 different TDs. The gameplans back then were totally different (IIRC, it was Balanced, Pass Heavy, or Run Heavy). This would be the absolute peak of my tenure at Colorado, but man it was a great way to start it. There was also Lenny's performance in this upset of Oregon in that same year, which is still my biggest upset in my career. My favorite player is still Blair Williams, who I now coach with the Houston Texans. He was never elite at Colorado, but, along with Keith Hooks, he was the best player on my defense. He played two years under me and was just such a steady force at a position that I consider very important. To this day he is what I look for in an ILB.
  15. Also keep in mind that order MAY have an impact. I'm not sure if anyone else even follows this, but for example, I think the first players listed under punt return are usually the "block" team. The DT, DE, TEs that line up on the line and try to pressure the punter. Keep your lighter guys towards the end so, if this is true, they're covering the gunners and blocking for your returner. Soluna said it isn't true further down. Carry on!

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