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    1. This is a pet peeve of mine too. I understand finding the best for your current situation, but I was always a big big pusher of "build to a specific play style". With Caesari and Tazer they knew I wanted to go Raid, although I didn't intend for it to happen immediately like it did. If I built a gameplan from scratch, here is how I think the weekly stuff would look. Primary Offensive Personnel: [11, 21] Primary Offensive Concepts: [Spread, Wing-T] Secondary Offensive Personnel: [00, 10, 20, 01, 22] Secondary Offensive Concepts: [Read Option, Triple Option,
    2. Definitely. I think you should get a big bonus to one scheme as your training camp focus. Then it becomes a zero sum game: if you focus on one scheme it gets better faster. If you focus on two, they improve slowly. Three keeps them from regressing. Learning 1 regresses the rest slower, learning two faster, and learning 3 even faster. Memory and attention is a finite resource. And they shouldn't be good at everything, no. A team who runs only pro style should be great at pro style and make few if any scheme mistakes. But jack of all trades, chaotic/protean/amoeba teams are my bread
    3. While I'm around, I'll drop another post of theory/concept: Playbook/Gameplan complexity. As many can probably guess, my personality is quite chaotic and my football game playbooks are similar. I can best summarize it as Multiple taken to it's logical extremes. Offensively I utilize everything from 00 to 32 in small batches, and defensively I'll run 3-4 4-3 4-2-5 3-3-5 5-2 and 4-4 fronts depending on what my opponent is feeding me. Now, these sorts of playbooks would be a complete nightmare to feed new players. So what I'm proposing is some sort of system th
    4. Good for the Bulldogs. I don't think I got a single W against Storm Whittaker. It came down to a 3-way tie between Aubie, Bama, and Mississippi State thanks to Auburn's Iron Bowl W. Mississippi State owned the W over both, so in they go! If MSST wins, I unironically think MSST, UF, UGA, and AUB all deserve playoff spots.
    5. Look at all those losers trying to steal a croot from Auburn's home state
    6. There's no chance @cmcgillor @TazerManHcould take him from me.
    7. See, I got So, uh, is your QB single? Edit: Marcus Black, Dominick Sherman, and Brett Champion Jr. for your consideration
    8. I'll keep this short. I was already planning on leaving during the offseason, but I have been pushed to move on. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
    9. Damn, so close. GG @jared2001usa @Dr_Novella
    10. There it is. @Jumbo I would like to put all my credits on Auburn winning the national title this year. Edit: Here's Storm Whittaker's first W over Auburn, back in 2022.
    11. Computer Poll right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgIQHH8ohJs
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