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  1. Pretty underwhelming.
  2. I need another rug upon which to shag women who might ungraciously be called a "grenade". Keyshawn and the Lions will be that rug.
  3. Because it's Week 1, a lot of shit just isn't available yet due to a lot of dividing by zero (Your opponent has only played one team, you, so your SOS is 0/0, for example). But here is what I CAN give you: Elo Rating (1500 is average. Variance is upped this year because I felt like the numbers did not correct themselves quickly or strongly enough last year): Elo Change (just change in Elo from the start): Pythagorean Difference (Difference between actual wins and expected wins based on PF/PA. Sort of a measure of luck. Sort of.): AY/A+ (Adjusted Yards Per Attempts, assigning yardage to TDs and INTs. From PFR. 100 is average, 15 is the standard deviation. Uses 2019 results to help adjust it into context):
  4. Oh yee of little faith.
  5. I feel like that might be different sides of the same coin.
  6. I forced two duds. Does that make my defense a stud?
  7. The New Is Better Than The Old Leshoure, Defense shine as the Texans blank their former coach and his new team.
  8. Ronald Daniel, missed 41 yd FG wide left- 0:55 Ronald Daniel, missed 35 yd FG hit upright - 7:20 Glad to see his shitty ways weren't limited to Houston. Riley McNeil, missed 51 yd FG short - 1:12
  9. Jesus fucking christ, this is the kind of result that should result in a coaching getting fired. Wait, KC already did that. Uhh...
  10. Pitched a fucking shutout to open the season, but damn our offense sucks. Our line got bullied and I desperately need to fix it.
  11. 128 passing yards is garbage in any circumstance.
  12. Also their running backs are HOU level.
  13. Joel King still had a 5.3 AY/A. Don't let Joel King beating AJJ distract you from the fact that AJJ basically lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  14. Yeah, there's no way the Ravens can win the north.

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