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  1. There are various reasons a team may under perform to expectations: coaching mishaps, lack of chemistry early, lack of skill synergy. As RNN moves forward, we hope to address those latter two efforts to better evaluate teams.
  2. I have no idea how good this deal is for either side, so let's poll the league! https://www.strawpoll.me/19679373
  3. Looking forward to that game, AJ. It's not too late to back out of the murder in Jacksonville.
  4. @stormstopper (Based on 1v1 depth charts in spring) Introducing expected PF, PA, and Record. The formulas used have an r-squared of .356, .334, and .396 respectively, so it's up to you on how much stock you put into them.
  5. A 1, two 2s, and a 3 fell in the first round? Now that's what I call chaos!
  6. @Nittany Boiler How do you feel after using the new gameplan for the first time?
  7. (Assuming 1v1 spring depth charts) @GigemAgs RNN's take: Surprised to see the true freshman slated to get first team reps. Expected Justin Humphries to get the nod due to seniority and stability over potential. How quickly Kamamalu Nalani takes to playing stand up edge rusher will be the source of media focus in this spring game. The highly ranked freshman played edge rusher in a 4-3 in high school, but if he can transition to the 3-4 quickly, the Warriors are going to have a powerful pass rush.
  8. (Based on spring depth chart 1v1) @Ape RNN's Takes: Any thoughts on getting Shaq Dixon snaps at 3rd Down RB? The Griffin McHanna is in. We really wish you had a better option at fullback. Your backup RB Devil Spillman is your best option as a lead blocker in our eyes. Defensively, the obvious holes are your secondary. You should be okay in base defense, but teams that spread you out are going to feast. Nickel or Dimeback is definitely another option to try and weaponize Shaq Dixon even more. We'd even push to start that 1/4 freshman at nickel if you don't want to try Dixon. We think you're gonna need the help.
  9. Pros: - OLine looked great. Replaced our best player so this is nice. - Delmas is still a weapon in the slot - Simmons could be something - My defense is gonna fuck. They got blown out last year by the same gameplan and this year managed to dominate. I feel really good about it. - 3 sacks from my DL in a 3-4 vs a Scrambler. Either my secondary showed zero holes or Siegel and Wallace are monsters. Both most likely. - Blue's offense was almost entirely true freshman who will redshirt. - In-coming kicker can kick! Cons: - Both QBs made the rushing list, pushing off my rotational RB. This is unfortunate, but not a deal breaker. I bet this means my 1st team offense didnt see a lot of 3rd down rushes. Not sure what the backups issue was, but I started 3 freshman in that backfield and one scored. It's the RB I'm the most excited about (I recruited two 4.5s because I just couldn't decide) and would likely naturally favor anyway, but I'm a bit sad to see the power guy didn't make the sheet. - Orange's passing game still needs work. Again, I think my defense played a part in it, but we still need to make adjustments. This offense dumpstered the same defense last spring, but I made some adjustments on defense that I learned post our Oklahoma beatdown. - Primary defense got sacks by DL, not OLBs like you expect in a 3-4. - Blue got a lot of TFL, so something needs to change in the backfield. Rome's Thinking: - #1 Defense is good. Barring another injury to our FS, like last year, we should be even better than last year. I feel good about the chemistry in the secondary and the power up front. Those 6 tackles for losses and 3 sacks against a 5.2 OL rating is super encouraging, suggesting that (while those sacks are more on my gameplan) they were consistently winning their battles against a good offensive line. Oakes headling the stat sheet as a redshirt freshman makes me feel pretty good about my LOLB/ROLB Sam/Jack experiment. I'd definitely like to see more sacks out of my OLBs, but tbf my LT is a 5/5 Pass Blocker so I can see a 4.5/4.5 struggling. (So at least our offense won that battle?) - Offense will be fine. We've made some changes to our offense with the new gameplans. We should continue to see rushes out of Sherman, but I expect Delmas to make stat sheets as an RB as well. - This incoming class is gonna be good. A lot of the names you may not recognize on Orange's Defense and Blue's Offense are gonna be the stars in 2-3 years. Shoutout to Kicker Elias Smallwood going 4 for 4 between 35 and 42. And veteran Punter Angelo McCollum holds onto his job for his senior season! Did it help he was playing with the #1 offense and saw far less FG attempts? Probably. - 22 yard field goals means the defense slammed the door shut on the goal line. #WhereTitlesAreWon. Might be the best case loss for the offense, tho. Means they still drove down the field on a good defense. I'm 10x happier with my offense having seen how short that FG was.
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