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  1. Rome

    [2023] FCS Schedule

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1COIBv3KZF0V3klOk-rTGga6d51BhLmB2rxhSmByw_rc/edit?usp=sharing Every team plays all 7 games against their conference foes. They get 4 "non-conference games" that will rotate between the sorta pods I've listed. These pods are purely geographical and are only designed to create a smooth rotation of those four games. The conferences themselves will not change. Every team also gets to play one FBS school.
  2. Look @DangerZoneh I get it. You like Luck. He's a redshirt senior and he's played so much. But, come on. He sucks. He played the exact same defense twice and was actually quite worse the second time around. You have a wonderful, athletic young man who's already a 4/5. Start Taylor Cook. This is an easy 4-3 defense for me. Start your higher skill 2nd DT over trying to get that Will onto the field.
  3. You know that daydream about what you'd do when you win the lottery? http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/17122-tcu-horned-frogs/
  4. What would you do with that ATH OL player he has? He can't redshirt him, so where he plays backup is actually important for his development.
  5. Get your golden panther character sheet here
  6. Ronnie really blew his one chance. Not running the 40 was gonna hurt him on boards already, but this sucks for him. Gresham +1 is nice!
  7. Smckenz hits my entire thought process in a sentence: pro players get you wins in the Sun Belt. Wins get you more points to recruit better players. Plus Texas State struggled OOC, where even more pro players and CFLHC level kids roam. Put the best players you can on the field for as many snaps as you can. Trust in your coaching to utilize that talent properly. Boost Carmichael next offseason.
  8. Iunno how, but you disappeared off my sheet at some point. I reran the 2022 prestige and adjusted you 2023 equivalently (although it won't move you any half stars).
  9. Fixed. Looks like instead of a formula, 143 just got pasted. I fixed it for everyone, so stuff shifted a bit, but everyone should be the same stars.
  10. Rome

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p4qGSxyE54NdeDLths9n2TcutkvfE2gMHg2fJTemkH4/edit?usp=sharing Games will be flexed into Week 0 after OOC has been scheduled. OOC game registration slated to start this weekend. To give the Independents some help with scheduling all 12 of their games, they were given the opportunity to schedule games ahead of time.
  11. Good question! 142 teams recruited this past season, so every inactive coach was given 143 to represent their absence on the recruiting trail.
  12. The Goods @rabidsnowman's Bobcats finished 2022 at a 5-7 (5-3), averaging 21.2 PPG (93rd) and 27.7 PPGA (101st). I'm just going to do what I feel like is the starting lineup for brevity. Particular issues of note: I toyed with the idea of a 4-3 to put one of your 3.5 DTs on the field and to put your DEs into their natural positions. I didn't do it, but something to consider. Ideally Carmichael gets carries as RB2, but playing him at FB might be the best move for your offense as a whole. You've got bruising RBs and those tend to work better with a lead blocking fullback. You could just not list a FB and rely on your pretty talented line to open holes, but that's going to be a bit less reliable IMO. You'll likely put WR Miguel into the slot designation and I think that'll be good for him, but try sticking him at #2 in your WR depth chart to make sure he's getting onto the field as much as possible. He's a young, inexperienced speed kid, but he's the best home run threat on your team right now. You can get away with flipping your Guards to make a more mixed offensive line if that's something you like to do. Edit: Actually, in immediate retrospect I'd put the 3/3.5 on the right side to boost the consistency of the right side of the line. You have that 5/5 LT, you'll be fine on the blind side.
  13. Here is the worksheet. Some reminders: 1. Coaches are graded on a bell curve, teams are graded linearly. Exactly a quarter of all coaches in the database are 3 stars, but just under 10% of teams are. 2. There are expectations based on your prestige for wins and recruiting rank. This is to simulate expectations. This also reduces the prestige of inactive coaches. 3. @Jieret did most of the work. If anything stands out are particularly wrong, @ me. I would also like to congratulate the schools and coaches who have made it to the 5 star penthouse. Edit: FCS schools are treated as a half star lesser than what their prestige would actually be, but FCS coaches will be treated like everyone else. The mobility of coaches and having to match similar standards as FBS coaches would be held too made docking them seem unfair and unfun.
  14. DE Myles Wallace 6-7 244 Fr Taylor County (Butler GA) 2.5 of 5.0 [Contain]
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