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    1. Hey Alexa, how do I report animal abuse
    2. This is a pet peeve of mine too. I understand finding the best for your current situation, but I was always a big big pusher of "build to a specific play style". With Caesari and Tazer they knew I wanted to go Raid, although I didn't intend for it to happen immediately like it did. If I built a gameplan from scratch, here is how I think the weekly stuff would look. Primary Offensive Personnel: [11, 21] Primary Offensive Concepts: [Spread, Wing-T] Secondary Offensive Personnel: [00, 10, 20, 01, 22] Secondary Offensive Concepts: [Read Option, Triple Option, Air Raid] Primary Defensive Personnel: [4-2-5, 3-4] Primary Defensive Concepts: [Cover 1 Man, Cover 2 Press Man] Secondary Defensive Personnel: [3-3-5, 4-3 Nickle, 4-3 Dime] Secondary Defensive Concepts: [Cover 2 Man, Cover 2 Man, Cover 6 Press, Cover 0] Offensive Playcalling: Aggressive Offensive Play Sequencing: Run to Pass Offensive Tempo: Hurry up after 1st Down/10+ gain Defensive Playcalling: Aggressive Physicality: Neutral QB Depth: Shotgun Offensive Line Blocking: Zone Receiver Routes: Group Assign Route Timing: Predetermined Location Running Back Lanes: [Inside, Outside] ##RB1 is option 1, RB2 is 2, etc. Running Back Timing: [Follow Lead Blocker, Wait for Hole] Blitz Timing: Any time (vs only passing downs vs only run downs, the run blitz is a thing) Blitzers: [Outside Linebackers, Mike Linebacker, Bandit Lineback, Slot Corner] Coverage Rotation: Follow (adjusts who gets what area in zone; compare to stay which adjusts who gets who in man) QB Spy: No Option Defense: Focus pitch man I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but this is what jumped to mind working a few hours this morning
    3. Definitely. I think you should get a big bonus to one scheme as your training camp focus. Then it becomes a zero sum game: if you focus on one scheme it gets better faster. If you focus on two, they improve slowly. Three keeps them from regressing. Learning 1 regresses the rest slower, learning two faster, and learning 3 even faster. Memory and attention is a finite resource. And they shouldn't be good at everything, no. A team who runs only pro style should be great at pro style and make few if any scheme mistakes. But jack of all trades, chaotic/protean/amoeba teams are my bread and butter. We need hybrid, balanced players and really rely on knowing what weaknesses to attack, so the floor and ceiling are way farther for the gameplan than just one scheme.
    4. While I'm around, I'll drop another post of theory/concept: Playbook/Gameplan complexity. As many can probably guess, my personality is quite chaotic and my football game playbooks are similar. I can best summarize it as Multiple taken to it's logical extremes. Offensively I utilize everything from 00 to 32 in small batches, and defensively I'll run 3-4 4-3 4-2-5 3-3-5 5-2 and 4-4 fronts depending on what my opponent is feeding me. Now, these sorts of playbooks would be a complete nightmare to feed new players. So what I'm proposing is some sort of system that allows players to retain scheme/gameplan bonuses a bit so that teams can build more complex gameplans. Instead of primary/secondary schemes, teams can have multiple different schemes, but the more, the harder it is to run properly. An example: Week 1, I run Pro Style. This is my base. Week 3, I add Air Raid to attack a poor secondary. Now my players are learning both Pro and Raid, so they retain slower. Week 7, I pull Pro Style and add Spread. This allows the team to learn spread faster. Week 9, I add Pro Style back. Week 12, I add Spread Option. By the end of the year, I have a team that can run Pro Style well, Air Raid well, some Spread, and a hint of Spread Option. I have no idea how much work this would be or if scheme change just does this. But I've been thinking about it for weeks, so I wanted to share.
    5. Good for the Bulldogs. I don't think I got a single W against Storm Whittaker. It came down to a 3-way tie between Aubie, Bama, and Mississippi State thanks to Auburn's Iron Bowl W. Mississippi State owned the W over both, so in they go! If MSST wins, I unironically think MSST, UF, UGA, and AUB all deserve playoff spots.
    6. Look at all those losers trying to steal a croot from Auburn's home state
    7. There's no chance @cmcgillor @TazerManHcould take him from me.
    8. See, I got So, uh, is your QB single? Edit: Marcus Black, Dominick Sherman, and Brett Champion Jr. for your consideration
    9. I'll keep this short. I was already planning on leaving during the offseason, but I have been pushed to move on. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
    10. Damn, so close. GG @jared2001usa @Dr_Novella
    11. There it is. @Jumbo I would like to put all my credits on Auburn winning the national title this year. Edit: Here's Storm Whittaker's first W over Auburn, back in 2022.
    12. Computer Poll right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgIQHH8ohJs
    13. #1. Georgia (5-0) - 0.897 #2. TCU (5-0) - 0.875 #3. Stanford (5-0) - 0.867 #4. South Carolina (4-0) - 0.851 #5. USC (4-0) - 0.851 #6. Penn State (4-0) - 0.849 #7. Oklahoma (5-0) - 0.844 #8. Clemson (4-0) - 0.844 #9. Auburn (5-0) - 0.834 #10. Illinois (5-0) - 0.831 #11. Miami (FL) (4-1) - 0.821 #12. Oregon (4-1) - 0.815 #13. Florida (4-1) - 0.807 #14. Notre Dame (5-0) - 0.804 #15. UCF (4-0) - 0.795 #16. Minnesota (5-0) - 0.786 #17. LSU (4-1) - 0.783 #18. Alabama (3-1) - 0.779 #19. Texas Tech (4-1) - 0.761 #20. Oklahoma State (4-1) - 0.749 #21. Navy (3-1) - 0.742 #22. Ohio State (4-1) - 0.732 #23. USF (4-1) - 0.724 #24. UCLA (3-1) - 0.715 #25. California (3-1) - 0.699
    14. After an absence, we return with another power ranking and a data dump! #1. DEN - 0.759 #2. WFT - 0.723 #3. TEN - 0.721 #4. NYG - 0.689 #5. NYJ - 0.683 #6. JAX - 0.681 #7. LAC - 0.657 #8. ATL - 0.648 #9. SEA - 0.639 #10. CHI - 0.632 #11. PIT - 0.605 #12. MIN - 0.592 #13. LAR - 0.579 #14. PHI - 0.576 #15. DET - 0.574 #16. IND - 0.56 #17. SF - 0.535 #18. KC - 0.507 #19. DAL - 0.483 #20. LV - 0.443 #21. NE - 0.414 #22. BAL - 0.408 #23. HOU - 0.405 #24. GB - 0.346 #25. CIN - 0.315 #26. MIA - 0.306 #27. CLE - 0.295 #28. NO - 0.293 #29. CAR - 0.277 #30. ARI - 0.257 #31. TB - 0.247 #32. BUF - 0.229 And here is our first quarter data dump. We will post this again Weeks 9, 13, and 17.
    15. Rome

      [2025] Week #5 - MNF

    16. Special teams data in particular would be useful. Particularly who returns kicks and some stats would likely be a great boon and give some fringe NFLHC roster players more value in the draft and UDFA, before the camps.
    17. 1-7 OT Robert Davies 6-3 318 R Stanford [Pass Blocking] [+1] 82 Slotted into LT immediately over a more veteran, slightly higher rated option. Likely not fairing amazingly so far, but also hasn't been pointed out as particularly bad. Overall: B+, Happy 2-44 DE Landon Crowder 6-2 251 R Purdue [Contain] [0/C] 81 Injured Week 4. Has only managed to make one stat sheet, 6 tackles, but is also playing 3-4 DE in a decentish run defense. Overall: C, Content 3-75 CB A.J. Gilchrist 6-1 200 R Fresno State [Zone Coverage] [-2] 80 Played CB2 for us after a strong rookie minicamp and 3rd placement in camp training (The guy ranked #2 has played slot). So far he's responsible for 3 TDs that I saw on the statsheet, two of which came his first quarter of real NFLHC football against Brian Brown. The guy above him has been our worst rated player and has also allowed 3 TDs. Not sure I'll make the switch at this point, I think my initial reaction was right. Overall: B-, Potential but raw 3-91 FS Evan McRae 6-1 209 R SMU [Man Coverage] [+1] 79 Drafted for his return ability and to potentially play FS. Was our standout special teams player in camp and managed a return TD in the preseason. We've basically been rotating our FSs all year since we don't have an actual clear starter, but he's only been responsible for one TD listed so far and routinely makes the stat sheet with tackles or a deflection here or there. Overall: C+, excited but not expecting more than average starting FS ceiling 6-186 DT Erik McElmore 6-4 289 R Penn State [2-Gap] [0] 79 Drafted for two reasons: value and player request. Depth on the defensive line has been the only interaction I have heard about with the Bengals and we took it heart. McElmore himself is just average, but he's a strong backup piece to give Sila some rest or to clogs holes when we go heavy DL. Overall: B, good backup 6-200 OG Ilan Jacobsen 6-5 338 R Memphis [Pass Blocking] [0] 77 Blew his ACL in rookie minicamp, but performed well. Listed as versatile and smart, will likely get slotted over to Center next year to see what potential he could have there. Barring that, good chance he would've been our backup LG and groomed to start there in a season or two. Overall: C, excited potential ruined by devastating injury 6-201 WR Sebastian Amato 6-3 152 R Ball State [Speed] [+3] 77 Good rookie camp translated into our WR4/Slot WR role. Non-existant on the statsheet, likely due to lack of chemistry with King. Overall: D+, wanted more out of a rookie with good route running abilities matched up against nickel or dime backs 7-220 QB Max Walker 6-0 218 R BYU [Pocket] [+2] 79 Bad preseason (played in Spread Option Week 2 intentionally, played again in in PW3 due to losing my HC). Hasn't gotten to throw in Pro Style, Spread, or pass heavy schemes yet. Star of the rookie mini-camp tho, but King hasn't shown us any reason to start the kid. Overall: C, zero expectations and I am whelmed
    18. Good game. Good luck with Lombardi going forward. We'll see how reversal of HFA goes at the end of the season. Glad to see we finally got a win, with a little more validation that the team has talent is and we had a relatively difficult schedule so far. I think the last few weeks have given me a very different outlook on how practices work and we'll have a much different strategy moving forward. Strong showing from King. He is now 149 of 227 (65.6%) for 1739 yards and a 13:4 TD to INT ratio, putting him at a 100.5 NFL Passer Rating. In 2024, his passer rating finished at 84.63. It was even lower at 80.97 in 2023. I know it's only 5 games in and he's 1-4 in those starts, but King is slinging the ball at a rate we haven't seen since 2021. If he maintains this rate, he'll finish with about 5900 yards and 44:13 on 770 passes but 3-14. I don't know what the difference is, whether or not we're just facing some weakish secondaries, but I'm so, so confident that our passing defense is the real issue at this rate. Our rushing even improved a bit more, hopefully due to increased practice with new elements in our blocking schemes. Defensively, we continue to be a tiger vs the run and a kitten vs the pass. Took us 5 games to register our first sack OR interception, thankfully we managed both here.
    19. Their SOS hasn't been that good outside of LSU. They really can't afford to drop games against the SEC in the computer's eyes.
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