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  1. I talk about Lester a lot, but Daleroy Smart is probably the best player on our team. It's been so fun to watch him grow into the player he is today.
  2. I just can't stand Eric Holder. Hope he never makes another field goal.
  3. Eww eww eww eww no no eww eww
  4. I was ready to call Curtis Henry the greatest tight end we've ever seen, but then I realized he was playing the Saints.
  5. What a game. Niland played a big part in the win, though I'm surprised with the way he did it. Great way to start the season. Great game, Rams. You guys are always tough.
  6. Love me some Robert Haynes.
  7. With the number of players the Falcons have on this list, you would think they would be a pretty good team. It's weird.
  8. Honestly, I think Murphy should be higher.
  9. Yes but these are numbers from last season. Nice to know he's as bad as we thought he was. Maybe I should be nice though. He does have more Super Bowl rings than the top six centers on this list. Oh and John Hadley had a great rookie season.
  10. Ball State, Bowling Green, what's the difference?
  11. I know that a lot of people don't like Woodworth, but I am not among them. I think he can be a good player on the right team. I'm actually a huge fan of the Jets' top five picks in particular this year. Darcey, Woodworth, Hastings, Chapman, and Hutchins are all players that I would've liked to have taken this weekend. I know Darcey's production has declined the past few years, but he isn't the only TCU player underperforming. If gravy can figure him out, I think he can really be something. When you guys were on the clock in the first, he was one of the few players on our last at 32. Good stuff, as always.
  12. Close, but we took JSD at #10 in 2018.
  13. bump for nevadajack
  14. San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets @ Minnesota Vikings vs Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles
  15. If McBride busts, he'll just fit in with the rest of our defensive line. Bill Young and Dennis Niland are going to love this guy.

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