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  1. When it comes to quarterbacks, nobody has been luckier than me. On the day that I joined the site, I decided to take over the Boston College Eagles. I’m not even sure why I picked them. At the time, I thought they were just a normal team. It wasn’t until I posted my first depth chart that I realized what had been gifted to me. Within ten minutes, Neo posted a reply saying, “This is terrifying”. Looking over a handful of other depth charts made me even more excited about my new team. We were loaded with talent. The crown jewel of my inheritance was this kid: QB Alex Leshoure 6-1 205 (Fr) Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey NJ) 3.5 of 5.0 [Pocket] You might have heard of him before. As a coach, I lived and died by Leshoure’s play. At his peak, I was at my peak. When he hit a low, it was just as much on me. You can look at his year-to-year college performances and see exactly what I was learning and when I was finally figuring it out. He played the nine games of his freshman season with a different coach, or maybe it was just the AI. Boston College was 5-4 when I took over, and my first game came against a #3 Clemson team that was 9-0. Leshoure didn’t throw a lot of touchdowns that week, but he did earn a ton of trust by shredding that Tigers’ secondary and pulling off the upset. This was his line: Alex Leshoure, BC, 42 of 60 for 402 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT We threw a lot that game. We threw a lot in every game after that too. Nobody could stop a great quarterback and one of the best receiving groups in the country, or so I thought. I was wrong though. In my second year, the gameplan was to have Leshoure chuck the ball down the field 40-50 times per game. Like I said before, there was a lot of learning going on, and the 2016 season was the greatest learning experience in my sim career. My expectation going into the season was ACC Champion, but I found myself hoping to make a bowl game after a disastrous 1-2 start. Arizona and Texas made us look like a MAC team. Apparently you can’t always get away with the all-pass philosophy when going up against great defenses. It’s a simple concept that most people had already understood, but it took a wasted season to drill it into my head. 2016 was absolutely Leshoure’s worst season in college. He ended up posting career lows across the board - yards, completion percentage, touchdowns. Live and learn. My final two years at Boston College were dedicated to transforming the offense into a more balanced attack. We never had a great running game, but Ben Curry developed a reputation for taking over big games when opposing defenses would focus entirely on Leshoure. As the reliance on our passing game decreased, our overall offensive production went up. Again, it’s a very simple concept yet I still see coaches making the same mistakes today. Leshoure’s pass attempts decreased each year, but he set career highs in yards and touchdowns in 2017, and again in 2018. He led us to back-to-back playoff appearances, with a trip to the National Championship Game to end his career. Though we ended up losing his final game, it doesn’t take away from the four seasons that I was able to coach him. In summary, Alex Leshoure’s career was as up and down as mine. He taught me the power of a balanced offense and, perhaps most importantly, he helped me fall in love with this place. No homo.
  2. Oakland just can't handle the NFC West. And before anybody gives me shit about our game, remember that the NFC West is too strong.
  3. Sam Hiller-Weeden, WAS, 8 for 115 yards, 1 TD, 1 DRP, 0/0 F/L Finally this guy woke up. This performance is really going to boost my fantasy team. hey wait a minute...
  4. 0/2 FG 1/2 XP Fuck Paul McGowan.
  5. I'm excited to see how Butler's career unfolds. He was probably the top recruit of my final class at BC and he had a really solid 2019 season. He's not my pick for the top ILB this season, but I wouldn't be upset to see him there at year's end. If he plays like he did last season, he'll solidify himself as the best ILB the Eagles have ever had, in my opinion.
  6. Dean Strauss! My guards have been iffy the last two seasons but it's nice having Strauss anchoring the middle. He's going to have his work cut out for him this year.
  7. Darrell Murphy is one of my last favorite players in the sim. With that said, I agree that he gets overlooked at times. I remember a lot was made of the Colts not having a running game without Tony Peaks last season and it costing them a real shot at the Super Bowl. Well I don't think the Rams have ever had a very good running game and Murphy has spent his career proving that he can carry a team on his back. Sure he's had the luxury of throwing to Walt Peck all these years, but Peck is on a decline and Murphy is still slinging the ball. Look at what he's done with Schwartz, who was basically a nobody entering the league. I think Brees is a great comp for Murphy. He's a top tier quarterback that had the misfortune of playing at the same time as the best ever, Skaggs. Fuck you, Murphy.
  8. Rip Paul Howell
  9. Maybe if the rest of the league was faster, they'd start getting to these loose balls first.
  10. There we go getting lucky again.
  11. Leshoure has always been better than King.
  12. Todd Lester, 1 yd TD run - 3:45 (26-20) Clutch once more. Edit: He's missing rushing stats.
  13. That's three punt return TDs allowed so far........
  14. I talk about Lester a lot, but Daleroy Smart is probably the best player on our team. It's been so fun to watch him grow into the player he is today.
  15. I just can't stand Eric Holder. Hope he never makes another field goal.

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