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    1. The most memorable one happened when I was coaching BC. I really wanted this offensive tackle Alex Vasili (sp?) and had a lot of points put on him going into the deadline. I believe there was under five minutes to go and I got a Steam message from Soluna suggesting that I don't waste my points on him. I, being a big old baby, completely backed off and quickly found another big target. I think that might have been the year I ended up stealing Ricky Cameron away from Isaac. Good times.
    2. I'm glad you said it. It's like he forgot about McGill and Oliphant.
    3. DE Parker Holmes 6-3 247 R Tennessee [Contain] [0] 81 4 years // 20.0 million // 62.50% Guaranteed G//5.0//2.5//2.5//2.5//Total:12.5 $//0.0//2.5//2.5//2.5//Total:7.5 Total//5.0//5.0//5.0//5.0//Total:20.0 Value//9.62452625487
    4. San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets
    5. Jumanji


      Let's be real. He just knew the next guy wasn't Heisman quality and decided to save face.
    6. I'm pretty sure Detroit is absolutely killing this draft. They aren't even having to work for it either.
    7. Thanks for all the hard work you and anybody else is putting in. I just want to mention that I've loved the addition of draft pick threads this year. It's fun to see everybody offering their takes on a lot of them.
    8. San Francisco 49ers give: 2022 3rd Round (#74) New York Jets give: 2022 3rd Round (#92) 2022 4th Round (#128)
    9. Great work, @Jieret. I love all the mocks and seeing a 2-rounder is extra sweet. I do have to point out that you have Holmes going 46 and 48 though.
    10. Yeldon seems like a good kid and he's a monster on the field. The team that lands him tonight will be lucky to have him. He seems destined to be a star.
    11. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Thompson and Justice end up. Both were such great players at Auburn. Hopefully they land in good hands.
    12. Defensive end has been a need for us since we entered the league in 2016, but I don't think we could complain about any of these guys being available at our pick. There doesn't seem to be a wrong choice. 10 feels like a great spot to be in. Also, if the Chargers' first round ends up looking anything like this...holy smokes. Talk about improving the offense.
    13. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend Modest Mouse - Good New For People Who Love Bad News The Decemberists - Picaresque Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me Arctic Monkeys - AM Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy
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