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    1. Fantasy Baseball

    2. Fantasy Baseball

      It's probably far too late to join this, but I'll throw my name out there anyway. I miss playing fantasy baseball and would love to join if there's room.
    3. [2021] Week #7 - TNF

      The game situation can dictate play proportion too. You were losing all game, but not by enough to drastically change the gameplan on its own. That coupled with the fact that you ran so few plays is probably the difference though. Penalties can negate plays and put the offense in passing downs as well. Then there's the fact that your opponent ran the ball down your throat, eating up a lot of clock. The proportion still seems extreme so I'm going to believe that you barely touched the ball in the first half and spent the second half trying to make up for lost time. I'd love to see the time of possession for your game.
    4. [2021] SSC: Week 4

      Tucker Dowden is a monster. I really wish we had him on the schedule this year. As for Kenyon Justice, the guy just gets the job done. It doesn't matter who we're playing or what the gameplan is, I can always count on him to make plays. That's a big deal in the SEC, where it seems like every team is sending out a 5.0 potential WR every week. He's easily the best JUCO player I've ever had the pleasure of coaching.
    5. 2017 National Championship Predictions

      UGA becomes New Bama tonight.
    6. Injury Report: NFC West Edition